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Germans develop sleepy-driver car 'warning' system

Andy C

Any one Dave Gormans Genius program?

The ginger in the vest had a much better idea - a wasp in a box that could be deployed to wake you up. Granted it was a manual deployment so mabey combine the two? Begin drifting off and *Bang* Wasps in your car...

Is your office World Cup sweepstake legal?

Andy C

Cant stand football

But the idea of having a few weeks long party could be great :)

And of course, it would be for charity... so moral bonus points as well...

Swindon prepares for pill-popping, ghost-fleeing tournament

Andy C

For all the complaining...

...el Reg still insists on posting links to freaking facebook

If the details are actually worth reporting, can we have an actuall copy of them rather than referencing back to a service that is slammed daily here.

BBC launches massively parallel Tweet-in

Andy C
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different tax...

same sh1t though... :(

'McDonalds' burger-lers making millions

Andy C


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"tarnish the good reputation of McDonalds"

You owe me a new keyboard... Good reputation my ar*e!!

Great British beer moves county

Andy C

But where are they going to get the water from...

...if not the reclaimed sludge that is the river??

Who knows, it may actually pick up some traits of being made in Yorkshire as in begining to taste of something decent

Pluto still a planet, says Ronald McDonald

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Virgin Media network goes down down south

Andy C

humm, seems to be happening a lot...

My dad's connection was dead for a couple of days last week (mon and tues, wigan area, cable service) - he ended up coming up to mine to steal my connection :)

Cruises on ex-Soviet space warships offered

Andy C


Hopefully they had some type of retro/reverse pulse rocket to fire at the same time as the guns or could go horribly wrong... Especially if the guns were not mounted centrally... Would be like playing space invaders by just holding down the thrust + left + fire keys...

BBC newsreader kidnapped by Phillip Garrido

Andy C

have to watch this outside of work when I have sound...

It may lose something, but anyone got a quick transcript please? :)

UK.gov won't drop 50p high speed broadband tax plans - yet

Andy C

Hey Sherlock...

"It was suggested that such a move might be considered unpopular in a general election year."

No S%!t...

Lunar orbiter beams back first Moon snaps

Andy C
Black Helicopters

Landing site...

It will be photoshopped... Not that I'm a cynic at all... No...

Russians demand flying cars and telepathy

Andy C

You are missing the Holodeck...

That is all we need...

Don't call me Ishmael

Andy C
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From the days of Legend...

We started off using items from Burger Kings menu at the time...

Whopper, Twister etc etc Easy to remember but dam made you hungry all the time...

Home machines are named afer Gen1 Original Transformers... Primus (firewall), Unicron (router), Cybertron (Test bed server) etc etc


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