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Historian slams 'absolutely crazy' UK time zone

Tim 30

Why change

Why change the clocks at all, don't see the point.

If its for the cows how will they know, can cows tell the time?

School kids mainly go to school in Chelsea Chariots these days and they have headlights (once the driver can find them and switch them on without the blasted rear fog light burning holes in everyone's retinas)

Stay on GMT, it is the global standard after all and we all know why we have standards.

Toshiba launches first domestic fuel-cell charger

Tim 30

Shame you can't transport it

Yes Mr Security Guard@Airport, please will you let me on with my bottle of highly charged methanol so I can recharge my mp3 player mod flight?

Ares I-X trundles to launchpad

Tim 30

So Under the Hype

We have a pointy sticky up thing trundling along at 23 brontosaurus/hour which is made up of left over shuttle boosters (because Challenger and Columbia had a spares stock) with a bit of old Saturn V glued to the top (apollos 18 to 20 being cancelled gives them some bits to play with) trying to get into space.

And what's this about de-orbiting ISS and only going for the moon? Seems that the recession is deeper than we though!

One cellphone for every ten lags in UK prisons

Tim 30

I'm sorry but. . .

Major crime operations are still being run by scrotes in jail.

It doesn't take too much effort to put up cell phone blockers in a prison compound, these things are common enough, you can get them from all good stockists for crying out loud and very inexpensive (until some government IT consultants get in on the act and the price goes up by £5M)

Then they can pay as much as they want for phones, they won't be able to make/receive calls or texts, much like anyone on an O2 phone in Morrison's.

Don't anyone dare tell me that there's some European human rights thing in the way, there better bl88dy hadn't be!

Coin-sized nuclear isotope battery minted

Tim 30
Thumb Up

Great power source but what will it cost?

Will it be Dollars, Cents, pennies or pence.

BTW Ian Gumby, I think that other countries using 'Dollars' of their own shows a distinct lack of imagination on their part or some kind of sycophancy.

Futuristic head-mounted PC launching in 2010

Tim 30


Resistance is fyoodul (I believe that's how they pronounce "futile" in the cube)

Communist car given electric overhaul

Tim 30

Is it a Dodge?

It is isn't it, it looks like a Dodge Nitor that's been sat on and painted "Disabled 3 wheeler blue"

ooo more beer

Tim 30

Strangely attractive

I think it has a kind of coolness about it.

If it said VW or Audi on it you'd all be drooling over it's interesting lines, promising performance and so on.

I think it's 300C ish quatro boxterish looks are interesting

mmmm beer

Dell boxes VGA cable to within an inch of its life

Tim 30

Minimum Bending Radius

Cable manufacturers (i.e. the bit between the plugs not the whole 'VGA Cable') generally specify a minimum bending radius. I'd check out what it is for a cable of that type and go back to Dell and ask for their comment.

It's a pint of real ale which is warm and has hop leaves and dead flies floating in it. Imagine the sound of grown men hitting each other with inflated pig bladders on sticks and with bells around their legs because that is the kind of comment this is.

Extra large condoms hit UK supermarket shelves

Tim 30

Just look at your shoe size!

"And if keeping up with the Joneses wasn't hard enough, what will British customers say when they realise that US customers already have the opportunity to buy Durex XXL size rubbers - designed to be "20 per cent large than standard condoms".

Odd, my shoe size in UK is 10, in EU its 44 and in US11.5

So who is doing the exaggerating here?

Not us Brits exactly. So our XL is probably bigger than the American XXL. . .

BTW, a size 10 is of course as everyone knows 1.1786 Linguine in standard measurements

Street View snooptrike stalks Siena

Tim 30

How not to be discrete

By driving an Italian car (note the I on the registration plate) car in Greece.

I wonder what everyone was looking at, I hate that kind of holiday snap, you get the feeling something interesting is going on just off camera.

Would you leave your child alone with a cabinet minister?

Tim 30

The English language

as good as it is fails to provide me with the words I need to express my feelings about this.

Ludicrous, crass, unnecessary, arrogant, idiotic, offensive, stupid. I should go back to school (if I'm allowed) and see if there is a word that is all of these and more.

These idiots need to be voted out of power as soon as possible.

Prof: People reject news which conflicts with beliefs

Tim 30
Paris Hilton

I don't believe it

This has of course caused me to question my own beliefs and I am now concerned with the true potential maximum velocity of a sheep in a vacuum.

The reg introduced this standard unit of measurement sometime ago and I accepted it as fact as I do with everything the reg publish because I trust Vulture Central.

or at least I did, but now I'm not so sure, or am I.

Then of course Paris was on South Park the other night and that too has caused me to question my core values.

Where will this end? Has it started? Oh dear

Brits can't tell their heart from their elbow

Tim 30

What on earth do you expect??

When you take Physics, Chemistry and Biology out of the national curriculum and put in some half hearted combined 'Science' thing because apparently years of daytime TV and reality TV have dumbed down the UK so much that anything hard core like oh I don't know, Ohm's Law is too difficult.

Get education sorted out!


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