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Microsoft re-tiles mobile platform for Windows 7 era

Iain Gibson

Service Unavailable

"though if you've got Silverlight installed you can get a taste of it now."

Clicking the link gives the best user experience ever.....

Service Unavailable.

Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7

Iain Gibson

I think the EC should get involved in more of this...

Seriously, I want to be able to buy a Volkswagen car but don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to get a BMW idrive system installed from the dealer. Surely this is perfectly acceptable.

The whole EC Microsoft is a mess, why bother pursuing this. As pointed out above, this is unique to Microsoft. Why should they split up the product? Does this mean all linux distros that are pre-installed should not include any extra features.....apple....the list goes on.


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