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Police DNA retention ruled lawful by NI High Court

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EU? What is it goiod for?

European law has been proven to have primacy over UK law. Expect a big fine for HMG, which they will ignore.

Wankers all.

Parliamentary wash-up washes away liberties

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Nor would everybody voting for an independent candidate; you would have Government by comittiee which would mean paralysis in central Government. However I appluad you for at least offering a sugesstion.

Actually, I think this will be the last GE wherre we see the two party system. I'd wager you will see a few seats being won by single issue parties and thos who only two GE's ago would have been on the very outside of the political system.

Personally I just feel that a vote for either the Tories, Lab or the Lib-Dems is just a vote for another bunch of robbing shits who happen to wear a different colour.

Vigilantes R US: Private enterprise takes over

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Ratbook.com proudly sponsored by the Daily Mail.

With (little) apologies to littlejohn*...............

what about their Yuman Rights? That is all.

*Actually I quite like the man. He is my favorite comedian.

MoD pays quadruple in money + blood for Afghan helicopters

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P45 for Broon!

wow, Labour, New or otherwise in putting civil servants and rubbish UK "industries" before the lives of soliders in Afghan\Iraq\other porrly defined american war shock!!! But then historically Labour governments have never treated the Armed Forces with any kind of respect. So I guess we shouldn't be to amazed at this. After all it's entirely in keeping with Labour's mindset.

hardly newsworthy in itself, but sadly thats because it's all too typical for this shithouse "gubmint", the fucktards who lobby for these contracts to go to suppoesed UK industries who cannot function without "gubmint" chucking them contracts they barely deserve and never deliver.

As both a former member of HM armed Forces AND a Civil Servant I can only say that those in power should hang their fucking heads in shame and swap places with those out in harms way.

That said I'd be worried aout just buying american kit all the time as you become hostage to their paranoia about having access to botht he hardware and software. But given the economics of the situation - the country being skint, and the fact that the Blackhawks are a superior piece of kit to the Puma, then it's really a no brainer.

Six months time Labout will be consigned to history and will probably never, ever, ever, be given the reigns of power again in this country. Fucking good riddance to them as well.

Windfarm Britain means (very) expensive electricity

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Wind farms.......

Sorry, but they are fucking ugly and let's be clear here; the onshore windfarms are cheaper to build than offshore ones and less effective at generating electricity. The one @ Camber sands has ruined the vista of Romney Marsh.

As someone who is faced with the prospect of being hemmed in by wind farms up in the wilds of East Anglia, i can only presume that the owners of said land and locla councils are being rewarded handsomely for allowing them to build here there and everywhere. What seems to escape these grasping people is that the Environment isn't just about creating "renewable energY" It's also about protecting whats on the ground. Not to mention that the amount of concrete needed to plant thos fucking things in. And as we all know concrete is a major source of C02 emissions.

If only there could be an adult discussion about energy needs the answer would be clear; Nuclear. It's the only way, but NuLab and it's leaft leaning lentil monkey's won't have it. Tossers.

German old timers torture financial adviser

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Mmmmmmmmm, money.........

Simpson scammed them good, using the Carnie code!

Microsoft begins Security Essentials downloads

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Don't mind MS, but..............

why would you want to use anything that has "Microsoft" and "Security" in it's title?

Don't use Norton, McAfee as they are bona-fide shit and experience has told me\tells me that they are just not worth the HDD real estate, CPU resources, etc, etc, etc.........

That said I also don't like AVG, or ZoneAlarm. In an ideal world I'd rather not even have a PC, but seeing as that would mean I'd be unemployed, I'll settle for using F-Secure, which is cheap as chips, runs nicely in the background, has a configurable interface and does exactly what it says on the virutal tin it didn't come in.

And If I could get Linux to run properley, I'd use that instead of all of the above!

BTW: Liking the new Icons. Mine's a pint after work................

Pressure group demands UK apes China net filter plan

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"Mediamarch" LOL!

Religous extremism. Dangerous no matter what flavour it comes in.

As for encouraging "deviant" behaviour. Jesus H Christ on a bike! So, "mediamarch" are now to be the judges of what counts as "deviant" behaviour Always good to see tolerance alive and well in the 21st century. Bet "Miranada" and "Pippa" are a right laff on a night out.

Worryingly, this sounds like the kind of half baked insanity that our morally corrupt and deviant Government would go for.

Still, no matter they will be out come next year and "Mediamarch" will move their weird hate filled obsessions onto some other area.