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Microsoft snorefest: For crying out loud, Nadella – just channel Ballmer!

Andrew Johns

The fake CEO is more interesting than the real one

Microsoft's Chief Envisioning Officer, Dave Coplin who "interviewed" Satya, often jokes in his talks that his job is the closest he would get to being CEO. Having sat through a number of talks by Coplin over the years, I felt sorry that it would fall to him to be part of this charade.

I walked out before the end. If you want someone to talk about Microsoft's vision of the future, have Coplin speak, he'll do it with far more humour and engagement. If you want to be bored senseless by someone repeatedly talking about the importance of the cloud, get Nadella.

Still he wasn't the worst of the Monday/Wednesday keynotes. The Yo Founder on Wednesday trying to find as many ways to say that Yo was a notification system, that businesses could use to notify their users, and that the future of Yo was more people using it. Great. Really insightful. Be honest, it was an April fools joke that you've spent 6 months trying to convince people is a legitimate service.

Facebook Fan Check scareware begets malign ware-scares

Andrew Johns

@HonkingAntelope Coincidence? of course!

I've never installed or been tagged with fancheck, and had exactly the same random status update problems that you mention. that was an issue with facebook, not fancheck, so yes, it was just a coincidence.

Graham and others are attempting to educate people and reduce the amount of scaremongering going on with this app, but some people just don't want to believe experts and would rather spread unfounded rumours without really knowing what the real problem being reported is.

Prof develops football-match scheduling software

Andrew Johns

Well if the FA don't want it...

then Sports Interactive might want it for their Football Manager game?

Last.fm unveils 'free global jukebox'

Andrew Johns

other last.fm "rivals"?

I've been using finetune lately, which has a reasonable catalogue of tunes, but the catch there is that you need to "playlist" at least 45 tunes (no more than 3 per artist) and then it randomly plays through them. I started using it as I was able to provide new years eve backing music for my house party via their wii interface (www.finetune.com/wii) without having to leave the PC on, just the Wii hooked up to the stereo. :)

What with all the tagging, public playlists, and the ability to be a fan of an artist/album or playlist (you might even be able to be a fan of another user's selections?) and the radio stations based on an artist, keyword or similar users, etc...it's a little like last.fm.

Nintendo creates online catwalk for Wii Miis

Andrew Johns
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following on from David Gosnell's comments regarding their other rubbish channels..

The opera browser they flog these days ain't much cop anyway.

I've emailed Nintendo (via their service centre) a list of improvements they should implement, and was told they had no plans to release any improvements, but that my email would be forwarded to Nintendo Europe.

Anyone else who's using the Wii browser will know the benefits of them adding:

1) Browser tabs. Multiple webpage browsing is a must these days!

2) Tying the browser session to a user's Mii. Favourites can then be stored for that individual user rather than along with everyone else's in the household.

3) Also, allowing tying it to a particular user, any household members visiting the same sites (e.g. webmail or facebook) can remember their password without having to re-enter it every time their sister/mum/dad/brother has been on it.

4) Custom dictionaries (again associated to an individual Mii), so that it remembers commonly entered words like your surname, town or email address.

5) making the mailto: links do *something*. You can't even copy an email link and then fire up a webmail client (in the same window, as it doesn't have tabs! grrr) and paste it. Either create an email client as part of the internet channel/browser, or somehow allow a user to specify a webmail to open when clicking a link, which will hopefully automatically begin composing an email with the To: field already entered?

6) Flash 8 and above not supported, but that's Adobe holding that up, I gather.

7) not even being able to sample small mp3 clips when considering buying a CD on a shopping site, due to MPEG not being supported!

8) A quick delete option when you click on a text field? how about if you hold down the delete key for a few seconds it wipes the entire field completely?

This is supposedly no longer a beta, and they actually expect you to pay money for it. I'm sure others have similar suggestions for improvements. If Nintendo expect whole families to gather round the Wii for internet sessions, then they have a bit more work to do yet.

What's al-Qaeda's take on the iPhone?

Andrew Johns

now we know what JJ Abrams'esesses secret new movie is about..


Fancy an earful? Click here for tech support

Andrew Johns

gadspot has a live chat box thing

someone please ask to speak to rufus and then talk in broken english for teh lolz

Germans invade Second Life

Andrew Johns

Hang on..

I'd like to make a few points in defence of SL...

1) It's not a game, it's an environment for building/scripting and designing and performing for a worldwide audience, which also happens to allow some residents to make money and also, yes, socialise/chat.

2) Socialising in SL is no different to having a chat via IRC, or a yahoo chat room, and I'll assume, that given that most of us have a background in IT, we've all done one or the other, or even both, at some point in our lifetimes.

3) Yes, some people actually do use it to socialise in virtual sense, rather than in their real life, because some people have a disability that stops them from having a "life" in the real world. You'd be surprised how much power they can regain from having the freedom and control that they don't have in their real lives.

3) er, yeah, I can't really think of anything else, but there is more to it than just sad people having cybersex. Ignorance


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