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Lenovo says it’s crammed a workstation into a litre of space – less than three cans of beer

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yes, I too am rather surprised. 440ml if not 500 or a pint can. 330ml are not as common

Prodigy dancer and vocalist Keith Flint found dead aged 49

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The Prodigy never again scraped the same level of chart-topping success

What? Every one of their albums except the first one hit number 1 in the UK charts, including their last one, released 2018.

OK Google, why was your web traffic hijacked and routed through China, Russia today?

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Unlikely but you can contact them about this. I've done it before

First Boeing 777 (aged 24) makes its last flight – to a museum

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Re: Still have the book

I thought the 777 was ETOPS 180?

Don't bother with that degree, say IT pros

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No Degree, No Problems

I didn't go to uni but instead after my a-levels did my CCNA and MCSA (I'm systems and network and not programming) but it has never stopped me. Getting the first job was a bit tricky but I'd say only as much as if I was a graduate 3-4 years later. Most of my managers and upper management said they didn't care if I had a degree or not. I can do the job and I am approachable by people in the business; they are the two key factors. 6 years on, I think I can safely say it's not going to hold me back in anyway

Schoolkids learn coding at GCSE level in curriculum trial

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Maths Vs IT

The comparison I always make is that I found Maths a bit tough, not hard hard but it wasn't natural. However, for GCSE I needed to do trigonometry and quadratic equations, and all kind of fun stuff, and I wasn't good enough so only got a C, you had to be fairly good to get an A. However, in IT there is this belief that it can't be "too hard" so anyone can get an A. I saw people in my school who didn't really know anything about computers come out with an A. It's disgusting, you'd never see that with Maths, or even science really.

A-level IT (AVCE, computer science) wasn't much better, in-fact the AVCE which counted as 2 A-Levels was frankly TERRIBLE

Operation Flashpoint 2: Red River

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Realism is the point

In your verdict I'm not sure if you are citing the high-realism as a "flaw". I hope you are not as this was the whole point of the game. First OF will stay with me for a long time, just for the shear effort and realism it created. I like COD and BF (many happy memories on 64 player BF1942) but they are not realistic

Broadband leads to drug abuse, say US boffins

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Or maybe better education

I thought it would lead to greater drug use because people can find out for themselves the dangers (or rather lack of comparing against fags and booze) behind illegal drugs.

ICT classes in school should be binned – IT biz body

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Too easy

In maths you need to learn things like trigonometry, statistics models like rank correlation, quadratic equations etc etc all of which are slightly harder then 1 + 1, however IT in schools really is just 1+ 1. A-Level IT is shit as well, I did computer science and AVCE IT at A-Level and it was SHIT. It didn't really teach me anything I didn't know already or could work out by reading a website in 2 minutes. I see some schools have introduced courses such as CCNA which is also a terrible idea. From my perspective it either seams to low level (teaching pascal, why bother, there are other languages that people could have more revelance too like PHP, C~ etc (I'm sure someone will disagree with me) or they are too high level and just focus on using MS Access or if statements in Excel like that is challenging our brains. Too easy and too bull shit, that's what it was 5 years ago, I doubt much has changed

Vanilla Ice to tackle panto Captain Hook

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Depends what your baseline is

I'd say it's as shit as a lot of shit towns in England. I moved from Medway to Stoke on Trent for 9 months for work, and I found it largely the same except Stoke had a casino and Medway doesn't, that and everyone calls you duck in Stoke and I was token southerner

BBC explains hour-long website outage

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We will let them have that

Never really had any problems with their web services, and considering its 24/7 365 with big sites such as iplayer which always seam to work flawlessly for me, the fact they went down for an hour is very very good. In fact I'd go as far to say they don't really need to apologies about it

The 64-bit question

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Other then a few old HP printers which where fixed by using a driver for a different printer and an old web cam which, to be fair, can be replaced at the price of things these days, I have no problems with full 64bit OS and drivers. Many many apps are still in 32bit, but those that are it usually doesn't matter (photoshop etc are 64bit now). So things have improved a lot in the last 2 years I'd say from my experiance.

Correct me if I'm, wrong, but the 4GB limit only exists if your not running PAE which many OS's have had for a while. You can only go up to 4GB in windows desktop OS's but Windows server has had it for a while. Linux has it in the desktop though, obviouslly


Android rebellion: How to tame your stupid smartphone

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Lord of the apps and I will be a hypocrit

While you might say the apple system of checking everything is a good thing, developers have had a right nightmare with it all and it has caused so many problems. There should not be some over bearing lord of the apps like that. There have been many cases if this being bad and even them being complete hypocrites of what they do and don't allow.

Sure, you get shit apps, but reviews help and it's not hard to uninstall an app if you don't like it

Orange customers squeezed out of Facebook

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Does the author really need to explain to readers of el reg what NAT is? I assume if your here you probably know stuff like that

School worker jailed for abuse images

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I'd like to know what this setup was. And his in bedroom? Unless he was deaf it couldn't have been that great, all my servers etc had to go in my basement and even then you could hear them in the living room, let alone having it all in my bedroom....hello insominia

Clegg's taking away Your Freedom

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I think the biggest discussion on there was the abolishment of the law on Cannabis. Many subjects started and many comments on each, almost all in favor. It gave me a bit of hope for England, though I do stress "a bit"

Wikileaks publishes secret CIA memo

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Red Cell doc you should all read

There is another Red Cell doc on wiki leaks which describes how to get support for Afghanistan from France and Germany. I recommend everyone reads it so they understand what tactics are used. Here is the link for anyone (that should be all of you :P ) interested


UK ICT classes killing kids' interest in tech

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It's a joke

I finished my A-levels 5 years ago and GCSE IT, A-Level IT and A-level Computer Science where all shit. You didn't learn much, if anything. Almost all of it I knew already or knew bits about. Some was utter wank and so out-dated it was ridiculous (We looked through an answer sheet for a past paper and instant messaging wasn't a valid answer in communicating in an office...even though IM has been around for many many years.) For Computer Science a-level I had two teachers and one of them had been in the industry for many years, however you could tell how he was tied down to this bull shit curriculum and it annoyed him. We ended up doing other stuff a lot of the time. For people that are interested in computers by a-level you could have a fun'ish course...but it's not. Its a joke

Council wins motorbike charges case

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Tinny sound from the old headphones

No we just have pricks in the carriage that play their music so loud you can hear it and talk on the phone for 45 minutes talking about their visit to the doctors etc (this happened more the once).

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What do we want...

A million people protested against the war...so don't get your hopes up :( though your right, we do need to protest more

Torrent sites: Here today, gone tomorrow and no one even cares

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This is the 18:34 South Eastern service to Torrent

The number of us that train it in to London Terminals and back everyday could surly just do the same. Just open then tablet/mp3/phone/netbook/notebook/thingy-of-the-future and have a carriage of shearing shit. All connect up to the trains wifi, I'd have a full 2 hours of swearing like the bloody share bear I am

Wii Fit fall woman turns into nympho

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Single IS the answer

Being single seams like the better option then relationship...that or an "open relationship"/husband who likes group sex

Fire at Google UK

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Remember the IE/Netscape thing years back, there where cakes baked and MS put something outside their office...Google tried doing the same but burning a flag with the IE logo on it...more testing still needs to be done

IE icon too familiar for Microsoft EU settlement?

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Give Oprah a pat on the back...lol only joking STAB IN THE BACK

That's like attacking Fedora for the fact that open office comes with it as a standerd install...surely that's anti-competitive...and you think of every OS that you just run a normal install for to get going as quickly as possible. Ubuntu comes with Firefox doesn't it? Well better sort Ubuntu out so it doesn't come with Firefox anymore. This is getting ridiculous, I want a fucking browser with my OS. So now i'm going to get more phone calls with non-computer literate friends not knowing what something is. Why do most people use IE, because it's their and they couldn't give a shit. Do Oprah really think the majority of people care? It's an OS, it's supposed to come with basic tools to get you going, text bad, calculator, browser, ie client, ftp client at al

US city demands FaceSpaceGooHoo log-ins from job seekers

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Mmmm Chocolate

Chocolate...Liverpool Street Station....WHERE WHERE???? :)

But moving on, it would be nice to think this was just a way to get the dumb applicants out of the process, but I fear they are being serious about this.

Some monkey in some high up office thought this up

"This business with this faceboy thing....can we use it some how...Jenny, brnig me coffee, a hooker and a notepad...I have an idea"

EC rejects Microsoft's browser promises

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Lets call the effing WWAAAAMMBALANCE

Oh yeah, have it without IE and everyone uses Firefox, with the amount of flaws being released for Firefox Vs IE (Firefox is winning at the minute with more flaws) how much worse it is going to be? Plus once more average users jump on the skins and plugins world, installing code which has ALL kinds of nasty shit in it, everyone will turn on Firefox saying how bad it is.

It comes down to too many dumb users, all using the same program, one flaw and BOOM HEADSHOT.

I'm not saying IE is brilliant...LOL not a fucking chance...but this is all BS

Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7

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9 Hour install

I am not one to be an MS fan boy, especially after finding OpenBSD, but I will say this is just ridiculous.

First off, you will often hear different OS's touting that their OS has some "nice packages installed" with a web browser, text editor, photo editor, cron tools and such like, so MS is just shipping an OS, with a browser so people can get on to the internet. I mean, to the average user, no web browser, how the fuck are they going to get any browser? FTP? Average user? Please wait while my phone rings from every average user friend I have asking how to get a web browser and then scratch my eyes out trying to tell them how to use windows FTP to download a firefox install..oh wait, windows can't use THEIR ftp program, that hurts competition of WS_FTP or cute FTP or WHATEVER FUCKING COMPANY WANTS TO FUCKING MOAN ABOUT THIS.

Windows 9, now comes with a 9 hour install while you pick which version of every single package you install, choosing between MS and rival versions because everyone has jumped on this bandwagon. do average users really care whether they use WMP or Winamp? I really don't think so, most only have iTunes due to having ipods.

I am all for choice and having different applications does mean that one virus doesn't take out half the worlds computers, but having applications to allow you to work is part of an Operating System. I see no halm in having a choice built in to windows, and they having now separated IE and Explorer, about time too, but to have editions without things included is just too far for me.

Apple fans targeted by smut-punting malware

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Same user, Different OS

I find most windows users are used to virus's and such like, trouble is now average users are buying macs, not spending 1 second to think about AV or anything but they are still as stupid. Same stupid users, different OS will end up in the same results; hacked boxes.

Anyone the person who said Safari is better...are you having a joke? That browser has serious flaws, they did some massive updates recently, and looking on a full-disclosure list, I see more safari hacks then IE in recent times