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Phorm woos browsers with personalised web


Layer 7 Switch??

# The Register understands delays were caused when BT

# asked Phorm to develop a network-level opt-out, based

# on its own layer 7 switch, dubbed PL7.

Assuming this is a reference to the OSI Model, WTF is a Layer 7 (application layer) switch, and WTF is one doing in an ISP? Again, assuming OSI, this implies that BT are doing their own DPI.

Exam bosses target faster cheat takedowns


A possibly quicker way...

Why not just get the IWF to mark the sites as 'questionable?' I'm sure that'd be a quicker "shoot now, ask questions later" route to getting the content in question off t'internet.

Coat? It's the one with Virgin Killer on the back, ta.

BT's Phorm small print: It's all your fault


Implicit consent.

"However, in its advice to Phorm and ISPs, the Home Office said it believed that publishing a website gave implicit consent."

Bah! to that. Time to add an explicit prohibition to websites then? A-la: https://nodpi.org/2008/10/01/terms-to-deny-bt-and-phorm-from-your-web-site/


The contents of this site, and communications between this site and its users, are protected by database right, copyright, confidentiality and the right not to be intercepted conferred by section 1(3) of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. The use of those contents and communications by Internet Service Providers or others to profile or classify users of this site for advertising or other purposes is strictly forbidden."

Data watchdogs did not want to see eBay bank server


It's not the people listed on this one...

... that need to worry; they know where the data is, and is, presumably, safe now.

It's the people possibly listed on the other computer they've lost that need to worry..

Firefox 3 makes up world record to set world record


Previously non-existant GWR

``The Mozilla Foundation has officially set a previously non-existent Guinness World Record for the largest number of software downloads in a day.``

So when are MS going to beat it? Next Patch Tuesday?

T-Mobile not alone in spinning price hikes


Read RFCs much?

FTA: ``The key word here is "should", which T-Mobile interpreted as "don't have to be"``

What other meaning did the reporter think could be attributed to the word "should"? "MUST"? Perhaps they should take up writing RFCs?

Clarly the real failing is OFCOM not using the word 'must' instead of 'should.'

Google waves Occam's Razor at web coders


Only 10 results?

> As you all know, an ordinary Google search gives you just ten

> results. You can't get more without loading another page.

An ordinary search for me returns 100 results. Perhaps someone needs to look a bit deeper in the preferences page beyond setting the language to "Bork, bork, bork!"

Miserly marks get smart to UK phishing fraudsters


These are only 'reported' losses

"Online banking fraud losses, however, decreased by a third from £33.5m in 2006 to £22.6m in 2007."

Yeah right. *Reported* losses probably decreased. Because you can no longer (usefully) report phishing/account problems to the police, the only people who can collate the losses are the banks. i.e. we no longer have centralised reporting for this sort of crime.

And what are the odds on the banks self-reporting "Our bank lost XXX last year ...," we're having enough problems getting out of them how much they've lost in the sub-prime debacle.

Air pollution driving midweek rain


Remember, 82.5% of the statistics you'll find...

.. on the internet are made up.

From Q.I. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_QI_episodes_%28D_series%29#Episode_2_.22Discoveries.22)

"It rains the most on Saturdays, because of industrial activities over the week cause a seven day dust cycle."

Something isn't matching up here....

Reg readers bring down HMRC website


Once more...

Once more, like Christmas, the tax deadline creeps up on 1/2 the country by surprise, who then try to do what's needed in the last 24 hours.

I mean, it's not as if it's the same day every year, or they advertise it...

Now RIAA says copying your own CDs is illegal

Thumb Down


The WP article is short on one little detail - he was sharing his mp3's via P2P software - that's how he was caught. And what he is being charged with.

And as far as the 'unauthorised copies' rubbish goes - any copy of a CD has always been unauthorised. This, however, doesn't make them illegal. Or stealing. It only becomes an offense if you start sharing them amongst other people.

It is quite legal to make an unauthorised copy for personal use; always has been since LP's and reel-to-reels were in common use. This is the 'fair use' doctrine in copyright law.

In short, the WP article is just more FUD.

Air France compensates 170kg passenger


Re: Not just weight

AC: If airlines are able to charge people for being too large to sit in a standard seat, can they charge me extra for needing more legroom?

Do they charge you for asking for a seat by an emergency exit? Can you 'book' one in advance? Have you tried?

Egg.com server cracks


Re: Eggstremely Poor IT

> Their site uses MSIE only[..]

Dunno what version of Firefox, Opera, Safari or Lynx you're using, but I've just tested logging in and viewing my credit card statement on all four successfully.

Unless you're talking about their Money Manager which is produced by a different company (eWIse) in which case you should be complaining about them using an ActiveX...

Can we have a proper study of Wi-Fi, please?


Mast debaters...

" My favourite clash with mast debaters on this was outside the local fire station last summer"

Was this deliberate? :)

UK crematoria eye heavyweight incinerators


Re: Any change of a translation?

> Some of us aren't American and don't know how much 44 inches is.

It's 1.18132936e-16 light years. See http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=44+inches+in+light+years

> Please, in future, can we have all measurements in metres, litres

> and kilos, just like we learned in school in the 1970s?

Well I was in a UK school during the late 70's and 80's and they taught us about inches and miles. And why aren't you complaining about the UK road signage being in metric instead of imperial?

Amazon pushes sex toys to random punters


Re: This gives new meaning

> ...to the "one click" patent...

ITYM "one clit" patent, no? ;)

US to issue Star Wars stamps


Star Wars day

Wouldn't it have been better if they could have released the stamps a couple of weeks earlier to co-incide with Star Wars Day?

May the 4th (be with you....)

Firefox under fire from multiple security bugs


Comment Spin


>Unpatched Vulnerabilities


>IE: 36% Firefox: 15%


>(Source: Secuna Stay Secure)


> The good news is that Firefox has no known

> vulnerabilities rated higher than 'Less Critical' (2/5)

And this makes Firefox better than software that doesn't have vulnerabilities how exactly?

Microsoft is crap at fixing vulnerabilities, but the fact that Firefox still has known ones doesn't make it necessarily any better. Critical or 'Less Critical' (How does that work by the way. Isn't that like being 'a little bit pregnant?')