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Boffins spot Luna-sized exoplanet

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Spectacular view....

That small (low-gravity), and that close to it's sun?

I wonder if you'd get some outgassing - kind of like the biggest comet you've ever seen, outgassing (in imagination anyway) iron, silicates, etc, etc. Pity I'll never see some pics ...

Another Apple maps desert death trap down under

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Needs to be said again, Roadsigns?

Over 20 years ago I drove through Mildura from Melbourne going to Broken Hill (and I was a Queensland boy).

One glance at a paper map from RACV was all you needed to know that if you stayed on the highway - you had to hit Mildura. I mean the highways were drawn up to connect the cities.... Though when they made that bypass past goondiwindi in SW qld years ago, it confused me a little. But certainly an unpaved road is not going to lead to a city....

Actually I blame the car rental companies - I flew down to OZ a few months ago and rented a car - no more free maps, can't even rent maps - have to rent their GPS at 12aud per day - pirates!

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Re: Source: Google StreetView

Hey, if the pay's good..... mind you, what's the maximum speed you can drive at while it's taking photos? Could be an awfully long trip......

Beer, because you'd need it watching nothing but dust and roos at 60km/h for 2000km....

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Did they fix Cairns yet?

I seem to recall when it was released they relocated Cairns (120,000) 100km further north, past Port Douglas, up into the Daintree Rainforest.....

Considering there is no road there, and you would have to pass Cairns(*) first, I assume nobody got lost there.

(*) unless coming from the Atherton Tablelands - but a bit hard to miss the signs

IBM insider: How I caught my wife while bug-hunting on OS/2

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Personally I loved OS/2

And no doubt others will flame away, but I still remember using a series of 16 PS/2 boxes running 2.11 to beat an Oracle hierarchal database running on astoundingly expensive sun hardware.

Yes, that was a purpose-written app, but Oracle were given the same parameters to start with, and we beat them - over 2,000 transactions per second for the OS/2, vs 31 for the Oracle/Sun.

Beer me!

Sydney Uni boffin wants database to track smokers

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And the obvious question for the Nanny state is?

You have to do the same thing for any alcohol at the same time.... And the public gets to view the records of all pollie's drinking habits.....

Would that kill the proposal?

Faulty network switched closed Melbourne tunnels

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Actually sounds like a layer 2 design

They talk about a "broadcast storm", but it sounds more like it was a faulty switch sending continuous spanning-tree updates.

10 years ago, had the same thing happen on the last major Layer 2 campus I did. Same situation, down to one faulty switch that needed to be disconnected to stabilise the network, then replaced. Don't ever believe the error detection and update suppression mechanisms work. They don't.

Put me right off, and I only design layer 3 environments now, far more stable and reliable.


Ice sheets may stabilise for centuries, regardless of warming

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Re: let's face it, we're screwed.

Let's see - the great barrier reef began to be laid down about 18 million years ago (yes million). The current ice age started about 2.6 million years ago. Somehow I think reef environments as a whole are tougher than you think.

But take it another way - A (land-based) plant achieves it's best growth rate at about 1500ppm of CO2 - how do you think that happened? Pure chance or evolution? That is one of the most important things people forget when they discuss CO2 measurements. (or is it simply an inconvenient truth?)

Why the Apple-Samsung verdict is good for you, your kids and tech

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US Patent IS broken!

Sorry Andrew, I disagree - if the US patent system was working fine, then how is it possible that Apple was granted a patent for swipe to unlock when that was already covered by US patent 8095879 issued to Neonode in 2005? (filed in 2002). Apple's application was in 2006, granted in 2008, so they didn't even do a search before applying, and the USPTO didn't do a search before approving.

The Neonode NM1 was also released in 2005, using that patented tech.


Judge begs Apple, Samsung to get a room, or trial will end in tears

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True brand devaluation is.....

What I saw in a few dodgy stores recently.

A Chinese company is making a product that looks *exactly* the same as samsung phones and tablets.

Except where it should say "SAMSUNG" it says "SUMSANG"

Ocean-seeding experiment re-ignites geo-engineering debate

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Fallen Angels?


Don't try and sequester plant food on a large scale - until you're absolutely sure what you're doing. If you take direct action that without doubt lowers temperature - do you accept legal liability for people that freeze to death?

Pollution-gobbling molecules in global warming SMACKDOWN

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Re "Err..."

I'm having trouble reconciling your statement with the second law of thermodynamics......

iPad 2? Let's be kind and call it iPad 1.5

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Oh, the new one catches up?

Still no SD expansion, still no (proper) multitasking.....

Maybe that'll be in number 3...

In the meantime I'll be happy with my galaxy tab thanks (I'll be fair, IF the new camera is 5mp, then that beats the 3mp from the old galaxy tab - but still missing the flash and the 1.3mp front camera)

iPad 2 spawns updated iOS and apps

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I see no mention of now running background processes.......

Don't call me Ishmael

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Modern Culture?

One of my redhat servers was named Silent.Bob is that a fair name to add to the list?

RIP Personal Computer World

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1981 - the venerable Z80 Sorceror

Ah, sad times when such an Icon as PCW shutters the doors.

Part of my initiation into true computer geekhood before passing on from the 8 bit wonders into the (at the time) big iron.

Now I feel like an abandoned relic too - think I'll put my coat on and sit in the back of the datacenter for a while - maybe I can persuade the 8088 or the Dec10 to turn on and make a melody (requiem) for PCW.