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High-rollers’ shop pitches wallet-pounding, wall-pummelling MONSTER TV

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Re: Sales-droid overhype

The satellite one could probably be used for Freesat, but not Sky, and the cable one is useless in the UK. They're only there because they're useful for other countries - I think Germany has ubiquitous cable TV that would just connect like this? Could be wrong. Less hassle than designing an additional model without them just for the UK I guess.

Playstation Vita games match PS3 software prices

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You say that...

... yet Final Fantasy X and GTA 3/Vice City are coming out on the Vita, so yeah.

Mobee Magic Charger

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Battery charger + batteries from Duracell, Energiser etc = around £15.

That comes with 4 batteries, meaning that when the current batteries run out of juice, I can just swap them and carry on. Rather than put my mouse to dock for a few hours and be unable to use it.

My old Logitech G7 came with two rechargeable battery packs and a USB charger for them. Just swap over when you run out. They didn't last long (few years old, by now the charge is about a days use) but it worked easily enough and never left me short of charge.

Yes, sure, you can charge this mouse over night. But what if you forget? And it runs out in the middle of the day? My mouse takes 2 rechargeable AAAs, and they last for a few months. For the price of this you could buy the charger, the batteries, my wireless mouse and keyboard bundle (Logitech Wave) and still have change for some alcohol!

Gamer claims complete console collection

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I don't see one... Or a Fat PS3 - if he's got a 360 original and slim, he should have both PS3s. Same with PSP, he's got 2000 and 3000, where's Base?

Apple MacBook Air 13in late 2010

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@Civ V?

"Uh, where do you put the CD?"


Apple TV said to enter the heavens at $99

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RE: USB - Try this


Sony: PS3 leap year glitch caused network lockout

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@Firmware to fix?

Unless thats two years by Sony's standards of leap year understanding, it's four years, since 2008 came and went without a problem for it.

And to those wondering why changing the date didn't work. When people opened it and removed the NVRAM battery, and then set the date to 2/3/10 onwards, it worked fine, since there's two dates stored on the system, the manually adjusted one and the onboard one.

Microsoft slams nails in Windows Vista, XP SP2, 2000

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@Ammaross Danan - Civ4

Civilization 4 WORKS FINE FOR ME IN WINDOWS 7. Period. No idea why it doesn't on yours, but it's fine for me and for my friend who runs it in Boot Camp.

Toshiba welcomes Windows 7

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RE: Garbage

By providing the demos of things, the companies who provide them provide mild funding. It's minimal but it reduces the sale price of the computers. Otherwise the venders would throw on something like AVG/Avast instead of McAfee/Norton because then they can advertise lifetime virus protection. Instead it's better for them to take the money and throw on a couple months of McAfee/Norton instead.

BOFH: Hammer time!

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Some people seem to be missing the point

The repair stage was described before as battering the hard drive, pulling out pins etc and handing it back as unfixable. The PFY couldn't do the repair stage as the machine was hers and he fancied her. Understand?

Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7

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So let me get this straight...

Ignoring OEMs for a minute, what if I were to go out and buy Windows 7 (when it's out obviously) over here in the UK. Would it not come with Internet Explorer 8? Meaning that I'd have in theory no browser with which to access the internet? Do Microsoft and Opera and Mozilla and Google give away free browser discs in every damn computing store and supermarket in the country?

Seriously, what's the point? If it comes with a link to allow you to download IE8, I'm gonna use that, then download Firefox. I'd be incredibly confused if it came with download links for other browsers as well. I mean how many do you offer? Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari just for starters. How is someone whos bought it and doesn't know which one is better meant to decide? I know, by picking the one that has a name that ACTUALLY SAYS WHAT IT DOES, like Internet Explorer, as that's bloody obvious what it's used for.

If it doesn't come with any browsers, I have effectively no internet access on that PC.

If it does, it's gonna be IE only anyway.

If it were to come with links to all the others, there's potentially too many and I don't see why Microsoft should have to advertise rival products. Can you see Sony ever saying 'bought a new Sony Bravia TV? Why not try a Samsung DVD player?'. People who don't know better are just going to go for the one that does what it says in the name, and people who do know better would have gone for a different browser anyway...

'Bionic ear' can detect Wi-Fi, FM,GPS signals simultaneously

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The people who complained

About the wifi in classrooms, mobile phone signals etc would have a fit over this. 50x more powerful than mobile phones? That requires 50x more the uneducated and unproven RAGE!