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Sony unsure if PlayStation Network user data was stolen

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If some group like Anonymous was behind the attacks you'd think they'd be the first to claim responsibility.

People just out to steal data are going to keep quiet.

Tim Berners-Lee: Coalition mustn't be 'lazy' on open data

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Needs more data

From what I have seen these portals need some data that is more than just of passing interest.

Like the complete financial records of every government ministry, department, and enterprise.

OSI fears for Linux if Novell patents land with Apple, Oracle

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Prior art

There is nothing new in visualization on x86 systems. If anyone has patents around this that are worth anything it would be IBM. Assuming that IBM still has an interest in running Linux on its z series machines, Oracle and others want to be careful who they pick fights with.

Sex Party's down-under struggles with dominant Catholic priests

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Another appropriate Frank Zappa quote:

"Take the Kama Sutra. How many people died from the Kama Sutra as opposed to the Bible? Who wins?"

Popular open source DHCP program open to hack attacks

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Compromised DHCP server

Wouldn't they have to compromise your DHCP server first? If your DHCP server can't be trusted then you are in a whole heap of trouble.

Intel charges premium for Xeon E7 scalability

David 141


Why would Oracle want to help HP-UX when they own Solaris?

(Also, where's the Larry "What a big Yacht I have" Ellison icon?)

TV election debate 'worm' graph found to undermine democracy

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Voting is irrational

People only vote at all because everyone else is doing it. There is stuff all chance of any one persons vote making any difference.

Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate

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Also, this is last weeks news.

Paramount buries Dune remake

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Robin hood in the desert

The book is great, but why bother even trying to film it? A simplified plot would leave out all the "perils of being a messiah" stuff and the hydrolic despotism etc and just focus on the betrayal by the emperor and harkonen and Paul the leading of a bunch of "outlaws" to revenge. Its an old formula, more suited to a single film than the complexities of the novel. Still leaves lots of room for special effects and fight scenes.

Nvidia rushes to ARMs

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64 bit myth

A CPU doesn't need to be "64 bit" (whatever that actually means) to address > 4GB addresses, but the address bus does. It might be easier for the programmer if the CPUs general purpose registers are also 64 bit and you don't have to use segments and offsets, but it's not a requirement.

'R' is for Revolution Analytics

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R is like Perl

R is like Perl in many ways - very powerful and very flexible. You can do stuff with a couple of lines of R that would take pages of hideous SAS macro code.

But like Perl it has many idiosyncrasies that even its creators would get rid of if they were to do it again. There has been talk of a complete re-write (like Perl). And the technical documentation is possibly the most impenetrably difficult documentation ever created in the history of computer science.

R-A seems to be a closed source proprietary and commercial implementation - its like someone wrote a closed source faster version of Perl and tried to sell it.

Apple 'gay-cure' app severely slapped

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Censor those who would censor.

Tolerance of intolerance should not be tolerated. Yes that's a contradiction; and it also implies censorship, and yes it is essentially the ends justifying the means,

Because left to itself intolerance will breed further intolerance, and ultimately, violence, and the voices of tolerance will be drowned in the cries for blood and vengeance. That is why intolerance needs to be eradicated. Like an infectious disease it needs to be stopped even when this does infringe on personal rights sometimes.

Hadron Collider 'could act as telephone for talking to the past'

David 141

Better yet

Ideally you'd want to send the plans for the time machine back into the past so you could (have) invented it earlier (which of course you would have done already).

Adobe promises emergency patch for Flash, Reader bugs

David 141


And there is a reason why you'd need flash embedded in Excel?

App Store not invited to web's date with destiny

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Web designers fail

If people stuck to plain HTML and anchored links to bits of text (the way the web was intended to work) and only used images for actual images (rather than widgets) then mobile phones would have no trouble with web pages: re-wrapping the text, shrinking the images etc.

The problem is the f***ing web designers who seem to think they are graphic artists who have to lay out (mess up) the text with all sorts of buttons and menus and other crap.

Death of the signing bonus: Open source recruitment works

David 141

Interesting projects

This is fine when you want to recruit people for hip sexy projects. But how many talented programmers are flocking to develop payroll systems?

Facebook goes all a twitter with Beluga buy

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Email is hard

Email lists proved to be too hard for the average Muppet to figure out.

Things like sending an email to the subscription address to subscribe/un-subscribe (and not the address of mailing list itself) apparently require a three-digit IQ.

Mobile spyware tool helps paranoid spouses prove themselves right

David 141

Men are clueless, and careless.

"Statistics also state that you're probably a wanker. For marrying the wrong person in the first place or for forcing her into adultery with constant jealousy and suspicions..."

Actually the statistics say that it is women who are usually (correctly) suspicious. Men are generally clueless about their wives affairs, and careless about their own.

Of course statistics do show that men are almost always wankers (literally speaking), but then most women have also been shown to like a bit of alone time.

Thunderbolt: A new way to hack Macs

David 141

Actual uses

Seems like this technology would have some really cool uses.

A cellphone equipped with this could slave a desktops peripherals - screen, keyboard etc, while still using the phones OS and radio.

Or could slave a desktop to a central CPU and use it as a thin client - regardless of the locally installed OS.

Doctor Who inspires another game, this time MMOG

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F2P can cost

F2P games are usually full of adds, and if you want to do any optional extras you have to be prepared to pay pay pay. Want a sonic screwdriver? That'll be $5 on your credit card, thanks. Your own K9 unit, thats $10...

German Foreign Office kills desktop Linux, hugs Windows XP

David 141


My six year old daughter has had no trouble using Ubuntu, without any instruction at all (she had previously used various versions of Windows).

Just saying.

Steve Jobs unveils 30% subs model for ... everything

David 141

Who needs publishers?

I might be missing something here, but why would an author bother going through a publisher at all, if they could sell directly on iTunes?

Android's on top – will Nokia and RIM let it in?

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How many mobile chips on the market will actually feature hardware assisted virtualisation??

The ARM Cortex A15 will, but when will they start shipping? Not this year.

I wonder if the main ruse of virtualisation will be to make phones and tablets that are harder to jailbreak, and to make it easier to lock down DRM media, as with the PS3. Walling off DRM protected playback in a virtual machine looks like a plausible reason for using a hypervisor on a mobile device.

The device driver argument is probably a red herring. One of the biggest roadblocks to using hypervisors is that they still need device drivers written for them if they wish to truly abstract the hardware.

Microsoft reinfects Chrome with closed video codec

David 141

Sick of this s**t

I for one would be happy to use a codec that was larger and slower if it worked _everywhere_ and didn't require that I download and install a dozen different (incompatible) players, codecs, plug-ins and f***ing DRM.

I'm sick of content being distributed in 10 different formats, in 10 different containers, with 10 different DRM schemes. I'm tired of some clips in some obscure format that only works in VLC, or working on a PS3 but not a PSP even though they both (supposedly) support it. I'm sick of half-baked plugins that crash; of codecs that come with malware, and software that requires diligent searching on obscure nerd video forums to get to work.

Sick of it I tell you!

The next half-wit who devises yet another media format should be locked away in a dark room and forced to watch silent black and white movies for the rest of their life.

This is why is like MP3. It has many flaws, but at least you know it works in every damn player on the planet.

CodeWeavers pours Wine for the masses

David 141


Fixed this for you:

"Why bother with Notes"

Apple's Jobs stand-in touts iPad's enterprise reach

David 141

Tablet vs PC

"I think most corporate admins would be happy to shut tablets completely out and forget about them entirely."

Many corporate admins felt the same way about the introduction of desktop PCs.

Enormous 1km ice-cube machine fashioned at South Pole

David 141


"And to the best of my knowledge, you don't get many free quarks floating around space."

<Sigh> not since the good old picoseconds.

Back in the ol' 10^-9 seconds things were different. Back then there weren't none of these fancy new fangled hadrons and leptons and what have you. There was quarks a plenty back then, and a whole mess of gluons too, and it were a darn sight warmer to boot.

Sacked health care BOFH jailed for revenge hack

David 141

Password recovery

"Isn't there anyone in Florida that knows how to reset a password with physical access to the hardware?"

For $17,000, yes :-)

Join in the Wikileaks DDoS war from your iPhone or iPad

David 141
Big Brother

Civil disobedience

Participate in a physical protest, block a few roads and buildings, wave some placards, chain yourself to a tree and you get what, a suspended sentence, a night in the cells maybe?

And for participating in a DDoS? Go directly to Jail for 10 years, do not pass Go?

Anonymous might do better to organise some flash mobs and real protests.

PayPal banned WikiLeaks after US gov intervention

David 141

Vive la revolution

"Another case of governments getting into situations like wars they cannot win, like this one. How long will they resist billions of losses, crippled economies, shut down of stock exchanges, banks, etc. etc."

How long did the French monarchs continue to insist on their divine right to absolute authority? Until their heads were removed from their shoulders.

Vive la revolution.

Microsoft unveils 'do not track' option for IE9

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About time

They should have done this ten years ago.

Sarah Palin calls for US to stand by North Korea

David 141
Paris Hilton

Sarah Palin could be the USAs first...

Sarah Palin could be the USAs first Celebutard president. It's hard to see how she can lose.

But personally, I'd rather vote for Paris.

Xbox modder can't claim fair use, says judge

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If you use a tool that can be use to crack encryption on a digital copy of the Bill of Rights, you can still be prosecuted (not for copyright infringement, but for circumvention), if that same encryption is also used to secure 5 minutes of "Steamboat Willie".

That's right - 5 minutes of Steamboat Willie trumps the Bill of Rights.

America, you got fucked.

Facebook royal rant bishop suspended

David 141

Bunch of useless parasites

They may not have any real power anymore, but they have a spectacular amount of wealth, and they do SFA for anyone.

And as for the Royal Family, they're even worse.

US may disable all in-car mobile phones

David 141

Bring on the robot cars

And get rid of the idiot drivers once and for all.

'Spacetime cloak' could act as 'Star Trek transporter'

David 141

Rabit holes

"The concept behind subspace was that it was essentially another dimension (or series of dimensions) in which the existing rules of physics don't apply."

A lot like Alice in Wonderland.

Global warming is actually good for rainforests, say boffins

David 141

Bleeding obvious

So there were plenty of plants that thrived on a planet 5 degrees hotter and wetter. No real surprise there. But most of the tropical plants that thrived in the Cretaceous are extinct, so we'd have to wait a few million years for the new jungles to evolve. Maybe some of the existing species would like a change, but you know what they say about hothouse flowers

Have you ever been to a jungle? Very pretty, but I wouldn't want to live in one. Call me a slave of my evolutionary background, but I like cooler, dryer, more open climates thank you.

UK.gov plans net surveillance by 2015

David 141

What's an ISP?

Anyone with a domain name and a cheap PC can run a mail server.

All they'll end up collecting are emails from those too lazy or stupid to use something secure.

Firefox extension detects FireSheep snoop software

David 141

AV software makers

"If MS is the only AV maker to realize this I'd be surprised."

So would I.

The AV makers are pretty shifty characters themselves, and will happily add any old rubbish to their AV signatures in order to pump up their malware detection stats and continue peddling software that is at best of limited use, and at worse a significant resource hog.

Don't let China hold rare-earths to ransom again

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Big Brother

I pity the human race

FFS people, all someone has to do is raise the specter of "foreign control" and you start foaming at the jaws like a pack of trained hounds.

A return to mercantilism? Seriously? A policy design by merchants and ruling elites, and designed to benefit the rich and powerful? From an era where the monopoly was considered a good thing? Where the "good of the nation" was put before the good of the people in it?

Why not return to full blown imperialist nationalism as well?

Do you want to feel a boot stomping on your face for eternity? Go ahead and hand over power to the monopolists and demagogues.

Shut up, Spock! How Battlestar Galactica beat Trek babble

David 141


BSG Still had FTL, gravity generation and whatever enables raptors to get off a planet with such a small drive (obviously not chemical rockets). It was still Space Opera, but it was less wussy than Happy Trek. It also spouted a lot of mystical dualistic crap about he human mind being better than AI.

BSG was great because of the plot (well, except the ending), and the characters.

Caprica sucks because the characters are so shallow and the plot is pretty meh.

Forumware giant vBulletin sues ex-devs (again)

David 141

Move along...

"took with them virtually every type of document a competitor would need to enter the market and unlawfully create a competing bulletin board software program."

In other words, none.

Bulletin boards aren't exactly rocket science, and back in the days before the Internet kids with modems used to write BBS packages.

Microsoft's IE 8 'most widely used browser', rules ASA

David 141

Widely believed

It's also (still) widely believed that the sun orbits the earth (http://www.gallup.com/poll/3742/new-poll-gauges-americans-general-knowledge-levels.aspx)

(And that's just the US. Imagine what the stats must look like for less "well educated" countries).

No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed

David 141

No actual programming

How many hours of actual hands-on coding are done in the course of an average comp-sci paper?

Compare that to how many hours actual hands on coding are done by a programmer in a typical month. It should be obvious why graduates can't code - you can't learn to program well with so little experience.

All the best programmers I met at university learned to code themselves, outside of their coursework.

Oracle re-commits to ODF after OpenOffice divorce

David 141

Documents are so 90's

Just let documents die already.

Spreadsheets still have some uses, but documents are like stone age tools compared to email, forums, blogs, wikis etc.

Hypervisors: grinding through to bare metal

David 141

Host OS issue

Host OS's are usually pretty complex with potential security holes, licensing issues and loaded with many "features" not needed by the hypervisor.

The biggest downside of a type-1 hypervisor seems to be the availability of device drivers.

'We Want Two' Navy carrier plan pondered by Cabinet

David 141

Drone carriers

They should replace them with drone carriers.

(I have no particular reasoning for this statement - I just think robots are cool).

Feds want backdoors built into VoIP and email

David 141

Open and non-US

Even if they somehow forced all US open source developers to include back doors in communications and encryptions software, people in other countries would simply fork the software.

Apple now world's second-largest company

David 141

No dividends?

There's a name for schemes where investors only get payed out if new people come along and put more money into the scheme.

AT&T chief: 'All your iPhone are belong to us'

David 141


So he basically admitted that the only reason his customers are sticking around is because they have no choice?

He couldn't manage to say that the customers might stay of their own accord and manage to keep a straight face saying it?

I wouldn't invest in a company with that sort of business plan.