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Thousands of fingered crims, informants spaffed in web security COCK-UP

Tom 101

"a previous version of the code" - why on earth would a previous version of the code be found at the server root for https, presumably the server root is the same between https and http as on most other sites. Sounds a likely story to me!

Facebook co-founder renounces US citizenship pre-IPO

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Re: Really?

Well, yes actually, they are job creators, this guy especially. At the end of the day he contributed time and his own money at a very risky and uncertain time for a business which now employs 1000+ people and will continue to employ more into the future.

Where would you rather these jobs be created? Seeing as an internet based business can be created or moved to anywhere in the world, if the rates are not right in the current country the company moves and the key staff move with them. A country has to keep the rates for the rich sensible and at least comparative to other countries otherwise the people who own companies, especially less established ones, will simply leave and take the jobs with them.

Yes, the less well paid will be able to sit there and say the rich are taxed a lot more than them, but will they be happy saying that without a job?

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

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You know if you have physical access to a linux laptop you can reset the root password and log in right?

Microsoft sues trio over Androidian book reader

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Google should take this case on behalf of these companies seeing as its them who ultimately suffer if Microsoft deters people from using Android (as its obviously trying to do). That would put a big thorn in Microsofts backside because they know Google would go the full way with the case and they certainly don't want that!

Windows Phone 7 to get cut'n'paste shortly, says Ballmer

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I wonder....

...If they will fix the stupidity of not being able to use static IP addresses on wifi? If you need to specify your own IP address, you can not, there is no user interface to set up these details manually. Not very good if anyone needs to use the phone in an office!

Skype offers iPhone video calls over 3G

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You know that 3 are launching a non capped plan again soon? Also, a lot of us are still on old o2 contracts for a good while yet and so are not capped either!

Windows Phone 7 unlockers let off with a warning

Tom 101

How long till...

...someones just stops the phone reporting back to microsoft? Not exactly difficult I would imagine if the phones security has been compromised anyway!

Swindon twins with Walt Disney World

Tom 101

I can see why...

... that roundabout system looks more fun than any of WDW's rides!

NHS hurls iPhone into booze abuse fray

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They really should try spending some if our money on treating people rather than developing silly phone applications!

Skype founders drop licence threat against eBay

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@ Jay Jaffa

Some may say jealous at all?

Fire at Google UK

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It doesn't matter...

... the building is most likely still in beta!

Microsoft goes Darwinian with evolutionary tree patent

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@ Graham Marsden

Just submitted one, I expect every person in violation to settle immediately or spend years in court trying to prove I didn't invent the wheel!

Startup crafts DVD-Rs for the 31st century

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@ Ian Chard

Very true, but I think thats missing the point, we will always know how to make DVD players, even if they are not in widespread use, so if the data needs to be read, we can just build a dvd player and read it.

MoD sticks with 'most decrepit browser in the world'

Tom 101

@ Anonymous Coward

There already is a business need, a few of them actually. No matter what you are doing in a web browser, IE6 is slower at opening pages than other newer browsers, even in just a plain HTML environment. An upgrade would increase productivity by users not having to wait for pages to be rendered. Other newer browsers are also more stable and recover from crashes in a far more graceful way, so in the event of a crash less time is lost getting back to what you were doing or by not crashing in the first place.

In relation to your statement that something may not work with tabs, that is rubbish as what goes on inside a tab is no different to what goes on inside a browser window without a tab, anything that works without tabs will work with tabs. Tabs do increase productivity if you learn to use them effectively.

These are all the issues so far and we havnt even gotten around to security yet, you state that it doesnt matter as the applications used in the web browser are hosted on an intranet, what you forget however is that pretty much every office in the country has access to the internet as well as their own internal intranet. If malicious code gets downloaded through the use of IE6 while the user is browsing the web away from the intranet, that computer is compromised in all ways, so when they do start using their own intranet the data could be monitored and sent back over the internet.

Unpatched Firefox flaw lets fox into henhouse

Tom 101

@Bob Gateaux

You do realise IE has a security issue with activeX currently don't you?

CPW and Vodafone finally make up

Tom 101


This would only really have made a difference if Vodafone had won the exclusive iphone contract. CPW would have killed to be able to sell the iphone in that situation. As it happened, O2 got the contract and CPW must have been very happy!

Rapidshare stung with €24m fine

Tom 101


This is simply impossible for them to enforce, password protected ZIP files anyone?

Game laws to make underage selling illegal

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How exactly are they going to manage online sales of games? A lot of people under the age of 18 have a solo or electron card and could purchase games for under 12 or under 15 or what ever classification. Seems crazy to me.

Intel tears up CPU branding scheme

Tom 101

A problem...

I see a problem with the star rating idea. With CPU technology moving on so fast, will the star ratings not be out of date a few months after they have been stuck next to a CPU. There is going to be a lot of confusion around when there are still 5 star rated CPU's in stock at a shop over half a year old along side more expensive new machines also with 5 star rated CPU's.

Crazy idea.

Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7

Tom 101

Two Fingers

This is Microsoft giving the two fingers to the European Court and to other browser makers. They hope to technically fulfil their commitment to the law, but this is hardly in the spirit of the law!


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