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Guy Kewney, pioneer, guru, friend - RIP

Dead Vulture

A smart professional

I first crossed swords with Guy in the early 70s. Those were the early days for memory and microprocessors. We had a few beers and a few lunches during those years, I won't say they were all a pleasure because the tough smart investigative journalist that he was, often found out more that I wanted published at the time, sometimes leading my marketing plans by several days. However he was always the first I called when there was a piece of info I thought he could use.

I always tried to read his column whoever he was writing for because he always had a good handle on the industry, and was always prepared to lead with a new slant on it.

To me Guy was always the smart professional. I will miss his contribution to the world.

Bob Robinson

Google expands plan to run own internet


Go with the money

I see many advantages of Google setting up their global DNS system. They have the money to put a lot of power into it; to get a good implementation, to drive up security implementation and perhaps to get the standards improved. They will remove a huge load from existing ISPs and so reduce some of the effectiveness of DoS attacks. Will this help ISPs? A little I think, they will perhaps be able to spend a little less time chasing security issues and more time improving security implementation. Perhaps following some of the techniques that Google are using.

Is it for free? Not really, it just makes a bigger monolith and makes it harder for its competitors.

RIP Personal Computer World


A place in History

and that is just Guy. I probably read every issue of PCW. Guy and I crossed paths many times before PCW in my days at Walmore Electronics and Rapid Recall and and a few times since.

I hope you, Barry and Gordon continue to write to inform and entertain us. Perhaps you will do as I did a couple of years ago, retire but still keep your hand in because that what you enjoy.

Now I will have to rely completely on the internet and download what I want to read offline to my Be-Book.

All the best for the future of some of my favorite journalists.

Bob Robinson