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Young people are lazy, think world owes them a living - prof

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I'm 22

If I ever end up as blinkered and whiny as 50% of the comments on this article, please shoot me.

Anyway, gotta go, off to work... need to pay tax to pay for the horrifically over-bloated boomer debt and unfunded public sector pensions that will not exist by the time I retire at 75.

Why is USB 3 so slow?

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Needs an SSD to evaluate USB 3.0 speed.

Or, to at least come close to it.

This article is misleading... from the sounds of it there's nothing wrong with usb 3.0 or the controller and it's clearly the disk that can't physically output more than 130 MB/s.

Calling USB 3.0 slow because the disk it's connected to can't fill up the pipe is a bit like saying my 20 Mb internet is slow because I just visited a site where the server hosting it couldn't output more than 26 kb/s. Completely the wrong end of the stick.

Kingston SSD Now V 40GB boot drive

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This could potentially work..

I didn't think 40 GB would be enough until I fired up control panel and released that despite having 128 installs there's still only 30 GB of stuff on there and 20 GB of that is games.

Everything else is pretty small, with the utorrent install winning the prize at 264 KB

This drive is no good for gamers who should probably plump for 80 GB, but for everyone else the space seems about right.

I'll consider it... to back it up, I might even be able to clone the boot disk onto a 32 GB SD card to have a completely internal backup solution.

I wish they'd start embedding this stuff into high-end motherboards.

Asus CEO signals Q1 2010 smartbook launch

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Finally, the return of the small cheap computer that is actually all 3 of those things.

Very glad to see ASUS returning to it's original eeePC concept.. I'm way more likely to pick up something under the £200 mark than one of the current batch of £300 netbooks that are crippled to 1gb of ram and 1024x600 by Wintel.

Linux should be great for a system like this. It'll be interesting to see the battery life now that those tiny mobile phone processors have breached the 1 ghz mark needed for a decent modern computing experience. If they also go with a snappy 16gb SSD as standard the overall performance could put a lot of bigger machines to shame.

Apple plans turbocharged Mac Pro speedster

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The main reason why stuff like this gets bought...


Either as a business expense, or as purchased by someone who's self-employed and uses it for work.

If they're earning enough to put them in the higher tax bracket then they effectively get 40% off the shiny new gear. I'll consider one if I ever start earning that much, beats paying the 40%.

For recreational use though? You'd have to be nuts. Not that you're not permitted some recreational use out of a business purchase of course. :)

Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 Vapor-X 1GB

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Yep, ATI drivers still crash Vista when aero is running, it has to be disabled to avoid crashes.

It's the only way, I've had this issue, tried every new driver release and it still isn't fixed.

AMD shines light on Vision thing

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Stop talking about processors?

Can't help but feel that they wouldn't be punting that line if they had faster gear than Intel at this point in time.

Samsung pledges X-series laptops 'will not explode'

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While technically, it should be a good selling point...

I still wouldn't trust any advertising campaign that claimed "new and improved, no more explosions this time, honest!".

Most people probably aren't very aware of the various "laptops burning your crotch with acidic flaming goop" stories, so it's probably best not to call attention to it even when progress is made on cutting down the average frequency of exploding.

Nokia's £500 netbook: What were they thinking?

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Okay, scratch that.

It's actually Microsoft policy that restricts the RAM and HD capacity when the other specs meet certain net-booky standards, not Intel.

The Intel restriction is on screen resolution, and has recently been lifted or modified, hence why this one is allowed to have something a bit better than the usual pathetic 1024x576 on a 12" screen.

Not entirely sure what the specific specs that trigger Microsoft's "this laptop must be crap" flag are (think they're related to screen size mostly), which may explain a few ones with 2gb onboard. Also, the restriction does not apply to desktops, only netbooks.

Anyway, my point was.. big mess of hardware restrictions are still the main thing holding netbooks back.

We'd already have 4gb RAM, Atom 330 + Ion, 500GB HD, 1280x800 netbooks on sale if it wasn't for all the restrictions. There's nothing physically stopping such a device from being made.

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Another netbook in the "close, but no biscuit" category

Design and build quality, brilliant.

Screen res, brilliant.

Battery life, brilliant.

3G and SIM slot, great.

Processor and HD, nothing spectacular, but fine.

RAM - 1GB, soldered on to motherboard, non-upgradable.

Ding ding, we have a dealbreaker!

The problem does of course, lie with Intel's infuriating "1 GB only or no atom for you" policy.. but still, nokia should have compensated by adding an easy upgrade slot.

Samsung readies 'space saving' 2TB external HDD

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Wonder if it's getting USB 3.0 too?

I'm not buying any new external HDs until 3.0 is up for sale, just doesn't make sense when it's a few months away.

Transfer speeds on 2.0 are way too low to support hundreds of gigs of data transfer, just filling half of that 2tb drive would take several hours.

@Iain: Technically speaking, the knobby thingy controls the glowiness of the glowy thingy.

Virgin Media 'overwhelmed' by broadband customers fleeing BT

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Never had a problem with Virgin.

Currently get the full 10 MB/s with no problems, and £5 off the monthly bill for paying direct debit, extra discount for having their phone line as well.

Almost no downtime, and traffic shaping can be managed by careful scheduling, and leaving big downloads to run overnight. Even if I do get hit with traffic shaping, it's not like being reduced to 2 MB/s is particularly terrible or makes the internet unusable.

As for phone service, I've noticed a big improvement since virgin took over.. no more indians on the phone when I ring up.

Report: US planetsmash-asteroid scan running years late

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Serves us right, really...

Asteroid splats Earth, wipes out humanity and all because we could spare a few hundred mil to keep an eye on the sky.

So many things on this world aren't done because "we can't afford to", in reality, there is no money, only allocation of resources and manpower. There is always the physical capability to achieve these things.

Texan judge outlaws Word

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Should probably stop Adobe from selling Flash, too.

AS3 features very close integration with XML that is used on thousands of websites.

Hell, why not order them to remove flash player from the internet with immediate effect, I'm sure that would be a very smart move.

You don't have to like Microsoft to recognise that removing Word is the most stupid ruling that could have been passed.

Microsoft grabs Office.com domain in Google Apps assault

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Wonder how much it sold for?

That domain name is incredibly prime online real estate, right up there with business.com and other major ones.

Throw in Microsoft as the buyer and things could have got very pricy indeed.

iTablet to rake in $1bn, claims analyst

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UK price is a laugh.

No way are they going to be selling this for less than £500 in the UK.

Is Google spending $106.5m to open source a codec?

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Doomed to failure.

Unless of course this new format contains a way to embed non-removable advertising.

Google might not have any inline vids on youtube, but the rest of the industry relies on a pre-roll ad before the content plays.. and advertisers will not pay to put those there if they can be skipped with ease using a <video> tag.

Flash isn't just video, it adds a lot more additional functionality besides simple playback.. it has it's own OOP language.. not entirely sure that the new format is going to be capable of replicating that.

Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed

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You sure you aren't mistaking bits and bytes there?

A 1 Mbit line would generally result in 120 kb/s download, it's another annoying thing about ISP advertising, the exaggeration of speed by using bits when the majority of people only understand megabytes, gigabytes etc. Divide by 8 to convert the headline speeds into what you'll see in the download bar.

Would be better if Ofcom forced the ISPs to measure speed in kilobytes or megabytes per second.

Posted from a 20mbs virgin line... I get the full speed, and don't have a problem with capping, the process is transparent and listed on their website in a table.

After 9pm there's no throttling, so it's fine as far as leaving big downloads overnight goes.

Kingston's thumb drive is tiny Tardis

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Always good to see the next storage capacity released.

As it generally hails price cuts on the capacities way below it. Nice to see the high end continuing to stamp along.. it was only a few months ago that 128gb drives came out.

I remember very clearly, 6 years ago, seeing the latest flash stick online for over a thousand bucks. The capacity? 4 GB.

If that rate of progress remains steady...

Mines the one from 2015 with the 16TB drive in the pocket. That's enough to back up the entire contents of my brain, assuming the cyborg hardware manufacturers get their finger out and come up with an interface by then.

Intel relaxes rules on netbook screen specs, say moles

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About time.

The tiny screen res is the main thing that's been putting me off of buying a netbook. 600 pixels high is just too crowded to use a regular browser and taskbar on.

Hopefully we'll see a decent 1280x800 on a 10" or 12" before too long.

Whining serial commentard bemoans Reg bullying

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Thanks to this article... if I ever want to get my name in a headline I now know exactly what to do. ;)

Google uncloaks Chrome OS hardware pals

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Adobe, huh?

Hoping this will lead to them releasing a Linux port for Creative Suite. It's the main thing preventing me from ditching Vista. Have given ubuntu a spin and wouldn't mind switching.

*AAC's hard disk thrases loudly and randomly in agreement*

Too thick to boil an egg? Buy 'em preboiled

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I'd buy it.

Makes sense really, 30p premium or so per egg to save the hassle of...

Filling kettle, putting it on, waiting for it to boil, taking it off, putting on hob, adding egg carefully, waiting for it to cook, taking it out, putting it under cold water for a bit, then carefully spending the next minute or so peeling off the damn shell and all the fiddly little bits that get left on if you mess it up.

So, 30p to save 2 minutes of effort.

For these eggs to be worthwhile on a logical "time = money" basis, you would have to be earning over £9/hour. For anyone earning less than that, boiling your own eggs is a much more sensible investment.

I also like those little cheese slices (not american cheese), and pre-chopped/ peeled/ washed carrots.. much less faffing about involved.

Acer Aspire Revo R3600

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Any more word on the dual core version of this?

Months ago, Acer said there would be an Atom 330 version out by June at the latest.

Still waiting... will buy it if they get their finger out.

MPs slam 'disgraceful' Type 45 destroyers

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That US ship sounds great.

The "can be upgraded to take out targets in low orbit" line is probably the best sales pitch in military history.

Futurama back from dead again

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*Woop woop woop*

Brilliant news. As for the movies, the format was messed up, and that was the main problem... each time they had to make a complete 90-minute movie that could also be broken up into 4 distinct and seperate 22 minute episodes. End result - bit of a mess, the stories didn't flow well at all as a movie and the episode breaks were stark (think of the xmas episode slap in the middle of the first movie).

I still liked the movies (third one was the only really terrible one), and it certainly can't hold the crown for "worst comeback ever"... that award has already been claimed by Red Dwarf.

Futurama's humour is fast-paced and isn't well-suited to anything longer than 22 minutes... storylines just can't be sustained for longer than that, scripts rely on running gags more than you might realise, and those get tiring if spread out over 90 minutes.

The show was really going places in it's 4th tv series, hopefully we'll see a return to that. Much happier to see Futurama back than yet another Seth McFarlane show.

Intel Core i7 975 Extreme

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OC'ing the 920 takes a bit of doing.

.. but there are very good guides online that tell you exactly what to do. The OC'ing community is really helpful and friendly to newbies too.

I managed to get the 920 on my main rig running at 4 ghz stable. Didn't want to risk pushing it any further than that.

As for how it runs, think "bat out of hell".. I have the thing churning out HD video renders 5 times as fast as my old Q6600, there's a big difference between "wait for 5 hours" and "wait for 1 hour" when it comes to that sort of work.

WD drops 4TB whopper

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Would rather have this in RAID 1

These big bulky boxes don't really need the speed of RAID 0, especially if they're stuck with a USB 2.0 cable to run it through.

I'd much rather have the security of 2 TB of data, fully backed up without having to get an expensive 4-bay NAS or drobo solution.