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Wales adopts mobile average speed cameras

Neil 4

It WILL work though

Road deaths will definately drop in Wales.

But only because nobody will go there any more.

Autodesk goes after eBay seller - again

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Selling a license?

Is he actually claiming to sell a license? Or just the CD? If he's just selling the media, surely that's fine. It'd then be up to the buyer to get a license for it.

Virgin Media network goes down down south

Neil 4

Fine for me

I'm in South London / Surrey and have had no issues at all.

Google shuts down bank snafu Gmail account

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Missing the bigger point

The issue to me is not that his Gmail account is shut down. An inconvenience maybe, but not a huge one.

The bigger issue is that the court has ordered his contact information to be handed over. At which point one would imagine he would be receiving visits from law enforcement agencys who will be searching his house and his computers for copies of this file.

If I was on the receiving end of that because of a bank fuck up I'd be counter-sueing faster than you can say "SWAT Team".

iPhone voted UK's 'coolest brand'

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I'll swap my iPhone for an Aston Martin, if any Aston owners are now not feeling cool enough.

Nation's parents prepare to be vetted

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On the plus side

It means my daughter cannot have her friends around for sleepovers any more!

Orange gets UK iPhone deal

Neil 4

Bad Joke

Orange and Apple? Let's hope they don't turn it into a Lemon...

Met steps up stop and search with mobile phone scanner

Neil 4

Scan the barcode?

Why can't they just type it in? Even the iPhone will show you it's IMEI.

Sounds to me like they've been ripped off for a bunch of probably very overpriced barcode scanners that don't actually do anything clever.

LG GD910 Watch Phone

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Now I can be halfway to being

Michael Knight.

Just need someone to invent the sentient, indestructible, self-driving, slightly camp car now.

Highways Agency plans new speed cameras

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I wonder

Just how they will recoup those costs? Can't for the life of me think...

Italian Job sat nav driver cops £900 fine

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Although I earlier called him a twat, it does remind me of the time I stayed in a cottage near Scarborough and the only way to get to it was down a disused railway track barely wide enough for a car. But that was the only way there. No Sat-Nav back then either.

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Twat in a BMW gets fined?

There is justice after all!

Doctor Who fans name best episode ever

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I always liked

Remembrance of the Daleks by Ben Aaronovitch. And Blink, of course, which happened to be on TV a couple of nights back.

The one with the clockwork aliens was also very good and clever (Girl In The Fireplace?). Suprised that wasn't there. Impressed at the number of "old" episodes though.

Florida cops cage 'Dracula'

Neil 4

Makes sense it's Florida

As he's a dead ringer for Goofy.

<Mines the one with Disneyworld tickets in the pocket>

T-Mobile picks Orange for merger

Neil 4

spend between £600m and £800m integrating their businesses.

That'll be the cost of the redundancies, then.

Dan Brown is most unwanted author says Oxfam

Neil 4

Completely Obvious Statistic Shocker!

So... Dan Brown sells 10 trillion books and 1,000 end up at the charity shop. Nobby McNobody sells 500 books and 50 end up at the charity shop.

Nobby is then regarded as great author and Dan Brown as a complete loser.

Statistical twats.

Beer drinking model to get caned in Malaysia

Neil 4

I wonder

What people's reaction would be if she were caught taking Heroin? If it is illegal to drink beer (which is a mind-altering substance, to a degree) then it's not much of a leap to Heroin.

Ok, it is really, but that would infringe upon the point I'm making.

My point? Oh, I've forgotten. Pass me a cold one.

I've been to Malaysia a couple of times actually - very interesting place. Every bloke (and most women, but obviously they weren't Muslim) I met seemed to spend most of the day and night drinking. So it's a bit off with "one law for them and another for us", but that's what you get with Sharia.

Les Paul dies at 94

Neil 4

Still playing at 90

At over 90 years old he was still playing live - a complete and utter legend of a man.

My Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus is my most treasured possession (yeah yeah wife and kids yada yada yada) and is the one thing I will never get rid of.

Unlock your iPhone, miss your messages

Neil 4

Nothing new

I recently unlocked my LG Viewty on 3 so I could give it to my daughter (after I received my lovely 3GS a few weeks ago).

Strangely enough all the 3-specific network-type stuff no longer works now it's got a Virgin Mobile sim in it.

If this was any other service from any other network it wouldn't even get a mention.

Cyclists offered cut-price shag at German brothel

Neil 4

New Slogan

"Come By Bike".

Spam tool developer faces six years in chokey

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Sounds to me like he just wrote the software. On that basis can we also jail the inventors MP3 format for making music easily copyable? Or Mssrs Smith & Wesson for the shooting of lots of people cos they sold guns?

Ofcom coughs 3G coverage maps

Neil 4

3 May have the best coverage

But every time I tried to use it, the signal on my phone changed from 5-bars of 3G signal to 1 bar of normal coverage.

Jammie Thomas calls for file-sharing trial #3

Neil 4


So.... 63,000 times the value must mean each song was uploaded to another user 63,000 times. At about 3MB per song (and could easily be more), that'd be 63000 * 3 * 24 = 4536000MB, or /1024 = 4430GB of uploads - just over 4TB.

Assuming her upload speed was 256kb/s (typical for ADSL) and ran continuously at that speed for 24 hours per day, then in one day she could upload 21GB per day. Therefore it would have taken 210 days of constant maxed-out uploads, assuming she could do 256k/sec continuosly and that her PC was never switched off for this to be the case. I kind of think her ISP might have noticed....

CompuServe signs off

Neil 4

My First Job

Was doing tech support for Compuserve. This was back in the day when tech support people actually had to know something more than "turn it off and on again". Nothing better than dishing out AT commands over the phone, or trying to get PPP working on Windows 95. Or trying to sort out people still using WinCIM on Windows 3.x, or even DosCIM.

And then there was the well-remembered day when they release CSi3.0 to the public.... without actually telling us. Or training us. Or showing it to us at all.

But of course the best thing was people only had one phone line.... so you could utter the immortal call-ending words.... "Right, if you hang up now and try again it should all be fine!" Can't away with that these days, what with your ADSLs and Cable internets. Although your heart would always sink if they replied "It's okay, I've got 2 lines".

<Waves at anyone who worked at Teletech in Reigate in 1996-1997>

Amiga Forever updated for Windows 7

Neil 4

I always wanted an Amiga

But never got one. I spent hours drooling over packages available computer magazines, then went back to my C64.

My parents could never really justify one, though they did cough up an insane amount of cash for a PC when I was about 16 so I could use it for serious stuff.

You know what, I might even buy myself an Amiga now, seeing as I'm All Grown Up and have my own Money and a Job and all that.

Although I also have a Wife, and she'd just accuse me of wasting money.

UK DVD sales plunge...

Neil 4

Rental the way to go

I eventually came to the conclusion that whenever I buy a DVD it gets watched once and then probably never again. This is a waste of money. Therefore I joined a DVD-rental thing to get new-ish movies, and will only buy DVDs that cost under a fiver. This will include all the latest blockbuster movies a few months down the line, should I decide I want to purchase one then. The only time I'll pay a full price is when it's Christmas and the kids are after the latest-greatest release.

As for BluRay - I love it, but too bloody expensive. £20 a shot? Dream on!

iPhone 3GS turns yellower shade of white

Neil 4

My God!!!


Whatever next???!!!!!! Cars breaking down? Computers crashing?

Fuck me, what is the world coming to.

Bloke uses nail clippers to go roundhead

Neil 4

Observation ward

Is this where they can all go to point and laugh at him?

Masked passwords must go

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Simple solution

Just change your password to 8 asterisks.

Nokia N97

Neil 4

iPhone Comparison?

I don't get this. You spend pages slating the thing, say it's rubbish compared to an iPhone, and then rate it 80% - the same as the iPhone.

Apple iPhone 3GS

Neil 4

Got one, love it

Got one on Friday - my first iPhone.... got to say it really is brilliant. By far the best handset I've ever had, and it's range of capabilities is astonishing.

Yes it may be £170 etc etc, but if you get the £60 quidco cashback deal then it's only £110 really. And considering that it's a phone, decent browser, mail client, games machines, 32GB iPod Touch and so much more I think that's actually pretty decent.

Tethering don't bother me cos I don't use it.

RIP Personal Computer World

Neil 4

Eh, WTF??

When did this go under? I've still got a subscription and am fairly sure I got a copy a few weeks ago.

In fact, I've had this subscription so long they still go to my parents house.... PCW taught me a LOT when I was growing up. I suppose it still did.

Very disappointing news. I still liked reading Mark Whitehorne's DB columns, and Barry Foxes monthy rant. And of course Mr Kewney - you are a legend in your own lifetime.

Best of all though was the page at the back where they re-printed the old covers from 5 or 10 years ago and you could play the "ooh I remember that one!" game.