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Chinese chap charged with stealing Google’s AI datacenter secrets

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Re: On a national level...

Apples and Orange comparative whataboutism.

Politicos demand full list of Fujitsu's public sector contract wins in wake of Post Office scandal

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Re: Contract award criteria

"However they were advised that previous performance could not be used to block a company from any future contracts."

There is the rub. It should be the absolute opposite, previous performance should be the primary measuring stick to allow or block a company to bid on future projects.

Only corrupt intentions can have fathered such a state of affairs.

The Post Office systems scandal demands a critical response

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Re: I bet no one is at fault.

The main problem is not that they made mistakes, is that they knew mistakes were made and hid them and lied about them later on to save face (for decades).

But you are probably right the judge will say no one is at fault "personally", because is the UK justice system.

Scientists think they may have cracked life support for Martian occupation

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Re: How about plants ?

Unless Sherpas are magical metabolic machines, the amount of oxygen they use is similar to the rest of us. Their adaptation makes them more efficient in absorbing oxygen from the rarified air, but they spend the same amount of oxygen per calorie metabolised.

Man found dead inside model dinosaur after climbing in to retrieve phone

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It's Catalan,

That is one of the co-official Spanish languages.

'I wrote Task Manager': Ex-Microsoft programmer Dave Plummer spills the beans

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There is a lot more IT than Windows' drama.

Do you mean "not a filthy Windows IT person" perchance?

Intel insists Xeon vs Epyc benchmark fight was fair, amends speed test claims anyway

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"The accuser, after, ahem, discussing his concerns with Intel"

I see what you did there.

Who's been copying AMD's homework? Intel lifts the lid on its hip chip packaging to break up chips into chiplets

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Re: Not quite yet

I bet in 20 years would be called "Moore's Age" and will appear in (Digital only) History textbook.

Poland may consider Huawei ban amid 'spy' arrests – reports

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Re: Canada...

That for me is the most pitiful bit of this charade. Getting a random tourist and put them in a kangaroo court that serves dead penalties like candies ( I took them 1 hour total to change the 15 years for a death sentence...) instead of their economic muscle makes them looks like monsters and weak.

Euro eggheads call it: Facebook political ads do change voters' minds – and they worked rather well for Trump in 2016

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Re: Idiocracy

Next, they would start talking about bears and the Pope.

Pluto is more alive than Mars, huff physicists who are still not over dwarf planet's demotion

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I have the feeling that if we had kept the Babylonian tradition of using base 60 (beyond the current use to define time units ratio), we would not be having this conversation, not at least until the 50ish Kuiper belt spheroid was cataloged.

Elon Musk, his arch nemesis DeepMind swear off AI weapons

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He really made himself look like an arrogant prick with this self-promoting shitshow in Thailand. I respect him for what he is doing with SpaceX, but he needs to stop, breath and eat an extra portion of humble pie.

Test Systems Better, IBM tells UK IT meltdown bank TSB

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Re: Not enough testing

I assumed that they call IBM to tell the the bloody obvious just as a PR exercise, like a action to say everyone:" You see, we take this seriously and we call someone that everyone* knows is** a serious IT expert"

* everyone outside the IT world.

** Not, it is not since eons.

Russia appears to be 'live testing' cyber attacks – Former UK spy boss Robert Hannigan

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Nice old pals.

Nice old Putin and co. not only they bankrolled donations to some of our beloved leaders' campaigns, they keep playing games that allow us to keep shouting "The Russian are coming!" whenever we need to throw a (diversionary) bone to the unwashed ones.

Thank you pals.

WikiLeaks took 10 days to reject Cambridge Analytica's US emails bid, says Tricksy Nixy

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Sounds shitty.

NASA spots asteroid on crash course with Earth – with just hours to go

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Re: Gulp

Well, if it was traveling at ~1/2c speed, the asteroid upon impact will be dumping around 0.15 of the equivalent of its rest mass as ENERGY. With 2gr/cm3 average density on asteroids and a volume of a ~1 meter radius sphere being 4.2m3, that is a rest mass of 8.4 tons. The energy release will be ~1.1 10^20 Joules or ~27000 Megatons...

6400 megatons is the estimated yield of the nuclear global arsenal on year 2009 which is a 4.2 ratio.

Glup indeed.

Summoners of web tsunamis have moved to layer 7, says Cloudflare

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“Logging in four times in one minute is hard - I type fast, but couldn’t even do this" nobody that need to log in often many devices would type credentials, ctrl+c>>>ctrl+v is the true way.

Undocumented alien caught stealing orbits in our Solar System

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Optional exercise.

Calculate the delta V to land anything there launched from Earth.. and cry.

Facebook can't admit the truth, says data-slurp boffin Kogan

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Re: el reg sure has it out for facebook

El Reg bites EVERY SINGLE HAND that feeds IT, twice if they deserve it.

America restarts dodgy spying program – just as classified surveillance abuse memo emerges

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YANKEE, n. In Europe, an American. In the Northern States of our Union, a New Englander. In the Southern States the word is unknown. (See DAMNYANK.)

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary, 1906

Hawaiian fake nukes alert caused by fat-fingered fumble of garbage GUI

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" The Post reports that the messaging system offers a drop-down menue two options: "'Test missile alert' and 'Missile alert'." Whoever sent the message chose the latter instead of the former, with now-well-known results."

Rather than choosing, i would guess that the operator arrive at the desk a few minutes earlier with his morning coffee and miss-click due to him not to be fully acclimatised to the mouse DPI setting (being there, done that).

The option to send a whole state to "kiss goodbye your own arse mode" by a click on a drop down menu without confirmation, genius design.

We translated Intel's crap attempt to spin its way out of CPU security bug PR nightmare

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Re: Gamers largely unaffected by KPTI?

Are you by chance talking about the epic $170M crowdfunded black hole? Just only looking their C# scripts on YouTube videos where they ironed out bugs, you can clearly see where the issue is...

Storage Christmas cracker: My band is called 1023MB. We haven't had a gig yet

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Heavens Delight

"Do more with less – CIOs need to seriously rethink how to not just consolidate within a silo, but how to eliminate silos altogether."

This brings me the image of Zen mystics levitating on lotus posture on the middle of an empty basement room where previously the old servers were.A wide beam of pure white coming from the heavens energising his chakras and from his body the Sysadmin Zen Master emitting multicoloured waves on every direction, gently touching the now naked data ports on walls and ceiling.

Yeah, i already found the "magic" stash of the guy that drop that sentence... Happy Xmass

ViaSat lofts world's most powerful communications satellite into orbit

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Re: Mixture of Chemical and Xenon?

Xenon here is a shortening referring to the ion drives use for altitude control.

The sat probably also has a propellant altitude control system, for when you need a faster reaction time.

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6.5 Ton to GEO, that is a big baby.

Yo, patch that because scum still wanna exploit WannaCrypt-linked vuln

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Re: Overkill

32 or 23 ?

Because if it is 23 then i get what was funny.

Fortinet axes two per cent of workforce, chops 100 sales, ad staff, execs

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So only the sales drones

I got 4 ex-mates just from my team that have been hired here in UK by Fortinet in last months.

More engineers, less sales drones sounds good.

Billion-dollar high-tech ghost town to run itself without humans

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Re: dum dum dum

Please put down your weapon, You have 20 seconds to comply.....

Moore's Law has ten years to run, predicts physicist

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Naaa, there is still new technologies coming up

stack of graphene and silicene techno-wizardry combine with nanotubes coduits and "on the chip" dynamic (fast moving fluids) heat transfer solution is my bet for the future.

we still are at infancy on term of internal heat transfer solution that is at the end of the day the main physical limitation.

RIP: Peak Oil - we won't be running out any time soon

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after reading and re-reading the given paper....

Basically those guys think because USA has a ESTIMATE increase of "ALTERNATIVE" oil production of about 300k barrel/day this year, and there is some shabby production increase on not so impressive overall wells production (North Dakota i'm looking at you), the PARABOLIC INCREASE on global oil demand can be fed and and prices therefore sustained.

The paper, issued by a financial conglomerate, is designed to attack investor, not as scientific paper. It is full of "hard" data (real information) mix with "soft" data ( estimations) floating on a sea of wish-thinking speculation and hype. As a scientific paper lacks of structured, rigour and a clear separation between FACTS, ANALYSIS and CONCLUSIONS.

They maybe right, but there is nothing in the paper to corroborate that.

French court fines Google $65k over search suggestion

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Battle of Hastings 1066

US economy hands IT a mixed bag in December

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Did the opposite that the Left predicted... instead of been a new force of colonialism, it is a inverse colonialism... where the west is the one getting economically drained and its inequality levels between poor and rich start to go toward something not far from a banana republic state of matters.

"Post-industrialism" it is a flop, not a positive and favourable evolution.

Official: File-sharing is a religion... in Sweden

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Antithetical perceptions of a phenomena it can not be ultimately tautological.

Have a good day sir!

PS:Do you like to not play a game of chess as sport activity?

KIBOSH 'non lethal' sticky-bomb hits a car, fills it with gas

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Kill Innocents By Overwhelming Smothering Hiss

Happy Birthday Intel 4004, and thanks for all the chips

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I feel cheated, this is not an article, it's an ad!!!


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" No, we’re not /really/ talking about perpetual motion here. "

perpetual motion requires an efficiency => 1 , you can "break" theoretically Carnot law for Heat Engines without breaking the Thermodynamic Law that disallows you to construct a perpetual motion machine...

my comment points that the shown mechanism is (from a abstract point) a heat engine and, with the given information, no even a lower tier law that is specific for heat engines is broken...

that does not count with the clumsy mismatch of dislike physical parameters, like Voltage and Energy, a type of misinformation only perceptible for people that already know about the subject and easily can confuse other people's understanding.

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Where is the law breaking part?

I see 1 hot source, 1 cold sink and some POTENTIAL energy production.... unless the work done it is more efficient than the efficiency described by

efficiency=1-(Temperature cold sink in Kelvin/Temperature hot source in Kelvin)

Carnot can continue resting happily on the collective conscience imaginary afterword commonly called heaven.

Spanish feds mend website clobbered by Anonymous

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That the only people who give a fuck about who are Zapatero's bodyguards is ETA, i don't get WTF Anon is playing ?

UK, US ink boffinry pact on laser fusion 'star power'

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As a mono-atomic element, helium has one of the lowest infra-red absorption capacity. it can be consider one of the most transparent substance for the infra red spectrum.

next question.

Court bans man called Peter from calling himself Peter

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Big Brother

The right to use you own legal name

can be overthrown by a court???

sounds Kafkaesque.

Sony preps Luke Skywalker-style digital binoculars

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Big Brother

Nothing wrong

"Imperial wankers" is a good example of tautology....

Oxford adds woot! to dictionary

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Retweet and marconigram

there is something eerie about those two words that make think that they will share the same fate for similar reasons.

How LulzSec pwned The Sun

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It is not a rare earth, but from a group of transition metal (nickel,palladium,platinum).

I got a periodic table in front of me.

News of the World TO CLOSE

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Whitewash movement

The plan of merging operation of The Sun and NotW was already rolling even before this week outcry, nothing is lost there but the toxic brand. The implementation of the future "Sunday Sun" is highly possible.

The incredible thing is that Rebekah B. still under full protection from Murdoch....

Russia, NASA to hold talks on nuclear-powered spacecraft

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heat sinks on the dark side of the moon.

A solution, currently use already as cold end of thermal nuclear interstellar devises, is to have a nice big heat-sink on the shadow side of the craft.

A shielded from the sun area of inter-planetary space is really cold indeed ( nights on the moon get about -180 Celsius degrees ).

Of course, the wasted heat energy damped will only scape by radiative meanings, due the lack of air, but still it will work.

Ubuntu board rejects slippery Flash installs

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death to flash player!

never such ubiquitous plug-in gave so many headaches to so many people!

New charge against alleged WikiLeaker carries death penalty

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and what...

the court day will be a show trial, justice will be looking to the other side when the sentence is pronounced. Pathetic show of a declining society.

truly pathetic works of bullies.

Documents in Assange rape probe leak onto the net

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21st Century Hamlet on the making....

The oppressor's wrong -check

The proud man's contumely -check

The pangs of despised love -check

The law's delay -check

The insolence of office -check

Galileo euro-satnav 'driven by French military', says sacked CEO

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The reason why we don't speak French

it is the same one that why we don't speak German:

The Russian winter.

Financial vice tightens on Wikileaks, hacktivistas retaliate

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what really piss me off

it's that they are taking those measures and calling criminal to wikileaks, without a court order/sentence, just because some primate politicians have some opinions.

basically no court order are need to you be economically killed, only the will of the big companies to bend to the MAN.