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Nicole Richie turns Twitter hacker on celeb chums

Ben Klumaster

It's "Social Engineering"

So long as making a cup of tea counts as "chemical engineering".

Gov tempts young London onto ID database with booze, 'games'

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Provisional Driving License

You're not considering the guy lives in London. If I lived in London I would certainly never be intending to learn to drive.

British poshos outdrink chavs

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More than doubled

"6.7 deaths per 100,000 people to 13.6 per cent in 2008"?

That sounds more like a 2000-fold increase to me.

California school pulls 'oral sex' dictionary

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Children can be very understanding

This will be excellent. The children will see the teacher checking a list for which children should receive which dictionaries, and then they'll wonder why. Then someone will find out and they'll all go and look up oral sex in their MW dictionaries, and then they'll brutally mock the children whose parents asked for the sex-free version.

iPhone anti-malware stuck in state of denial

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I can sort of see where Apple are coming from here - until a virus appears that can spread on an unjailbroken phone, why change the rules?

Globo-renewables all electric future touted again

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Just a thought

I know that producing an acre of solar panels is pretty expensive at the moment, but isn't it pretty likely that by the time they break down, they'll be a lot cheaper to replace?

I'm not just saying that I expect technology to have advanced and processes to have improved, I'm saying that turning an acre full of grass into an acre full of solar panel seems like it would be more expensive than turning an acre full of solar panel pieces into an acre full of solar panel.

UK telly in coke blizzard shock

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One surprise

This does surprise me in one way - I always assumed that Frank was put together entirely by people who had never encountered the drugs they describe.

Man jailed over air traffic control IT kit eBay scam

Ben Klumaster

@Clive Galway

Maybe there was just one laptop, but they ended up in a bidding war with someone and got carried away.

Microsoft apologizes for digital head transplant

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Both just as bad?

When I opened up the article I could only see the original image, and my first thought was "that guy in the middle's obviously been pasted over someone. Political Correctness Gone Mad etc".

Only to scroll down and find out my mistake.

Seriously, how is it that some people manage to look photoshopped in real life?

Pressure group demands UK apes China net filter plan

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"His preferred solution is for a global agreement on what constitutes acceptable content". Wow, I'm glad someone finally came up with a practical idea. And to think, the solution was so simple all along!


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