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Google Nexus One

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Order online - in your hands 3 days later!


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3G problems

That purely appears to be with a certain carrier in the US.

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Android is open

Google apps aren't - ie you won't get the source code to Gmail you will get all of the OS itself.

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UK cost

Mine cost a total of $578.64 - no V.A.T. to pay and no duty.

Apparently it's not applicable to phones but is to accessories so you could get stung because of the adapter - I wasn't. 3 days from ordering to delivery - and mine was engraved.

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I achieved!

From checking on forums whether you get stung by the Customs or not is down to luck - I was lucky!

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Leeloo Multipass

Yep, true multi-tasking - mine has 32 apps running at this very moment.

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I couldn't resist

I got mine - with free engraving - within minutes of them going on sale online and I've been delighted with it.

Nice to see a review that doesn't endlessly try to compare it to a certain fruit-themed toy-maker's proprietary tat too!

HTC Smart: A smartphone for the rest of us?

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just buy a nearly-new G1 from a well-known online tat bazarre for around £150.

Twitter 'airport bomb hoax twit' charged

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"(I Want To) Kill Somebody"

To quote from S*M*A*S*H's (I Want To) Kill Somebody:

So i'm a hyprocrite

Cos i don't believe in capital punishment

But here's my paradoxical quip

"The people who prescribe to it are

The people who should subscribe to it"

It's not that i want them dead

Its just this world be be a better place

If they never existed

I want to kill somebody

Margaret Thatcher, Jefferey Archer,

Michael Heseltine, John Major, Virginia Bottomley

Especially Gill Shepherd's got an appalling unemployment record

I want to kill somebody

Update with today's control-freak politicans/police chiefs at your leisure.

World of Google zombies mistake news story for Facebook

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Staggering user stupidity becomes "Google is evil"? - Get a grep, Reg!

Steve Jobs re-invents the portable telly

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The iTampon

Like all Apple products, it has strings attached.


No Flash.

No SD card slot.

No multi-tasking.

Overpriced and U.G.L.Y.

Chris Morris jihad film good to go

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For a moment I was starting to revise my opinion of the Reg readship upwards, until Anonymous Coward graced us with "Past Mistakes".


And, yes, Chris Morris is God.

Hacker brings multitouch to Google's Nexus One

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I've had one since it was released, lag is virtually non-existant - and it's not like I don't have a lot of apps installed! Have a look at the battery usage information, see if some app is hammering the system unduly.

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Multitouch IS in the OS

it's just not implemented in Google's apps.

Strike cripples Apple screenmaker in China

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Jobs Horns


I wonder how much coverage this will get in the Guardian - they've excelled themselves in their prostrations before the Alter of Jobs recently.

I'm sure this is unrelated to any iThing monetisation screen that might be in the works...

Avatards rush to name sprogs Pandora

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Pandora Svensson anyone?

I fully expect the Register to be picking up stories from Sweden's The Local when the tax authorities start refusing parental requests for Avatar-inspired sprog naming.

Chinese stamp on Avatar

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in the UK, Mandelsnot rubs his hands together and looks on with envious eyes...

Motorola Milestone more pricey to make than Nexus One

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Very Moore-ish

As time goes on, better components cost less.

The superior hardware of the Droid/Milestone cost less than those of the iThing 3GS.

And the Nexus One, which is better than the Droid, costs less than the Droid's parts.

Expect next year's superphone to cost less to build than this year's.

Steve Wozniak, your time is up

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Here we go yet again

Myslewski - your stories are getting increasingly desperate, why is that, couldn't you get a job at Google?

The walls of your dark and dank tiny apartment aren't covered with newspaper clippings about Google, are they?

Google banned 30,000 advertisers post Economic Resurrection

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It is called


French culture minister flames Google over book scan plan

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What do we get?

"What do the libraries get?"

What are libraries for?

This will be better accomplished by Google.

Thank you and bon nuit.

Google may exit China after 'highly targeted' attack

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Well done

Bravo to Google - the UK and US governments continue to suck up to China, Google had stood up to China rather than turning a blind eye.

Now let's wait for TheRegister's resident anti-Google hack to try and spin this to make Google look more evil than Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Thatcher, Reagan, Bush, Blair and Mandelsnot put together.

Nexus One bits and bobs cost $174

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The iNevitable comparison

The iPhone 3GS's components unsurprisingly cost less yet an unlocked iPhone (and good luck finding one!) costs about twice as much as the Nexus One.

Record labels seek DMCA-style UK takedowns

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Allow me

May I be amongst the first to entreat the BPI to join Mandelsnot in fucking right off?

Naked scans: Net cries nude-o-geddon

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Inevitable, really

I await 'proof' of Lady Gaga's penis.

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

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As I sit here with my Nexus One

My heart bleeds, it really does, for Big Telecom and Big Media.


Yes, the Googlephone works in Blighty

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Engraved and En route

Currently in Cincinnati ^_^

National Rail website buried ahead of snow storm

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But if the snow is that bad...

how will the Daily Mail ever get delivered?!

Millions of hysterical paranoid racists won't be able to get their daily fix of.. well, paranoid hysterical racism.

Clearly, "Nu Labor" are to blame.

HP probes 'racist' webcams

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What about the eyeless?


2009's Top High-End Touchscreen Phones

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Top smartphones - except for...

"Controversial" - as in wrong?

As any tech blog will avow, the Motorola Droid/Milestone is a clear winner.

Google to flog unlocked phones in January

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No Dream

The Google Nexus One is the HTC Passion - the Dream HTC's name for the G1.

Googlephone facing 10m more Jobsian challengers?

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Jobs Horns

Despite what the media may portray...

Apple are number 3 - not number 1.


Nokia 42.3

RIM 15.9

Apple 12.9

HTC 4.5

I'd expect those figures to change radically over the next year though!

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Jobs Horns

Google's way forward is open

Apple's obsession is not one of openess and sharing - which has annoyed the majority of developers who are receiving very little for their work whilst Apple gets most of the credit - and cash.

Now developers have a far better option open to them - and a small green robot to welcome them.

Eggheads solve England penalty-shootout crapness riddle

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Focusing on your target

As part of my motorcycle training I was taught not to focus on the idiot car driver that's inevitably pulling out on you, but on your escape route - you do tend to head towards whatever you're focusing on - so his theory makes total sense.

Also, footballers are stupid.

Chocolate Factory does url shortening

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Grow up

So much knee-jerk Google bashing - if you're really that scared then go home and play your gramophone records, nice and safe from the world outside.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will make informed decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Personally, I prefer tinyurl which allows a full URL preview before you redirect - a feature I'd think Google would likely incorporate eventually.

Hackers root Motorola Droid

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Jobs Horns


All Android phones are unlocked in the way that Jobsian devices never are and never will be - but you can do more with a rooted phone, things that most users don't care about, mainly.

Also, it makes us folks with rooted phones feel (justly) rather superior.

Secondary pupils get free iPhones in edu-app trials

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Boys for the Jobs

Why not open a MacDonalds in the school whilst we're at it?

Mind you, that's where the best pupils from Hounslow will end up working anyway, if they're lucky.

Tesco iPhone priced, dated

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Jobs Horns

Non, non, no

Non-upgradeable storage

Non-removable battery

No multi-tasking...

Still, it'll keep the uninformed masses content for a while at Xmas, in the adverts during X-Factor.

Facebook urges public exposure in 'privacy' revision

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I've seen a Tweet about that.

China executes securities trader over $9.52m fraud

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Executions over here?

Do you really trust the police and government that much?

Android 2.0: what to expect

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I've seen some of those features in Cyanogen's 1.6 ROM, be interesting to see if 2.0 will fit on my G1, it's reportedly too big.

First Android 2.0 smartphone arrives in UK

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Google Maps Navigate

It is an excellent phone with superb software, but instead of Nav (effectively turning the phone into a TomTom killer as well as an iPhone killer) it comes with Motorola's effort, MotoNav - for reasons unknown.

Not that it's impossible to hack it - like I have done with my G1.

Or you could wait until April and get the HTC uberphone with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor...

Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy

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Yes, but

I'm okay with the trade-off, what I get is worth more than what I give them.

The UK government, on the other hand...

Apple kicks prolific developer out of iTunes shop

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Jobs Horns

Heil Jobs

It's his world ^H^H^H^H^H^H app. store, you just live in it.

IFPI aims legal broadside at single filesharer

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Mall Cops

Given that in the US Big Media representatives have turned up at private home with bogus documents and conducted illegal searches, it looks like Swedes will soon be getting a taste of 3 Strikes justice as well. The Social Democrats don't look so bad now, do they?!

Green politician says oral sex is part of being Swedish

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Compare and contrast

Sucking cock/eating pussy?

I think we know what sort of country Mandelson wants.

Aaaaaaaanyway, having lived in Sweden I can confirm it is wonderful.

Fucking wonderful.


Italian prosecutors seek jail time for Google execs

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Italy isn't enough of a laughing stock already?

Virgin Media to trial filesharing monitoring system

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Working for you

Just like Mandelson, you pay for them but they work for Big Media's interests.

Just like Mandelson, their contracts don't last forever...

Mandelson to get Nominet reform powers

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"Trust us"

"Officials said they believed it is unlikely the powers will be used"

Just like the sweeping Draconian anti-terrorism powers that wouldn't ever be abused.

They'll also leave the door open for Dave and his chums to attack the internet's paid-for-by-advertising model (Google) so that they can suck up to Rupert Murdoch.

Bill Gates plants (wetter) smooch on Steve Jobs

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Gates Horns


They're both massive control freaks and with Google champing at their sluggish heels maybe they're increasingly finding common ground again?