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UK.Gov passes Instagram Act: All your pics belong to everyone now


Re: no one ever votes the wankers in again....

"Slightly better than before I guess, when we had a PM that no-one was even given the chance to vote for. (Gordon Brown, for those that don't remember)"

I don't seem to recall ever having voted for a PM, because that's not the way our system works.

My hospital HAL - Google man moots syringe that says no



Is this the disaster that BT Global Services were involved with?

Google Chrome OS goes native (code)



Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that abbreviation already taken by oh, I don't know...table salt?

Traffic reports for the wrong country? There's an iPhone app for that



We'd be GB still I reckon...

Darling promises IT cuts, years of pain


If you ask me...

What France are doing right: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, First Lady

What we are doing wrong: Katie Price, still on TV

Helpdesk Heroes or unappreciated geeks?



Was speaking to a lovely chinese chap the other day, and had a clash of alphabets that proved quite amusing. Have you ever tried to explain a letter of the alphabet to someone who doesn't know what it is?

Me: "Your username is h u a w"

Him: "H u a u u"

M: "No sorry, H u a w"

H: "Double U?"

M: "No. Think like George W Bush, or when you type a web address, the character you use at the start."

H: "I'm sorry I have no idea."

M: "It's nestled between Q and E on your keyboard."

H: "My computer is all in mandarin."

M: "Excellent. Have you got a mobile number? I'll text you what a W looks like."

Apple tablet will 'redefine print,' says rumor mill



"and the other day I came on a site offering a copy of the Kama Sutra"

I'd suggest you invest in some screen wipes.

Sony snubs Microsoft in Google Chrome browser deal


@AC 10:04

Part of that was that Microsoft claimed that IE was an essential part of the operating system and couldn't be separated. This would mean if they continued with this behaviour that even if Chrome was bundled with Sony systems, and made the default browser, the blue E would still be hanging around the desktop.

Chrome isn't being locked in to Sony systems, it's being installed as a suggestion, much like VAIO and HP and Toshiba and every other PC manufacturer does with the annoying crapware that you get with your computer (I'm talking Norton trials and the likes).

I'm a big fan of Chrome, so not completely impartial in this, but at least now other browsers can be bundled with Windows, and easily replaced if you have another preference.

Troll because I may have fallen victim to one.

Collar the lot of us! The biometric delusion


A title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Fascinating read, thanks for that.

I fail to see how facial recognition systems could work for something as important as National Security. The human brain is the best facial recognition system in existence and yet I sometimes fail to see how I could have spotted the girl I woke up to after a night on the lash and recognised her as being worthy of taking home.

Mine's a pale stout girl...I mean ale...

Google web search given shot of Caffeine

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see below

Seems snappier, although as mentioned this is probably due to server load. Google's own services seem to be ranked higher (video+news results mainly). Wikipedia falls down the search rankings slightly which is never a bad thing.

Martha Lane-Fox: No broadband, no citizenship

Paris Hilton


After reading some of the comments in 'ere, I'm now not surprised that Andy boy decides to leave the "comments enabled" box unchecked on most of his articles!

Paris because she never leaves her box unchecked.

Adobe tries to rub out LibDem airbrush claims

Paris Hilton

How much did they pay you?

"But Adobe's products undoubtedly allow picture editors unprecedented latitude in _touching up models_." (emphasis added)

Well if this isn't a plug for Adobe's products, I don't know what is.

Now where can I get me some of this unprecedented latitude?

Ah Paris, there you are.

Chinese more willing to trust hookers than pols


@bi66er and Andy Barber

You both owe me a new keyboard.

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes


Palms argument is fundamentally stupid

This would be like Sony Ericsson being asked to make their PC Studio software work with Nokia mobile phones. They are both media sync applications so I don't see the difference here. It's ludicrous.

Palm trying in vain to take a bite out of Apple's reputation.

(This is coming from someone who has owned one Apple product, a 4G (or was it 5G, there were so many G's) 30GB video iPod, which I subsequently stopped using when I got a Walkman range phone.)

Microsoft! and! Yahoo! finally! sign! search! deal!


Attention! Internet! Advertisers!

Advertise with us and immediately restrict yourself to 30% of your potential customer base!

It's so crazy, it just might work...

Greenpeace unleashes Captain Kirk on HP

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@Graham Wilson

I think you've got the wrong target yourself. Greenpeace activists should surely be targeting the fetish industry for its abundant overuse of PVC. Picketing BDSM parties wearing gimp suits made of biodegradable plastic would be a much better use of GP's time.

Paris because, well, she's seen her share of Polyvinyl Chloride in her time.

Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers


Quit your whining.


More specifically this is what I hear: WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, an organization which owes me no favours at all plans to make a change in its software which doesn't suit my exact requirements! HOW DARE THEY!

There are a number of browsers out there, I'm sure each of you can find one to suit your purposes. Also I'm not sure but I think releases.mozilla.org or ftp.mozilla.org lets you download old versions of firefox if you are butt hurt about newer releases.

Personally I use Chrome because the UI is clean and un-fussy and takes full advantage of the screen real estate I have available. Also, anecdotal testing (i.e. my user experience) seems to suggest faster page loading times and lower memory usage, even with a fair few tabs open. I do miss some of the Add-ons from back in my FX days but I hold out hope that more people will jump on the bandwagon and start developing for Chrome.

Mines the one with Our Internet Overlords' hand firmly in my pocket.

HP shows off Simple home backup

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Note to self...

Exclude Temporary Internet Files from file extension search backups.

Paris because, let's face it, she's probably on my hard drive somewhere.

Brit firm stops anti-tank warheads with cloth


@Wolf Clostermann

Don't you think they would have thought of that? I highly doubt they will use "cloth" susceptible to flame.

Network giants reject 'buy American' Obama mandate

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I just can't stop laughing at the captioned photo included in this article.