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Google's Chrome Web Store under fire for shoddy service and cryptic policies


I just submitted an update to my extension, with a minor change, and for the first time ever (4 years) it is going through a compliance review. The message was that its permissions are too broad, since it will run on every web page. Of course it would be useless if I would limit the permissions. I let the users whitelist or blacklist URLs as they wish.

Is! Yahoo! dead?! Why! web! biz! will! rename! to! Altaba! – the! truth!


Yahoo Finance API

Wonder if the new owners will continue its operations.

New Firefox versions will make you activate all new add-ons – except one hacker favourite


No The author confuses addons such as Selenium with plugins such as Flash.

Official UN panel findings on embassy-squatter released. Assange: I'm 'vindicated'


UN Panel of Silly Walks

The statement is clear: the man must be allowed to make a silly walk outside the embassy.

OK Google? Firefox to nibble Chrome extensions from 2016


Who wants to port?

Chrome extensions can be ported to Opera quickly, just repackage and upload, but few people do that. The only problem is The manual review at Opera that does not let any crap be published.

Mozilla releases iOS app version of Firefox browser for world+dog



I can't wait to port my Firefox add-ons to the iOS version, once add-ons are enabled.

Wanted: beta testers for El Reg’s Android app


Layout improvement suggestion

That perpetually rotating thing at the bottom of the current app, I would not mind losing it.

Mozilla's ‘Great or Dead’ philosophy may save bloated blimp Firefox


Firefox the king of add-ons

I have used Mozilla browsers since they were in the alpha stage, but I don't know what Pocket is or who the CEO is. As a developer, the important thing is Firefox/SeaMonkey's outstanding support for creating add-ons, leaving Chrome/Opera and Safari in the dust.

XUL is irrelevant these days unless you have an old add-on to maintain.

The only problem is that Mozilla have volunteer add-on reviewers so the reviews are a bottleneck.

Apple extends idiot-tax operation, makes devs pay to fix Safari snafus


Re: getting better and cheaper for the average dev

I am an exclusive Safari extension developer. Apple now wants to charge me for the same service that Mozilla, Google and Opera provide for free.

Here is the number of extensions in the galleries, counted by me: Chrome 23 585, Firefox 12 841, Thunderbird 1 199, Opera 895, Internet Explorer 858, Seamonkey 714, Safari 484, Firefox for Android 285.

'Look, give us Snowden' - this Friday's top US-Russia talks revealed

Thumb Down

Re: Russia Nyet. But Sweden is "a close friend and partner". COUGH COUGH REUGGHH

I am originally from Sweden. There was a time, but it's long gone now, when Sweden granted asylum to US army defectors from the Vietnam war.

In defence of Comic Sans


Comic without Microsoft

I recall finding this font, "Comic Sans MS", in the 1990's, and I became interested, since I thought it was a Microsoft-free font (sans = without in French).

End of the line for ID cards


I like my id card

I don't know why some Brits don't like id cards. I was happy when official id cards were introduced in Sweden in 2005, especially now when I have emigrated.

Job cuts start to bite at Barclays


What is wrong with the British banks?

I work with IT for a bank in Finland. We are expanding and hiring new staff for years now. One wonders what the British banks have done wrong.


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