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Canonical responds to 'abusive' Ubuntu posts

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Linux is popular because.....

It's a sub-cullture

People *think* they are doing something different

People *think* they are doing something better

To continue this you have to exclude the "normals", you either to this overtly (you're stupid) or covertly (it's magic/secret) you woudn't understand, both happen.

The people who say that Linux is so much better than mainstream actually don't want it mainstream, like a bunch of Emos you're all the same because you think you're different.

It's just an OS FFS not a lifestyle

Hydrogen-powered two-seater car unveiled

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Fuel fools

This is cool, but will flop because as much as we'd like nice economical cars, we like acceleration and lots of space.

The landrover brigade will always get the next 4.6L eco smashing monster, then will never put anything bigger than a pair of (mud free) hunters in the boot and claim they need it tat big so little tarquin and his friends have plenty of space in the back.

But this is just everybody else on a smaller scale, we don't want the inconvienience of having the £29.99 B&Q BBQ delivered because we can fit it in to the car etc.

I don't run a car (I have a motorbike), I get shopping delivered and hire a car when I really need to (taking daughter to Uni etc.), quite frankly it's a pain in the arse, and if I could afford it I'd get a nice mazda 3 or 3 series BM, £200 a month (all in? insurance?) is OK but when you can pick up a car that will last 12 months for less than a grand, why bother?

This car will be bought by people as a second car for work commutes (instead of sharing or using the bus/train), this won't help the environment in any way, and will probably make it worse, it will only become a good idea when it becomes the ONLY choice.

F1 waves goodbye to KERS

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No, you can't store power, but for the same reasons you can't store photographs on a CD, nor memories in your brain, capture sunshine with a solar panel etc. etc.

You can't even store energy, it's "potential energy" and if any of you understood physics properly you'd know the difference, but you don't and think you do (which is worse).

This is not a scientific paper, if KERS only delivers energy at a specific rate then there is a completely valid and logical reason to give the power delivered as "stored power", it not only gives an understandable context (who cares/knows what 400MJ is?) but takes a layer of irrelevance away, we don't talk about how many bits an MP3 player can hold it gets advertised as "enough to store X hours of music" MP3 players don't hold music! how can they? they hold compresed digital representations of audio waveforms.

In summary, get a copy of Viz, look up "Mr Logic" (that's you that is).

12 of the best... mice

Mike 35

Re: Bloody right-handed things!


Left handed people are mutants, society is out to kill you (the heart is on the left for a reason), take the hint, hide your defect by using your right hand instead.

Beat children that try to be left handed, it's for their own good.


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