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After Sandy Hook, Senator calls for violent video game probe

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Re: Why is it illegal to slap a politician?

Google for stab-proof schhol uniform.

example http://www.boreme.com/posting.php?id=12471

You said yourself: Canada has a lot of guns and a ot less murders then the US, but in the other hand, it is such an intricante kabuki dog-and-pony show to try to legally own a gun in Brazil if you are not military or law enforcement that virtually no one has them (again: legally) and the number of murders anually is north of 50.000, with a smaller population than the US.

What gives? You think maybe gang and drug related violence must be a bigger factor than gun ownership? I would´nt be so quick to dismiss it. Canada has a higher rate of muslim honor killings commited by parents and relatives of the female victim than Brazil, but I am not calling for the banning of Canadian families. At the same time, US borders are virtually open and drug traffic is rampant. You see my point? Hell, Obama is even arming the drug dealers (google operation Fast and Furious if you don´t know what I am talking about).

"C: Decide that a child's right to go to school without worrying about being shot is more important than their right to bear arms."

Suposeddly they are safe. At least, by your argument they should. The mass killings in the US occur nearly 100% of time in gun free zones. Even major Hassan in Fort Hood chose to strike in the infirmary: one of the few areas inside the fort where guns where not alowed. The TDK Colorado shooter chose the one theather of 7 in his area (and not the one closest to him home) that banned concealed carry to strike. Conicidence? I don´t doubt for a second he included this in his calculations.

If teachers who are already trained and licensed with a concealed carry permit where able to have their guns with them in the school when he attack starts, they would be able to stop the killer before he fully inflicts the mayhem he planned, intead of dieing in a storm of lead like Sandy Hook´s principal.

You can argue all they about shoulda/whoulda/coulda ban guns, but guns are a part of the US and the right to bear arms is constitutionally garanteed. This whole charade is not about gun control. It is about control. The gov. simply does not have the power to outright do it, and trying to cram it down the throat of people by tugging at the heart strings ("it is for the children!") and imposing onerous regulations and nuisance laws will only weaken the constitution and expand gov. powers. Then, what would be next target? Free speech? It´s eerily reminisment of Hayek´s Road to Serfdom....

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Re: Typically American


But then you can always count on Eric Holder to give you some AK-47s if you are a mexican drug dealer.

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Milton Friedman explained in very clear terms and Mark Levin´s books go into the philosophical roots and extensive detail on the role of goverment and why US founders considered a good idea to limit it as much as possible. The liberals (left, media, democrats) in there want the expansion of gov. The conservatives (right, new media, Tea Party) want the constitution as it is.

That´s why you get the impression they want goverment to stay out of peoples lives in one issue and want interference in others. It is not a monolithic culture as one would assume if only watching american media.

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Re: Why is it illegal to slap a politician?

You had me until you went all gun grabbing on us.

Mental health should be the focus of this, not guns. Remember the worst ever massacre of school children in the US happened with dynamite.

Besides, it is easy for everyone to gang on the US (and I am not american, I am brazilian) while conveniently not mentioning the Ecole de Polytechnique massacre, Anders Breivik, 300+ (150+ children) slain in the Beslan massacre in Russia, the Realengo school massacre in Rio last year, the crazed guy stabbing children in China this very week and many, many others. Nor the fact that gun-free Britain has a thriving business of kevlar-laced anti-stabbing school uniforms. I am not implying they are all the same, but I am saying what all had in common is deranged sub-humans murdering children, gun laws or yankee nationality be damned.

Just saying, get off the high horse and look around the world.

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Re: One simple test...

Well said.

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Google Marc Lepine.

Study: Climate was hotter in Roman, medieval times than now

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Got a read on Mark Levin show

Lewis, kudos for having your article read in full in the 07/10 Mark Levin show!

Flexible Willow glass displays thin and curvy gadget future

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Paris Hilton

Re: At your service, sir.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


He is not doing the Grammar salute.

That icon is clearly unsuited for the task at hand!


Now I will quietly retreat to a dark corner in order to adequately contemplate my own failure in being properly versed in El Reg's canon of visual aids.

Paris, coz shes haz teh smartz jus liek meh.

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Re: marketing crap


We need a Grammar Nazi icon.

Biologists create synthetic DNA capable of EVOLUTION

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Whait... what?

So, boffins creating in lab evolvable DNA.

Can this be called Intelligent Design?

Republicans shoot down proposed ban on Facebook login boss-snoop

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Re: You don't need new laws

If one has to choose between keeping one's Facebook (as opposed to quit using it, not handing the pass) or get a job really needed, which one would be the logical course of action?

Oh yes! Staying on welfare and food stamps, of course. Silly me.

Carry on.

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Good. That's none of Washington's bussiness

Solution: don't take the job / walk off of it OR delete FB/Twitter.

Employers will take the hint very quickly.


Moving the legislature behemoth (and untold millions in resources) to step in when individuals don't have the balls to do take action themselves in something personal as this is the death of the republic.

I wouldn't be surprised if the proposed bill included the creation of a Federal Bureau of Compliance And Fairness for Social Media Activity and Accountability, that initially would name a Social Medias Compliance Czar in a lean and mean 3000 strong employees bureaucratic body, twittering up a storm whenever Rush Limbaugh tweets something.

Once that is in place, and the mean and vicious employers have been reigned in back into passivity, this bureaucratic leviathan would then "extend" it's activities to monitoring and regulating the tweets of mean 13 years old schoolgirl bullies. Why, we all know they are so mean they can actually cause classmates to commit suicide. What kind of caring and compassionate society would we have if don't regulate them into compliance with the norms of caring and compassion?

Right? Right?

fanbois and fandroids - counterproductive

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Aye. This gentleman gets it.

Competition is good.

Profs call for harsh taxes on sweet carbonated beverages

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Father State knows best

What they need to do is get the hell away from my pocket, my drinks and my life!

Stop this Sims game, this sim wants to get out and live in the woods. It seems the only possible way not to be bothered and anally probed by a goverment official at every turn.

Flinging Facebook insults at Thai monarchy earns fat jail terms

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Big Brother


Insulting a god (either fictionary or not is out of the scope of this comment) will get you beheaded in A LOT of places today.

Steve Jobs named most influential game guy – ever

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Omg DIKU Imp

OMGawd wanna have your babies.

I thought I was the only freak still leaving that coded on the DIKU codebase.

(I also played on the orig Smaug, but I guess that counts against me)

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The left 'socialized' this title

iPhone popularizing games to non-gamers? Sure, I guess so. But all I have to say on the subject is:

My 75 yo aunt plays WoW.

And it's one of the best healers I have raid with to boot!

US decommissions massive Cold War nuke

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The left socialized this title

Disclaimer: I am not merkin. I am braziian, but a conosseir of all things geopolitical.

Nevermind the fact that financing, training and aiding Hezbollah, Hamas and a miriad of other smaller jihadist armies.

Nevermind a pivotal role on the smuggling of russian and chinese arms and missiles into latin america dictatorships.

Nevermind promising to wipe Israel off the map, while building a nuke.

Nevermind a history of oppression demonstrating they have no qualms about meeting protests for obviously (admitted by an ayatolah) faked elections with hot lead. Massacrating its own civil population.

Nevermind that and a really really long list that could go on, the merkins are the thugs.

Yeah, right.

Reg hack desperately seeks deeply frustrated pensioner

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IT Angle

The left "socialized" this title

wtf was that...?

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

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The IT world just has just got one reality distortion field less interesting.

May the root user upstairs have his soul.

Rest in peace.

Computer sim explains why hippies became extinct

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Where would the open source be today without all the funding provided by IBM, Sun, Google and countless others enterprises. I would venture saying not very far.

Besides, communism and socialism are based on the premise of a huge state dictating all aspects of society and how it's ran. Isn't open source precisely the opposite of that?


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Fear not, my canadian work visa process is in the later stages and should be approved by the end of the year, as is my itallan citizenship application, but that one will still take a while.

T+, mané.

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Stalin had this title shot.

It's commendable the faith in the human race you got there.

But history might have something to say about that, nonetheless. Ask the 100+ millions of victims of communism.

If you are willing to move to Cuba or the PRC, I will be glad to pay for your one-way-ticket.

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The left "socialized" my tittle

15 years programming work tells me that an IT site is precisely where I should be.

"Don't forget, even in egualitarian societies, someone still has to clean the roads, the public shitters and do plastering etc... that's you that is :p"

I was born in and live in Brazil. Even tough we are capitalists in name only, the last 30 years we have been completelly drowned in cultural marxism. The result is that no one clean the roads, the public shitters are overflowing with merde and every damn public buiilding is falling apart. I had to do some work inside a public service building a while ago and they were running 486s and there where crumbled walls inside the office space (i kid you not).

Right now, the state mail service is on strike, as are all public banks. We pay one of the highest tax rates in the world (average 40 something % of all income) and this money is being invested in Cuba and a coke road in Bolivia, while my aunt died of cancer during the 2 years she waited for surgery under the public health system (Medicare believers, take note). That is, the bit that doesn't end up in the pocket of our beloved progressive and caring for the poor leaders. And not to mention the complete and utter ubiquity of "social programs" and welfare packages.

I have studied for 20 years to be competent in the tech industry and slave away 80 hours a week (ocasiannly stumbling os the corpses littering the streets http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/10/04/street_view_brazil/) and still I barely make enough to pay the rent. When at home, I need to be extracarefull of the thief I will encounter in the kitchen (utterly fearless, because he will never be jailed and the state has confiscated my weapons).

I am writing this right now because I taught myself english (I hold a Cambridge CPE), not because some egalitarian school system was able to teach me anything. The only thing being taught in schools is cultural marxism, the left slogans and sexual deviations.

So, being someone who gives a fuck and works hard to do something about my life with honesty and equipped with half a brain in a country of good for nothing lazy-ass dumb as fuck commies, in this egalitarian society of yours I wouldn't mind cleaning the shitters. As I figure it, it would be a step up from being shit on like I am right now.

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Effing commies

The lot of you. Stinking red commies.

I don't want no freaking "egualitarian" society where the parasites will just leech off my work.

And also is highly amusing how they kept referring to "stratified societies" just, shy of admitting they are talking full blown marxist class struggle.

Mine is the one with the wad of hard earned cash in the pocket.

It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers

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Damn commies

I am sure the 100 million victims of comunist agree with you.

blem wit

Obvious enough

And what else is new?

-- from decade+ long Opera user.

China jails porn-monger

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Dead Vulture


No "he will be doing hard time" jabs?

I am very disappointed.

Brazilian TV ad: Save water, piss in the shower

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Insert witty title here

Writing as a brazilian, born, raised and still living here, I am ashamed I had to have this laugh here in the El Reg. The state of the media and, TV in particular, is so disgracefull that I havent even owned a tv in nearly 10 year.

But, alas, I digress. I find it ironic that Brazil´s predominant flag colors are Green and Yellow, suposed to represent the rain forests and the gold in the mines . We actually call the caountry Green-and-Yellow Nation, so its only fitting, I guess. But bad tv ads notwithstanding, urine is actually sterile. It is not ridden with bacteria (if you dont have an infection, at least) and if you will recall, soldiers used it to clean wounds in a battle field because it is garanteed to be safer than any water you would find in the frag. Dont underestimate the power of your filtering system.

To answer someone who asked about the rhyme in portuguese, it would be

"Se é amarelo, deixe envelhecer. Se for marrom, dê a descarga"

Too bad the catchy tone is inevitably lost in the translation....

Alien, because it is green and yellow.

Canadian uni catches the rebranding sniffles

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You shall not have a title

Guevara was a mass murderer. Why would you use his ugly murderous mugg as a flag to the fight cheaper beer?

Wtf do ppl talk about in uni´s bars? In my time, when we werent bothering the girls it was all about tossing pickled eggs (and the ocasional beer bottle) at the lefties Castro groupies. It wasent so fun after a while, tho. The perma-stoned crusties never dodge :(

Poor show, Lester. Poor show.

Video game sales hit three-year low in US

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Sure, blame economy...

...not the horrible games that have been shoved down players throats.

Does anyone remeber a single awesome game being released this year?

Opera applauds scepticism on MS browser pledge

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Smells like astroturfing

I´ve used every major browser avaiable 1995, and guess which one is my favorite.

The funny thing is to see all these morons spouting about that bloated piece of memory leaking crap (firefox), and actually knowing it stole most of its good ideas and design choices from Opera.

Tabbed browsing? Mouse Gestures? "Speed Dial"?

Guess which browser was the first to come up with them...

Opera was.

And it is still the best browser around.

Microsoft abolishes Money

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Re: Good but Bad


When I went shopping for a financial manager, I tried Money and was disgusted by it, so I turned to Quicken and use it daily. It really is an awesome app.