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Windows 10 won't come to old WinPhones until some time in early 2016

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Just got a 950XL

I got a 950XL yesterday - My first Windows phone. I chose it, as I'm loving my new Surface Pro 4, and liked the idea of everything syncing seamlessly between the two.

I spent a large chunk of what should have been last night's play time watching the phone configure itself, then install updates and restart many times. I did a manual check for updates before bed, was happy that all were done, and left it on charge.

I got up this morning to find a message saying that another update required a reboot, and that I could either reboot now, or it would automatically do so in 3 hours. That reboot took almost 40 minutes!

I want to give this a go, but am so far not impressed.

How to build a real lightsabre

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Shut up and take my money!

This needs a Kickstarter!

Remember Windows 1.0? It's been 30 years (and you're officially old)

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Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

At Microsoft 'unlimited cloud storage' really means one terabyte

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I experience the same problem......

......Every year we go for an "All you can eat" Chinese for our festive outing, and every year they seem to "run out" of crispy duck after our first 5-6.............

NASA announcement of MAJOR MARS DISCOVERY imminent: WHAT can it be?

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Mark Watney's corpse.

Or potatoes.

This box beams cafes' Wi-Fi over 4kms so you can surf in obscurity

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Missed a trick........

Now if these were light enough to be carried by a quadcopter, you could fly it down onto the roof of your local café, use the wifi for a bit, then fly it back home once you're done checking your email...... And if you switched to 2.4Ghz as previously mentioned, your questionable radio activity could easily be explained by the copter's video signal...........

LG G4: Be careful while fingering this leather-clad smartie pants

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Nice LG advert...........

I assume you added a synthetic benchmark to draw in the idiots - I wonder how many who care about the results will notice that you didn't include the S6 results..........

Mildly successful flying car crashes - in mildly successful test flight

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Combined with some explosive blots to rid the weight of the wings/engine/luggage, then maybe?

Panda Antivirus bricking PCs!

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Panda Antivirus bricking PCs!

Over 900 of my PCs currently bricked by Panda Antivirus incorrectly removing system files today. If you have Panda, I suggest you take action.

I can't get hold of anyone at Panda for help.

Twitter going a bit mad - https://twitter.com/search?q=panda%20antivirus&src=tyah

Violet, you're turning violet! Imagination unveils graphics-tastic hobbyist board

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Would make for a nice little HTPC - Hope OpenElec will support it.

Yes! It's DRONE PORN. And we don't mean shiny pics of UAVs

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Have you heard the tale of Craig's Mom's Bush?

And the night it saved us from drones?

Nobody knew the power it had

They just thought it was shaggy and gross!

Craig's Mom lived a life of shame and despair

Everyone feared their great giant bush!

But then when drones were filling the sky

She unfurled her bush and she used it to fly!

Craig's Mom's Bush, Craig's Mom's Bush!

Gargantuan thicket of madness...

Bigger than Earth, and denser than gold,

Truly a magical bush to behold!


And she flew and she flew away into the sun...

And she died.

Gotham gets the Smallville treatment with Jim Gordon in lead role

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It has potential........ The second episode was a bit meh, but Balloonman was not too bad. Looking forward to more Penguin, as he really does stand out.

I was also very impressed by The Flash pilot - It's a definite huge step up from Arrow.

Moon landing was real and WE CAN PROVE IT, says Nvidia

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The Mythbusters already did it!


Gunmaker finds KILLER APP for Google Glass

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Well at least friendly fire and collateral damage can be blamed on lag now..........

Valve's Steam streaming service lets you play games on the toilet

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Just tried it

Single player CoD Ghosts is playable. You adjust for the lag ok.

However, I just got my butt whooped by a normal bot in Quake 3. Anything fast paced is going to be an issue.

Still very impressive for a free update!

Video review: Our sysadmins drink in the latest SIP phones

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Running Elastix here

Running Elastix here. It's fairly easy to do a basic setup, and IVRs, queues and pretty much anything else you'd like to do is fairly straightforward.

Currently running 160+ handsets on site, mostly wired desk phones. Up until recently we were using CSIP2Simple on our Android handsets, but the native support is pretty good now.

Have been having serious reliability issues with the Aastra 57i's. the 31i and 53i have been bullet proof, but the 57's like to randomly brick themselves. Am in the process of moving our remaining 57's over to Snom handsets, which have been lovely.

Google's new Glass: Now with audio connection INSIDE the SKULL

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Want One

I want one for my Iron Man build :)

Techno-thriller author and gaming franchise Tom Clancy dies at 66

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I've loved all of the Ryan/Clark books - Fantastic author. Really sad :(

Barnes & Noble knock Nook slate down to £79

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Just ordered one.

Microsoft fights Google for kids' attention with ad-free Bing for Schools

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I for one, applaud the effort. If it's relatively easy to setup, and doesn't require anything from my users, I'm happy to set it up........ when it's available in the UK.........

Unreal: Epic’s would-be Doom... er... Quake killer

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I loved Unreal.........

...........but left it for Half Life.

Inventor lobs spherical, throwable camera

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Why is it not called "The Kino"?

I'm 'pretty comfy' with PRISM + 'It's Google. What else do you expect'

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Hidden Mike?

Do you mean hidden mic, or was a bloke called Michael hiding in the embassy?

Belarus becomes world's top country ... for SPAM

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All traffic from Belarus now being dropped by my little firewall :)

HTC woes prompts 'leave now' tweet from former staffer

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Just got the HTC One for me, and the S4 for the missus. So far we're both happy, but I have found more glitches on the One.

Wifi seems to like disconnecting, unless I enable "Wifi Performance Mode", which supposedly reduces battery life. I'm also unable to get the notification sound to change - Even though it shows as having been changed.

So far I like the camera (low light is amazing), the speakers are good, and the screen is lovely. But after just a few days of ownership, I am already looking at flashing it with stock Android.........

Bing uncloaks Klingon translator

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Well that has just put Nokia back in the running for my phone upgrade next month :)

SanDisk cops to malfunctioning Micro SDs in Galaxy S3s

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Ordered a 64GB SanDisk yesterday for my S3. Just before reading this article, I checked my Amazon order status, and it was still being processed. Went to cancel the order, and it had changed to "dispatched".


The DIY spy-in-the-sky: From kites to octocopters

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Good article, and just in time for Mothers Day too.

Iran develops working ICBM: Intercontinental Ballistic Monkey

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How exactly did the UN Security Council create a resolution 16 years before the UN existed, and 5 years before Leó Szilárd came up with the idea of an atomic bomb?

White House raises the signature threshold for petitions to 100,000

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Well people had best get a move on signing this;


Mighty 4 Terabyte whopper crashes down on the desktop

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Re: Anyone know...

That's assuming the Qnap supports drives larger than 2TB.

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Re: Anyone know...

Is that all? I've currently got 24 3TB drives spinning away in my loft. 60Tb of usable storage after RAID.

And if you head over to the HardOCP forums, I've got a fairly tiny home server setup compared to some crazy people.........


Cloudy admin? Here's how to ward off Call of Duty-playing teens

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Call me lazy

Call me lazy, but where's the link to the new PAN-OS features?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game review

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I too was not interested, but my wife decided to surprise me with an early Christmas present. Have played roughly 8 hours of multiplayer, and 2 hours of single player so far, and am enjoying it.

The tweaks to the multiplayer scoring system are welcome, and should reduce camping once players have gotten used to it. I am disappointed to see the tactical insertion is back, so expect to see it being exploited just as soon as players reach the required rank.

The few set pieces that I've experienced in single player have been brilliant. I'm playing through on veteran, which to be honest is probably now beyond my skill level, so I'll probably have to reduce the difficulty to get through the final missions, which are normally carnage.

It's not a genre-changing title, but it is a good game, that should keep me going until The Elder Scrolls Online is released.


Disney plans three Lucasfilm flicks EVERY YEAR

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And this is bad news?

Star Wars VII: The Disney Movie signs Toy Story III script genius

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I'm actually looking forward to it.

Ten gaming headsets

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Just ordered a set of 2013 A40s. Not sure why they were not in this review, but i assume it's because they'd be similar to the A50s.

Skyrim DLC lets players FLY DRAGONS

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I platinumed the game on PS3, then bought it again for PC so I could do Dawnguard. Hopefully I won't have broken this new DLC already, as I went on a bit of a killing spree whilst levelling up my Vampire Lord.

LucasArts' Dark Forces

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Brilliant game - It set a standard in fps games only really surpassed by Half Life. Both DF2 and Jedi Academy also lived up to expectations, although JA2 was a bit disappointing.

Was re-released on Steam last year, along with its sequels - I'd highly recommend picking them up.

WTF is... Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass?

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WTF is the point of WTF? Is anybody really that angry/surprised the the "TF" is really necessary? Is the reg trying to appeal to a younger audience with this use of language?

Just stop, before I have to refer to urbandictionary every time I read a reg article.

Citrix XenServer 6.1 fires live VMs from cannon across servers

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As a happy Citrix and Palo customer, thing is all good news.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

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I think it's time to upgrade my Note :)

Samsung ready to drop faster SSDs

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I'm confused

I'm confused - Should I buy this or an iPhone 5 - They look very similar.

Sony snoozes over substandard PS Plus service

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I've been very happy with my PS+, especially when they break something somewhere else, as this usually results in some more decent free games.

Sony have been releasing some really decent titles on + recently. Am playing through Darksiders at the moment, and have Just Cause 2 and LBP2 to play after that.

And auto updates are a godsend. All my games and the console are up to date and ready to play.

My only minor gripe with the service is savegame storage. 150MB gets eaten quickly. Especially with 10MB+ Skyrim saves.

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too

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VMware kills vRAM memory tax with vSphere 5.1 server virt

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A little too late

Still running our server virtualization on 4.1, with no plans to upgrade, as have lost all faith in VMWare since the vram business.

We switched to Citrix for our VDI project this year, and although prefer the networking tools in ESXI, find everything else pretty much the same in XenServer, and at 1/3 the initial cost, and roughly the same in annual maintenance.

Screw you VMWare - You drove us away, and Citrix were more than happy to take our money.

Nvidia: What would you do with a petaflops super?

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Install doom.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?

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Matrix Revolutions

Eddie Murphy heading for worst movie ever glory

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Re: Oh, if we're looking for worst films ever

Agreed - If I ever meet Speilberg, I'm taking my three hours back.