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Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition

Andy Hall

@hewbass - while I completely agree that the nature of the debate was pathetic (although the remain side never managed to invoke the fifth rider of the apocalypse - maybe he just isn't famous enough) - I do not agree that the winning line should be moved in favour of one side of the other. Which side should take ownership of the default position? Which would you have:

"We will remain part of the EU unless 60% of you vote to leave."


"We will leave the EU unless 60% of you vote to remain".

Perhaps we should have a referendum to agree the question? Would you advocate the same thing in a general election - the incumbent stays in power until another party wins more than 60% of the vote? Or should that only apply when the party you support is in power?

Andy Hall

Re: Be careful what you wish for...

@Fibbles - I agree, I saw the same thing.

Someone once told me that an argument was like two people on their own hill shouting at each other across the intervening valley. To have any chance of winning the argument you have to cross the valley, listen to you opponent, understand their perspective and then put your arm around their shoulder and walk them back across the valley one step at a time. You will never win it by shouting at them from afar and, most importantly, you have to listen.

No one did that, from either side. Each side pandered to their own supporters prejudices and insulted the opposition. Perhaps (given the result) in the end the remain team were slightly worse than the leave team. I think that those that did change their mind were mostly pushed away from one camp to the other rather than attracted.

But the failure to accept the result is just the nadir of the whole debacle. The democratic process (no matter how shoddy the rhetoric) has taken its course and the result is in. To deny the result is deny the process and to deny democracy. If you wish to overturn this result then you are saying that you no longer want a democratic society and whatever you believe the risk of leaving the EU will be to Britain, trying to undermine democracy is a far, far bigger risk.

Reg man goes time travelling at iconic observatory

Andy Hall

Ha, yes! I remember the same and I don't think you are mistaken about the small dish. I think ticker tape was involved at some point as well.

Dim Brits think TARDIS IS REAL

Andy Hall

See the gadget show...

The gadget show built a hoverboard that sounds rather similar - the evidence is here...


UK biz prejudiced against public sector staff

Andy Hall

Re:No difference between Public Sector and Private Sector

I have to agree with Dave 3 - the best description of this I have heard can be seen here:


Boffin breakthrough doubles Wi-Fi speed

Andy Hall

Re: Patentable???

All I can say is "Clockwork Radio". Kicked myself for months after that one came out. So bl**dy obvious.

Six... budget Blu-ray Disc players

Andy Hall

re: XviD, MKV

I agree that for a technology forum this is a bit light weight. I had exactly the same problem when looking. I eventually found the answers I needed at www.avforums.com.

In the end I bought the LG BD570 - a bit more than the 560, but if it helps, I can confirm that the 570 does support H264 in MKV over both DLNA and SMB - I use a Synology cubestation as my media storage. It also supports the BBC iPlayer.

Mother faked ID to 'disappear' child from school waiting list

Andy Hall

"removing just one child ahead in the queue is not sufficient"...

Alec Guiness in "Kind Hearts and Coronets" comes to mind.

Microsoft abolishes Money

Andy Hall


I used to use Money, but now I use Gnu Cash. It took me a little while to get used to, and I don't do anything overly complicated - just the mortgage and various accounts and cards. The reporting is a little basic but it works for me, and I would receommend it. After all, it doesn't cost anything to try.


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