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US spy drone hijacked with GPS spoof hack, report says


And then...

Tonight on Fox, we are about to witness the live coverage of the dropping of a bomb over Iran. US GPS controls are invulnerable to attack and our bomber is so stealthy, only it itself knows where it is. Here is the live feed..... hey wait... that looks just like our studio building. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!..... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

Righthaven may have to file for bankruptcy

Thumb Up

About time

Can I be the first to say: HA HA!!

Indonesian smut vid star's arse hauled into court


Indonesia is a troubled place

Jakarta is the only city in the world were I have been offered children for sex in the center of town, just walking past the fountain neat the Mariott. Poverty causes some sick sick individuals to do some sick sick things. I think the country should clean that up before they get all hot and bothered about consenting adults having a bit of fun.

Google's 'copied Java code' disowned by Apache



The code presented by Oracle for comparison looks very much like a decompile to me. When you decompile Java, you can get the name of private, protected and public variables, but you can't get the name of method parameters. Hence, the structure is almost 100% identical, but the variables that rely on method parameters are truncated to simple names.

So, this "proof" is not a copy - it is a decompile.

Lone Android dev 'almost brought down T-Mobile'


So you are one of these people who know everything??

Being a dev - I can assure you that we try to learn as much as we can about the environment into which we deploy. But in the present day and age, that environment is so large and diverse that things just happen unintentionally. That is not incompetence. Lack of experience maybe - but you only get experience from making mistakes. Don't confuse the two.

Google Android chief smacks Steve Jobs with Linux speak


I liked my iPhone - but I like my Android Nexus One better

When I first got my iPhone I really loved it. But then I discovered over time just how costly it can be to buy everything from a single controlled market. And then there was the whole tethering issues and Skype over 3G.

I like my Android much better (at least now that I have it on stock Google software instead of Vodafone's "improved" one). Apart from being a portable WiFi hotspot whenever I need it, the other main reason is that even though I'm not hacking it - other people are. And that creates some great apps. For example: Free navigation is not available on the Android phone in Australia (presumably due to some licensing issues). But some clever developers hacked the maps app (renamed it "brut") and made navigation available anywhere in the world based on Google maps data. It works great, has voice instructions and best of all: It is free. It is not even in the Google market - you just download it directly to your phone from their web site and you are all set.

Yes - I may be a freetard to some - but so what? I've been able to ditch the TomTom, the 3G dongle and just use one device.

Japanese customs dish out free dope


This could be the ultimate nightmare

Imagine this happening to you in Indonesia or Thailand.. And then you get 20 year or life, because the official is too embarrased to own up.

At least in this case the officer was up front. Might not happen in all cultures.


(That is me checking my pockets for weed before going through customs..)

HP faces lawsuit by three News.com reporters


Do reporters have a right to privacy?

Reporters always wants it both ways: When they pursue someone for a story it is "free speech" or "public interest" - when they get pursued for what they do, it is "invasion of privacy".

Before you label me "flamebait" or "troll", think it through. If you continue to assert a right to invade anyone's privacy whenever you see fit (basically in the pursuit of improving your career or making money for your employer) - well then you can't really cry foul when someone does a similar thing to you in pursuit of their own goals - whatever their motives. It should be considered an occupational hazard and nothing more.

If the reporters get away with this, what is stopping Prince Harry, Paris Hilton or Tony Blair suing reporters in a similar way?


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