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Linus Torvalds drops F-bomb on NVIDIA

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Re: Great now we have a child

except for you of course, right? -you're a special little snowflake who just stumbled across this site by accident one day and mashed your face on the keyboard by accident.

Hanging's too good for 'em - so what do you suggest?

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Re: Well ...

really? well, no, i did not realise that actually, you got me thinking..

branson or manson, fred west, jack the ripper, hmm, i'm stuck at 3 and they're all blokes.

some of the most prolific you say? -how come they're not so famous do you reckon?

Nokia's fontastic Pure wins 'design Oscar'

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bloody fonts

looks like arial to me, i'm obviously not "design-ey" enough to appreciate it, all i want from a font is maximum legibility, what the fuck else matters when it comes to fonts??

So, what IS the worst film ever made?

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well of recent times, i think the green hornet

but for all time worst, i'm torn between swinging barmaids and supervan.

salo was terrible as well i thought, but it apparently has some merit somewhere.

Facebook 'acq-hires' Gowalla brains, shuts service down

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i must be getting old

So i had a look at that gowalla site (never heard of it before) and i still can't work out what it is meant to be, it looks like some sort of online photo album, pretty sure facebook already lets you upload pics so what are they gaining?

Woman cuffed by phone-hack probe plods

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pfft, i've always considered 9am to be far too early to be at work, so yes, 6:30 am is ridiculously early.

3 or 4 am is the middle of the night.

Google+ inertia sets in at Chocolate Factory

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too busy working? really?

Herts cops 'ate the evidence' at scene of crime, court told

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hmm, ok then, lets go and see what the pizza shop that took your order and noted down the delivery address has to say about this lack of pizza.

Nexus One to get Gingerbread OS?

Rob 30

gingerbread what?

that's lovely and all that, but what exactly will gingerbread do for my nexus if & when it turns up? froyo seems to be working quite nicely so far.

Boffins mount campaign against France's official kilogramme

Rob 30

raises more questions..

such as why is it made from platinum and iridium, rather than say, lead or rock?

how does it change weight? if it's in a sealed chamber it would seem there's not enough there to affect it..

Legendary steampunk computer 'should be built' - programmer

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EMP proof

that would be a nice benefit, how far could it be miniaturised i wonder.

Air steward resigns via emergency chute

Rob 30

bit harsh.

how is that criminal and who did he endanger?

-i'm not saying he didn't/it isn't but i can't see how..

Human hive-mind game whups computer boffinry ass

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Site off-line

i was looking forward to beating a few amino's into submission for the good of humanity but it looks like the site's screwed.

did you let them know you might be sending a few people their way ElReg?

NatWest sets lawyers on student site

Rob 30


Can't he just put a bit of text at the top of the page saying something along the lines of:

"i am not a bank"?

UK.gov pledges licence fee 'rethink' over heavy catch-up use

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pledge break?

you're right, i have never heard of this, what is a pledge break?

Rob 30

keep it simple

If they just issued a login/password with the TV license you could use it to access all the bbc services including catchup stuff, and they could be sure you were paid up then.

Android terms point to operator billing

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not sure i understand this, surely the operators can already sell apps on the android market, just like everyone else can?

3D films fall flat

Rob 30

non dimensional

I really don't think declining renenue is anything to do with how many dimensions the films are shown in, i believe it is more to do with the films being shit.

'Bitter' priest blows $1.3m of church funds

Rob 30

rational much?

to be fair he is part of an organised religion, you should know better than to expect rational thought processes from such a person.

UK.gov scraps stop'n'search terror power

Rob 30

hmm, not really..

i glad this has happened, but i don't think you can really say thanks to the tories for it as they were forced into it, and even stated they would have appealed against it had they been able.

it's not like they did this for the good of the country, or even that they thought it was the right thing to do..

i don't want to picky about reasons at this point though.

All gov jobs to go online

Rob 30

are you mental or trolling?

as opposed to discriminating against non-newspaper owning people do you mean?

I demand the govt. does something about the so called paper divide!

£99 iPhone stunt backfires

Rob 30

you care that much about capitalisation?

who gives a crap, everyone knows they were talking about the iphonE4.

eBay shill bidder gets £5,000 fine

Rob 30


it sounds like he was done for breaking the law, as in clocking the bus rather than ebay doing anything. at all. they pretty much admit their 'shill detection' either doesn't work, or they weren't using it, seeing as it took someone reporting the clocking to the coppers for him to be detected.

but then don't they make their money by taking a cut of the selling price? -not really in their interests to keep it low then it would seem.

Southpaws up in arms over iPhone 4

Rob 30

like normal people?

most normal people don't get iphones in the first place.

Killer piranha stalk Folkestone pond

Rob 30

wrong climate

as a fish keeper i'm pretty surprised it survived being chucked in the lake in the first place to be honest, you're meant to acclimate them gradually to get them used to even small variations in ph, nitrate levels etc.. chucking a bucket of tropical tank water into an english river wouldn't leave many survivors one would think.

unless they are unusually hardy fish i guess, anyone here keep any?

Far East fanboi dresses iPad as Mac (Classic)

Rob 30

sodding video

can't you just post a picture of it rather than these bloody videos all over the place?

not that i care that much for apple shininess but it's getting to be a bit of a habit lately on all sorts of stories.

New laser raygun tech: Our sharks kick the tyres

Rob 30

only just up to the job

presumably they could use several of them to enable firing longer bursts?

Lack of government won't slow gov IT spending

Rob 30

civil servants

well according to 'yes minister' it doesn't make much difference at all who's in power, so surely having no-one in power wouldn't be that much different either.

it's a big old machine, it'll just keep ticking along, i dare say there's a good chance it might even become more efficient without all the idiot leaders putting their oars in everywhere. if it's anything like my workplace.

'Health and safety killjoys' kill cheese-rolling race

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the dangers of cheese

the one time i did it (back in the day) there was nowhere near even 5k people there, even so they were very densely packed to either side of the descent.

agreed that 45 degrees is not vertical, however it looks pretty close to it when you are at the top looking down, and it is certainly steep enough to get a fair old pace on the relatively large cheese as it rolls & bounces down the uneven slope.

shortly after my one and only descent, both of these factors combined to send the cheese careening off at a wild angle, about 3 quarters of the way down the slope, straight into the crowd & injuring some poor member of the public to the extent they also got carted off in an ambulance, along with a few contestants of course.

great day out that was.

Note to Captain Kirk: Warp speed will kill you

Rob 30

he forgot about the shields

they have shields capable of fending off phasers and photon torpedoes, they're not really going to be bothered by a few hydrogen atoms are they?

'Electronic fags' are useless - US prof's startling claim

Rob 30

@Stop wasting time on e-cigs

i've heard the reason they won't develop nice healthy ciggies that deliver vitamins and minerals instead of tar and nicotine, was that doing so would be tantamount to admitting the current ones are unhealthy and open themselves up to all sorts of sueing.

as to e-cigs, i have one and think it's feckin brilliant, i've used it on the plane and purely based on years of smoking experience i'm pretty damn sure it does deliver nicotine, and very well too.

it's as close to smoking as you can get without actually burning anything, throat hit & all, top stars from me. maybe he tested a crap version.

Feds say dev's 'cookie-stuffer' app fleeced eBay

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advertising = lying scumbags

yay, hopefully it's a blow to advertising in general, one can only hope.

Battlefield skyhook robocopter 'passes US Marines' test'

Rob 30


bit pedantic of me maybe, but if they must crash into each other, how do you reckon it gets up into the air?

Rob 30


bit pedantic of me maybe, but there's no need for egg beaters.. if they must crash into each other, how do you reckon it gets up into the air?

Sci-fi and fantasy authors wade into Amazon spat

Rob 30

The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

i think they should combine them, i love my books, but it would be nice to have them in digital form as well, so why not just bundle them by including a tiny bit of storage in each physical book, you could slip one of those tiny little micro sd cards in the cover or something.

you'd only need a tiny one, and they presumably allready have the text in digital form so could just dump it on the chip at minimal cost, an ebook cant take up that many meg can it?

you could still buy online direct to an ebook reader, the difference there would be that you'd get the physical book in the post later on.

i suppose some people might not want the physical book though, but consider it would be a back up of sorts if your reader breaks, you loose your account details or whatever.. just a thought.

UK.gov shutters half its websites

Rob 30

any details?

while that is quite interesting news, why are they closing them? what were the ones that are getting closed.. etc? enquiring minds want to know...

Oracle prez admits 8 1/2 years with billboard woman

Rob 30

it angle?

someone has to ask.. i can't see the it angle, but surely someone can concoct one.

i was hoping to see more to this story than "someone had a shag" there's not even a funny part to it. poor effort all in all, sorry.

don't know who they are, and still wouldn't care if i did. less of this sort of unamusing tripe please.

Knuckle rap for riot shield sledging coppers

Rob 30

yay the cops!

fair play to 'em, it worked a lot better than i thought it would, nice run.

E-book readers attract unwanted VAT

Rob 30


the article specifically mentions "children's clothes", if vat's only on essentials, does that mean adults are legally allowed to walk around naked?

-i don't think that's the case, it just seemed odd that it didn't just say clothes, i would have thought they would fall into the category of essentials more than books really, no matter the age of the person wearing them..

Angels can't fly: Official

Rob 30

no science needed here

surely angels are powered by god magic in disregard of all observable phenomenon?

No more UFO reports please, says MoD

Rob 30

just a name

couldn't they just rename themselves from UFO* to AFO*, rather than disbanding?

Gumtree comes over all queer in blocking 'offensive language'

Rob 30

2 tier minority?

it makes sense to give the LGBT crew more protection than the religious lot, you can't choose your sexuality as far as i know, but a bit of critical thinking would be all that's needed to straighten out the god botherers.

and if they're that convinced regardless, let their god look after them and then we'll only have one group to deal with and no need for a 2 tier system! it's win win.

US forces developing 'miniature weapons' for killer robots

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i'm a bit surprised that they do actually use tank busting missiles against individuals.. although as people have pointed out, more damage is not necessarily bad depending on your point of view. it does seem like an expensive way to go about it..

they have some really fancy long range cameras nowdays, as demonstrated on various wildlife programmes, would it be feasable to add a gun to the stabilised mount & have some sort of flying sniper bot? -no collateral damage, nice and cheap..

i do like the idea of a robotic hot air balloon with a basket full of venomous snakes waiting to be released on the target's head next time they step outside though

Volcanic African 'unzipping' could see continent divided

Rob 30

@twats above

jeeze people, you really can't see any difference between humans burning a whole planet's worth of fossil fuels & tectonic shifts??

i really hope you're both american, or being sarcastic at least..

look at it this way, you wouldn't burn a pile of tyres in your living room as it would make the air unbreathable, bar the scale, that's pretty much what we are doing to the planet's atmosphere.

(yes it's probably a bad metaphor, maybe i should go with "you wouldn't take a dump or leave all your rubbish in your own 'back yard'")

Top drug boffin renews criticism of cannabis policy

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@John Angelico

i think you misunderstand, you seem to think your opinion is more important than anyone else's, whereas i do not think it is any of your business what someone else chooses to do.

by all means feel free to refrain or indulge in whatever you like but it is not your place to permit or deny anything to anyone you selfish git.

i suppose you would have been all anti-drinking during the prohibition would you?

Beeb gets grief for Humpty Dumpty rewrite

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humpty dumpty is violent??

i take it these people must be vegans and don't eat eggs then..

and what the hell would you preview a nursery rhyme for??

why not just write a new one if you're going to change it, what a bunch of tools

iPhone + naked ladies = headline gold

Rob 30

re: mediocre

i agree with JASR on that, i always thought internet porn was quite good, maybe i've just led a sheltered life though..

so where is the good stuff?

Suicide bum-blast bombing startles Saudi prince

Rob 30

puntastic article!

i'm sure i am not the only one eagerly awaiting the playmobil reconstruction of this one..

US women protest for the right to bare

Rob 30
Paris Hilton

crazy merkins

i thought it was well known that the main difference between the uk and the us was that over here violence is considered to be worse than nudity & it's vice-versa in merkland.

Paris, as i'd rather shag than shoot

Japan torture flick sickens UK film censor

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boo to censorship -it's neither sick nor real

oh come on you whingers, how can it be sick, unless they did actually torture people to make the film, but that would make it a snuff film wouldn't it? -or a documentary maybe. i'm not too up on the genre really.

the whole censorship seems stupid and archaic nowdays, you can't control information like you used to, and it is my belief that if people don't want to watch it because they don't like the subject matter, they won't.

it is probably a crap film though, but even saw and hostel were borderline entertainment imo, not exactly fun to watch.