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You forgot that you hired me and now you're saying it's my fault?

John Goodwin 4

Powerpoint - 'boring on-screen business wank'

Love that quote.

User thanked IT department for fast new server, but it had never left its box

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Re: Credit for something I didn't do?

Had a very similar issue with one of our Treasury worker droids. I'd delivered his 700-odd page daily report and was chatting with him about work stuff. To my amazement, he then turned over the chunky report, ripped off the summary of 10 pages and binned the rest - right in front of me.

It took me all of 10 minutes to save the planet and my back by raising an internal IT Change Request. Probably saved around 180 boxes of fanfold that year.

Huawei Honor 8 Pro: Makes iPhone 7 Plus look a bit crap

John Goodwin 4

Incorrect spelling of honour, so they've lost a pedantic customer.

Euro NCAP to mandate auto-braking in new-car test

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Auto 'break'

Last car that did that to me was a Peugeot. Ohhhh, you meant brake!

Austrian village considers a F**king name change

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Fuxing Cun?

I recently had some skiddie on my ssh logs, trying to hack into my server. Did a traceroute with Geo-IP and it traced back to a place in China called Fuxing Cun. Better that ;-)

Virgin Media takes itself in hand after punter-package tickle whoopsie

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One day later...

And it's all gone titsup. No internet since 16:00 this afternoon, gave up trying to ring them after the 37th attempt. Virgin are the best when there aren't any problems (9.7Mbps and 22ms latency) but when it all goes wrong, there is no hope.

Branson - pull yer finger out.

Steve Jobs had 'personal moral failures', was no role model

John Goodwin 4

It's like the 70s again

Handicapped? Come on El Reg.

Ubuntu republic riven by damaging civil wars

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Patience is a virtue, or so my Nan told me

I've given it a whole month and 11.10 still annoys me every single day. Looks like it will be either Linux Mint or 10.04 when I rebuild my PC this week.

Ubuntu on self-destruct mode.

Renault Wind Gordini roadster

John Goodwin 4


What's a spritley mechansim?

Lustre file system set for spit 'n' polish

John Goodwin 4

Luster or lustre?

I'm confused, I'll get my coat.

Virgin mobile users get tariff tweak treats

John Goodwin 4

Sweet Virgin

Rang them to tie in some data to my account after buying a Desire Z simm-free, was on 200 cross-network minutes, 200 Virgin minutes and 500 texts for £12 a month.

My new deal is 600 cross-network minutes, 1 Gb of mobile data, 3000 texts for £5.43 a month - now that's what I call a result. The beauty of going through to cancel, rather than amend my plan.

PSN gaming network outage sparks DDoS rumours

John Goodwin 4

I knew this would come in handy...

./speccy\-32bpp -48 -scale 2 -cursor -wave JETPAC.SNA

Bloke with hammer fixes London's Olympic clock

John Goodwin 4

A frank admission, straight from the horse's mouth

I admit I was bored yesterday, and wrote to Swatch Group asking why their clock was crap.

Dear Mr. Goodwin,

Thank you for your message of yesterday evening.

Yes, it is embarrassing, especially as we are the timekeeper of almost all the Olympic Games since 1936 and have proven time after time how accurate we are. But mistakes happen.

The important thing is that we fixed it.

Best wishes from Switzerland,

Béatrice Howald

Head of Media Relations, Spokesperson

The Swatch Group Ltd.

Seevorstadt 6

CH-2501 Biel/Bienne

Tosh shows off snazzy external drive

John Goodwin 4

Green is the colour

Sounds the best value for money at 6540Gb capacity.

<Pedant mode now off>.

Skype makes wobbly return, offers compo to paying punters

John Goodwin 4

Skype's OK in the land of the Killerdogz

FAO the previous poster:

I'm in Wallington, Surrey and the service on Skype is up and running for me

Call of Duty: Black Ops

John Goodwin 4

Only 6 thumbs down for you so far, because...

... everyone else is playing Black Ops.

Apple coughs to time zone problems

John Goodwin 4

Date-reliant functionality - Apple, meet Sony

Reminds me of the time when the fat PS3 wasn't able to connect to the PlayStation Network due to the leap year date problem.

Their advice was that we should have a fix in 24 hours. Cunningly, switching on the PS3 at 00:20 the next day and the problem was fixed. With respect to Kenny Everett, cupid stunts.

Symantec finally secures HackIsWack

John Goodwin 4

..how you keep from going under?

Had to be done. I'll get my coat.

Oz school in homosexual kookaburra rumpus

John Goodwin 4

Look before you leap

The word(s) you're groping for is "you are" and therefore I find your last sentence "well gay" ;-)

Monster Afghan spy airship to feature quad drinking straws

John Goodwin 4

To me...

it looks like Thunderbird 2.

Google tests 'streaming' search engine

John Goodwin 4

My teeth hurt

If they introduce this alongside that hideous Image Search nonsense, then I will certainly be looking at another search engine somewhere on the 'tinterweb'

Conficker's 6m strong botnet confounds security probes

John Goodwin 4
IT Angle

IT crowd

I'm with you Craig on that one... but please don't put me on a pedalstool.

Microsoft fills Outlook crack with Apachesource

John Goodwin 4

PST files evil?

You recommend using Outlook Express, which seems to store its data in a myriad of .dbx files. At least with Outlook's PST format, you get all data in one easy file. Contacts, emails, calendar etc. It's one of the reasons why I swapped from OE to Outlook years ago.

Try to restore some poor soul's email data with OE first and then try it with Outlook. I think you'll agree that PST is miles better than OE's .dbx files. Oh, and the .wab/.pab files etc.

Samsung's Bada gets a developer kit

John Goodwin 4

Baa bada

Perhaps Brian Badonde will purchase one?

Sony sued for dropping Linux from PS3

John Goodwin 4

No guarantees

I spoke to Sony head office in the UK and had a long and drawn-out 'discussion' with them over losing my Ubuntu install on the PS3.

My disk space is still set to 10Gb Other OS so therefore I've lost 1/6 of my HDD space. Sony's answer was for me to reformat and reinstall/download all my games. Fine, if you have the time. Not if you have a throttled ISP connection.

Secondly, I asked if Sony could guarantee they wouldn't remove further functionality in future system updates, and the answer was no. Particularly telling, that one.

A great way to shaft early adopters like myself.

Megan Fox not world's sexiest woman: Official

John Goodwin 4

Cheryl Tweedy

I'd drink her bath water.

I'll get me coat, pet.

JooJoo tablet offered to Brits

John Goodwin 4
Paris Hilton



PS3 update to rid all consoles of Linux support

John Goodwin 4

Total bollox mate

So you'd have no problem with your car manufacturer removing the gearbox of your car because they deem it necessary? Looks like you'll be spending a lot of time at the side of the road.

Don't expect to be able to connect? What poppycock and nonsense, my uninformed Anonymous Coward. I've already connected and have done so successfully using the Logan5 tool. PSN and multiplayer all working fine.

And by the way, it's insecure - not unsecure, you twonk.

John Goodwin 4

Exisiting LINUX partition

I've just been on the phone to Sony CS in the UK, and the person I spoke to confirmed that the HDD partitions will remain exactly the same. This means that effectively you have lost 10Gb of space, just like me.

I simply cannot believe Sony have removed a feature that was advertised on the box and at launch. It was one of the reasons I bought a PS3 (April 2007).

Outrageous behaviour and I'm not sure that Sony are on a good legal footing on this one. I can either accept the update and play my games (80% online-based) or not install it and then use my PS3 as a very expensive LINUX system.

Way to go Sony, pissing off those early adopters like myself.

Sony: PS3 leap year glitch caused network lockout

John Goodwin 4

Working again, Sony - pull your socks up

My old fat PS3 didn’t work properly all day yesterday, and the only games I could successfully play were Colin McRae ‘DiRT’ and one of my old WipEout 2097 games. All the others failed to start with some trophy/copyright error. I’d tried setting the clock manually beforehand to see if it would ‘fix’ things but it didn’t.

Switched it on at 12:20 am this morning (minus RJ45 network connection) and without contacting the internet or doing anything else, my PS3 was then back to complete normality.

2 things.

1) Sony appear to have let 24 hours pass to let the bug fix itself.

2) More worrying is that my system wouldn’t let me play more than 90% of my games.

A poor show Sony, and the lack of updates was inexcusable. I’m currently on the 5th PS3 (initial 60Gb launch model) so you could say I’m more patient and loyal than some ;-)

Give it a couple of days and there will probably be a new firmware update, applicable to just those old ‘phat’ PS3 owners.

Old PS3s locked out of PlayStation Network

John Goodwin 4

Spherical objects

Mine's borked - date was reset, and even resetting it manually doesn't achieve much. The only games I've been able to play are WipEout 2091 (PS) and Colin McRae DiRT (reeespek Colin).

Last twitter update for PSN was 9 hours ago so it looks like they've given this top priority NOT.

On my 5th PS3 due to YLODs and my patience is wearing thin - somewhat understandably. When this one goes bang ;-) I might even consider swapping it for the new slim version they keep offering me. And accept the fact I won't be able to play older games. Grrrrrr!

Alreet, Apple!

John Goodwin 4


An' thor wes wor thinkin that champion wes a Yorkshire phrase?

Top Gear's Stig prowls Loch Ness

John Goodwin 4

Pixellation City

Looks like all the attention has garnered the Stig some Spectrum-esque graphics. Checking the Google Maps link now shows the racing suit ragamuffin surrounded by a blur bubble.

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

John Goodwin 4

Sound always muted

This is on two computers, one PC with an SB Audigy card on an upgrade, and a laptop with a clean install - which obviously has onboard sound.

Empathy was replaced with Pidgin because of personal preference.

Everything else works perfectly but the sound problem is a right royal PITA, and it needs to be fixed soon.

Comet opens e-car power car park

John Goodwin 4

Great idea NOT

It will take you at least 2 hours in that store for you to find anyone helpful, possibly longer in my experience. They won't be able to find the cables for your leccy motor - because they're not on display so the inevitable response will be 'Sorry mate, if it's not on display it ain't in stock innit'


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