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Kim Dotcom claims invention of two-factor authentication

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Re: prior art

The US patent listed in the main article also had a European equivalent (EP0875871). This also granted but was subsequently revoked in the EP's Opposition process following an opposition filed by Ericsson.

Make of that what you will......


Freesat to get BBC iPlayer on 7 December

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Sky and iPlayer

Any hope of getting this functionality on my Sky HD box ? or are they noticeably under powered compared to the Humax Freesat boxes ?

Having Sky makes me feel dirty but it does at least have a decent amount of HD content. It'd be nice to be able to watch catch up services through the box as well not least because it's such a ball ache to connect my laptop to the TV.

O2 confirms UK Pré launch date

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@ Anonymous Coward

If you've only just got the phone then you can buy an extended warranty care package from the nice Mr Jobs (http://www.apple.com/uk/support/products/applecareiphone.html ). It's an extra £59 but worth it I think. I believe you can take this out at any time during the first 12 months.

A cracked casing in the area of the charging port was my first fault. This is a known issue apparently and is caused by people plugging in the charger and flexing the casing slightly in the process. The advice is to always connect/disconnect the charging lead with the phone on a flat surface.

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Warranty versus contract

But what's the warranty period on the phone ? 12 months I'd guess.

Is this another phone and contract package that is storing up trouble for the user ? I'm currently onto my fourth iPhone after three warranty replacements. The last of these replacements was awarded to me in Apple's "grace period" (i.e. the three week period after the initial 12 months has run out). A week later and I'd have been £140 out of pocket for a "repair" (read "replacement") or faced with using a cheap handset for the remaining 5 months of my contract. And, no, none of these were down to poor care on my part, they were all either known manfacturing faults or random component failures.

Thinking back over my pre-iphone mobile ownership it was rare for me to have a phone that lasted much longer than 12 months before something went wrong. It never mattered though because the contracts were always 12 months.

Now with these high priced handsets the carrier needs a longer contract to make money but it puts the consumer in the position of potentially having 6-12 months of a high priced contract and a knackered phone.

I understand the reason for the contract length but surely the mobile carrier should either be offering higher priced 12 month contracts or warning you of the warranty versus contract issue when you take out the contract. Maybe they could even offer a warranty extension as standard. Or maybe the manfacturers could build things that actually last.

iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

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Paris Hilton

O2 SIM only charges

An O2 12 month SIM only contract with unlimited web browsing and roughly equivalent minutes/texts as the Iphone tariffs comes to just under £20 per month.

Presumably, therefore around £20 per month of my £35 per month iphone tariff is call/data charges leaving around £15 per month on the phone itself.

Why, therefore, is the cancellation amount worked out on the full monthly tariff ?