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'That roar is terrific... look at that rocket go!' It's been 52 years since first Saturn V left the pad

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Re: Shameful

Landing the first stage might be becoming regular. But it is NEVER boring!

Last one out, hit the lights: UK energy supplier SSE to axe 115 bodies from tech department

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"Profit made by the core businesses that SSE plans to retain..."

But SSE do not recognise what their core business is.

SSE does not make anything; as a Supply company all they do is sign customers up, process meter reading, send bills and provide a call centre for customers. SSE is fundamentally a data processing company. IT is the very core of their business.

Outsourcing your core competence is a suicidal move.

Date engraved onto net neutrality tombstone: June 11, 2018

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"Light touch regulation" - where did that get us before?

It lead directly to the sub-prime mortgage f*** up and subsequent financial crash.

Will people never learn?

He He He: Seagate's gasbag Exos spinner surges up to 14TB

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How big?!?!?

Every time I read about the latest increase in disk drive capacity I'm reminded of the state-of-the-art disk drives when I first got into computing. The disk drives were about the size and shape of a washing machine (top loader) and a disk pack comprised platters each about the size of a 12" LP stacked about a foot high. The capacity?



Trump signs executive order on cybersecurity, White House now runs the show

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"secure the internet"

Why does the phrase "secure the internet" ring all sorts of alarm bells for me?

Yes, "secure" can mean "safe" but it also means "succeed in obtaining (something), especially with difficulty"...

Ford to build own data centre to store connected car data

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Re: 200PB by 2021..

"It certainly is, but they will also be collecting a lot of the data about vehicle, engine and..."

True enough.

But it's still a lot of "where our customers have been" data.

Police Scotland and Accenture were at odds over ill-fated IT project i6

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Re: The same Accenture...

Yes. And that'll be the same Accenture who employs the "consultants" I e-mailed yesterday. Here's is a line from that e-mail....

"It might be better for people – especially, it would seem, experts brought in from Accenture - to ask me specific questions rather than continually guessing."

The rest of the e-mail was along similar lines.

LUNAR-CY! SpaceX announces a Moon trip-for-two it'll inevitably miss the deadline on

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Re: This is ridiculous


"I should think that they need to run an UNMANNED mission to loop around the Moon and verify everything actually works before sticking people in there"

Why? NASA's first Apollo mission to the moon was manned (Apollo 8) and it went into lunar orbit too.

And no need to shout the word "unmanned" either. We can read...

Drones will be able to carry 120GB footage of you in the shower if Seagate has its way

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Re: Where are the Drone Jammers then?

Drone Jammers?

Also known as a pair of curtains...

Panicked WH Smith kills website to stop sales of how-to terrorism manuals

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Re: @Andrew Jones 2

"Why state that something is a fact when it clearly isn't?"

It worked for Donald Trump.

Uni students float into Hyperloop finals with levitating prototype

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Re: Wasting money on Dreams instead of realities

Thunderf00t (strange name, strange man) did two videos. One about Hyperloop and another about the so-called hover board. The Cincinnati students seem to used the same tech as the hover board judging by the noise it makes.

Think virtual reality is just about games? Think again, friend

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Omaha beach

Can you imagine what it would be like if the landing and battle scenes in Saving Private Ryan were in VR?

Now that I *would* pay to see.

RIP Samsung 'Death Note' 7

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Re: Re. "Death Note"

"a cunning way to recycle the displays for some sort of wall screen"

They could be recycled as a smoke screen presumably.

Amazon supremo Bezos' Blue Origin blows its top over Texas desert

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Brilliant. Just brilliant.

When the word "congratulations" doesn't seem adequate.

Ofcom punts network-sniffing Android app

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Re: Waste of bloody time ...

"the utility companies are rolling out smart metres which don't work in not-spot."

Once we're out of the EU can we go back to using smart yards?

Privacy advocates rail against US Homeland Security's Twitter, Facebook snooping

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I have lots of social media accounts

And none of them in my name.

So how would they know if I was telling the truth? Would they force me to login / post to each of them to prove it...?

Beauty site lets anyone read customers' personal information

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Where's their credit card number displayed?

Vodafone: Dear customers. We're sorry we killed your Demon

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It was indeed the Compulink Information eXchange.

I still have a copy of Ameol and the (printed) manual somewhere.

Hackers unleash smart Twitter phishing tool that snags two in three users

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I'm reading, Tweeting and re-Tweeting about the TransContinental race that's currently going on.

Given that this tool will likely created a reasonably-relevant Tweet which presumably would send me to a compromised page how the hell am I supposed to protect myself against this?

Kremlin wants to shoot the Messenger, and WhatsApp to boot

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Re: This is a good thing!

>A country may be able to threaten a user, but then the (innocent) user

>has the option of handing the government their previous conversations

No! That is why this is a BAD THING.

By that logic anyone who doesn't had over their messages is automatically guilty of whatever crime they were alleged to have committed.

Brown boffins brew eye-tracking Javascript

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Heat maps

Will be extremely handy (if it works) for creating heat maps for our intranet.

I need handy information to try to convince people not to fill their team/project pages with crap and put the useful information in a sensible position on the page.

If it works...

ISS pump-up space podule fully engorged

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Does any know if the new balloon will make the ISS any brighter than it's maximum magnitude of minus three-and-a-bit?

Honestly though, Twitter can't do anything right

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Algorithmic (i.e. broken) timeline

''Users might say they don't like the "algorithmic timeline," but only two per cent could work out how to opt out and return to a strictly chronological timeline''

I f*cking hate the "algorithmic timeline" - it completely defeats the point of Twitter IMO. I have opted out but I'm convinced that what I now see is not simply my timeline. Tweets from accounts I follow do not always appear :(

The problem is there's currently no viable alternative to Twitter.

Californian tycoons stole my sharing economy, says Lily Cole

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Lily Who?

Never heard of her before.

Met Police: Yes, outsourcing IT to Steria has 'risks'

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"at least a 10 year journey"

Yep. It'll take 'em that long to get back to the level of IT competancy they had with their in-house staff...

Come in Internet Explorers, your time is up. Or not. Up to you

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Re: Stuck with old IE?

"And for how many years have you known about that situation and done nothing to mitigate it?"

Seems like forever my old chum. And no matter how many times we've pointed out the need for comprehensive rewrites the money's never been there.

People assume it's just fixing a few lines of javascript and bit of CSS...

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Re: Stuck with old IE?

Of course! Just install another browser, why *didn't* we think of that? I mean what could possibly go wrong?

The fact that many of our line-of-business legacy applications then cease to work is neither here nor there.

ANN-IE-LATION: Microsoft to axe support for older Internet Explorer next week

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IE11? Luxury!

We're only just(!) completing the roll-out of IE9 & Win7 here. Very little prospect of upgrading to a more modern browser anytime soon :-(

On the plus side at least I no longer have to support IE6 :-)

Social media snitching bill introduced into US Congress by intel bosses

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What's classed as Social Media?

It's not just Twitter and Facebook.

You could include a whole host of other sites and services not least those little known things like Office 365, YouTube and Google+

Depending on what they choose to class as Social Media you could include most of the internet...

Facebook to Belgian data cops: Block all the cookies across the web, then!

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Re: so...

"Do FB think that we were born yesterday?"


Facebook knows exactly how old you are. And your friends and your children...

The Register WHEELY needs YOU to help raise charity funds

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If you can't wait for the Gong ride...

...then next week (Sunday 16th Aug) there's the 1,200km Paris Brest Paris ride.

Don't think I can get a Vulture Velo shirt in time tho.

NASA's New Horizon probe rudely fires its thruster at gnome planet

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"it will have a very limited period of time to take the close up images that scientists are lusting after."

And the people. The people are lusting after photos of Pluto too!

Go little probe, go!

Why SpaceX will sort out Sunday's snafu faster than NASA ever could

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Re: Saturns I, IB, & V

>I suppose it depends upon how you define 'Catastrophic failure'

How about "loss of the vehicle"? Seems a pretty straightforward definition...

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Re: Saturns I, IB, & V

Under 20 launches? No, there were 32 Saturn launches.

Facts. Please check them before posting.

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Saturns I, IB, & V

"there has never been a rocket system that hasn't had a catastrophic failure at one time or another"

Except the Saturn series of rockets never had a catastrophic failure.

NB: individual stages failing during ground testing does not count as "catastrophic", ok?

20 years on: The satirist's satirist Peter Cook remembered

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Re: "greatest British comedian of all time "

"and a nod to the people behind many of them such as Barry Cryer."

And for goodness sake do not forget Eric Sykes. Massive contributions to (other people's) comedy for 40 years.

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Re: "greatest British comedian of all time "

"Too many to choose from. Barker was brilliant but there was also Tommy Handley, Max Miller, Spike Milligan, Tommy Cooper, Les Dawson, Morecambe and Wise, Peter Cook, etc."

Spike Milligan, the greatest British comedian of all time? I don't think so.

He was Irish.

1,000mph ROCKET CAR project dogged by beancounters

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Re: The love of horsepower

550 hp is peanuts.

One of my favourite facts is that the fuel pump for the F1 rocket engine (which powered the Saturn V) was 50,000 horse power. But then it did have to pump *three* *tons* of propellant per second. And there were five F1 engines in the first stage don't forget...

Be still, my heart, indeed.

Vanmoof Electrified Bike: Crouching cyclist, hidden power

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Uninvisible 'bents

>Cars don't see you

You're wrong.

Although a recumbent is a lot lower than an upright bike it is far more visible! Recumbents are such an unusual sight that motor vehicles take much more notice. When riding mine (and I've ridden tens of thousands of kilometers on mine) I can hear vehicles slow down much more as the driver goes "WTF"...

However I wouldn't commute on one in *heavy* traffic but that's for other reasons.

Patch Bash NOW: 'Shellshock' bug blasts OS X, Linux systems wide open

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Hi, I'm a non-expert

How the heck does an ordinary person like me check if a router is vulnerable to this?

Or does my home wi-fi router not actually count as this sort of router???


Now even Internet Explorer will throw lousy old Java into the abyss

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Re: internal applications

Yes, we have one here.

And I'm relieved this ActiveX blocking malarky only affects IE8+ otherwise it would interfere with all our lovely IE6s and IE7s running on XP. Which is our standard platform. Still.

Windows XP market share GROWS AGAIN, outstrips Win 8.1 surge

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XPs in developing nations?

> Anecdotally, a great many XP machines reside in developing nations:

And here we still have 10,000 XP desktops (and 3,000 IE6s for god's sake) and we're NOT in a developing nation.

The IT triumph that is the "PC refresh program" has just been put back. Again.


New Doctor Who's new costume newly REVEALED by Beeb

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Peter Capaldi

I haven't watched Dr Who since the days of John Pertwee but Capaldi is such a great actor I'm planning on watching the new series.

I can't beleive I'm going to watch it again after nearly 40 years!

Slim Shady wannabe Zuck's Facebook 'STOLE' MY SONG - Eminem

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Re: Question!

...and so's my wife!

Star Trek: The original computer game

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Basic computer games, the book

I still have my copy of the first edition of David Ahl's book. It's how I learned to program back in the 70s. Which probably accounts for my er... peculiar coding style to this day :-)

The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME

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CDC Cyber 6600?

The console looked amazing - two circular oscillosope thingies.


Impressed me loads at the time. But then I was only a nipper.

Six things a text editor must do - or it's a one-way trip to the trash

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Programmer's File Editor

Can't believe no-one's mentioned PFE.

Twenty classic arcade games

Titus Aduxass


And where's Galaxian?

Ethernet at 40: Its daddy reveals its turbulent youth

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Re: IBM's arrogance was that they could make standards ..

Clearly you've never heard of lenses.

Chinese Apple pirate Kuaiyong sets sail for rest of WORLD

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"iOS is a lot less configurable. That's the price you pay for flexibility."



Not configurable = inflexible.