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TOR users become FBI's No.1 hacking target after legal power grab

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Is this

...a disinfo artickle about the FBI hacking its own anonymisering proxy?

Hungarian eggheads unleash not-at-all-scary DRONE SWARM

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Might we now

need a similar system for swarming other creatures?

Eötvös : "The flock, as a meta-unit, can detect the environment more efficiently and can operate much longer than its members individually."

Flock = Crowd.

Peace just needs better software :)

Time travellers outsmart the NSA

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Re: Parallelism

Thus accessing and blending in the branes again in a useable form, is the skill to master?

Coursing through the dark matter and back again, scalararities of each successive instance experienced instantly avail information via each petal of a flowered lens portal as reflections off the apparently shiny surfaces of most monitored matter.

Seamlessly separating all those channels at once is by a special dedication achieved absent self-reference other than DNA harmonics, hence we tend to focus exclusively on the easy mainstream channel rather closely, ignoring the others as just an aberration.

Due to the Quantum effect, such information 'knows' where it is going, in it's own darkened, alternatively dimensional journey.

Can you see how Schroedinger's Cat's Fur showers the shagpile when the box gets opened by the perceiver remotely. Please don't pull your hair out?

The remote drag on a particle from being mass-analysed actually drains it of energy, hence the tone of politics and leaDOHship.these daze.

Delta those leveraged disabilities with a MMORPH-DNA-SKA?

If Everyone agrees, of course?

IBM lands spook data-sharing standard at Oz airports

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Is this an upgrade to

Hitlers tabulator?


US diplomat: If EU allows 'right to be forgotten' ... it might spark TRADE WAR

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But it will work when

...the 'consenting' end user has full control over the encryption, then they can delete such trails or have it 'forgotten' at will.

Kind restores some of the consent balance, where balance is overdue.

Easy Piezy new competitive greener fields in which gruff goats graze and gaze.

Dont you just L.O.V.E. IT, The Future!

Canadian man: I solved WWII WAR HERO pigeon code!

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...if One were to be able to decode the message, One might need to consider that the decoder/key holder(s) face risks.

As with any 'leak' of information, there are stakeholders (keyholders), their agendas, and potentially unwanted and to-be-avoided on-peril-of-death consequences of crossing paths with said stakeholders, who, if not pidgeoning positions of lowly legions, probably preferred prime party pontificate prose prevail permanently private, potentially posing great risks, both to said seer of the then unwound thread, and it's tailor's tribe.

NZ erupts over Dotcom corruption accusations

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One finds this in the Antipodes...

One might suggest a new domain for the govt.nz website:


How about a Public Private Partnership Publicly Policing Public Police's Private Piracy Policing Policy? ©2012 ARG Metaforia

Megaupload kingpin found in panic room when arrested, say cops

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The production hails forth as :

"SOPA Opera Overta Opus"

A Day-0 Dazer Hazer Doozy Double Cross Blockbuster Bonds Back Stab Head Job.

A legal thriller black comedy policy porno, but much, much worse, even in reverse.

This is the kinda loving you get from Uncle SAM while Nanny is nursing someone else.

Intro Scene: 70 Goons storm Internet's Mansion, Local hotel & courtier benefit accomodation of FBI & lawyers. Pseudo-kudos for 0ptimus sub-prime from funded friends.

Trolls burning their bridges - Pants on fire.

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When they are working for Hollywood,

aren't they just actors acting, in a fiction then?

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Not much compared to 'shoot-em-up US'...


Late last year police were talking about guns in all cars... Uncle Sam is whispering in someone's ear, in Paradise.

NASA shuts off Voyager 1's central heating

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That ute might tote whatever floats boats seen sinking without caring Captain's Control. V

Dead Drops take music promo to the 'hidden cloud'

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Cryptome releases list of social sites monitored by DHS

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A closer read of the list

...reveals this article to be poor quality DISINFO.

Pete 8

sp Cryptome Cryptome Cryptome Cryptome Cryptome Cryptome

Hello, care for a coffee?

Amazon cloud double fluffs in 2011

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I could stare at clouds all day :)

Google's Schmidt strikes Carrier IQ off Xmas card list

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Why then Mr Google,

when you type into google search box and observe the 'differences' in quasofasciistic autosuggests using obvious comparatives:

is america

is iran

is israel

is christianity

is judaism

is muslim

is theregister

is google

is schmidt

is eric schmidt g

is IT quite indicative of biases, occultings, distortions thus a subtle swaggery?

Cheif Search Site speaks with forked autocomplete.

If handlers decided on a whim say; a takedown order of an Idea like 'pants', 'the google machine' will unquestioningly down the pants forthwith, accepting a fee for downward delivery of said garment, distorting the view for most.

This offers great comfort and support to only a few.

Danger worm hijacks Facebook accounts to inject banking Trojan

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Checkout the guy in the middle of this clip, he has the same problem...


Boffins find new 2012 glyph on 'secret' Mayan brick

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Masonry gets a new

point of view, installed on their rear.

Bikestand anyone?

Radiation TERROR on Scottish beach! Except it's quite safe

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"Modern fearmongers at SEPA – and local MP Gordon Brown – might care to take note of their example, and realise just how pathetic it makes them look"

Thanks Page-Boy, for doing the MOD's filthy dirty work.

If you had a hushed-up cancer from being in one of the hushed-up cancer clusters around UKnUKes, you would rate this article as UKnUKepUKe. Perhaps you should just Hush up.

But then I guess you wouldnt get the juicy tidbits of disinformation without passing wild wind like this for MoD.

And when over-exposure comes, will you change back to your old name?

FBI: No evidence of water system hack destroying pump

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...playing ketchup finds no hot tomato footprints leaving with the beans.

Or can we count on the earlier report as being FUD pie, phishing for cold war reminiscing?

Was Weiss Wise?

'Nervous' London bankers run mock cyberattack exercise

Pete 8

So are they/you getting ready for:

1) the actual Truth to come out: their main judically journdiced gigantically jeapardous blind spot the dog(s)?


2) a False Flag Fracas Finalising Finance Family Force Majuere For Feigning Failed Fed Feeds Found Favouring Foreign Fervours Non-Nationalistically?


3) Testing, precepting, decepting en-klepting not nice new NetWOrk nodes sold for souls like yours?

Funny thing is that in playing that own-goal game, are the above three thoughts/actions not laughed out loud compounding certainty of citing crustacean-court-conspiratorial collageN padding the walls around and of/coursing the cells of brains as bounty, enough.

Of course the GOD-like IT angle may be lowered or raised to the, or by the sharing of any problems those houses are/have.



Have a nice HEY!.

Water utility hackers destroy pump, expert says

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You Sir, are a very cunning linguist.

Pete 8

Toilet pwnage!

"But maybe if the US gov made the CEO & MD of such corporations liable for gaol time for allowing such a serious breach of good practice, i.e. putting critical infrastructure on the 'net WITHOUT the software suppliers (MS et al) backing that up with a matching warranty of fitness for purpose, might just help to get such things fixed though."

How does a government or a court imprison itself?

US anti-hacking law turns computer users into criminals

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When our beloved leaders lie through their internet and print and TV teeth, they are all proven as criminals right?

Iceberg DEATHMATCH: Berlin vs Manhattan

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I'm so confused

Kardashians, Imperials, Thermetricians, Morlocks, Berlins, Bernankies, Euros, Neuros.

Its hard to know what mall a girl should to go to next.

Exchanging any of these units across borders and language barriers with actually available IP provides a perfectly private pretext, even on paper.

Killer smart meters torch Aussie homes!

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Glioma yet?

Scale-out virgin Fujitsu pushes out high-performing tool

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So the fellow I was talking to

last year, who was priding in his team's acheivement or having attained with consistency, to shuffle 1TB data frames around the data center in 3.5ns, could wup this puppies ass - 2 years ago. :)

So the news angle here is?

Android 'stands on Microsoft's shoulders', says MS lawyer

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Get that man a box of tissues

and ask him to google the inventor of the wheel - which MS's computer still rolls around on.

Anonymous shuts down hidden child abuse hub

Pete 8

Well done Anon

from article:

"The Tor network is widely used by human rights activists and often used as a means to get around government-applied censorship controls, such as the Great Firewall of China. The service is also used to exchange pirated content or by paedophiles."

Weren't the State Dept cables lifted by wikileaks from tor?


Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

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You changed the world.

22,000 'freetards' escape Hurt Locker piracy suit

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All that fuss about

a crap movie.


Tyneside police website defaced, used to serve phish

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Low-level crooks

seem to have a higher level permissions than the spokeperson for NPA.

Ten years after the Twin Towers: What's the Reg angle?

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that the length of aftercare on psyops, even if poorly done, is of higher quality than in the medical sector.

FLASH: The Disruptening

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Full stops are free.

but they wont necessarily prevent the rate of cascading domini/domino effects in motion, without of course a skirtless mega moderatrix mandate machine made merely to Allow/Ensure/Inform/Outperform/Unite and Inclusively Improve Investiture Immensely for any/all hearts and minds in L.O.V.E.

An amnesty and a silence will be required for the truth to be heard by the herd.

Forgiveness is a healing virtue, once the harm is measured, managed and monitored down.

Hundreds of dot-brand domains predicted

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so the buns will fly

when the industry overlapping names all want one.


crown pottery

crown lift trucks

crown insurance

crown rental

the crown 'city of londinium'

serious diversity FAIL, thinking we all supposed to be the same.

But they are not.

New NZ copyright law means ISPs could cash in

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We have the disease,

the cure, and a nice little industry forming now.

Thanks for providing another uncivil non-solution to a non-problem.

Payments now scaled according to societal benefit/cost ratio = 0.

German chemical giant depending on biscuit-based security

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the tin would be a fire-risk, with all those phones competeing for signal, maxing wattage to be 'heard'.

Battery-life would lower.

I say install a publicly accesible feed directly from the boardroom table. If they are such heroes, worth all the glossy spin, then surely their every step would be as that of a prophet walking on water, for all to see.

Nothing good happening there.

Accused SOCA attacker reportedly 'keen' to help cops

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What is needed is a new approach


ANU plasma thruster gets research boost

Pete 8

But will this fit

on my old cortina?

Bitcoin collapses on malicious trade

Pete 8

There is a parallel here

with the central banking model.

Scared yet?

Feds turn one in four black-hat hackers into snitches

Pete 8

Same method

used to get politicans judges etc firmly seated on the fingers of the invisible hand, just like a glove, only hackers would usually be cheaper.

ET, phone back: Alien quest seeks earthling coders

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SETI should hire

Mr McKinnon, he shares an deep interest.

Pete 8


is his hotmail password.

Sony unsure if PlayStation Network user data was stolen

Pete 8

Too bad

it would make a lovely distributed GPU passcracker appliance.

The sensors in iPhones also make up a seismic sensor network, like HP printers do.

Have a great game day all.

Serial hacker admits breaching Federal Reserve computers

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His name is Poo then.

Such a shame he didnt use his access to improve the global financial situation, now that it is all just fake 1s & 0s. Like an Openleaks ATM. There is no J or W in Openleaks.

Anonymous DoS attacks thwarted with Aikido hip throw

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Black Helicopters


Sun Tzu

Solution found for climate change: Nuclear war

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Almost proof

That most of Hitler's lot ended up working for the CIA or NASA.

Add a new meaning to the term "National Lottery".

There should be a special category of punishment for such eugenics crimes.

Easier to secure the cloud than your data center - IBMer

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I saw

what you just did - very clever Scott Broukell :)

WikiLeaks' Assange 'very likely' to lose extradition fight

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No comment

Mine is the coat with the torn hood.

Oracle: 'Eight Android files are decompiled Oracle code'

Pete 8


to watch such troll on troll action.