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Raspberry Pi signs big-name sellers

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Re: I'm going back to bed

I managed to get to farnell at 6:04am, but by then it was preorders only.

Best Buy fires parting shot at Dixons with closing down sale

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99p cable for £49 more like, or at least i paid 99p on amazon for a 1m optical cable, which is available in store for £49

East Midland Trains passengers get Wi-Fi

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Sounds good to me, I only go to London at the weekends, and first class tickets are often cheaper than standard class tickets if you buy them a week or more in advance form EMT's website. Mind you, I get no 3g reception (on my phone) anywhere on the route, so I wonder if the free wifi will be much better.

Vast 'Cloud 9' sky-wedding balloon destroyed in Vegas prang

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Lord/Sir/Dr/Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Delete as applicable

It's a bit harsh to only offer a free child place to children who's parents were born on 29th February and aged between 6574 and 7304 days old. Still, I guess they won't give away many free places at that rate.

Obama to scrap Moon, Mars expeditions - report

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It's a shame, Obama has just un-done the one policy of Bush's that I agreed with.

Next from Apple: The Pocket iPad

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I have been reading this story on my beta iPad Nano, keep up the good work

Activision leaps into Modern Warfare 2 sales figure fight

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She could only have bought it at the moment due to a technicality in the VRA making it unenforceable. Soon the act will be ammended , normal service will be resumed, and it will be £5K fines all round if she did. Besides setting the parental controls on the ps3 version she was trying to buy it for would just make the game not load at all. The member of staff explained the product, the nan agreed it was unsuitable wheres the problem with that?

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One of the main factors in me buying it was the £25.99 price, and the fact that I have recently completed Resistance 2 and Rainbow Six vegas 2 so I was at a bit of a loose end. if it had even been approaching rrp I wouldn't have bothered.

@Anonymous Coward Posted Friday 13th November 2009 11:30 GMT

Nice to see a parent with some sense, and a little intrest/knowledge about what their children are up to / want to be up to.

Whilst I was queuing at the supermarket there were at least 4 spotty chavs getting turned away for not having real ID to prove thier ages. But the funniest sight i saw, was a kid in a primary school uniform, with his grandmother, trying to buy it. The nan said "go on hand over your pocket money", and the sales assistant said "I'm not selling you this game, do you know what it contains, are you aware of it's 18 rated certificate?", the nan was very shocked when she ound out about the airport scene and asked why they market these games at small children when they are clearly unsuitable. made me laugh anyway

Apple confirms Windows 7 support for Mac OS X boot camp

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I installed windows 7 on my 2006 macbook, it works like a charm? Where is the news here?

Microsoft's browser ballot bodge gets the nod

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Answers on a postcard

who can name the 6th -> 12th most popular bowsers on windows platforms? (versions of the same thing like ie6,ie7,ie8 don't count). Seriously I got stuck after 5

UK, France mull Photoshop fakery laws

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How about

Having to a have a small picture of the un airbrushed celb shown in the bottom right hand corner of any advert..... I think that would be highly entertaining

Orange gets UK iPhone deal

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LOL, I was only joking, but it is based on truth,

my last phone on orange was a p990, and their menu did eat most of the system resources, and you could not disable it, drove me mad, until I got a phone shop to hack the firmware to remove it. Also, orange usually released their patches for the p990 several monthe after sonyericcson, and towards the end, they didn't even bother with sony's later patches.

It was the same story with the wifes samsung slider phone.

But hey, maybe they've changed that in the year since I left.

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I've seen it

I've had a play with an orange branded one, here is what it's like

1) The 4 icon dock at the bottom has been removed, it is replace with an orange band

2) Instead of icons being 4x4, they are 3x4

3) On the left is the orange menu, very like the one on the p990, it is unremoveable un changeable. I to the contacts book, the calander, sms messages, the camera and the orange webportal.

4) This side menu appears on all app pages, and the lock screen

5) This orange menu consumes 36mb of ram , and 24% of system resources , constantly -even in lock screen mode

6) Due to the customised nature of the os, regular apple patches don't work, you have to wait for custom orange updates.

What are you complainging about? they've done this for every other phone they sell so why not the iphone?

Highways Agency plans new speed cameras

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Has anyone tried the M42 at non congested times?

Seems like they never turn of the variable speed limits. I went down it a couple of Sundays back, the F****** speed limit was set to 50 mph the whole way, there were no cars in the fast lane, a few in the middle lane and some lorries in the slow lane. No roadworks either, so no need for it to be a 50 zone. I think they just do it to make money.

Cyclists give TV chef a Wikikicking

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The trouble with cylists

is a) James Martin is right.

b) the twats on bikes bitch that people ignore them, and that they have the right to use the road as much as anyone else, but merrily ignore all road laws, do whatever the hell they like and piss off the entire rest of the population by attempting to kill themselves at traffic lights, kill peddestrians on pavements, and ride 5 abrest to clog up the roads.

personally I think anything with less than 3 wheels and a weight of less than 400kg should be banned on both the roads and pavements. (yes this should include motorcyles and scooters as well) , then suddenly road deaths and injuries would plummet.

Brit inventor wants prison for patent crims

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I think

Lets keep it civil

But cap costs that can be awarded to something in the realm of what a single person could affoard. That way the big compaies can pay for £1million a day lawyers, but they would still only get £5k in costs if they win. It would allow the litlle man to protect himself.

Apple decrees Spotify worthy of iPhone

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The deal breaker

The deal breaker will be whether it is allowed to work over 3g/edge (even if it is at a compromised bit rate, seriously I'd have no problem with 64kbps if it worked in areas of poor reception).

If I can stream it over o2 rather than wifi then I would be very tempted.

Snow Leopard - what doesn't work

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Adobe doesn't suprise me

Adobe have gone seriously downhill in recent years, the devs/mangers are a bunch of useless numpties. I still can't use photoshop on my mac, as it is formated with a case sensitive file-system. Adobe couldn't be bothered to support it in cs4, even though the feature had been around for a year. Hopefully cyberduck will come out with a patch soon.

Mars rover stalks mystery space alien object

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I think

If I start seeing two green rings moving over dead people, then I am blaming NASA and their Nuke Rover for insiting a war . It's not even like spectrum can protect us!

El Reg to launch space paper plane

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I remeber reading ages ago about a japanese science experiment using a special sort of paper, that would release paper planes from space, and have it re-enter earths atmosphere (with all the crazy heat and forces that entails) to land on the ground, still I guess el reg's effort will be impressive still , even if it is from 1/3 rd of the height.

Spotify: iPhone sideloads for £120 a year, unlimited

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So it won't stream music on the fly? For me this takes most of the point of having it on an iphone away.

Apple ends Palm Pre's iTunes charade

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Why should apple have to let palm or anyone else be able to use iTunes with their devices? And by the same token, why should microsoft not be allowed to package IE with their OS? I don't see a problem with either, if consumers want to use something different the will.

Fifth time not a charm for Endeavour liftoff

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Ah yes but

Yes but kennedy needs to be clear for landing in case of a RTLS abort which can happen in roughly the first four minutes of flight.

Pirate Bay sells out to Swedish software firm for $7.7m

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I'd Like to be the first to say......

April Fools!!!!!

What? no one is joking?

Masked passwords must go

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Epic Fail


Vodafone said to be mulling T-Mobile UK bid

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Hopefully the competition commision will kill this deal. It would be bad for the consumer for voda to be so large.

It would be better for 3 to buy them out, or hell even tesco's.

Microsoft unveils Windows 7 free upgrades and discounts

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a £49 upgrade for me it is then, which doesn't seem to steep for microsoft (until you compare it to the $49 upgrade the USA get), combine that with the £29 Leopard upgrade and it looks like I'll upgrade all my OS' this summer

Branson breaks ground on US rocketplane spaceport

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Like other virgin transport?

Will the seating area on bransons spacplane stink of sewage? or is this design feature just availabe on pendelinos and super voyagers?

That Digital Britain report in full

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Here are my ideas

1)Replace AM with DRM (simulcast for some of the more important stations)

2)Sell of the DAB spectrum

3)Ban BBC local FM stations from having more than one frequency band for a local station (why does bbc radio derby deserve 3? half the time it is the same rubbish as bbc radio nottingham anyway which already has 2. you could mitigate this by moving them to drm

4)Get rid of the ridiculous amount of frequency devoted to radio 3, at one point in my car I can find it on 9 different fm frequencies. Besides it only has 14 listeners anyway so why not just give it from 90.4mhz to 91mhz ( I would be in favour of abolishing it altogether but the insessant whining of the Friends of Radio 3 Campaign in the national newspapers would be too much.)

5)Cut some spectrum of the other 3 BBC nationals, though keep them running as they are all good. They just need someone to sit down and think about the best use of spectrum, surely you could get the same coverage with less frequencies, especially if they were duplicated on DRM

6)Devote all spectrum above Classic FM to unliscensed low power FM use. I.E. for pirate radio / ipod's whatever (though keep the ban on religous content transmission) .

<prepares for backlash>

Israel to test ducted-fan robot air jeep 'within two months'

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"hover craft which can't fly" Stick a pair of wings on a suitable designed hovercraft and it can fly, using the ground effect. makes for a scary yet awesome vehicle

Junior astronomer spots junior supernova

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So this explosion is more like the backfire from a vauxhall nova , than the massive release of energy from a super nove?

Fair play to the kid though, if she has discovered a new tyoe fo explosion IAU should give her naming rights.

Mars projected to collide with Earth

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Will it be like third rock form the sun's scene dividers?