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Amazon’s shares slashed as profits drop 73%

James 5

My god...

... I didn't realise I was buying that much from them!

But I stopped buying from them after they allowed a fraudster to set up an account using the same card as my actual account (PayPal won't allow this so why does Amazon?) and "reward" their criminal little student friends with goods from Amazon. A well known scam in fraud investigation circles, apparently: Criminals ask students to help them obtain credit card details and reward them by buying stuff off their wish lists - of course Amazon seems to be incapable or unwilling to spot and stop this behaviour.

So I have absolutely no sympathy with their situation...

Scammers take advantage of ticket allocation to craft Olympics scams

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... just ignore the games.

Then you're not going to try to buy tickets . Hence no chance for rip-off.

MS claims credit for Rustock botnet takedown

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... there weren't idiots responding to the spam "adverts" there would be no spam...

Amazon killer erupts from Icelandic volcanos

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.. you place your data into a data centre situated on a volcanically active island in the middle of the Atlantic? Nope, me neither!

Data Centres should be placed on tectonically stable areas, preferably well above current sea level - parts of the UK (Scotland) and Scandinavia may be suitable. And parts of the Canadian shield and a fair part of Africa. Not sure about the rest of the world just now !

Prepping the great Windows 7 migration

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It was a breeze,...

... just installed Win 7 Pro on a free partition of my computer then put in latest version of HyperOS and I've got my three computers in one (one Win 7 and two XP Pro)! No pain!

HyperOS is a great and safe way to upgrade (assuming your hardware is capable). Just use Acronis to create a partition then install and slap in HyperOS.

You can then safely use your "legacy" systems as well as your shiny new Win7 until you're happy / confident that all is well.

No - I don't own shares in HyperSystems nor work for them - just been using HyperOS as a security and backup tool for many years. And they're British (flies flag and sings "God save...") or maybe Scottish.... (even better!).

Julian Assange sets out bid to appeal extradition to Sweden

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As has been pointed out before...

... the Swede Plods should surely come over to the UK and interview him. Then they either charge him or they don't.

All hail our cloud computing overlords

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Agree !

Good article and great point about the data (agree with Ben on this).

Recently investigated using an online (in the clouds!) accounts system. Looked good, does all that is needed BUT it does not produce a local copy of all the data files, nor does it allow local access (on the workstation) to the data. Yes, it exports data in various formats - but that's not the same as having local control.

Whilst I was doing that the BT broadband hubs in Scotland went AWOL for a few periods of 24 hours in a week....

Then I heard about the *possible* disruption of a whole series of electronic systems by sun activity in the coming years....

So, there is no way I would want my business data floating about in an inaccessible "cloud" when things go wrong.

I use Dropbox (a lot) because - as well as having the Great Data Pond in the Sky it also creates identical copies of all my files on my several computers that have Dropbox on them. This works for me.

Following Egypt and other places of unrest - I think we should treat the internet as a non-permanent service rather than something that's "fore-ever" and rock solid.

IMHO building business data in the cloud is a bit like building a skyscraper on quicksand - it may vanish in few seconds.....

Russia blames Google for Egyptian revolt

James 5

Politician ...

... not a scientist, not a web developer, not a technologist, not an engineer. Why does anyone value what pig-ignorant politicians say?

Who needs 600 friends when you're a bride of Christ?

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The Catholic church ....

"What remained of the city was razed by fire. Arnaud wrote to Pope Innocent III, "Today your Holiness, twenty thousand heretics were put to the sword, regardless of rank, age, or sex." (on the taking of Carcassone in 1209 - from Wikipedia).

Who cares what this murderous organisation or it's representatives think?

Countries where Facebook is not, yet, king

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Cherry picking ....?

"The human race has susceptibility to harm but Mr. Zuckerberg has attained an unenviable record: he has done more harm to the human race than anybody else his age." - Eben Moglen - reported in El Reg yesterday.

From the Scotsman (17 Feb)

"Research by psychologists at Edinburgh Napier University found interacting with people on the social network site (Facebook) is a major source of stress.

Despite being intended as a tool to help people stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues, the psychologists concluded that, for a significant number of the site's more than 500 million users worldwide, the negative effects of Facebook outweighed the benefits.

It found those who used the site the most were those most likely to suffer from Facebook-related anxiety."

So, in fact, those countries where it is NOT used are showing a degree of common sense.

And now I see the smiling, toadying little gremlin Zuckerberg is sucking up to Obama - any remaining respect I had for Mr Obama has just gone out the window.

Now where's the Mark Zuckerberg delete button ...?

Canadian finance ministries closed off from web after cyberspy hack

James 5

I don't know...

.. why the Chinese bother! After all, the west is transferring all its technology for free to them as part of its technology transfer.

Haven't seen much technology coming back from them though...

Sarkozy: Microsoft represents all that is great about France

James 5

He'll be claiming....

... that it's actually Stéphane Bellemere rather than Steve Ballmer.

iPhone 5 rumors: bigger, smaller, cloudy, keyboard-equipped

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Big Brother

And don't forget Egypt....

Pretty damn easy to switch the whole thing off in an emergency.

But we don't need that - last autumn two days without internet access as BT centres went down.

I don't use anything in the "Cloud" unless it duplicates everything on local drives....

Millennium bugs hit stock exchange

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"But that was blamed on "human error", which the exchange claimed was likely sabotage"

Just shows what happens when you don't pay the Greedy *ankers their bonuses.....

Rugged-phone maker claims world's longest talk time

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This phone sounds as though it's designed for work in the remote Tundras, Deserts, Mountains by exploration geologists (the people who really find PRIMARY wealth - not your "lets stay in the office and push buttons" Bankers and Clerks who are involved in Tertiary wealth production at the best) - these are places where WiFi is notable by it's absence. GPS on the other hand is more than useful.

Global warming will not cause 'permanent El Niño'

James 5

Good stuff...

... looks like it's based on actual scientific work (getting and analysing samples) rather than creating fancy computer models.

Real science then, rather than play science! East Anglia Uni - take note!

Rare metals found in Cornish tin mine

James 5

Surely that should be iNdium....

... if it's for the iPad !

@ Symon: "What t'bloody hell's... ...computer-controlled hydraulic drills?"

Most drill rigs are controlled and powered by hydraulics. Usually by someone standing there and pulling levers, turning knobs and being in control of the actual drilling process.

Computer control may mean that computers control the entire process including adding the drill rods and performing the drilling. It could also mean that the drill rig is moved under computer control to each drill location (pre-programmed) in sequence to perform the aforementioned drilling.

Strange that Wikipedia doesn't have any info on them (just checked) - they've been around since the early 1990's

Facebook causes eating disorders in teenage girls

James 5

A bit like the report on the Beeb..

.. this morning where it seems that kids who eat lots of junk food in their formative years "become" less intelligent.

Of course - the research didn't consider that they may eat "junk" food because of their social background and therefore there may be many other factors in their lack of intelligence.

Junk food (physical garbage) = Facebook (virtual garbage) ?

DEC founder Ken Olsen is dead

James 5


... the photo brought back memories of operating one of these at what was the SURRC at East Kilbride when I was a post grad. All those switches to play with......

Egypt to release 'missing' Google exec on Monday

James 5

At least...

.. someone in Google has the guts to stand up to a bad regime.

A lesson there for the Mountain View Ivory-Towered executives.

World leaders meet to discuss cyberwar rules of engagement

James 5


I thought Mubarak had found the answer. Just switch off the internet.

No Internet = No Cyber War.

But I guess that'd be cheating.

LG Android 3.0 tablet out next month

James 5

@JDX: 3D Video capture....

You're missing the point.

It'll be able to recognise it's owner using 3D face recognition technology.

So if you're not it's owner it'll just go blank. And you'll need to use chalk to write on it.

Photo loss blogger to Flickr: You're f*cking kidding

James 5

Read his article...

... before making comments.

1) He states he works in IT - is fully computer aware (he works in IT) - "In my day job I actually work as an IT Architect. I do designs on complex infrastructures, delivery processes and related stuff."

2) He does have back-ups of photographs - as has been said in other comments it's the years of comments, links etc. that he cannot re-build so quickly.

But, of course, the answer is easy as others have pointed out. Yahoo/Flickr just restore his profile /account the last back-up (presumably the previous day). If they aren't taking daily backups of all accounts and keeping at least six months worth then they cannot be taken seriously and should be avoided like the plague.

As someone else mentioned - multiple redundant backups...... Way to go...

So the mega FAIL for Flickr.

Personally I would never ever commit anything I rely on to the "cloud" UNLESS it provides one or more copies on a local computer under my control (Dropbox being a case in point).

Vodafone confirms Egypt lock-down

James 5

So, let me get this straight...

... when "Anonymous" implements a Denial of Service it warrants police action against those involved, but when a government launches a Denial of Service attack against it's citizens its ok?

Seems to me the Egyptian government would have been better to leave the mobile network alone and employ "Mr Mudrock and his NOTW super-spook lackeys" to tap the mobiles !!

UK fraud losses soar to over £38bn

James 5

Underestimated ?

Can the Register find out if the £3.6bn includes the bonuses paid to the directors of the financial services industry?

MP: Googlepoly hurts British business

James 5

Double standards....

... haven't seen the politicos kick up the same fuss about Tesco, Asda etc. affecting the smaller shops...

NYT casts Assange as 'arrogant' (with a little 'Peter Pan')

James 5

In other words

"paints the WikiLeaks founder as an erratic figure with “a bit of Peter Pan in him.” Mood swings, temper tantrums and a lack of care that could threaten the safety of Afghan citizens cooperating with US forces all feature prominently"

In other words: A narcisstic a**ehole.

Worked for them, been there, done that, got the T-shirt, I can't stand narcissists........ Don't care what they've achieved, they destroy people for their own glorification.....

Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked

James 5

I'm shocked !

"but weak password security by the team of minions maintaining the page is the most likely explanation."

The master of social interf***ing doesn't write / secure his own page !

Whatever next ? You'll be telling me that Lloyd Grossman doesn't lovingly mix each jar of his sauces ....

Coder Android love (nearly) matches iPhone lust

James 5

Monodroid anyone ?

so you can use C# and Vis Studio 10 to get your Android Apps up and running.

and there's at least one implementation of "good ole" BASIC now for Android developers.

HTC 7 Trophy smartphone

James 5

Budget ???

Perhaps we should define a budget level for a budget phone in these inflation and recession hit times:

I suggest anything under £40.00 is budget, £40-£100 is mid range, £100-£200 is upper range. Anything over £200 should be the "You've got to be joking" range. Maybe force the manufacturers to cut back on their "research costs" and develop long lasting smart phones in the spirit of the new age of austerity (Bankers excepted, of course).

Brazilian cult condemns USB

James 5

Hmm - Pitchfork

.. No, don't see it myself. Looks more like a fledgling attempt at designing Londons underground system to me.

Maybe they could hold it the other way up - in which case it looks like the upper part of someone carrying a briefcase or supermarket shopping. Surely that's not a sign of the devil !

Financial fraud hits 23-year high

James 5

Not surprising...

..given the great example set by the upper echelon of bankers.

Bankers Bonuses = Fraud perpetrated on the UK electorate.

Assange bailed again

James 5

Am I alone in thinking of...

.... Stieg Larssons Millennium trilogy when I hear about Swedish authorities pursuing someone who has caused embarrassment to the US.

Facebook boobs over breastfeeding page... again

James 5


Yawn, facebook - just sooo last decade - we're in the decade of reality now!

EU in Chinese garlic-crushing operation

James 5

So, soon it'll be common,,,,

.... to see Chinese garlic sellers on rickshaws replacing the French onion sellers on bikes......

Sign of the times!

Body of murdered cyberwar expert found in landfill

James 5
Black Helicopters

Call in...

... the Silent Witness team. They'll have it solved in one episode (or maybe a 2 parter!).

But beware! This is what'll happen to anyone the Met Office considers a Man Made Climate Change Denier in the future!

Courtney Love in court over 'Boudoir Queen' Twitter bitchfight

James 5

40,000 sads..

"Love was evidently unimpressed with the claim, and on 17 March 2009 entertained her 40,000 Twitter followers "

40,000 of the sad wee beggers! Is it possible to have a group Darwin award?

Regional accent read-outs coming to satnavs

James 5

Hey this'll be fun !

In Dundee "roundabouts" are called circles. So is the SatNav voice going to use local terms?

It'll be great to hear it pronounce Footdee in Aberdeen (pron: Fittie) and all those other local dialects.

It'd be even better if it had a local dialect/language function where it changed as it went through the different areas. I reckon there'd be several thousand of those in "English" for mainland UK alone - not to mention Welsh, Gaelic and other languages..

Ah what a glorious future we have before us!

Indian village bans single girls from mobile use

James 5


.. are we still outsourcing call centres to this country?

When they have stopped all so-called "honour" killings then we, maybe, can talk to them again.

Why are none of the perpetrators of these murders being charged, convicted and shipped (naked) to Antarctica for six months without food? (Well, it sounds fair to me!)

China-inspired charity aims to sex-down society

James 5


In this respect, one speaker cited an ad for Mikado chocolate biscuits, which was described as a "pre-pubescent girl having her fanny photographed".

In which world is a 20 year old or more girl considered "pre-pubescent". I have to assume the use of Fanny is the American one. Unless the original commentator is privy to footage that was not broadcast.

Global warming is actually good for rainforests, say boffins

James 5

Should have asked...

... the geologists way back before all these short-termist, GW panickers got the media attention....

Highest point on the Moon found: Higher than Mount Everest

James 5

Is this meaningful?

"The highest point on the Earth is at the summit of Mount Everest, which is 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) above sea level. The lunar high point is 1938 meters higher than that of the Earth!"

So to compare the highest point on the moon must be above Sea level - so where's the sea?

It must be more meaningful to compare the difference between the lowest solid surface point and the highest solid surface point on each sphere. I which case Everest to the Mariana Trench (depth approx 11.03 km). So combined "relief" is 19,881 which beats the moons bulge somewhat.

PS - I was expecting some spectacular side views of a towering mountain - not a wee arrow on an acned surface. Perhaps you can generate a Playmobil scene ?

UK border police seize £500k from Nigerians' hand luggage

James 5

The perfect excuse....

.. Why on earth didn't they just say that they were investment bankers who had driven their countries economy into the ground and the cash was their months bonus. They'd have had our fine politicians queuing up to get them off the hook and all charges and suspicions would have been dropped.

Twittering MP escapes with caution

James 5


.. aren't all prospective parliamentary, local government etc. candidates given a series of examinations - on law, science, finance, art & culture, international relations, diplomacy, farm management, running small businesses, societies, etc. etc. If they fail even one then they're no longer eligible for election for a minimum of 5 years.

In this way we may just get people with a modicum of common sense and the depth or experience and knowledge that the job requires - rather than these idiots that haven't got the common sense of a gnat! (I'm probably doing gnats a disservice here - but you know what I mean!).

ICO reopens Google Street View privacy probe

James 5

Ah - but....

... that was individuals or poor people. Not a multi-million dollar company with strong influences over our "unbiased" politicians and boatloads of vicious little piranha lawyers waiting to snap up the flesh of anyone that dare to question their ultimate goal of world domination. Zeigoogle Heil !

S African rhino rustlers tackled using satellite horn implants

James 5

Rusty Hustler 2

Must be his name - you couldn't make it up! But everyone will remember it.

Street View spies a €2.4m fine

James 5

If my maths..

is correct: One Don Quixote = 1973 Kilobytes (approximately).

Is this to be the new name, on El Reg, for the amount of data filtched or obtained illegally.

Sounds good to me. (1973 was a good year)

Facebook gets poked in latest privacy gaffe

James 5

BUT ....

"As part of our work to provide people with control over their information, we've learned that the design and operation of the Internet doesn't always provide the greatest control that is technically possible. "

This has been known since the first days of the internet. If you're designing stuff to run on in it's your responsibility to make sure your system is watertight !

It's a bit like standing in a blizzard in your shorts and sunglasses and saying "we're learned that the operation of the weather system dosn't always conform to our idea of summer."

Paris Hilton flashes her Brazilian...

James 5

She's missed ...

... the boat. Latin American country of the moment is Chile - not Brazil!

Hundreds of Americans, bystanders injured playing video games

James 5

Lets see....

... "Americans sustained 696 "video game-related injuries" during the period 2004 to 2009"

That's about 140 per year, out of a population of 310 million. That is 0.000047 percent of the population.

Why is this news? There are probably much much larger numbers of Americans who injure themselves running, playing tennis, sneezing, changing light bulbs etc.!