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Internet is a tool of Satan that destroys belief, study claims

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We are seeing that part of the brain join other handy but failed appendages like the back boob evolve into oblivion! Darwin and the Internet 1, blind faith 0.


Microsoft has shifted 1.5 million Windows phones

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Hate MS.... Spit but.

After playing with WinMo for a bit at Future Shop I like it. Lighting strike me down, MS has something that is different, fun and easy to use. I will go and play with it again just to be sure i didn't eat some "bad" mushrooms at dinner. LOL Coming from the anti-Microsoft camp I have a hard time choking up that they might be better for me than an Iphone and Droid phone which i've have had.

Flip'in thing is fast!

Strange days......

Microsoft and Adobe talk acquisition and Apple

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This could be good!

The end of Flash and the beginning of mass adoption of HTML5. MS will spend way too much on a dead and dieing fast monopoly thus shrinking their coffers to borg others :)

The ecosystem will be in a better place within 5 years after this, wait and see. Just like Oracle and MySQL, postgres will prosper. HTML5, open alternative will ultimately prevail. Power to the freetards and open standards, down with monopolies and the closed!!!

Sometimes M&A does mean Murders and Axicutions :-)

Ex-Sun cloud CTO named chief Cisco fluffer

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I didn't know Cisco was into making porn??


Who knew?

Mozilla: Our browser will not run native code

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maybe they should bundle flash

Only then will they work with Adobe to keep FF from using 50% of my CPU and left long enough all available memory.


Patching is a pain...

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Hey ChrisC and Trevor

Competence and skill or lack there of is not isolated to a single field! GFY for understanding the the ramifications of your actions, you are a minority indeed. Daily, i deal with people that are "Decision Makers" and "Leaders" that make you wonder how they even remember to breath never mind use a mouse. They are the majority, remember that. ;-)

Every organization assumes and mitigates risks differently; maturity generally dictates their level of risk management and governance. In your case the cost of the control (admin access) is perfectly acceptable by the organization. My questions to you: does the company truly understand the risk associated with you having that access? Do you? Does risking your career because of crapware sneaking on your workstation worth loosing your job for? One could make the argument that even without local admin this could happen but the risk is transferred from you to the IT department.

Just my 2 cents on that.


My friend, please bone up on ITIL, PCI, HIPPA, COBIT and ISO27001. Just to name a few (BIG ONES LOL).

From standards and practices to risk management of IT; never mind corporate risk management; not having total control of your assets is risky. Hell maybe you have done all this and your company knows what could truly happen. I hope for your sake!

From my standpoint, I really don't care how dismissive another thread is about fully managed infrastructure down to the desktop. In my country i have to abide by a Privacy Act and we constantly have auditor's fingers up the you know where. If we fail to satisfy a control audit such as COBIT it is ineffective. You best learn what the "Prudent Person" rule is! If you or your employer has to stand in front of a Judge and say "we did all we could to protect those 2.5 million IDs" and you don't have control of your desktop, well you're fucked! Plain and simple. The saving grace for your position on "Users that are Local Admins" is that if you can prove that your controls work, you are OK. I doubt it though. I really wish a CISSP or GSEC professional would jump in here. Please? I guess after you stop laughing at everything including my ramblings and Trevor's views, you can.

At the end of the day we, in IT, are here to serve the business. This includes managing risks we inherently create by the technology. If the end user understood the ramifications of the assumed risks they are taking on, they would gladly hand over the keys.

Yes, patching is a pain, big big hemorrhoid kind of pain! Just keep thinking about all the overtime...

No one ever said it was easy and it doesn't look like it will anytime soon. :-(

I hope I'm a tad more salient tonight because i haven't had a whole bottle of wine yet. Working on it though :p

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ever heard of repackaging?


In another life i used to repackage apps and one of the most important things was NOTHING runs with admin privileges. If it needed it, we would work with the vendor to fix it or dump it for something else that doesn't. Granted, this was quite some time ago and badly written apps are now common place in the enterprise COTS software world. :-(

I don't agree about re-imaging workstations monthly. If your QA process is questionable or non-existent and if something goes south, keep your resume up to date!

There was someone who mentioned wireless connectivity on laptops outside of the managed environment as a reason to be admin. Sorry, wrong get a better supplicant like Juniper's Odyssey.

There was another comment about Power Users and regular users or something to that affect. Sorry, there is only one class of "user" not developing or administrating, that's "L"users and they will F!@# up a paperweight if given enough time and permissions.

I will say this very very slow for everyone who lets their users install software on corporate managed infrastructure.









If you allow them to you do not have a managed network, you have a bunch of home PCs all plugged in and accessing your IP. You introduce so many risks to the organization the el' Reg comment box would puke if i tried to list them all. Here are some highlights though,

Licensing, Incompatibility, Internal Support costs, Security, Privacy and on and on and on

Albeit, if you don't have the $$ to fully manage your infrastructure you are bailing at best. I do feel for you and ultimately security and stability have to make concessions to reality. :-( Not a good place to be but you can befriend a CISSP ;-)

Microsoft slings mud at Google Chrome

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Pot meet kettle

Wow, coming from them? GTFOH! Really???

The last time i looked MS and Facebook got together to share my contacts in my hotmail account. I don't use F-book much or really at all. I just use crap info in my profile anyway. Some of my friends sent me an invite so i obliged. What i was completely stunned by was how facebook got a copy of my contacts and was recommending them as people to send invites to.

So MS you talk about browser privacy, but fail to mention your "Partnership" with a company who is even less interested in privacy than you or Google. I didn't give you permission to give it to them so how do you protect me and my privacy by giving F-book a list of my friends?

If rigged browsers give Google and i'm sure Bing very soon surf profiling information WTF do you think giving F-book my friends email addresses does????

Gives them a way bigger profile on who I am than what i do on the internet, MORONS!

Funny thing is they also fail to mention that their wonderful browser (any version) IS the most targeted app on the 1 billion puters by scumware makers and distributors in history. "We don't collect it but we make it easy for others to"

MS Go pound salt!!!

I'm going to go pound a few drinks!

Ubuntu in truffle shuffle with Chrome OS

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Shuttlesworth is smart

He made a billion off of thawte and he is going to make another when the chocolate factory finally buys Canonical. it is the quickest way for Google to pickup a development community and a huge distro.

Just wait and see

Intel brass sued over antitrust wrangle

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And Leornard Sings

Everybody knows the deal is rotton

and old black Joe is still pick'in cotton

for your ribbons and bows

And everybody knows.

Now will something finally get done?

Nobody knows..........

My pizza is ready


Sun tunes its VirtualBox

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Could someone please tell me:

Has anyone ever heard anything about someone implementing Oracle's VM offering? I haven't. BTW if it wasn't for El' Reg i wouldn't even know it existed! Virtualbox with all its faults is better known than Oracle's so Larry would be a complete moron to just cast it aside. He may keep it around just to poke VMware with a half hearted "free" desktop alternative.

Got more drink'in to do

FSF launches Windows 7 anti-upgrade letter campaign

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Remember what the IT mentors say grasshopper

"No one ever gets fired for picking Microsoft"

The Fortune 500 brain trust know that, FSF and the commie software world needs to step up to be seen in that light. Sorry, its the sad sad sad sad .... truth.

I work with my coat on because I never pick MS solutions but one day I may pay for it!

Fast exit, stage left!

Microsoft airbrushes anti-Apple ad

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This is fun!

Use both an NUX too

OS X - Finder WTF was apple thinking? Nuff Said

XP - Nothing overly wrong with it. Kinda slow compared to OS X and Network performance is abysmal.

Vista - Explorer now is almost as bad as Finder. MS what the Fuck were you thinking? Performance BAD! Bloat and a completely broken security model that someone should be shot for. Now now now, just wait... let me explain! First off, if your Vista machine is part of a domain then all is good as it was in previous versions. Now for the majority of Vista systems not on a domain you have the UAC which bugs the crap out of you. One of the first things people do is figure out how to get rid of those annoying things and thus disable it. Guess what folks? If your account was the first one on the system you now run as administrator great fucking security eh?

Security from both companies has been less than stellar. Someone mentioned security by obscurity and he is correct. Apple is becoming a bigger target and MS will always because of it's market share and the most obvious bad design. Now now now don't jump up and down little MS people, bad design from a security perspective or lack there of. MS, gets creds because it tries to appease with backwards compatibility and has unfortunately for them paid the price (Security). Apple on the other hand, doesn't have big business clients to contend with. It would be interesting to see what their position would be on backwards compatibility would be. STOP Mac morons! Stop right now! Big businesses have spend big bucks on their custom applications and upgrades cost even bigger bucks! Again, i'm not talking about some pissant universal binary you paid $200 for. Try $20,000,000 FFS! Enjoy this too while you are at it; JAVA 1 year wait for security fix from Apple. Why don't they let SUN manage it? Can someone explain that to me? SUN? I mean Oracle LOL

My point? Both have their pros and cons. Both have a place and both companies are guilty of the same thing.......GREED!

Truth be told i have a MBP and for the most part love it when it doesn't lock up like a Windows XP laptop i use at work. As for the HW, I will never buy an HP/DELL/ACER/ETC again. Regardless of the OS the design of the MBP is far better than anything the other WinTel world creates in general. That's just my opinion and mine alone, don't care what one side or the other says. You each can find salient points to your argument.

Now if you want to really start a religious war lets argue Cisco verses Procurve or how about Cisco verses Juniper? How about Checkpoint verses Juniper verses Cisco? Cue the Zealots.


Sun cranks clocks on Sparc T2 and T2+

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How many?

How many of the ones slamming these boxes have any T2's in their racks? Come on guys tell us? I for one have 20 5220s and 5120s. We love them, A single CPU 5220 replaced a quad SF480 and the DBA noticed almost double the performance for OLTP! JAVA web apps? All I can say is WOW!

They are the best bang for the buck bar none for web services! Though I'm sure some of you will disagree even though you have never even tried one.

Paris, cos she loves a good bang for a buck.........

Clever attack exploits fully-patched Linux kernel

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@Alex 3

Microsoft Rules! Is that better?

I think i'm going to wash my mouth out with soap now ;P

LOL, your assumption is that MS people understand what these VERY intelligent people are talking about. I sort'a do and i'm just a mac-moron :p That might be a slight; let the war begin!


Microsoft knew of nasty IE bug a year before attacks

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re: Hold on a second

you forgot the melemine laced milk and lead based paint used on toys


Google data center born without chillers

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hey John H Woods

Yes I know they don't live in the northern hemisphere; it was meant to be a joke! I didn't know the Scientific PC police frequent this site as well. Sorry all for my feeble attempt at humor. :(

I guess i learned my lesson and don't want to piss off the global warmest tree huggers. Opps i did it again.. LOL

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Why don't they put one in the arctic? At least the global warmest will have some tangible and concrete reason why the polar ice cap is melting! I'm sure MS would love to run with it too. Google kills polar bears and penguins! If you bing it you wouldn't be able to find it though, msn search by any other name still couldn't find it's ass in a hole in the ground!. Or is that the ozone layer?

BTW Cisco did a study in some hot part of the US a while back and they found that even in the desert they could get a 95% reliability running a datacenter on outside air alone. Interesting read if you can find it. I forgot where it was so sorry all for not remembering.

NASA data shows 'dramatically' thinned Arctic ice

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Oh my Gore!

Now what about the Antarctic?

Snow Leopard kisses ZFS bye-bye

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Matt Bryant is right on one thing only Vasili

Netapp has probably scared Apple off.

As for any ZFS nay Sayers out there, us it, understand it and learn it before you open your mouth! ZFS is the best file system since sliced bread. Period. No its not the fastest so please drop that argument its just the most flexible and easiest file system to manage. Yes you don't have a "Real GUI" so what! The syntax is easy and working with pools has been a dream! Snapshots, exports and moving datasets between servers are soooo easy, it would make you wonder if you did it right.

Hopefully, ZFS make it in sometime into OS X, us Solaris admins who use it love it and power Mac users will too.

As for the "Gah" dolt who thinks Solaris isn't reliable these days; We do better than 5 9's with it but what does Linux fanboi like you know about UNIX?

Nuff said, got to go find some HPUX news to leave trashy comments on. Oh-ya what's ever new with that dinosaur? Sorry Matt couldn't resist..... :)