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Porky Visual Studio way over the hill

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Jesus - where do you get these moronic writers?

Get your facts right. .Net is used in thousands of huge applications throughout the world. Stats show a steady decline in the use of Java (not that it was that high in the first place) and c++ in favour of managed solutions.

Opera for iPhone: The review

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Yes, but is it secure?

Can a knowledgeable person comment on the security aspects of Opera Mini and its proxy servers?

Ticket site sorry for pisspoor password wrong

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Looks like I'll have to change my password! I use the same one in lots of places so it'll be a big hassle.

Another 36,000 US jobs lost in February

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This is all correct correction.

Globalisation is in action, our lives become slightly less luxurious, and it allows other countries to do the more mediocre jobs initially (important word, initially) and build up from there. With the previous American and English imperialism that arguably still goes on, we owe it to other countries from a human point of view.

If Americans are moaning now, just want until the potential of African nations are realised. Most Americans I know aren't for human-equality if it means they can't drive 50 yards in a big 4litre-4x4 from one supermarket located on one side of the highway to the other side where another supermarket is placed.

Not easy to build up hatred for such a nation really. We all know it's not the fault of all Americans, but I think we could fairly say most of the country is easily lead.

China is the next America, so look forward to the population behaving the same, but just under a different regime. Should be interesting, to say the least.

World of Google zombies mistake news story for Facebook

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You abuse the question mark?

Why are you asking us if you find it pretty hard to believe? Why are writing statements with question marks at the end?

US will complain to China about Google hacking

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More concerned about stopping gay pride celebration

I think we've had enough news on this particular item. Nothing will come of it, China's internet will stay filtered to varying degrees throughout the country. Beijing lax, Guilin highly filtered.

I'm more concerned about the fact that in Beijing goverment agencies have closed down the forthcoming gay pride celebrations. Shows just how backwards the Government still is, even in the usually more progressive Beijing area.

Google tries to quietly trample on Apple's toes

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It is simply amazing how you can make a prediction about a product you have never even seen or touched, much less tried. It is no wonder journalist are becoming an endangered species...

DARPA balloon-hunt compo: Stand by for skulduggery

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MIT team

This team from MIT seems to be the most organized so far:


McKinnon family 'devastated' by Home Sec's latest knock-back

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You know what?

I've had just about enough of this guy.

Suicidal is a psychological state of mind, not a verb, so his mother cannot claim that he should not go through this due to the fact he stupidly infiltrated a lax security system. If someone's door is open, it doesn't give you the right to wander in.

As somebody very technical, who enjoys reading the register, we should forget this guy's asperger's syndrome, not because I don't believe he had it at the time, but because the fact is this whole thing seems like a massive over-reaction. We should base being against the extradition on that, not on some illness that he likely did not have at the time when he was knowingly entering systems.

He was old enough to know better, and that's all I have to say.

Acer Aspire 1810TZ

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Bit of a shame about the fact PC Vantage was used for the battery test, and not the standard netbook video test. A video test can run on any laptop, not just a netbook, and would provide adequate comparison. As it stands, the figures are all based on competing laptops of a slightly larger size. I don't really see why PC vantage was used in this case.

People are going to see this as a netbook, if not in name, in features.

9/11 pager messages released on Wikileaks

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That site should be ashamed. Those texts were never meant to be publicized. They were private correspondence between private citizens who had no reason to believe that these jackals would come along nearly a decade later and publicise these. This is entirely a promotional gimmick and is one of the most distasteful things I've ever seen. What's even worse is that they left the people's phone numbers visible in many of the messages, which means that they'll start getting prank calls from deranged psychos. Absolutely sickening.

How blogger kept Belle de Jour's ID secret

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Poor old Toshiba...

...someone should have given them a heads-up (no pun intended) so at least they had the chance to yank their 'We've got your laptop needs covered' tagline at the foot of the article :D

Microsoft admits Win 7 tool violated GPL

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So I wonder if...

Microsoft would accept the "woopsies" defense if someone else violated one of their license agreements.

Microsoft in Bing jingle kiddie vid outrage

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@Boris the Cockroach

Wow, you suck at TEH COMPUTAR. Either get a distro that holds your hand and whipsers sweet nothings, or learn to use a search engine for easy step by step instructions. I hear that "Bing" is the best thing since combra-filled underpants, for example..

Apple dangles tablet lure in Oz

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Jobs Horns


It's beginning to make more sense.

Apple releases iTunes for News with paid for content - available on their new Newton, iPhone, OSX and Windows. Simultaneously loads of newspapers announce support and shutter significant parts of their free content online.

The bet is people will pay via an iTunes like service for content, articles, reviews etc. probably at a few pence type level. Apple gets content for their platform, and of course it will work best on their new hardware. Eventually eBooks and lengthier text is pushed in the Apple direction as critical mass is achieved.

Will it work? Can you roll back the internet to the AOL model, even if it does have a pretty apple face?

I'd have bet that apple trying to redefine MP3s into a paid for format would fail, but...

Zero-day fixes star in biggest ever Patch Tuesday

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I wish they'd actually impart some info though. I can't find anything that tells me how this affects SQL Server, for example.

FCC questions Google Voice's expensive call blocker

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Do no evil

Hmm, not really in the spirit of the rules is it? Google becomes more like a normal corporation all the time. They were supposed to change the world!

Google strips Pirate Bay homepage from search results

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I am in the US and get results... what purge?

I'm in the USA and the pirate bay site comes up in various searches. Must have been a very short purging.

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala opens its eyes

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Have you tried turning it off?

"Given its stability, most Linux users tend to just leave the system running indefinitely,"

I keep seeing people saying this. Is it true? Really? I use Linux and I turn my PC on when I want to use it and off when I'm done. Why? Because leaving it on all the time achieves nothing but waste electricity and my time is not so desperately precious that I can't spare a minute while the PC boots up. Occasionally if I know I'm coming back to the PC within an hour or so I'll tell it to suspend to ram.

O2 Showdown hands out gongs

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People who get excited about mobile phone books... jesus help us.

MMS (finally) comes to AppleT&T

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@ sly

Yeah, or you could, y'know, get a girlfriend. Or do something worthwhile with your life, you desperately sad git.

Mozilla plans to tie Firefox 3.7 pigtails in pretty Ribbon

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copying a poor design decision

Windows Explorer contextual strip is a real PITA.

What is wrong with a toolbar anyway? The only reason the new MS way of doing things is still around is because it doesn't have enough market penetration yet to get serious complaints.

US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK

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They speak "British" English in India and Pakistan!

... among other places. An obvious reason why they would want that capability.

Bing shines Silverlight on visual search

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@ McDonalds

"It's to tough to read these"

Writing can also be tricky;

Feds bust world's most prolific music piracy ring

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The thing about this is that group has not been functioning since 2007. In other words they have stopped for about 2 years then the cartels go after them. Might as well as go sue everyone who has ever used the internet b/c every time you visit a site, cache stores a copy of it on the users hd which means everyone is a copyright offender.

Also in relation to them gaining access to a massive scale of infringing content b/c of their releases, yes and no b/c they could have still had access to a massive scale of infringing content without providing releases as to do so.

Investigators blind on P2P child abuse

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Ban on Tents & backyard sleeping next?

If they want to catch the real pedos, perhapse they should look here http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&oi=video_result&ct=res&cd=1&url=http%3A%2F%2Fvideo.google.com%2Fvideoplay%3Fdocid%3D866739408240639313&ei=VLqnSve-E4TYNduv8bEP&rct=j&q=conspiracy+of+silence&usg=AFQjCNGIQ_UYxa-5tXkGAHMcyFsnDPnx2w

Conspiracy of Silence - Highest Quality Version

& there are more calls to international media attention that document proof that many high profile politicians are pedos and traffic children but I don't see you going after those. Perhapse you should watch conspiracy of silence & research first before you say that a internet protocol is bad simply b/c it could allow the transfer of content not deemed acceptable. Ya know what, so could telephones, cars, people, etc. Perhaps we should just ban the whole world from everything since it could be used for bad purposes.

Also the latest child abuser camped out in a tent in his backyard & the police even got calls & knew he was a child molester but still allowed him to have children around. He had been raping one for many years even + had 2 kids with her.

So should we ban tents & sleeping in the back yard & have the fbi watch every backyard in the world b/c it could be used to molest children?

I will let common sense prevail, unless the reporters of this story are against everything also.

What US Homeland Security collects about you

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ouch !!!

Would be nice if you could sue them if your credit card got cloned... Like there is much chance of that happening lol

Firefox 4.0 developers granted year of living dangerously

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LOL - Stealing.....

Sure what next... multi tab was stolen??? Are you going to say MS stole touchscreen from Apple lol.

Your such an idiot poster !!

HTML 5 is no Flash or Silverlight killer — yet

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HTML 5 Video

HTML 5 native video won't be taking over Flash or Silverlight streaming anytime soon, unless there exists an HTTP streaming video server that can replicate all the features like:

1) Most importantly, major video streaming websites need to be able to guarantee that between-video advertising cannot be skipped or fast-forwarded. Is this already a part of the HTML 5 spec?

2) Video streaming sites also will need the feature that is currently a part of Flash and Silverlight that tailors video streams to an individual viewer's computer based upon the current network throughput.

CA auto-immune update trashes systems

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No reason for this to happen

Simple testing of the signature files on in a test environment would stop this stupidity. It is ridiculous that CA, AVG and McAffee have had these problems of late.


Sony's Windows 7 virtualization switch-off (partly) reversed

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Re: VirtualBox as the solution?

VB on Linux has that very same Vx/Vt switch. Sun recommends to leave Vt switched off as, they say, they made VB run faster in Vx mode. This is not a Linux-only thing.

AT&T blocks 4chan, home of weird smut

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Not for everyone.

I have ATT DSL, and still see 4CHAN sites as usual.

MoD sticks with 'most decrepit browser in the world'

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The developers of IE6 should be put on trial for war crimes

IE6 is the biggest turd of any major software product to come out since Microsoft Bob.

Authorities release Nuremberg Nazi gnome

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Paris Hilton

abuse potential

"abuse potential" ?


Paris likes abuse..

Feminist org declines nude calendar cash

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Paris Hilton

female nudity is god's gift to mankind.

too much female nudity? Not in the States, for damn sure! I though female nudity was empowering and assertive, a breaking of the chains of victorian times, not to mention a rebuff of the chains of fundamentalist Islam. Now its a bad thing?

In recognition of this feminist achievement, I think we need an International day of celebration , when all young, attractive women are encouraged to bare their chests in public!

Paris, of course.

Drobos flying off the shelves

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Drobo is awesome!

Drobo is indeed an excellent device, and is actually priced very well for a decent 4-bay raid enclosure. I don't think it has eSATA though, just Firewire 800 which is way slower on a RAID device.

It was pretty expensive at first, but HOLY CRAP can you find a good deal. Amazon USA has the non-pro Drobo for $319 after rebate!! This is a normally a $450 device.

Intel to deliver Postville in August

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RE: Even less endurance? #


MLC may understandably loose some endurance with smaller process geometries, but come on, an order of magnitude? 10,000 writes per cell goes to 1000? Hardly...

Also, MLC lifetimes on these drives have been calculated a million times, and the numbers I've seen are always ridiculously high in endurance e.g. you can write over the entire capacity of the drive every single day for 5+ years without issue.

Eventually, I'm sure the technology will have to change to new forms of memory storage, but even before then I'm sure SLC will just become the standard as dies continue to shrink.

Riot police raid birthday barbecue for 'all-night' Facebook tag

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WTF is wrong with the british?

Why do you people allow your government to get COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL. They have gone way over the deepend with the ridiculous nanny state and are closing in on total fascism.

Why don't you guys protest and vote these idiots out of power????

Airbed-fixing German blows up mattress flat

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Them Redcoats

As an Arrogant American ©, I just had to write in and say that I only read this website for the funny ass Brit comments...

UK obscenity law: Where to now?

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Big Brother

Oh man, what is happening in the UK?? Did all of this fascist shit start after the tube bombings? From the widespread camera surveillance to DNA databases, wiretapping, internet monitoring and censorship, arbitrary blocked entry of individuals, and everything else, it seems like Britain is in a race to replicate an Orwellian society!

Where are the people protesting all of this crap? Whats the majority popular opinion in Britain? Is this just a labour party thing? Are the conservatives against all this crap? Are they going to win the next election and roll back the march to fascism?

Buzz Aldrin weighs into NASA

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We need to listen to Zubrin

We need to listen to Aldrin's ideas along with Robert Zubrin, who's been trying to get his "Mars Direct" proposal accepted for two decades.


Enough with all the new pet projects, irrelevant technology development, and endless safety testing. We need quick, cheap, and "good enough" technology, else this will take decades!

I don't remember the name or channel (I believe Science channel or Discovery), but there was a great program on Zubrin and Mars Direct. He reveals how much money, time, and resources are being wasted by the NASA bureaucracy on all this irrelevant development for Constellation, with every top-level person getting their pet project developed. They've become like the United States Congress!

We need to strip down the bureaucracy of NASA, get the pragmatic engineers to run the damn organization, and double their budget. Then get us to the damn red planet by 2020!

Opera Software reinvents complete irrelevance

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Arrogant or Incompetent: Choose One

Dziuba?? WTF? The name looks like a scrabble rack and probably sounds like a brand of colorful wrestling pants, and he's the one mocking someone's name?

OK, Ted's an asshole. No great sin: the occasional bloke has thought of me the same way (mistakenly, of course). BUT... if you're going to be a PUBLIC asshole, then you'd better be good at what you do.

What Ted does is milo.com. I'll give Zoobas a pass on the domain: after all, he may not have been the one to rip off the name of a Latin American beverage powder. Let's see if milo.com can help me shop locally.

Simple query: "lacrosse sticks" in [suburb of major American metropolitan area], any brand, no price filter.

Simple result set: The "House" Seasons 1-4 DVD set. OK, so milo.com was as useful as ask.com on that one. Let's make it easier:

"Lacrosse" yieids a bunch of hits, all books and DVDs except one (an alarm clock). No equipment on the first page.

OK, OK, I'm being sneaky. After all, perhaps the fastest growing sport in the country isn't a good choice. How about "baseball bats"? Lookie here! First hit is an actual baseball bat! Good thing, too: none of the other hits on the first page are. Click the link, wait for the cute piece of Ajax code to check local availability... oh, never mind, the item is "only available online". IOW, "Best Price from 1 Local Store" was pretty much a lie.

Perhaps the "Defense Minister" at milo.com should spend more time trying to get his site to work, and less trying to channel Mencken.

Google Android code goes native

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RE:Native code or Native-ish?

I assume the reg screwed up the meaning, and in fact what happens is that a java app running on the VM can call into native C/C++ libraries that get compiled to ARM/Thumb/whatever..

Opiate-crazed wallabies create crop circles

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oh dear..

"Rockliff added that the principal risk associated with animal alkaloid abuse was contamination of the meat, but he noted..."

Contamination? From what? First of all, the active alkoloids (mostly morphine and codeine) in raw opium get broken down very quickly, and they are only in the bloodstream anyways, not sitting in the muscle.

More importantly, WHO CARES! If I could get a legal 20mg of morphine in my lamb kabob lunch here in the States, I'd import all the Tasmanian lamb (do you eat wallabies? ) I could find!

As to the Taliban, the OBVIOUS solution to defeating them besides getting local militia groups to fight them is to cut off their source of funding! In other words, just scrap all of the national drug laws in most western countries and their little insurgency would be over.

Similarly, crime would drop 80% or more as the prices of raw opium, heroin, etc would drop to $5 an ounce. Prices of cocaine, methamphetamine, etc would similarly drop by 90% overnight. Most of the money plowed into the DEA, law enforcement and 50% of the people in prison could go back into the budget, and there would be plenty of money for drug treatment programs.

All in all society would greatly improve. We just need to get rid of the fear-mongering right-wing morons who have no experience with addiction and addiction treatment.

Che Guevara's granddaughter poses for PETA

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Cool chick

She is a cool chick, by the way. I assume she lives or lived in America, as all her stuff online is in American English. (i.e. she doesn't use all the crazy british slang I don't understand like all you fools here on the reg)

Here is her blog


and Twitter page:


Thumbs up for that body!

AMD fab spin-off to break super-skinny ground

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Paris Hilton


2-3 years plus another year to get online with volume production beginning sometime in 2012??

This can't seriously be used for cutting-edge x86 production? Intel will be shipping 32nm Nehalem-based mobile processors and Atoms in late 2009 with volume in Q1 2010. Instead of spending a billion dollars on equipment that will be obsolete before it is even ready, shouldn't this plant be built for at least 22nm ? Is 22nm process equipment available?

Paris cause she's fab-u-lous