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Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats

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Only 7 million...

Ok, so if they are going to cook the numbers they could at least try and it get it right. 20 million may be about right.

Mozilla: Web's future rests with millions outside IT

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LOL... dumping IE6?

So funny, there are so many businesses out there that were sold on IE6 by MS and now are totally locked until they can upgrade their web apps because they used IE6 only crap in the site.... and how many at this moment in time are willing to put upgrading of their site in the corporate budget?

Office 2010 to come loaded with WGA's bastard child

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@Jeffrey Nonken

Yeah, and your date system is crap as well.... Month, then Day, then Year??? Talk about complete illogic.

Anyway, back to topic, this is fantastic news. I cant wait for the day when MS finally make their OS and Office uncrackable or finally stop all piracy. Then all my colleagues at work will join me in Linux Paradise.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of Microsoft

I take a look at my life

And realize there's nothing left.

'Cause I've been coding in .NET and laughing so long

That even my momma thinks that my mind has gone.

But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it.

Me be treated like a punk, you know that's unheard of.

You betta watch how ya twittering

And where ya surfing

Or you and your homies might be hit with a virus.

I really hate to switch but I gotta go,

As MS croak, I see myself in the GPL smoke.

Fool, I'm the kinda guy that little homie's wanna be like,

On my knees in the night

Surfing for porn in the open source night.


We've been spending most our lives

Living in a Linux paradise.

We've been spending most our lives

Living in a Linux paradise.

We keep spending most our lives

Living in a Linux paradise.

We keep spending most our lives

Living in a Linux paradise.

Look at the situation, they got me facing,

I can't live a normal life, I was raised by Microsoft.

So I gotta be down with the 'hood team,

Too much reading spam, got me chasing dreams.

I'm an educated fool with money on my mind

Got my weenie in my hand and a gleam in my eye.

I'm a locked out of Windows user, WGA hater.

And my ISP is down so don't arouse my anger.

Fool, Linux ain't nothing but a heart beat away,

I'm living life do or die, what can I say?

I'm using Fedora 23 now, will I ever live to see twenty-four,

The way things is going I don't know.

Power in the money, money in the power,

Minute after minute, hour after hour,

Everybody's compiling, but half of them ain't looking

It's going on in the Mandriva cooker

But I don't know what's cooking.

They say I gotta learn

That the forums are here to teach me.

If Ubuntu users can't understand it, how can they reach me?

I guess they can't,

I guess they won't,

I guess they front,

That's why I know my life is out of luck, fool!

US women protest for the right to bare

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nudity for all

I'm pretty much in favour of nudity. We are born naked and clothes were initially for keeping warm until religion twisted it into a fetish.

Only 1 thing keeps me from becoming an outspoken proponent of nudity - the though of seeing my 10-ton mother-in-law naked. I'm sure i would never recover from the psychological damage.

Its probably why (predominatly) male judges oppose nudity laws. At one end, they probably would love to see more naked women... on the other hand there is probably a little voice on a loop saying "mother-in-law.... mother-in-law".....

Linux chief challenges Microsoft to pony up on patents

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Well, maybe MS will do that, but i wont hold my breath waiting.

What i would prefer is of MS just to come out and say exactly which patents Linux infringes on so the community can either laugh at them in the face, or if indeed there is an infringement then the code can be changed so as to remove the infringement.

Intellectual property is a sham anyway. How can ideas be property? Can you imagine if this sort of crap existed thousands of years ago?

Caveman 1: "Hey guys, ive just patented this idea for making a round wooden thing with a hole through the middle. I put this stick through it and attach 4 of these to a few other bits of wood. Look, it can now carry lots of things and be moved with little effort..... right, if you want to make one of these yourself you must give me some money"

Caveman 2: "Whats money?"

Caveman 1: "Ah! Thats my other patented idea"

Caveman 3: <Smashes Caveman 1 over the head and steals invention>

OpenSUSE defaults to KDE

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Good news

I'm a big fan of Gnome and KDE i have never particularly liked, but i think it is great news (even if just the switch of a default).

By switching the default many users will select and ensures that Suse do indeed keep it as a well maintained as Gnome. And, of course, it does mean there is another major distro with KDE as default which can only be good news as its important that in the linux world there is plenty of choice. I think recently too many distros were focusing on Gnome.

Aussie Sex Party bursts upon political stage

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"Our campaigning to date as been through the adult industry whose customers represent 30% of the electorate. While some of them will be Greens votes they are a very broad cross section of the population."

30% of the electorate work in the adult industry!?!? Jesus - i have to get myself to Australia.

Zombie plague analysed by Canadian maths prof

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A vampire outbreak would be a very different scenario. Vampires by their nature would not be interested in total 'infection' of the human race as they still need cattle (humans) to feed on.

The scenario here for a relatively organized and intelligent group of vampires would be to use their powers of suggestion and turning to bats/mist etc to infiltrate the higher echelons of government and get the government to pass laws that restrict movement, control our freedom, etc, until we all become their slaves..... oh wait! F**k.... thats it! The vampires are in charge...

Windows 7 Ultimate product activation hacked?

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RE: Haha, look at the nerds flocking

"There's a reason you only have 1% market share, now let me taste your salty tears!!!" - for the moment. Our time will come soon. The geek shall inherit the earth. 1% today, tomorrow the world... muhwahhaa haaa haa.

Actually i've finally ditched Windows at work. I still have a VM for emergencies but i can now do 99% in Linux and its a real joy. Even my PM work i can do using OpenProj. Wine is needed for IE.... we have Microsoft CRM which funnily enough doesnt like Firefox... strange that.

And as for Windows borrowing/inventing - Windows has always been behind. The Amiga with proper multitasking and nice windows environment existed long before Windows 95... damn, even before 3.11 if i recall right. CDE existed before any version of Windows as well.

So it took MS until Vista to include transparencies on the desktop.... i had this more than 10 years ago running enlightenment on Red Hat.

Signed: A very satisfied Mint Linux 7 (Gloria) RC1 user.

Jupiter takes a serious knock

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"As to what exactly might have crashed into Jupiter, Orton admitted to New Scientist he didn't have a clue"

Vogon battlecruiser coming to make the interstellar bypass. Unfortunately the helmsman was subjected to some Vogon poetry on the way in system and threw himself out of the airlock near jupiter.

Google polishes Chrome into netbook OS

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Marketing only...

If its a Linux core then Linux is actually the OS. However, to the unwashed masses chrome will be the OS because only this will actually launch any applications - Google Docs, Google Mail, Google everything! And everything will run over the web (with cached local versions). Its what Microsoft wanted to do but never achieved!

I dont see a problem with this. May even be a good thing in general, especially for the OSS movement.... probably bad for Microsoft though.

And if Google get too big for their boots and try and EEE (Embrace, Extend, Extinguish) Linux, then there is always Haiku ;-)

Does this herald Web 3.0?

PS: I used Web 3.0 first so i claim dibs. Anyone else wants to use this please send me £5 per usage and kiss my patented ass.

BT deposits Wi-Fi in cashpoints

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Thumb Up


So while shopping in Sainsburys i can also now get my pr0n downloaded while i am there?

Pressure group demands UK apes China net filter plan

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Bugger me...

"Porn addiction is a serious issue, which neither government nor computer suppliers are currently taking seriously enough," she said.

Well, maybe they arnt but i take internet porn very seriously. There just isnt enough of it. Too many damn social networking sites, businesses, tech sites.... really, just get rid of all this crap and restore to us our beloved 100% interpornwebcloud

One millionth English 'word' is... Web 2.0

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We need newspeak. Double pus good!



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