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Office 2010 beta sneaks onto wild wild web

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to @frank ly

Are you really running Oulook 2000? really? MS has lot of issues, but this is not one of them for sure.

Autodesk goes after eBay seller - again

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come on

why in the world they suspended his whole account and not just removed this one item?

I'm pissed at eBay that they do things like this

Yahoo! spruces open source Exchange rival

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to @Ysean and @Pete

I don't want to interrupt your fight, but cost of the software is really not the most important part when it comes to overall ROI.

Don't forget to include cost of OS, hardware and admin cost as well. Not to mention client app cost including deployment and maintenance and overall features which save employees time.

I'm not saying anything which one is cheaper, but to argue about price solely based on per user license is far from accurate view.

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i never really understood

I never really understood why Yahoo bough Zimbra, it just confuses hell out of their small business customers. Why they did not go Google route with MS Outlook plug-in and solid web based solution for email+calendar+contact+documents hosting only.

Microsoft Security Essentials shakes up consumer antivirus

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Microsoft offers free software and majority of responses are negative like this? Even the author of the article whospent exactly 10 minutes with it, compares it to 2001 software and did not even test it on real virus samples?

come on, this is FREE basic AV tool, it is there for people who don't want to spend a dime on full AV solution, nothing more and nothing less. I'm really glad they came with this tool, there are way too many users with no AV at all and they computer became zombie in DoS attacks.

Amazon cloud gets mega storage escape hatch

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I'm really surprised about the comments here. Amazon S3 is pretty dam cool infrastructure, nobody came even close to this model. Of course it is not the answer for every data storage task, but it is great for everybody who needs to quickly increase/decrease storage as well as everybody who does not want to spend big bucks for NAS/network. There are tons of companies utilizing S3 and import/export just another feature they added.

Amazon sued for sending 1984 down Orwellian memory hole

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come on

None of you had to buy Kindle, nobody forced you to. You purchased it and could read the license agreement.

Yes what is Amazon doing is not what we would like to see, but they did not break anything from what they stated when you purchased Kindle.

It's the same with music. You don't like DRM, buy CD and rip it for yourself. Don't complain about it after you purchased it.

Apple patches Black Hat SMS vuln

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it took more than 1 hour to backup on iPhone and load 300MB file through iTunes ... how about incremental backup over the air?

Guns N' Roses blogger dodges time in slammer

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come on

Guns N' Roses? Are we back in 1993?

Firefox update fixes zero-day JavaScript flaw

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"I am sick and tired of these Firefox updates and am seriously considering going back to IE"

you must be joking

Apple ends Palm Pre's iTunes charade

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PRE should offer next to iTunes also Windows Meda Player, WinAmp and SongBird plugins from Day1. If they would Apple would be too scared to shut this down

Office 2010 tech preview: Expect the expected

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to @Joel Mansford

"I have plenty of clients still avoiding Office 2007 due to the ribbon, it's a learning curve employers just don't need."

really? plenty of clients? When I first saw ribbon I loved it, when I first tried it I screamed and did not like it at all. It took me maybe a week to get into it. Now I love it, it's so much easier to use ribbons. Yes it's difficult for somebody who was used to old Excel for 6 years, I'm really glad they did this switch.

the only complain I get from MS Office 2007 vs MS Office 2003 is Excel. Thanks to it's increased size limitation, it's much slower. There should be an option to pre-select number of rows/columns you might need. Most of the users need few thousand rows. It's not that common to have 500k rows (not that rare, but not common)

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the responses here are very interesting ... no to be rude, but classic IT is talking. None of you are using MS Office for more than 5 minutes a week and you talk crap about it.

MS Office 2007 is really solid product, once you get used to ribbons it will speed up your daily tasks, new excel graphs and pivot table are strong excel improvements. New features in Office 2010 are so far really promising (there are few videos out there).

just because it's Microsoft product does not mean it's crap, MS Office is probably the best MS product out there. Whoever starts comparing it to OpenOffice, Google Docs or says that MS Office 97 is the same seriously does not use this product daily.

You should ask finance group in your companies what they really think about Excel vs any other solution out there. Every time we did an upgrade, we received mostly very positive feedback. That's what I care about.

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"Excel also gets a new single-cell chart type called a Sparkline"

this is huge for everybody who creates scorecards in excel, I've been crying for years to get sparklines in excel without expensive add-ins

I would love to see if new Excel is going to improve OLAP support and Pivots. I've been told while back by Microsoft "friend" that there will improved OLAP support.

BlackBerry snoopers can explain everything

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to Eduard Coli

you obviously don't know how BB server works, if you would then you would know that they cannot tap between BB server and device and get the emails cause it's encrypted traffic

Three brothers jailed for credit card factory

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come on

"police found a laptop with credit and debit card details on it,"

encrypt the dam hard drive if you really have to do fraud

Microsoft's Azure cloud price pipped by Amazon's Linux

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The Sun sets?

I kinda remember www.network.com - it's been while ago. I think (maybe I am wrong) their model was a bit different. You could rent computing power only.

Amazon's very flexible "rent a computer and install whatever OS you want" covers more than just computing power (for example you could not start Oracle on linux in sun's framework).

Silverlight 3: closer to what client-side .NET should have been

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"Microsoft should define a proper Linux strategy and assign resources to it or give up the pretence of cross platform."

I would agree in general, but let's be honest. They target 97% of the market. Personally I would rather like to see stronger support for all mobile devices which is currently missing or better say still in development.

At the same time, who really needs Silverlight and Flash? If all browsers would support OGG in HTML5 like FF 3.5 then the usage would drop quite a lot.

Google's vanity OS is Microsoft's dream

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not sure

Google started Android while back and let's be honest, it sucks. If HTC and other companies would not put nice candy UI on top of it, nobody would even think getting it. It's made by geeks for the geeks.

I'm mostly Windows user, tiny bit unix/linux. Windows is not easy to understand for novice users, Linux is much worse no matter what you think. That's why OSX is more and more popular.

I'm still waiting for the super easy to use "forget its there" OS. Moblin is very very close yet still full of bugs. If you look at iPhone, WII, XBOX 360 ... these are very easy to use devices with OS nobody talks about because it just works for what it was designed. I really hope we can see NetbookOS soon. It wont be video editing machine, but browse internet, play media device. If it does the job right, does not throw weird error messages, it's small, cheap and lasts 10+ hours then 70% people on this planet will buy it.

Microsoft takes Gazelle secure browser on road trip

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to @ I ain't Spartacus

"My current solution is to run online banking only after shutting down Firefox and re-starting it. With no other sites open until I've finished. It's not that hard, and seeing as you get timed out so quickly on the bank's sites, it's no loss to my productivity."

I really don't want to be cynical, but you kinda remind me Minister of Health from South Africa who was protecting himself from HIV by taking a shower right after the sex ...

your solution solves one problem out of 1000.... if you are really that paranoid, then you should

a.use two partitions and two OS and use one only for banking (make sure they don't see each other after reboot)


b. use VMWARE for all non-banking browsing

I would also recommend Z100g Antivirus Router (I use it as extra protection layer next to my normal AV)

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I really don't want to troll here about MS, Windows, Linux, OSX .... as the article says this is a research project, not a beta product.

This is interesting concept and I was thinking about this the other night. Web development techniques are really on a different level then 15 years ago and maybe there is no need for OS in some cases. You might argue that this goes againts every architecture principle, but maybe this research can show that we can break the principles. Remember when BEA tried to create JAVA server which would not need OS?

Niagara Falls to power next Yahoo! data centre

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"Are they really that big? Just where have I been? I thought a couple of 100w Solar Panels would have done 'em just fine. "

Do you really know what you are talking about or did you just see solar panel on your neightbor house? Data center is usually very power-sucking building with really big demand on air conditioning... yes you can add solar panel, but it cannot be your main source if you don't want to spend billions on batteries you need during night

McAfee false-positive glitch fells PCs worldwide

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"This issue only affects people running the 5100 engine. McAfee stopped supporting the 5100 engine way back at the beginning of 2008. Even it's replacement, the 5200 engine is no longer supported. No longer supported means that they no longer test their daily dat releases against it to check for false positives."

I totally agree with you. I quite don't get so many angry users. You should keep your AV software up to date as well. I remember people patching XP with Win2000 files because they saw similar bug going on ... at the same time it's easy to be critical without knowing $0 budgets some IT folks have to deal with ....

McAffee was great product back in the MS DOS age after they acquired pretty amazing Dr Solomon's Antivirus (I loved that tool back in MS DOS 3.0 age)

ahhh the old days

Acer Tempo F900 Windows Mobile smartphone

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"This is why people love about the iPhone, it just works without users having to dick about trying to find 3rd part solutions to things it should do out of the box - like browse the web and play videos."

I don't want to troll here, but if I ignore things like copy-paste iPhone did not have for 2 years, the reason why quite a lot of people don't like iPhone is very strict Apple control of what you can do. Maybe I'm dumb (probably I am) but I was never able to figure when one song is playing how to put another song to queue to play after current song. I was never able to figure out how to play some very common video codecs, I was never able to play any flash content. I still don't understand why I need iTunes to make a phone function correctly (you cannot do phone firmware updates without iTunes, you cannot get any apps from iTunes store without initial sync with iTunes app on your computer)

there is a lot iPhone does not do out of the box and there is not a workaround because Apple won't let you.

AT&T's iPhone 'iLaunch' sets record

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to @Antidisestablishmentarianist

"'Your' phones are now the minority"

the fact that every jackass scrolls up and down iPhone music menu on the bus for 20 minutes, reads who know what important walking and being for who knows what reason louder on the phone than anybody else does not mean that they are in majority. Last time I checked iPhone was far from majority

p.s. I apologize for comment above to all normal iPhone users, you are in minority of all iPhone users who think that they are more important than the rest of us

Feds: Hospital hacker's 'massive' DDoS averted

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so I was in a hospital in San Francisco today (couple hours after the good article came out) ... I was in a room with a nurse who put some info into DELL PC, then he left for 10 minutes.

1. I could do quite a lot. I did not touch it of course, but could (there was no password screen after he left), the computer was right next to me

2. the PC was sitting there, I could (again I did not) quickly plug keystroke catcher between keyboard and PC to get all key strokes (of course I do not own one, but I saw it I think on engadget while back)

(1) is big issues

(2) is issue, but very hard to protect thanks to kinda lack of industrial design (most of PCs for home and business are the same - easy to open and easy to re-plug)

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re: It could happen here

"we regularly find passwords stuck to screens and you can't just BOFH the department"

i know it's easy to be critical, no matter how good IT team you have, budget can screw and stop quite a lot of projects... I really think that public or semi-public places which have computers everywhere like hospital, airports should NOT use password access. It should be hardware token with pin - something like this (http://www.cryptocard.com/products/cryptocardauthenticationtokens/sc-3usb-styletoken/)

Jimbo 7


maybe strange idea, but should we have a law which requires to pass annual security audit for organization like hospitals, railway systems, airports, ....

Speculation mounts over AVG plans for OS X client

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interesting ....

It's thin ice to walk on. Even if you have one MAC developer only, you are going to spend more than $100k/year on salary alone. With current virus situation under OSX (and as MS user I'm really jealous) nobody is going to buy this product (almost nobody). If however viruses pop up, then this might be very good investment from AVG side.

Gmail turns into label junkie

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I know I might quite negative comments, but I'm old school and never found google approach better than Yahoo - folders, filter based search and mostly TABs are simply unbeatable. I have both Yahoo and GMail. I really tried to like GMail, but always went back to Yahoo.

Firefox 3.5 set to land tomorrow

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to Goat Jam

very good points !

"1) I want to be able to go and purchase a notebook, netbook or PC of my choice and have it come with the OS of my choice or none at all. I DON'T want to pay the Microsoft Tax."

I 400% agree with you, this is BS and hurts everybody (even MS users). Only strong healthy competition pushes innovations. I think Microsoft and Intel are terrible in this. At the same time you can say the same about Apple (they are much smaller, but still lock hardware+software together - I'm not sure if you can buy Apple computer with no OS ...)

"2) I want to know that the market leader will not have the power or ability to lock me out of large parts of the public internet by deliberately polluting it with proprietary, patent encumbered platform dependent "standards""

I'm not sure if Microsoft has such power these days in the server market (thanks god). You should worry more about Google here (they are no innocent friend anymore)

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to satori

You obviously don't get it. I would recommend to attend Edward Tufte's Seminar where he talks about OS in general.

Yes you are probably working in IT and very proud of linux and stacks and layers.... But really, why do 80% of people on this planet who don't care about OS know about it and learn it and fight linux vs windows? Why my dad who wants to send me an email has to spend so much time to learn OS. Yes WII is very simple gaming console (it was an example), but really it took me few seconds to learn it and use it's opera browser. I don't care about kernel, bios or anything else. I care about the application what helps me to do what I want. As you can see some netbooks OS are marching exactly the route I'm describing.

OS should be almost invisible from users. What is so important on OS that we all know about it? Do you know BIOS the same way? Of course not, because it does what it suppose to do and stays hidden. Why I cannot just open computer and use it for the purpose I purchase it? Why do I have to learn so much about OS? Why desktop OS cannot be as simple to use as smartphones or video consoles like WII or XBox 360?

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Why in the world did this discussion slips to Linux vs Windows?

if there is one thing FF does great, it goes across quite a lot of different OS, To be honest almost every single OS sucks because it takes way too long to figure it out, OS should be hidden layer 99% of all normal users don't even know about.

The only OS I've seen you don't even know about is

a. Moblin 2 (still in very early stage)

b. game consoles (WII, XBOX,360, PS3)

can you imagine your OS would be simple like WII? We would not have these silly war talk

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I was big IE user for years, then moved to FF2, then Chrome 1, then back to IE .... 6 months ago I installed FF3 and never looked back ... I use VISTA with 3GB ram and FF3 is very fast and I almost never see any issues, the only issues I had were Adobe Flash related

iPhone v Pre - the celebrity smartphone deathmatch

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to Michael C

"I agree, standing up BES is simply a tax we're not willing to pay for our 14,000 users."

Did you compare the features? BES is not cheap, but does quite a lot of stuff. Say that you don't need the features, don't call it a tax.

Can I ask a question? How much does it cost to deploy iPhone to 14,000 users, setup group based iPhone policies (like strong password policy, disabling camera, ...) and push custom apps to their phone over the air?

Notorious phone phreaker gets 11 years for swatting

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"Prison isn't a detriment, punishment, or recovery-center. It's an abstracted "Go sit in the corner for a while and think about what you've done" thing."


"As for the taxes argument, you're already blowing Uncle Sam in taxes so quit complaining or start a revolution."

wow again

Did you know that USA has the highest Prison population rate? Why USA has 1% population in prison and canada 0.1% ? hmmm yeah, lets lock them all and hang them.

Jimbo 7

John Dougald McCallum

"Like what Jimbo?If? he is smart enough he will keep his head down do his time and be out before he turns 30 a lot of people do long streaches for lesser offences."

you obviously as most of readers here do not know anybody who got from jail. I have a friend who was very unfortunately in pretty bad tax scheme, of course you can say "yeah put him to jail for 2 years", that's exactly what happened. He got out but he was different person. It was very sad to see that jail was only punishment,t it did not help him to get on the right track as it should.

I don't want to defend this guy, what he did was really bad.

do you really think he will be better person after he gets out? We all want to live far away from these people, we all want to not deal with the problem and just shut the door behind them. Is that the solution?

Jimbo 7

well ...

obviously most of you are marching the path of putting 19 years old guy to prison for very very long time ... which at the end costs a lot of tax money and does not improve his behavior

if he is capable to do things like this when he is 15, then he is actually pretty smart, there could be better ways how to use his brain than locking him for 11 years

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this is classic example how not to prosecute. This guy did a lot of bad stuff, but 11 years in prison? Come on !! You get less for selling cocaine.

Mozilla's servers wobble as Firefox 3.5 hits interwebs

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works great

upgrade from 3.0 was more than smooth ... so far no issues

all my plug-ins work (I might be a bit lucky, I dont use that many plugins)

XMARKS works

WOT works

IETab works

AdBlock works

NoScript works

1-Click Weather works

Apple races developer to censor smut

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to Steve Evans

I am seriously jealous !! This is not a joke, I mean it. I am really sick of this crap in US, on one side we cannot drink at age 18, cannot look at nice tits on TV, cannot get a BJ in some states and yet we can join army and shoot people

Jimbo 7


maybe I'm wrong, but I don't know one single guy between 17-65 who does not like this kind of stuff ... can we stop masking things?

You can download any kind of pictures to your phone using safari, who cares if there is automated app which does this for you.

This kinda remotely reminds me the video on Mozzila site for FF 3.5 ... the guy is saying that one of the cool feature is to delete browse history from 2 hours ago so nobody can see what present you bought ... yeah rght, it was a present I was looking at.

Apple sued for 30¢ $5m

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I'm sick what people can file a suite for in US ... jesus, this is another fat dumb lady who shops in walmart.

the lady should get back her $30 or whatever she spent and that's it, thanks to loosers like this trash lady everything is more expensive

Firefox 3.5 gets third release candidate

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getting ready for final version...

Can we have an icon with 2 thumbs up, please.

go firefox, go firefox, go firefox

Blue chip FTP logins found on cybercrime server

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to Rob Beard

U saying that virus cannot hit non-windows computer? In another words companies who sell linux/osx antivirus packages are scamming?

Jimbo 7

well ...

one thing well two things I don't really get is

1. why anybody uses FTP for any kind of sensitive data with read and write grants (keep it read only for FTP, read/write for SFTP or SCP)

2. i'm against any password enabled admin access to externally visible sites, these guys should use tokens (hardware if possible) only

Ten of the best... iPhone beaters

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" Doesn't Smartphone imply some form of Operating System and application programming framework?"

This is interesting point. I kinda agree, I'm still puzzled why LG is going separate route, I think they would get so much more customers if they would use symbian/winmo/android os. Their phones are decent, but I would never get it exactly for the reasons you mentioned.

Microsoft's Bing in travel trouble

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the search looks very similar

you have toy admit that kayak was first, they came with this idea when creepy yahoo travel was doing very very horrible travel search job

fu**k off BING, that's all you can do?

Why Google Wave makes Tim Bray nervous

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to hohoho

"but couldn't stand the icky / schmaltzy american love in thing."


Safari 4: Apple's crash-happy shipper

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to David Walker

do you work for Apple or are you just brainwashed?

let's all clap for SAFARI and let the free open source firefox die .... eeehh maybe not