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US Dept for Homeland Security shafted by trivial web bug

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Re: PHP? Really?

PHP can be very secure indeed. It was lazy development that caused this not PHP.

The reason for your log being full of PHP style hack attempts its more to do with the pervasiveness of PHP rather than any inherent vulnerabilities.

Modern PHP by a competent developer can be as rock solid as any platform.

Last remaining reason to order an iPhone 5 disappears

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Terrible article is terrible

I want my 2 minutes back. Seriously Reg what was the point in this?

Battlefield Earth ruled worst film EVER

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I really liked it in the cinema. Only 3D film I have ever enjoyed. Oh and I bought it on BR too.

So there! Snark away if you will.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

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So very very ugly. Yikes.

Artists craft the ultimate iPhone fanboi holiday gift

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I know rants are part and parcel of El Reg but seriously this is just a bit of fun. Eccentric and largely useless stuff has been bought and sold since we could barter.

Lighten up! You don't want one. I don't want one either but if someone does then good for them!

OMG! Berners-Lee has an iPhone

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Nailed it

Well said on all fronts. Although I am sticking with iPhones (new one coming tomorrow).

It's about the interface for me but also the ecosystem around Apple is really nice now. I have Apple TV and an iPad and all three work great together. With the iCloud wrapping it all up for me in a low fuss high reward package.

I am a techie but for me it doesn't mean I want to tweak my consumer devices. I do enough of that in the day thanks :)

World+Dog goes bonkers for iPhone 4S

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I've heard this a few times now

Siri is not just a voice control for a mobile phone. My ancient Nokia had that, my iPhone(s) have had that for ages too.

Siri is a deal more clever than that. Whether it will be anything more than a gimmick time will tell but stop comparing it to shouting "Call home" 20 times at your phone and being put through to your ex girlfriend. That is not the same tech.

The iPhone 4S in depth: More than just a vestigial 'S'

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To be fair, voice actions have been around on the iphone for years too. Siri is more sophisticated than simple actions.

Gartner: Apple rivals can't touch iPad

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Just out of interest what do you mean by Flexible? if you mean what you think I mean then you've missed the point of mass market apeal. flexibility isn't it.

Apple's cloudy music streamer won't stream music

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Exactly what I want

I don't want to be bothered copying files to all my devices. This is the solution I was hoping for. In a perfect world where connectivity was constant then I would be happy with a pure cloud streaming service however this is not what the icloud is about.

This is a simple way of making sure all my idevices have a copy of all my music so I can access it where ever I am. Easy.

As is often the case Reg commenters miss the point of mass market appeal and are only interested in their own technical solutions and yes I consider plugging and copying as @Dave Murray suggested as a technical solution.

Apple have a solution that will make sense to most users. I fail to see why this is a bad thing.

Google Chrome extension busts Murdoch paywall

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It's the "Paytard" comment that caused me to Down vote you.

Oh and your UK law point is flawed. By simply walking in you may not be charged with breaking and entering but if you were to take anything you could and would be charged with burglary which if it was burglary dwelling would see you in jail. So that's your content from behind the pay wall.

iPhone 5 set for shelves this September

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You do

"And....and.....oh really does anyone really still have any enthusiasm for iPhones? Zzzzzzzz..."

First poster on in iPhone comments thread but no interest... You poor conflicted soul.

Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy look-and-feel

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They have a point this time

I am not generally in favour of patent battles like this but come on! Samsung were taking the piss a little here. For those of your bitching about the rounded corners, I don't think the whole case is based on that, more a some of parts. The device and interface look comedically similar and for once I think Apple have a right to take action.

BBC accused of coming out for porn opt-in?

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annoyed of England writes

Just to clarify I did not WTFP however I am strongly against this kind of move toward censorship. I am all in favour of the sex education component provided the funding is is the form of sponsorship.

Can you imagine.

Kids, welcome to your sex education lesson sponsored by Fleshlight!


Android malware attacks show perils of Google openness

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I don't agree

Your lofty quotations miss the point in my opinion. We are not talking about government we are talking about a sodding mobile device. Most users don't know the first thing about software and won't know what constitutes a safe software source. Most are not that discerning not because they are fools but because their knowledge lies elsewhere.

You may not be a structural engineer but you probably bought a house. Was that irresponsible of you or did you trust experts?

Vetted software stores are a good idea (not perfect I know) and the walled garden approach is extremely suitable for most users.

Steve Jobs unveils iPad 2

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You sir need a laptop not a tablet.

My Sony TV makes very poor coffee. I am sorry I purchased it. I shall never buy a TV from Sony again.

Apple posts dev-only iOS 4.3

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How very dare you sir!

I'm as English as it gets! Let's consider this a temporary error in my otherwise faultless grammar. I believe I intended to say "couldn't".

Move along now. Nothing to see here.


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Gestures I could care less about

However the Wifi hotspot is interesting. I assume Carriers will have policies for this that tie in with the existing tethering solution.

I would be interested to see how that impacts iPad 3G sales. I would guess most iPad users are carrying an iPhone. If you can use your iPhone as your Wifi connection then the inbuilt 3G is a little redunant.

I like the concept of making more use of AirPlay. I already love using the iPad or iPhone with AppleTV for a remote or for streaming. The idea of moving other output such as games to AirPlay is nifty.

Altec Lansing Octiv 450 iPad speaker

Nic 3

You can.

I do. No tape or blue tack required! :)

Okay so mine is up on a shelf which helps.

Nic 3

Zeppelin still wins

B&W were smart to make such a useful dock in the Zeppelin. It works for my iPad and iPhone perfectly. I suspect it would work for any iDevice.

It's expensive sure but it's the best you are going to get out of mp3 and a thing of beauty.

iPad to lose weight, gain eye

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and not get to play. You have to take a dip some time!

Oh and there will be no winner as such given that the form factor will continue to evolve.

Nic 3

there must be some

I did 3G & 3GS and I am waiting for the 5 before I go again. I know a lot of people doing the same.

iPad 2 to arrive around Valentine's Day - Taiwanese reports

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I for one

shall be buying one. All in the name of R&D you understand.

Mmmm toys.

Google bosses get tasty raise

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Everyone gets 10% and this is bad how?

iPhone users are sad and mentally unfocused

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Title is a title

Quality Trolling for a friday afternoon Reg.

iLuv iMM747 iPad speaker dock

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Already possible

I use my iPad now on my B&W Zeppelin system. Works fine and looks good too. The Zepplin's clever future proofed doc allows for any size of device that can balance.

Jobs savages 7-inch tablet competition

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Title goes here

That sounded like a fairly straight forward set of arguments Jobs gave. He explained his thoughts on the USPs of the iPad clearly as anyone representing their company would do. I see you had to do your best to add as much sneering commentary as possible. The Reg is a red top after all.

Harrow flicks pirate thrown in slammer

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what the chuff...

are you talking about?

So the film industry are not entitled to charge for films they produce?

I do hope you are troll

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context dear boy

Context is everything.

Each type of crime has a range of sentencing options detailed by sentencing guidelines. Unless you are privy to all the aggravating and mitigating facts in this crime and any you are comparing it to, you really are sounding more like the Daily Wail than you would like.

Zuck buffs image ahead of Facebook movie

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You do see that this film isnt a promo for social networking don't you?

Its about a guy who went from student to dark lord of the interwebs in a very short time.

Taxi Driver was a great film but I didn't watch it thinking I was going to learn all about driving taxis.

Don't get my started on the Deer Hunter either. I demanded a refund after feeling my knowledge of how to take down a Deer was not improved.

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This film is not a fluff piece by all accounts. I doubt Steve's ego will be massaged by the content. Sorkin is a particualry talented director. If he thinks there is s story to be told I would imagine it will be worth watching.

He is responsible for single best tv series ever made IMHO.

Google search index splits with MapReduce

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Old School

How crap do I feel on a Friday morning reading about how old school my db programming is :(

Angry Birds take wing on Android

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Techie none Techie

The comments above:

"so I'm waiting for 2.2 so i can transfer to SD."

"...running Android 2.1 update 1."

"have no idea as to what's causing it, but my custom 2.1 ROM on my Hero"

"current build is only for HDPI devices"

"does it require Froyo?"

and so on...

show a key reason why Apple have done so well with the iPhone. Homogeny is a good thing when it comes to mass market appeal. iPhone users don't have to faff around like this.

I await my torrent of downvotes ;-)

iPhone users get more sex than Android fans

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Fetches popcorn

sits back and waits for the flames.

Seriously though. I a 30ish iPhone user and I can't remember what sex is! That's marriage and young kids for you :(

Amazon takes Kindle to the UK

Nic 3


You can use the iPad in direct sunlight fine. You just need to turn the screen brightness right up.

iPads for hospitals: is this a good idea?

Nic 3

WOW! Calm down dears

A) iPad has a battery life that will happily go through 12 hours

B) As someone mentioned above, at the enterprise level you don't need to go through App Store / iTunes so the software vendor could quite happily create what ever level of security they required.

C) This is not our NHS. This is down under.

I am not saying it will work as a concept but at least I am willing to look into the facts rather than a rather dull anti-apple rant.

Google brews (another) Facebook rival, says report

Nic 3

You just depressed me

I don't agree it will fizzle out any more than email or sms or the telephone!

There are only a handful of social networking sites due to the critical mass needed to maintain acttivity. If google want to have another crack at it then so be it. I see no harm.

Many many people use Facebook as a way of communicating with a wider group of friends then they would normally maintain. I don't see that as a bad thing and I don't see it reducing direct physical meetings.

Plenty more people use Facebook as a means of organising social events. Again, not a bad thing.

In our village we use it a bit like a notice board. Status updates like "Pub?" mean a good number of people show up at the local that night. Again a good thing.

Of course there are banal muppets out there. The same people have always existed. They are the ones to avoid at parties.

People vote with their feet and at this point they are voting to keep social networking.

I say vive la difference!

iPad pitches Apple onto world PC top table

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Interesting that my experience is different

I am a touch typist and I find I can rattle off paragraphs at an impressive rate. I have the Apple cover that doubles as a nice lap angler thingy so that it is very comfortable to type quite fast.

Different strokes and all that. Just thought I would chip in.

Since buying the iPad I have not once opened my laptop (in the house). I think that goes to show the type of use the iPad was aimed at. It's a coffee table reach for thingamy.

I knew I would get one (I am toy addicted) but I was genuinly suprised to see the level of sales achieved. All good though IMO.

Plenty of Reg Haters would disagree though I'm sure.

iPad gouges netbook sales

Nic 3

apple channel?

Aps & iTunes maybe but the build of the experience is the web and that is open. I use my iPad on BBC iPlayer and Catchup TV. Plus there are plenty more where that came from.

But hey the plural of anecdote is not data so we will have to see how the audience at large play out.

Queuing for an iPad? Why?

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As am i

Okay had it for a few hours, love it. Sorry all.

Typed on my iPad ;-)

Apple prices up iPad for UK

Nic 3

me too

Not at all. Although according to a previous poster this somehow makes me shallow? I can't work out why but hey.

Oh and I AM a techie and I AM buying an iPad. Quick call the press!

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That is a shame. I was hoping for less. I can see a real place for the iPad with the gray pound. But at this price maybe not so much. Time will tell.

I'll still get one but then I have a deep addiction for gadgets and a company credit card...

Being a web developer I have to see how my clients sites render on all devices possible.

/ I pretend i have never heard of emulators... shh!

Apple iPad

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just ordered mine

I grew up watching start trek so I really have no choice in the matter.

Yes they are expensive but then so are lots of cool toys.

Cue angry haters?

iPad users are young, rich geeks

Nic 3


perhaps it means the anti anything Apple commenters are not the only audience of the register?

I voted several of the above comments down because I thought they were petty and childish. They also suggest a more than a hint of sour grapes and/or jealousy.

I notice the pro iPad comments are also voted down or does that not count?

Anyway get back to telling us how Steve Jobs is wrong and you are right. It makes for informative reading. If only Apple paid more attention to the reg commenters.

Nic 3

count me in

I am young(ish), wealthy(ish) and married. I will be getting an iPad. That must make me a complete moron right?

Anyway, it's not my marriage that is expensive. It's my kids.

These figures are all rather stupid as they only really refer to early adopters who are typically young and wealthy. The stats will be more interesting when the iPad is on general release internationally and for longer than a few months.

I will stick my neck out and say the iPad will have a fairly wide audience and likely a fair few silver surfers.

It certainly appeals to me. When I have finished my working day as a developer I want a simple, elegant piece of kit for casual browsing, media and email. The iPad seems to fit that bill perfectly.

I am truly fascinated with the visceral attacks on Apple users in these threads. I work on a PC in the day but I love Apple gadgets, iPhone, iPad etc. What's so terrible about that concept that drives some commenters insane?

I am happy to pay for them, I know technically I can achieve the same stuff on other devices but so what? I have yet to find any touch interface even coming close to the iPhone or iPad so I am more than happy to pay a few more quid to get it.

Jobs: One million iPads sold

Nic 3

Formula for Apple Envy

1) Dismiss all new Apple products as evil AND/OR over-priced AND/OR lacking functionality

2) Suggest Steve Jobs is the Devil Incarnate

3) State unequivocally that product X will fail

4) Grunt and moan about media hype generated by the Apple Marketing team (whose job it is to create marketing hype)

5) When sales figures show product X is doing well claim this is only fanbois and the rest of the world has sense.

6) When sales figures make is clear the rest of the world is buying product X, claim the world is full of idiots.

7) (My favourite) - Proclaim your business acumen and say something like "When will Steve Jobs learn x about y" yada yada yada. Because he clearly has no clue what he is doing and needs to be put right by your genius.

Rinse, repeat...

Oh and the golden rule. Make sure you always, and I mean ALWAYS make comments on articles written about product x. Even though you have no interest in product x,

(except you do, you really really do but you could never admit it)

Keep it in the closet boys. ;-)

Official: Apple iPhone is a chick magnet

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the usual

I see the usual "I dont own an iPhone but I will damn well comment in an iPhone thread" internet warriors are out in force today

iPhone and Mac boost Apple by 94%

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Y o y o y

Why oh why oh why didn't steve jobs listen to some of the wise commenters on the reg who have consistantly pointed out failings in his business plan. It will never work...

/oh wait.

Steve Jobs bans all apps from iPhone (or thereabouts)

Nic 3


You're confusing consumers with developers there. Consumers don't give a shit about development platforms so they won't care about this policy.

If by "people" you mean reg commenters then good luck to you.

Leaked details on HP iPad challenger reveal tight fight

Nic 3


Windows 7 optimised or not isn't going to match a simple OS designed specifically for touch. The two devices will still be touch to compare like for like as a result.