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Samsung Galaxy Watch: A tough and classy activity tracker

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Re: Half a Review?

There's a Strava logo on the Product Page that shows Under Armour, Uber and other partners...


Salesforce slings software for … sigh … wearables

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It's Daniel Debow... not Debon.

Anywho, there are use cases for it. Wearables are going through their early smartphone years phase when the devices were touted as the next wave, but it took a while to really take hold. What we will be going through the next year or so or three is the introduction and refinement of yet more devices, with lots of experimentation until something really useful emerges. Same thing happened in smart phones... now they are ubiquitous.

Being smaller and cheaper devices, they will be iterated at a higher rate than smart phones were.

Apple plans big solar farm to clean dirty datacenter

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And what about clearing those trees?

Why not put them on top of the building?

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

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Godspeed, Mr Jobs

Regardless of what you think, he revolutionized every industry he ever touched. Mercurial and temperamental yes, but a true genius nonetheless.

There will be a tear in my beer tonight...

Nokia dishes out $10m in developer prizes

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It wasn't the most popular applications...

...or there would have been at least some different winners. Some of the apps were new in the store recently.

God particle back in hiding

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Lepton Photon Conference

Well, that's gotta turn chicks on. ''Hey baby, I'm attending the Lepton Photon Conference. Wanna see my large hadron?"

Apple eyes phallic iPhone, iPod charger

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It's the iPud

An electrically stimulated one at that.

Mine the one with all the hairs standing on end.

Mole: iPhone 5 in testing now, on sale in September

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You're entitled to your opinion, but...

Why the dissing of Apple so much? Their market share belies your poo-pooing. iPhone obviously meets the expectations of >25% of the phone-buying public, and the iPad is used, a lot. It is highly portable, and better for reading books and magazines (perhaps Kindle is better at books, but iPad isn't bad).

It seems so many people are just stuck on their own view. You like Symbian? Fine- I really don't care. You prefer Android? Great!

iPad serves me fine for what I do and how I use it. Oh, and it's a godsend on long, overseas flights. My carry on bag is much lighter for it- no books, magazines, etc... all the time-killers are in one place. And it's great for concepting, which I need to do a lot of for work. I found some great tools for idea capture.

I'm just amazed at how many people project their view onto how everyone else should think. Buy what you like, but be objective.

'Anti alpha' mirror-matter made from gold in atomsmasher

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With the high price of gold...

...I'm surprised the anti-science, anti-fact Republican Party haven't shut it down to close the deficit gap.

Mines the one with the anti-lint in the pocket.

iPhone 4 SURVIVES plunge from plane

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They obviously had purchased the parachute app

Mine's packed in the backpack, where the chute was supposed to be.

In-flight fight for stubborn iPhone-loving teen

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Jobs Horns

It is Steve Jobs' Fault...

...for creating a product so compelling that the kid couldn't put it down.

Nutter repairmen scale 1,768ft TV mast

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Paris Hilton

Holy crap!

About the time you think it can't get any worse, he climbs an even more questionable ladder. I didn't even see any hint of wind up there- I would think at that height it would be brutal.

Paris 'cos even she wouldn't be able to mount that pole...

Apple iPod Nano 6G

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It's 6th...

There was hard-edged gumstick 1st nano, then rounded-edge gumstick 2nd nano, then phat nano, then ovally-rounded gumstick nano #1, then ovally-rounded gumstick nano #2 (can't recall the difference), then this one. I have 2G which I gave to the wife and am still using my 3G one for workouts. iPod Touch for all else.

I too, see the touch-nano as just a bit of overkill. Whilst I like the size and clip on, I just don't see touch as needed there. How's the display going to handle sweaty fingers? It'll be all smudged up to say the least.

Speculation swells as Apple event draws near

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Multi-touch Nano

The all-screen multi-touch, clip-on nano is kick ass!

Man jailed for sex with donkey and horse

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No stable address

If he had a "stable" address, would it have made any difference? And was he hung like a .....

Large Hadron Collider briefly back on over weekend

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Paris Hilton

Superfluid Explosion

Paris, obviously.

iPad forces operators to shave their SIMs

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Tiny SIM because...

Why waste a bigger SIM when you only need a data plan? :)

Nokia Q4 shows it ain't dead yet

Jeff 10

Apple is not irrelevant

@AC- since when is Apple irrelevant? They have a small overall market share, but are a big player in the smartphone market, and, importantly, they out do the other players in profits, with a significant contribution from the iPhone.

You may not wish to have an iPhone- many folks don't, and that is fine as it's a personal choice. But to disparage others because their choice is not yours? I don't have an iPhone either, but keep it in perspective. Apple has a serious handset (if they would just unlock multitasking, it would be better), and other manufacturers have seen their results dented by it. It is a threat, as is Android.

Space 2010 - the future is fantastic!

Jeff 10


Dark matter is estimated to be 20% of the missing mass, while dark energy is estimated to be up to 75%.

Atlantis astronaut flying high over baby's birth

Jeff 10

Sorry- I gotta work

Well, hopefully she won't hold this against him at some point in the future. "And where were YOU when I was giving birth to our daughter?"

Parking spot flies to International Space Station

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Paris Hilton

Only one American dock?

I'd think we would at least have two American docks for the shuttle in the event one malfunctioned.

Paris because I'm sure she would like to have 5 docking ports...

Ares I-X stuck on the pad

Jeff 10

One step backwards for man...

Wasn't this called Apollo about 40 years ago? OK, so parts are reusable, but still doesn't excite me. I thought by now we'd have horizontal-to-orbit capabilities at least.

Dallas cops fine drivers for 'not speaking English'

Jeff 10

Her quote was translated...

To those that commented on her "I felt sad, humiliated" and thought she said it in English- did you ever think that might be a translation? Wouldn't make much sense to put the quote in Spanish in an English-speaking news article.

Ares I: What's the point?

Jeff 10

Deorbiting the ISS?

In 2016? They've been building it for more years already than they have left in it, and it's not even quite finished yet. Seems they should at least keep it up another decade past that to really try to get some ROI on it. Hardly seems worth it for just 7 more years. I don't think it's produced that much useful science yet- it is just getting interesting with the latest additions.

Bringing it down that early makes me wonder what it really was about... a lot of robotic missions could have been achieved with that money.

There's water on the Moon, scientists confirm

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But that 32 ounces can be recycled over and over

as the icon on the left shows...

Hubble back in form with stunning new images

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re: Colorized

Yes, they are colorized, but they are taken through various filters. In some cases, at least, they are as natural as possible in terms of color. But, not necessarily in all cases. Colors may represent elements and so forth.

Easter Island dirt may hold key to longer life

Jeff 10

Try it on Bernia Madoff!

Let's try a human trial on Bernie- then he could serve more of his 150 years sentence!

@Chris C:

But, what if there is an afterlife, and your god hates you?

Met warns officers off photographers

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Happens in US as well

I'm a part time photographer, and I get harassed when I take pictures downtown. Less by the police than building security guards. They tell me I can only take photos (of their building or others) if I step into the street (and get hit by the cars I'm not looking at while trying to take the pictures). Used to be this wasn't a problem until after the Patriot Act.

"it does allow police to look at images on phones or cameras during a search to see if they could be useful to a terrorist." Hmmm, any picture of a public building *could* be useful to a terrorist. Not a very definitive guideline (not that you could easily produce a definitive guideline anyways).

Glasgow unbans Life of Brian

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My first R-rated movie

That was my first R-rated movie as I was still in high school. My dad being a religious wonk thought the movie was about a football player (confused with Brian's Song). If he only knew.

I'm not surprised by Ireland, but guess I was surprised about Scotland. Damn religious fanatics (don't watch that movie- it'll turn you into a newt!)

Apple iPhone 3GS

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Digital Zoom and the "megapixel race"

As previously stated, digital zoom does nothing useful, except perhaps act as a cropping tool when you take the picture. Otherwise, just zoom in on the photo (same difference) or increase it off-device with any editing software. I always disable digital zoom- it is utterly useless.

And I doubt 5mp would do much better- there are just physical limitations as to what you get with a pinhole and plastic optics. Even Nokia's Zeiss optics-based 5mp are so-so, especially since they don't let you change the quality setting (Nokia's idea of quality is to change the image size, not the JPEG compression). And Samsung is an absolute joke with its 10mp and 12mp models.

Zaphod Beeblebrox home sun 'shrinking', may have blown up

Jeff 10

I'm sure the Creationists will be all over this...

... 'cause it's the end of the world as we know it. Always looking for ways to force fit science with myth.


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