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On one Prime Day, Amazon warehouse workers endured '45% injury rate'

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Re: El Reg Teaches Percentages

I can drive to East Berlin, Pennsylvania, in less than two hours. Rome, New York, is farther away. An uncle who wouldn't pay parking tickets was arrested in Kansas City, but I don't know whether this was in Kansas City, Kansas, or (the larger) Kansas City, Missouri. There is a reason that American style books favor a state or country in apposition. (Though I used to be confused by the New York Times's way of putting "L.I." after the names of towns on Long Island,)

But it is good to know that America did not cease to add to Britons' self-esteem when it became independent.

Europol nukes nearly 600 IP addresses in Cobalt Strike crackdown

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Nukes, nuclear

Is it the expectation of tonight's fireworks in the US that creates the sudden Register enthusiasm for the verb nuke and the adjective nuclear? Remind me to look on Bastille Day and Guy Fawkes Day.

EV world in serious trouble if China cuts off rare earth materials

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Re: Another attempt at monoploy.


Which people are these that do not not keep their car for 5 years? Ours is a 2012 model, purchased in early 2013. I should judge that most of my neighbors have cars older than five years, including the Tesla owners.

An arc welder in the datacenter: What could possibly go wrong?

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Re: Blame-shifting gone mad


I wonder where the OED got its information.

In shop class in 1968, we learned to solder, and we did not pronounce the 'l'. This was in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, a region as blandly Midwestern as one can find. I have since encountered many Americans who can actually solder well, and I have heard none of them pronounce the 'l'.

SoftBank boss says 'artificial superintelligence' could be three years away

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A prophet and a Son of a prophet.

This is the gentleman who sent a container ship of large denomination bills to We Work, no?

You're wrong, I'm right, and you're hiding the data that proves it

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Sometimes it's tunes

I am not a network admin, but for a brief and trying stretch I was a network admin's boss. A very powerful department at work was unhappy with the network performance, and eventually it turned out that a card at a network center some ways away was flaky. While the ISP was working its way from denial to acceptance, the network admin suggested that we acquire a packet shaper. We did, and marveled at the bandwidth consumed by an iTunes user we knew. And in those days, the Weather Bug was found on many PCs, and tended to be greedy. A word to the iTunes user helped, and we staggered on until the ISP figured it out.

systemd 256.1: Now slightly less likely to delete /home

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Re: Isn't systemd great?

The 25MB + 1.2 unit was something. I remember in the late 1980s hearing a "spang", which was at once followed by a system panic. The rubber belt that drove the drive had fallen off.

And they would corrupt their own disk ID block, requiring one to get in with a low-level editor to fix it.

I didn't touch a thing – just some cables and a monitor – and my computer broke

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Re: Blonde moments

I have not had fair hair since early childhood, but I did once have to ask somebody on the help desk where the power button was on a new PC.

Study finds 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects

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Re: Just maybe?

You had me until you got to "on time and within budget". It was my impression that Babbage's Analytical Engine had set the standards to timeliness, budget, and scope management that the computing industry has piously adhered to ever since.

Codd almighty! Has it been half a century of SQL already?

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Re: Is Ingres QUEL really better?


Yes, I still tend to write old-style joins for Oracle work, and reserve the INNER/OUTER/LEFT JOIN for Postgres and maybe T-SQL.

IT worker sued over ‘vengeful’ cyber harassment of policeman who issued a jaywalking ticket

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Re: Strange thing to do someone for

@W.S. Gosset

In the course of fifty-five years of habitual jaywalking in America, I have never been ticketed, and I don't think I know anyone who has.

About half a mile from me, people habitually cross a busy street between lights to save about eighty yards of walking, with maybe a potential ninety-second wait for a light. They do this late at night while wearing dark clothing, leading me to wonder whether they know a) how numerous the baby-boomers remain, and b) what age does to night vision. But I doubt they ever getting ticketed.

'Little weirdo' shoulder surfer teaches UK cabinet minister a lesson in cybersecurity

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I didn't mean to post twice...

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Well older than a decade

See https://www.nytimes.com/1992/11/20/nyregion/shoulder-surfing-life-in-phone-credit-card-theft.html?searchResultPosition=5

If you can't make it past the paywall, know that it concerns shoulder surfing at Pennsylvania Station in New York. The reporter estimated that about fifteen surfers were active most times.

NYC Comptroller and hedge funds urge Tesla shareholders to deny Musk $50B windfall

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Re: What is not said...


Chapter and verse please, or I invoke Godwin's Law.

I told Halle Berry where to go during a programming gig in LA

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On my long-ago work travels, the most famous hotel must have been the Palmer House, once and maybe still the best hotel in Chicago, and only a few blocks from the customer site. I remember it chiefly for two things: cheap-looking blankets; next to the Gideons Bible, the memoir Be My Guest by Conrad Hilton, nth-great grandfather of Paris Hilton (who was not then famous). I assume that Grandpa Hilton's ghostwriter let GH's voice come through, and will say that he sounded much more interesting than his descendant, if still an odd duck.

IBM sued again for alleged discrimination – this time against White males

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Re: Sets race-relations back sixty years

As one who was here (in the USA) sixty years ago, not an active participant but reading newspapers, watching TV, and listening to conversations, I think that perhaps you should look into the way things were.

Oracle changes its tune with HQ move to Music City

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Re: Will Larry stay in Hawaii?

As it happens, a friend did sail in the days when he attended the University of Texas. But I don't think that Austin produces a lot of crews for America's Cup yachts.

Musk moves Tesla's goalposts, investors happily move shares higher

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Registered owner

@Dan 55

The registered owner is always responsible for paying the fines, yes. I can give you directions to the two locations where they caught us. However, "points" are not charged against one's license as they would be if a real live police officer had pulled one over and written a ticket.

Douglas Maurer, then a professor of computer science at George Washington University, once set to music the text of the Montgomery County, Maryland, traffic camera ticket, in a cantata called "Forty Bucks". I have never been able to find this on-line.

Waymo robotaxi drives down wrong side of street after being alarmed by unicyclists

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If unicycles scare it, what will happen when it encounters mimes?

A quarter of 5-7 year olds now use smartphones, says regulator

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Re: How the great rewiring of childhood is causing an epidemic of mental illness

@Gene Cash

I don't know where it is that you see kids aren't even allowed out of the house. I see kids (not 2 to 5 maybe more 7 and up) playing catch with baseball or football, shooting baskets, and generally doing kid stuff outside with minimal supervision.

911 goes MIA across multiple US states, cause unclear

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wide effect

Nebraska and South Dakota are neighbors, but it's quite a ways from either to Nevada.

Whistleblower cries foul over alleged fuselage gaps in Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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Re: There are lies, damn lies, and statistics!


Much greater duration? That depends on a) how far you are flying, and b) how far you are from the airport. We traveled from Washington, DC, to western Michigan last weekend, and the flight time was 90 minutes, the driving home from the airport nearly an hour.

Support contract required techie to lounge around in a $5,000/night hotel room

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Ah, well

Long ago, I worked for a company that made systems on DG minis. Some of the customers had a low-end storage unit with a 25 MB drive and an 8" floppy for installation, backup etc. For reasons probably including the rubber-belt drive of the main disk, disk corruption occurred now and then. For reasons certainly involving the nuisance of backing up 25 MB of storage on floppies holding 1.1 MB, the backups weren't always what they might have been. I was sent to customer sites on short notice at least twice to help them recover ther systems. I regret to say that the sites were not in European capitals, but to places on Long Island and in northern Alabama.

I did get an upgrade to first class on the Alabama trip, after Delta got me into Atlanta too late for the initially scheduled flight. But that particular customer was a Baptist publishing operation, and I thought it unwise to sample the free alcohol within two hours of showing up.

H-1B visa fraud alive and well amid efforts to crack down on abuse

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Re: hose out the stable first

@missing semicolon:

>> She's been knocking around California representing various districts (how does that work?) since 1993.

She will have served in districts drawn after the censuses of 1990, 2000, and 2010, and I suppose will run this fall in one drawn after the 2020 census. Since the 1960s, state legislatures have had to draw districts that are roughly equal in population, and every census brings an adjustment.

This is not to say that one can't gerrymander to some degree--there was a North Carolina congressman who said he could drive down the interstate with both doors open and hit every one of his constituents.

As for service since 1993, that's a short-timer by the current standards. Senator Grassley (R-IA) was first elected in 1981.

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Goes back a ways

In about 1980, I remember seeing a help-wanted ad in the newspaper. The job seemed to be require that one be the very model of a modern major general, and also be fluent in Chinese. The salary advertised was about what a secretary might earn. I found this bizarre. Years later I learned that work visas went to those who had skills that no American citizen could offer at a comparable rate.

65 years ago, America announced the names of its first astronauts

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Re: Right Stuff

I wonder how well the details in The Right Stuff have held up. Some USAF test pilot disputed a number of facts about Yeager's crash, for one thing. For another, apparently the recovered capsule shows that Grissom was not at fault in the door opening.

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Believing deeply in himself

If you want to find persons who are humble or bothered by self-doubt, I could find you a number. But I wouldn't start the search among test pilots.

It is worth mentioning that John Glenn went on to represent Ohio in the U.S. Senate for twenty-four years.

Iowa sysadmin pleads guilty to 33-year identity theft of former coworker

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All very odd

With the introduction of Real ID, it must be a lot harder to proffer forged licenses. But in the 1980s and before, county clerks were a lot more casual about providing copies of birth certificates, and he who has a legally valid birth certificate has a jump on getting everything else: driver's license, passport, social security card. There are probably a few thousand persons living quietly under false identification in the US. Those who took what I believe the professionals say is the best route, of assuming the identity of a child who died very young, will not need to fear the impersonated turning up at the bank or Social Security Administration office.

I can see the attraction of taking the name William Donald Woods: Woods is a common name in the US, and the combination William Donald is not unusual: William Donald Schaeffer rose to be mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland. I can see the attraction of taking a hot dog vendor's name: the chances of the victim remaining unknown are better than if you assumed a physician's or engineer's name. But why assume a name? I suppose that Keirans had some police department looking for him when he started thisl

Uncle Sam's had it up to here with 'unforgivable' SQL injection flaws

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a capitalist society

At this point it is a bit hard to find any other kind. The PRC claims not to be, though. Do you think that the US National Security Agency finds that Chinese shops write more secure code?

London Clinic probes claim staffer tried to peek at Princess Kate's records

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First, did the patient not take her husband's surname when they married? Or does the English press consider that William should have followed old precedent and married a Battenberg or Hohenzollern, that KM's status is morganatic, and that one must constantly keep that in view?

Second, the newspapers I read did mention this matter in passing. The amount of space allocated has been much less than they give to the NCAA basketball tournament or MLB spring training.

Judge demands social media sites prove they didn't help radicalize mass shooter

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Presumption of innocence

This is a civil trial, where the presumption of innocence does not apply. Of course, the plaintiffs must prove their case, and certainly they will face highly paid legal counsel out do show its weaknesses.

Ad agency boss owned two Ferraris but wouldn't buy a real server

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Re: Aaron?

A couple of classmates of long ago, surnamed Zugel and Zura, probably wouldn't have minded trading places with you.

Rancher faces prison for trying to breed absolute unit of a sheep

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Re: "captive hunting operations – aka shooting sheep in a barrel"

Perhaps it was practice for anti-cow defense, which could be important if the French launched cows at you, as in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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absolute unit

This is a new expression for me--is it from the Register's standards office?

Climate change means beer made from sewer water, says North Carolina brewery

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@Someone else

Prior art: a version of the joke shows up in Bill Mauldin's Up Front, from the campaign of North Africa.

I did once live about five miles from the Coors brewery, and get a whiff of the malt from time to time. Coors (and I am not talking about Coors Light) was not bad when the air temperature was over 90 F and the Coors was chilled until ice crystals just started to form.

NTT boss takes early retirement to atone for data leak

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Very Japanese

In the US, "I take full responsibility" commonly seems to mean "Shut up, I don't want to talk about it anymore."

Hands up if you want to volunteer for layoffs, IBM tells staff

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Have you caught the bug?

"circa 50 percent of IBM’s reduction goal will impact staffing levels across the European continent" looks like corporate PR's way of saying "about half the layoffs will occur in Europe."

And when IBM says "corporate rebalancing", I imagine employees walking blanks to port and starboard both.

Palantir boss says outfit's software the only reason the 'goose step' has not returned to Europe

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Re: What an arrogant prat

Not before getting a firm hand on your wallet, I hope.

OpenAI claims New York Times paid someone to 'hack' ChatGPT

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Re: Strange


Well, with OpenAI, apparently we have a robot to take it over for you.

Starting over: Rebooting the OS stack for fun and profit

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Re: Ah, LISP

Thank you for that link, and please have an upvote.

The reference I saw was in Stonebraker's memoirs, which for a while were freely viewable on-line. I had not seen this particular item.

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Michael Stonebraker wrote that when undertaking Postgres they started with the notion of using LISP for its elegance etc. etc. The performance was found to be intolerable, and the project reverted to C.

Or so I recall--the book is behind a paywall at ACM.

If we plug this in without telling anyone, nobody will know we caused the outage

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Re: Let's Check the Server Room Access Log

Back in the early 1990s, I worked on a US government contract. The server room access log was ring binder with forms in which you might write your time of arrival, your task, and your time of exit--office buildings commonly have such at the front desk. The boss contractor mentioned as an additional reason for their use that they could get one out of trouble: somebody accused of smoking pot in a stairwell was shown as have been in a server room at the time of the alleged offense. I don't think that I was particularly conscientious about filling them out.

BOFH: In the event of a conference, the ninja clause always applies

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The rules

Thomas Reed, eventually Speaker of the House, served on a gunboat during the American Civil War. He was quoted as saying, "I knew the rules and they didn't. I had all my rights, and most of theirs."

VMware takes a swing at Nutanix, Red Hat with KVM conversion tool

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Isn't this a bit as if the Stasi had sponsored ladders in West Berlin hardware stores so that those who wished could flee over the wall to the east?

The successor to Research Unix was Plan 9 from Bell Labs

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Are Javascript, CSS, and HTML5 features of any operating system in particular? I guess one could almost say the Javascript is a feature of Windows, given that the scripting host will allow one to run scripts written in a subset of Javascript.

Self-taught-techie slept on the datacenter floor, survived communism, ended a marriage

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Cuban invasion?

Seriously? By the Marielitos?

Developer's default setting created turbulence in the flight simulator

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Re: Wrong defaults

My favorite self-DOS was editing the inittab to start a task in the background.

FBI recruits Amazon Rekognition AI to hunt down 'nudity, weapons, explosives'

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Did they train it on James Bond films?

The rise and fall of the standard user interface

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Re: First time I have heard of the CUA for decades

@Someone else

< "believe that anything created before they were born is of no importance."

Boomer here, but it sure sounds as if you're talkin' 'bout my generation.

Well, actually, we probably pushed "before they were born" up to "before we hit puberty."

Macy's and Sunglass Hut sued for $10M over face-recog arrest and 'sexual assault'

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Couldn't but notice that this is a anagram (spaces and capitalization aside) for Toxic AI Slut Loser. Nomen est omen?