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Chipmakers threaten to defect to US, EU if UK doesn't get its semiconductor plans sorted


Re: >Where's the Brexit bonus?

Talk about rewriting history with this:

"Not entirely accurate but the EU were desperate for a deal as shown by the NI 'negotiations' and absolute fear of causing another Eurozone crisis. That is why it grates so much that BINO May screwed up so badly but does leave hope that a politician with spine can improve the situation fairly easily."

May negotiated an all UK backstop approach which kept the UK in the single market and customs union FOR FREE!

Johnson took over and then gave the EU everything they had asked for in the opening round of talks. He also thought he was still getting what May negotiated and was really confused when Frost had to explain to him that what Johnson thought was 'no deal' was in fact the very poor Frost TCA!

The reality is that the only way to have made Brexit work in any form was to remain in the EEA and look to rejoin EFTA, anything else was a unicorn powered fantasy designed to confuse the gullible...


Re: >Where's the Brexit bonus?

This is the Brexit you voted for Dave...

I really wish all the people who voted for Brexit would just accept the result and stop moaning that the unicorn they were promised turned out to be Nigel Farage with a massive dildo gaffer taped to his head prancing along the white cliffs of Dover shouting at the ocean...

Techies ask PM to 'prepare UK chip strategy as a matter of urgency'


Re: @localzuk

Lol, no great surprise to see you fluffing the economic bin fire from the IEA clown convention there code junky...

You probably think Jessop, Lesh and the rest of the IEA brexit Taliban are credible economists.

The Truss disaster was the peak of the IEA supply side wet dream, it was dead on arrival because it had no economic credibility.



The party of money launderers and tax avoiders want others to invest...

With brexit the only UK inward investment is fire sale acquisitions and knowledge transfer out of the UK.

No one is going to set up in Little Faragestan without a serious bung from the government..

Ex-Twitter Brits launch legal challenge against dismissal


Re: Union

Not just safety, also support for disabled passengers, emergency response for de training outside stations etc.

As for pay rates, I want the person driving several hundred tonnes of train, at speed, and full of passengers to be well rewarded, it's a huge responsibility.

Twitter gives up fight against COVID-19 misinformation


Sweden was a binfire

Now do Sweden. And look at the US state by state....

Norway called, said something about a lot of dead Swedish grannies!

State by state in the US shows right wing republican states with higher death rates, but not from parasitic worms Thanks to all the horse wormer they necked...


Irony alert

Ironic you're complaining about scientific competence at twitter when every post you've made on this thread is a bin fire of unscientific conspiracy theories.

If you think masks, vaccines and other mitigations didn't work explain why the deaths at the peaks of cases in 2020 are so much higher than in 2021...

Public heath 101, vaccinate, reduce contacts, deploy infection control!

Cummings 2013 essay on infection driven herd immunity is a masterclass of someone confusing ambition with ability, hence why Hancock whacked so many elderly people. The same strategy advocated by the GBD and assorted loons who came out with the drivel you're posting...

UK Info Commissioner slams use of WhatsApp by health officials during pandemic


PPE VIP Lane shenanigans

Several cases of allegedly unrecoverable WhatsApp messages when the Tory party was spaffing our cash on overpriced, unusable PPE from party donors and personal friends.

Any comms channel outside approved and supplied ones should raise serious questions.

Given how often Prittler bangs on about access to comms you'd think she'd be all over this.!

UK, South Korea strike data-sharing pact


Not a great example

Credit card transactions are already covered in the card T's and C's and the card scheme rules. No actual transfer of Broad PII is made.

The card scheme is asked 'this card? This amount? And either gets back a yes, go for it, or no, basic reasons.

You dont need a cross border data adequacy agreement to achieve that.

This is more about supported data harvesting for big tech...

To our total surprise, Apple makes adding alternative payment systems to apps 'painful, expensive, clunky'


Re: Third parties

Amazon's volume is large enough that it gets way better rates than the headline 3% the average small business gets.

The recent Visa spat was about cross border fees for using cards registered in the UK to purchase from Amazon SARL which has come about as yet another 'Brexit benefit' where the card schemes are no longer required to meet EU directives on maximum fees to be charged to merchants.

Launched the year Netscape Navigator was born, the UK's CHIEF customs system finally has a retirement date


Ready for Brexit

By imposing no checks or controls at the border, and even then the costs and time to generate 48 million additional declarations have massively increased costs and barriers to trade.

Then add in the £17B drop in UK export value in 3 months, so much success!

Cheeky chappy rides horse around London filling station, singing: 'I don't need petrol 'cos he runs on carrots'


Re: Gus the Horseman owes his fame to Brexit

Two seconds on that twitter thread and you find its a strike by Carrefour workers in a warehouse rather than a structural failure in supply chain.....



Re: Why now

Pretty much everything you've written is wrong.

Firstly Poland doesn't have a shortage of drivers, it has vacancies in its very successful pan European haulage businesses, all countries have vacancies, only 1 has cut off the freedom of movement of goods (food, fuel), Services (Haulage), Capital (Paying the bills) and people (delivering the first three!).

So you can have loads of vacancies but still have a functioning cross border supply chain which can cope with demand, thats the benefit of the single market.

As for fuel shortages, we had got to a critical point where forecourt reserves had been significantly diminshed as delivery cycles had got longer and longer for the stations.Then add in the news breaking and boom, queues and closures.

The UK actually delivered more HGV tests in 2020 than it did in 2019, the DVLA hit job going on at the moment is as laughable as blaming the RHA for the structural problems with Brexit

Their 'next job could be in cyber': UK Cyber Security Council launches itself by pointing world+dog to domain it doesn't own

Paris Hilton

Looks like they are retraining

As ballet dancers, they just don't know it yet........

UK and Japan agree to free trade deal that excludes data localisation requirements


'However that doesn't negate the fact that this is a better deal with Japan than the EU managed. Better. Improved. A step up.'

It is if your Japanese.

The £15 Billion is made up of 80% imports from Japan and 20% exports to Japan, and thanks to the tariff reduction structures will allow the Japanese to close all UK car and train manufacturing and instead import from Japan at the end of the next investment cycle (3 to 4 years)

The deal is symbolic, bit like the UK-US open skies which gave a veto to the US over UK airlines, something it didn't have in EU-US open skies.

Japan played a blinder, closed the first round of the talks with a take it or leave it offer and Truss had no choice but to grab the shit end of the stick with both hands to get a 'win' on the books.

Every single 'plus' thats been spoken about is minor in comparison to the negatves of the deal.

Its notable that every continuity deal done so far is materially worse for the UK than the deal it replaces, even the Faroe Islands stitched us up like a kipper.

Welcome to Trade Weight, we aren't negotiating as the 800lb Gorilla with a machine gun anymore

Tech ambitions said to lie at heart of Britain’s bonkers crash-and-burn Brexit plan


Re: Its stupid

The metro in Athens is excellent, and the majority of that Daily Mail article from 9 years ago is horseshit, especially the part about ticket validation, thats common in a lot of European countries.

If you want poor value then the £400,000,000 spanked by President Cummings on the bankrupt satellite company is a good indicator of what your right wing government can waste, and thats before we get started on the billions in sub standard and often non existent PPE in contracts to Tory donors and Cummings mates.

Brexit border-line issues: Would you want to still be 'testing' software designed to stop Kent becoming a massive lorry park come 31 December?


Re: Testing? Are you having a larf?

Get a deal done........

Sounds great in principle, however, in practice you will still need all of the systems, lorry parks, additional capacity etc. even with the proposed deal.

The FTA that Johnson is seeking will deal with some tariffs and quotas, but its not going to fix any of the non tariff barriers to trade, and its those babies which create the delays. Thats why Thatcher was a the architect of the single market, she understood trade friction and its associated costs, she also understood what freedom meant as well. The current bunch of eugenicists, racists and all round muppets (and thats just the SPADs) are not in her league.

And IT won't replace SPS checks until you can train a robot to shove its arm up a cows bottom!

Everyone I know in trade and logistics is personally stockpilling, that should tell you all you need to know.

Dido 'Queen of Carnage' Harding to lead UK's Institute for Health Protection because Test and Trace went so well


Failing upwards

Was ever thus it seems........

Local Authority public health teams have done a far better job than the outsourced Tory backers on test and trace, primarily because they have extensive experience and local knowledge.

Harding's husband believes the NHS should be insurance based and not for the masses so inserting a completely unqualified amateur with no recruitment process is not unsurprising in Cummings brave new world.

DBA locked in police-guarded COVID-19-quarantine hotel for the last week shares his story with The Register


Re: Perfect example...

Yeah, sounds great until you realise the UK has out paced France and Italy whilst being between 2 and 3 weeks behind them in the cycle.

When you adjust for time you see a very different picture, and its not pretty. Then factor in excess deaths compared to a proceeding 5 year period and you get the real picture of the failure of the UK government.

Cummings little herd immunity experiment, based on his 2013 essay in which he relied on everyone except virologists, epidimiologists and public health experts was the blue print for the current dog and pony show. Little wonder we faced 500,000 deaths without a huge pivot, and completely coincidental that the guy who did that work that led to the pivot was outed to the Telegraph for having his girlfriend visit.

Top Euro court advised: Cops, spies yelling 'national security' isn’t enough to force ISPs to hand over massive piles of people's private data


Not this horseshit again

"For example, the EU ruling that the UK can't expel EU citizens who commit heinous crimes such as rape and child molestation. Or ruling that certain groups can be considered protected minorities even though their customs and practices are considered backwards and barbaric in the UK (No, not the obvious one, think again)."

When you don't know the difference between the ECHR and the CJEU you get this kind of ignorance.

On the CJEU front and freedom of movement the UK absolutely can expel EU citizens for these crimes and does so, well over 5000 a year are deported or denied entry at the border for a variety of reasons under the heading of 'presence not being conducive to the public good'

Its the European Court of Human Rights which rules on individual cases, leaving the EU won't change that.

Plan to strip post-Brexit Brits of .EU domains now on hold: Registry waves white flag amid political madness


Re: Does the UK require citizenship for .uk domains?

When its the advisors that are making the decisions and setting and driving policy then they should stand for election. Instead what we have a is back door system which allows people to set and deliver policy on behalf of special interest groups and simply channel it via the elected conduit.

Milne, Cummings, Timothy etc. all wield huge power over our lifes and we get no say in it. In effect they are not 'advisors' but the actual leaders of the policies that are being foisted on us.

Reality is they should not exist as part of government or our politics.


Re: Does the UK require citizenship for .uk domains?

"Right at the end there you got it. The EU have to make it as difficult, costly and painful as possible for the UK to leave as they can. If they don't then several other countries are likely to be doing the same thing."

How do you square that with the red lines set by Mays unelected advisor Nick Timothy?

You would have a point if we went into the negotiation with an open mind and the best interests of the country rather than start with a xenophobes charter of what the UK wouldn't accept.

Add into that the inflammatory rhetoric from our politicians and you start to realise the people punishing the British people are our own government.

Three UK goes TITSUP*: Down and out for 10 hours and counting


Re: "experiencing intermittent service"

Likewise and a simple power cycle of the wifi router got me back online this morning when it was a bit iffy.

UK Home Office primes Brexit spam cannon for a million texts reminding folk to check passports


Re: Genuine e-mail, honest gov.

I would argue that legitimate interest in notifying you to check the validity of your passport isn't marketing.

Arguably the country could say its a vital interest issue to prevent havoc at ports and airports of people being turned away.

Gov flings £10m to help businesses get Brexit-ready with, um... information packs


Re: Looks like el Reg is being as disingenuous as the Biased Broadcasting Corporation

Waiting for an extended period of time and referring to polls which say the mood of the people has now changed does not constitute a valid mechanism for overturning what was the largest largest democratic exercise of all time in the UK.


No one is talking about overturning the 1992 General Election which had a higher turnout with a smaller overall population!.

This is the problem with Brexidiot propoganda, they just repeat the mantra's from the Cambridge Analytica programming without even realising it. Its made worse by the fact that generally the El Reg audience isn't composed of complete morons.


Re: Govt. Leaflets... @Martin-R

As best I can tell, remote IT services won’t be too badly affected but $deity help us if we need to go on site (visas?) or if you’re doing something that requires recognition of qualifications


Unless you are hosting or processing data for anyone except UK nationals, then you have a very significant problem.

Without an adequacy decision then you will need to put in place BCR/MCC for all your EU clients, and then they might not survive the latest Schrems ECJ fun fest. And thats assuming your clients agree to trust the UK gov not to crap on that.

You might also want to check with your insurers if you will still have liability cover for work with non UK businesses, several business insurers have started turning down renewals if you have significant exposure outside the UK.

But don't worry, if it all goes wrong and you have to sell up plenty of Tory and Brexit party supporters will be happy to purchase your distressed assets for a significant discount with all the money they will make betting against the £ and UK PLC!

Overseas investors eat the UK tech sector for Brexit: More cash flung about in 7 months than the whole of last year


Everything must go

Would be interesting to see which MPs have interests in the vehicles acquiring the UK tech sector at a massive discount?

Fantastic Mr Fox? Not when he sh*ts on your lawn, kids' trampoline and your soul


Paintball gun will do the job although frangible .22 solves the problem faster.......

Brexit? HP Inc laughs in the face of Brexit! Hard or soft, PC maker claims it's 'no significant risk'


Re: Impact will vary

"So you build them to make both standards, and stamp them with both. Or you make a subset for the UK market with both stamps, and use them in Europe."

That assumes the two standards are identical or at least similar but with the UK's grand plan to diverge on standards (as the rest of the world is converging) thats not as simple as your solution suggests.

Reality is you will end up with parallel construction lines and variable component sources, add in rules of origin with the UK having to meet hugely increased content levels to be trade deal compliant and its easier to just shut up shop and focus on the bigger market with the relocation of the manufacturing.


Re: Impact will vary

One overlooked issue is that the UK will no longer be part of the CE mark and instead is launching the UKCA mark (must be better it has more letters!) although it will still recognise the CE mark.

So if you want to make cars for the UK market all your bits and pieces will now need to be UKCA marked, but if you are building for export then you will need all the bits to be CE marked (UKCA isn't recognised anywhere in the world). The key element is placing on the market, and if its after the time limited overrun (not yet decided) then its a real challenge to know if you can get conformity or components.

Its why Vauxhall will pull out of the UK if its a no deal exit as they have no idea what they will need to do or when.

Of course like all good governments they haven't actually decided what, when or if this will happen and everything I have said is subject to change.......good luck planning supply chain on that basis

Brexit: Digital border possible for Irish backstop woes, UK MPs told


Re: Drone boy back on the meths again

"Yes. As a result I have friends who would love to come here who basically need to be a student and get employed from there. These friends being from US, Europe (not in the EEA), Asia, Africa, Middle East and yet they are forced out. I have other friends from within the EU who have come here and got a basic office job, an opportunity my other friends would love to have."

So will stripping rights from British people make any of that easier?

You are conflating UK immigration policy which is entirely in the soveriegn control of the government with the rights accorded under Freedom of Movement.

"To which we will... still be able to do that as we did before. Pre-EU people lived and worked and visited a great deal of Europe without much restriction. And for the 'right' of freedom of movement we have surrendered a lot of rights to run our own country. A good example is the march in London against the tampon tax. The idiots needed to be marching in Brussels."

Nope, completely wrong on all counts. As a third country with no agreements on travel, work etc you will need to get a job, visa etc first, exactly the same things you decry in the prior part of your post you want to impose on British people!

As for the tampon tax you might find it has been levied in the UK since the 70's by a soveriegn UK government decision. The EU has published proposals for a zero rate element of VAT to cover sanitary wear, The UK did have the option to remove the VAT from sanitary wear before the common VAT policy came in but they chose not to.

Freedom of Movement is a reciprocal right, if the UK wanted to it could make immigration from all those countries work exactly the same way, the fact its chosen not to is an entirely sovereign UK decision and ending freedom of movement rights for 65 million British people won't change that.


Re: Drone boy back on the meths again

Helps if you read your own posts Code Junky, you mentioned having a border policy, we have one:

"What less rights? What less opportunities? This is the interesting situation where both sides think there are can be more rights and opportunities their way. So I dont think there will be less, I think they have less."

Less rights - currently you have the right to live, work, establish a business and travel across 31 other nations with exactly the same rights as every other citizen of the EEA. Once we leave that we lose all those rights.

Once we leave a citizien of those other countries will only lose those rights in one nation (the UK) whilst UK citizens lose them in 31 other countries so who loses the most?

So as of today if you want to go for a job in another EEA nation the employer can simply employ you, or if you want to be self employed you can, if you have UK qualifications then you have mutual recognition rights to work across licenced professions etc.

Once we are a third country, and if this ends up as 'No deal' then all those rights are gone, qualifications and licences which on the 31st of October had equal value have none on the 1st of Novermber. Employment rights, visa requirements, rights to reside, all gone.

Can you explain how losing all those rights in 31 neighbouring countries will increase opportunity?


Re: Drone boy back on the meths again

If you take into account all the service market short term workers (lorry drivers, aircrew, maritime, business travel etc) its over 4 million


Re: Drone boy back on the meths again

"What does that have to do with the price of fish? But it does make sense for them to try it on since the EU got away with it. But having actual border policy is the norm in the world."

We do have fully controlled borders, you try getting into the UK without a passport let us all know how you get on.

Maybe review the Home Office statistics on how many EEA nationals are denied entry at the border or are deported from the UK and then you might actually learn how the UK borders and immigration system work in relation to freedom of movement.

What particularly attracts you to the idea of having less rights and opportunities than the people in 31 neighbouring countries CodeJunky?

Especially as the UK has the highest number of people actively using Freedom of Movement rights across the rest of the EEA to live and work, both permanently and temporarily.

You might also want to look at how trade deals work, most of the recent ones have provision for intra company transfers for mode 4 services plus spouses with full rights and no visas, hows that taking back control looking now when someone can open a Ltd entity, employ themselves and then transfer themselves and the family into the UK!

Like many of the arguments you've tried to put about trade, the single market and other aspects of the EU you are still as clueless as ever.


Drone boy back on the meths again

The government may well believe that an alternative can be found to the seamless workings of the most advanced trade bloc and customs union in the world but if they do why have they tasked a bloke with a history of working for right wing think tanks and no real experience in cross border trade to come up with the answer?

The TL:DR on Shankar's latest word salad is to have a single market with Ireland which overlaps the EU single market and follows its rules etc. yet also allows for the UK to diverge so it can sell innovative jams to Nambia and Covfefe whilst buying substandard agricultural output from the US.

The fact no other border between two economic entities exists which can meet the criteria being quoted as achievable in the next 3 years is testament to the fact this is the work of a vapourware vendor. Does he think the Swiss have sat on their hands because they like lorry queues? And the Swiss, whilst being a 3rd country have the most advanced bilateral deal structure with the EU of any nation, yet they still have a hard border for goods.

Ironically the original EU idea of a border in the Irish sea and letting Northern Ireland remain in the SM and CU solved the problem and actually gave NI a huge advantage over the UK mainland but the DUP insisted that they could not be different from the UK (this is a selective application of different given the massive differentiation on abortion and gay rights but thats sky fairy whack jobs for you!)

Simple solution, join EFTA, form 'A' customs union, meets the binary question from the advisory referendum and doesn't completely stuff up peace or the economy.

What today links Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram – apart from being run by monopolistic personal data harvesters?


Been intermittent all day

I am on the Southern West Coast of the US and everything has been bouncing up and down since this morning.

Currently as of 2.45 pm PST corporate Gmail is stuck and erroring. Tries to load, bar gets to 90% then it sticks.

Facebook was chucking errors earlier, Twitter, its hard to tell if its working or not, my timeline still appears to be full of lunatics and gammon so seems to be normal service really.

UK's ICO slaps £120k fines on Arron Banks' insurance biz and Leave.EU campaign


No Complaints?

I seem to recall Carole Caddwalladr writing about the use of her personal data by Eldon/Banks/Leave EU and a complaint to the ICO

UK space comes to an 'understanding' with Australia as Brexit looms


Re: RE: Mooseman @codejunky

"Which foods and by how much?"

Lets start with the ridiculously easy one- chicken from the US is much cheaper than in the EU.

"look at the issue of food security and reliance on imports"

We are already there. We cannot provide enough food in this country for the people in this country. We already rely on imports.


Lets also ask why the US has a food poising rate thats nearly 10 times that of the EU, and thats according to the CDC.

What do you think the cost of transport would add to the chicken cost?

And given the wholesale price is €1.85 per kg in the EU and $2.02 cents in the US we are talking a difference of 10c per kg wholesale before you ship it to the UK.

So is that 10c worth it for animals raised thigh deep in faeces in appaling conditions and an industry with chronic safety and hygene issues?

And you answer to a weak policy on food security is to make it weaker!


Re: Dan 55

"The fact that Vote Leave received incorrect advice does not absolve them, they still have to follow the law and still have to be fined."

This is actually incorrect and its the spin vote leave put on the outcome of the case.

They actually recieved correct advice that they could donate money to other campaigns but they could not work in co-ordination with them.

They ignored that bit and thought they could launder money through Darren Grimes and no one would notice. The reality is, as all the evidence shows, they co-ordinated from the outset and they knew throughout that this went against the guidance the electoral commission gave them.

They lost the leave to appeal case yesterday as well as they have no realistic prospect of convincing the court they didn't coordinate.


Re: RE: Mooseman @codejunky

You really dont have a clue.

Lets get back to your original premise, that food will be cheaper.

Which foods and by how much?

Once you've answered that simple question we can maybe look at the issue of food security and reliance on imports once you have decimated the UK's farming industry.


Re: RE: Mooseman @codejunky

"You can start with this:"

I was waiting for at least one remainer to shoot you down for me as it is a common (and not incorrect) argument that brexit would cause inefficient farmers to go out of business as they lose the protectionism for their over expensive produce. Basically because we can import cheaper than now and will not necessarily prop up the industry.



Thats the Minford fantasy or removing all tariff barriers for everything, straight from the 55 Tufton Steet think tanks in a publication which has been universally debunked on many issues from imaginary coffee tariffs to citrus fruit and beyond.

You might want to consider that even Minford says it will end UK manufacturing and Agriculture if implemented.

What it also does is remove protections for emerging nations and simply benefits the huge agro industrires.

You also ignore the lower buying power of weak sterling, but then, you ignore every other fact so no great surprise on that one.

But just for laughs, how is dropping all our 0% tariff deals and then opening borders to the world at 0% with no protections for UK industries going to make stuff cheaper when that very action will drop the £ by between 10 and 15%?


Re: RE: Mooseman @codejunky

"Sorry but that is where you need to prove your position since you are going massively against even remainer outlet knowledge."

You can start with this:


Then maybe why don't you list all the tariffs you say apply to foods imported into the UK, remember to include quota levels because a headline tariff which appears high may never kick in because the quota is more than the country can produce.

If you need help on tariffs the government provides a really handy tool.

This is for high quality Navel Oranges, and like most quitlings you will latch onto the 3.2% and the €81.33 per 100kg duty and tariff, read past the default and look at all those 0% deals with all those citrus producing countries. It also varies by time of year as we don't want crap produce coming into the market so its seasonally adjusted.


And if you need a saddle for your donkey post brexit you will be pleased to know we have a huge number of 0% tariff deals thanks to our EU membership.....



Re: RE: Mooseman

"This is the thing i never get with you deluded remainers. Look at Canada's deal with the EU. It is better than anything the EU has offered to us or agreed with May, and funny enough Canada is not a member. They break their rules when it suits them. It's a protectionist racket"

You've not read the Canada deal have you?

May set her red lines, one of which is the ECJ.

Those red lines dictate what you get offered. The EU did a handly single powerpoint slide on how it works, the more red lines the worse the deal on offer.

Its not so much remainers who are deluded, its more the quitlings like you who spout stuff you don't understand


Re: RE: Mooseman @codejunky

"The food bill should go down (for everyone rich or poor in the UK) by leaving as we dont need to apply the high tariffs of the EU against the world."

Christ on a bike not this rubbish again, we are beneficiaries of 759 trade agreements with the rest of the world that pretty much remove all tariffs on the food we consume.

After we leave we have two options, either apply the TRQ's we have proposed to the WTO pre acceptance or drop to 0% for everyone, neither puts us in a better position or makes food cheaper.


Re: RE: Mooseman @codejunky

"I always wince when I hear we have a poor hand to play. "

That would be the grim realisation that your beloved Brexit is a monumental gangfuck.

Politics aside we sit in the most sophisticated and powerful trade bloc on the planet which is leading the convergance paths of the other trade blocs to make trade simpler and remove frictions and barriers.

And the UK response because a minority of shouty xenophobes don't like 'forrin' accents and also fancy making a fast buck on a crashing pound is to bin it all and strike out alone like the Crimson Permanent Assurance.

If you want a free trade deal we can join EFTA (the clue is in the FTA bit!) and if we want to remove frictions to trade and enjoy other global deals we can form a customs union. Then its only about trade rules, you can meet the binary referendum and stop a few pointy heads making a killing.

Surprise! VAT, customs likely to get a bit trickier in a Brexit no-deal world


Re: Can anyone

We can set up trade deals that benefit us, and not be told what tariffs/taxes to charge to benefit someone else.


Have you read CETA or EU Japan?

Guess what, before either can do trade deals with the UK they have to be assessed and approved to do so by the EU, thats part of the deal for any deals with near neighbours outside SM/CU/EFTA. Its a reciprocal right as well so before the EU does a deal with the UK it has to consult with and seek approval from existing FTA holders. This is why the whole 'easiest deal' crap is just that, crap

Which one of the 759 FTA's, MRA's and BTD's do you think can be improved for the UK?

I won't hold my breath waiting for your carefully researched answer...........


Re: Can anyone

- We can deport undesirables (hate speech preachers, for example) without the ECJ telling us that we have to keep them because deportation would spoil their family life.


That sounds brilliant, except its total and utter bollocks of the highest order.

Firstly, wrong court, the ECJ doesn't rule on individual human rights cases, thats the ECHR, not a part of the EU and we will still be signatories to that.

Secondly, the UK routinely deports lots of people, or denies entry to them but human rights laws will still apply after Brexit

Thirdly, its ignorance like this which explains why the country is doomed. Weapons grade stupidity isn't an assett!


Re: This Train Wreck is getting interesting

Unilateral tariff reduction when the UK drops all inbound tariffs to 0% whilst having no workable trade deals on the 30th of March is the brainlesschild of Economists for Brexit.

Outside of any trade deals you cannot selectively drop tariffs for only some countries, its all or nothing under most favoured nation (MFN) rules.

It will have several effects, the first being that UK exports (mainly high value, lower demand luxury items) increase significantly in cost along with all of our farming exports (sensitive area for tariffs!)

End result, you can buy a few things a bit cheaper possibly (depends on the collapse of the £) whilst agriculture and manufacturing in the UK are wiped out as they can't compete with ultra cheap imports and they can't export.

And before all you brexidiots scream Project Fear, the death of UK agriculture and manufacturing is part of the Minford model used by Economists for Brexit! Apparently they can all retrain in 'digital'!

Chap asks Facebook for data on his web activity, Facebook says no, now watchdog's on the case


Yee Haw

Paddle faster, I hear banjos.......

Home Office seeks Brexit tech boss – but doesn't splash the cash


Re: What's going on with these comments?

Ah the demonic love child of Farage and Bankski has risen, like a Frankenstien waiting for XP SP2 to be installed...

Your shit show is going well @codejunky now the government has finally got round to leaking the 84 sectors reports on how much of a monumental gangfuck your brexit will be.

And worse, you can't even ride to the rescue as some dubious politics student will get that gig.

Can't hang around, got an entire economy to short (thanks Mogg and Redwood for the tips) disaster capitalism doesn't just capitalise itself you know.......