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PayPal, accused of facilitating neo-Nazi rally, promises to deny hate groups service

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Well here is the thing once you allow the powers that be to shut them down you are doing 2 things.

One you are legitimizing them. They are saying that they are not being represented, and are crying fowl you will only give them more publicity. If Antifa,, and all the other counter protesters didn't show up to start trouble nothing would have happened in the slightest there were something like 500 people that showed up (OOO big bad scary protest). No one would have heard about this outside some local station reporting it. In all truth the media, and the other groups sorta played right into what they would wanted. Lets face it if a crazy man is spouting idiotic things on a box do you put them on national TV so their idiocy can be heard by all?

Second is you are setting a dangerous precedent by restricting freedom of speech, and giving the powers that be a new tool to silence those they don't agree with. Today it might be who you deem Nazi's, and white supremacist. Tomorrow it could be anything you say that goes against what they deem dangerous. We have seen this with Antifa they started "punching Nazi's in the face", and that violence seems to have expanded to anyone to the right of Lenin.

As Evelyn Beatrice Hall once wrote "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

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Re: In the long run

It isn't a trump inspired rise it is a DNC, and MSM inspired rise as white people are sick of being told they have special privileges granted to them by their skin color, and they should feel guilty for what people who happened to share their same skin color did hundreds of years ago.

As long as the DNC, and MSM keeps pushing identity politics it will just grow stronger.

In all honesty how I see it the cause, and effect are opposites Trump was elected due to people feeling alienated by their government. He in turn called it out, and gave a promise to try and fix it which resonated with people.

So here is a question will paypal also block BLM, and ANTIFA off their site?

US Senate votes to let broadband ISPs sell your browser histories

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Re: Gobsmacked

Do you HONESTLY believe Hillary would have been better?

If so I have a bridge to sell you that has very low use.

Grumpy Trump trumped, now he's got the hump: Muslim ban beaten back by appeals court

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RE: 2strokeRider

"Another factually challenged 'journalist' with an axe to grind. This Reg hack, like some others, ignores facts because they don't fit the narrative. Agree or disagree on the 7 country ban, but at least be factual."

Honestly this is why I barely even read this site anymore in all honesty it reads more like some shoddy tabloid now.

Don't panic, but a 'computer error' cut the brakes on a San Francisco bus this week

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Wow what a design

Why not just use a simple method like the emergency brake lever connected to a drum like on cars, and once it moves it can physically sever the power without the need of a computer to tell it to slow down. The lever itself could act as the conductor, and when its in operation mode it could be a giant switch for the power to the wheels so when its pulled the circuit opens.

User couldn't open documents or turn on PC, still asked for reference as IT expert

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Sounds familiar

Had one at a university I worked at years back that was very similar. She had the computer skills to rival the one mentioned in the article.

One time her PC was running slow so she claimed she needed a new one. Went to go see what was the matter turns out she had NEVER rebooted the machine (it was running win 98 so the good ole memory hole) since she started (4-5months prior), and had installed every single IM, and IE addon bar you could imagine.

Uninstalled all the trash, and all was fine.

Well month or 2 later we did a major network overhaul so we shut every single PC down.

Next day she rang us up claiming her PC is broken as it wouldn't turn on. I told the helldesk phone jockey just tell her to press the power button on the big box under her desk(was not the 1st call that day like this)... But no the helldesk drone instead wrote a ticket that I had to go put down the work I was doing(I was repairing some expensive equipment), and deal with as the ticket was given the highest priority, and I was the only person available that could go on calls to staff offices at the time...

Go over there, and ask her to show me what she was doing. She was pressing the monitors calibration button (it was an old gateway that had a huge dial in the center of the bottom of the screen)... Yea that was the power button to her. So I press the power button, and showed it to her(was futile got a call a few weeks later for same crap), and waited till she logged in as I didn't feel like being called back if she forgot her password as she never used it. BTW the PC was the modem in her mind as she questioned why I was turning the modem on...

After that I went back to the IT dept, and when the helldesk drone walked away I ran to his PC took a screen capture of the screen minimized everything, and moved the taskbar to the top of the screen, and hid it setting the background to the screen shot to get back at him. Walked back to my desk, and proceeded repairs to see 10 mins later he was re-imaging his PC as it was stuck lol

Funny thing is one of my co-workers at the time saw my antics at work, and said I'd make a great BOFH which puzzled me, and when I asked BOFH he directed me to this site, and told me to read :D

Criticize Donald Trump, get your site smashed offline from Russia

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Re: Why are these things not being shouted from the rooftops?

Hilary is just as bad if not worst.

She has a WAY higher chance to start a war with russia based on her previous actions as she has supported plans which have strained US Russian relations. So her given power would more then likely start a war which would lead to nukes being lobbed with Russia.

Trump IMO just comes off more as a typical hot headed New Yorker who is mostly all talk, and no bite.

Self-driving Google car T-boned in California crash

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Re: Is there a story here?

"For example, if you are in Eastern Europe and you see any of BMW, Audi or Mercedes you pretty much expect an imbecile which will overtake on a blind bend, does not have any seatbelts on and is yapping on the phone while doing all of that."

I think that is a global truth not just limited to Easter Europe as even in the US I've been that rings completely true.

Usually find lexus drivers are pretty poor too

Pokemon Go oh no no no, we're not reading your email, says gamemaker

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Re: How long @AC

last night I was at a gaming shop(they sell board games, and CCG's) that the employees kept throwing lures down to get people to come into the store.

It actually worked somewhat, and they got quite a few people to come in they sold quite a few packs of pokemon trading cards.

IBM scraps loyal staffer gifts in favour of... a congratulatory social page

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Re: A company I worked for was sending its management and sales teams...


their reasoning they sold off one part of the company(no notice, or warnings) transferred him to it 1-2 months prior to the sale along with a couple other employees from the office which were up there in their years. The new owners didn't need him as they had their own guy. Basically he walked in his office it was empty(they also accused him of stealing a Rolodex containing "company secrets" even though he had zero knowledge that this was going down...), they were called into a meeting saying in 2 days you will no longer be employees of ours, and were essentially sold off to these other guys, and from what was gathered the new owners told the old to fire him as part of the sale. It was as shady as shady could be which suits the companies owner to the letter.

The day or so before the 30th anniversary of employment was just pure coincidence, but still slimy as hell.

It also set a new precedence in the entire company lowering work morale to bare bottom as no one even expects to have a job day to day anymore(which also lowered productivity, and increased theft) with how they were shown to work.

Kevin 6

Re: A company I worked for was sending its management and sales teams...

doesn't sound far off one non-profit place I worked years ago(and last IT job I worked)

IT(aka me, and my supervisor) had to work grueling hours in a terrible environment on a shoestring budget to the point we were once questioned for at least 10 minutes(we also had to wait 15 minutes for them to question us, and drive over 10 miles to the main building in some of the worst rush hour traffic in the US) by the upper management when we had to go buy fuckin fan for some donated POS PC instead of letting us just go buy the fan all due to our budget being completely used up for the year. Reason it was used up because the fuckin upper management decided to order new $2k-5k designer laptops (with specs that rivaled a cheap $400 dell laptop at the time) to display their pictures from their latest management team building seminar in the swiss alps that they took with their $1000 DSLR(which also came out of IT's budget)...

My supervisor(, and I quit a months or 2 later(he quit 2 days after me), and we found out 1, and a half years later the place went under.

BTW I quit cause my supervisor got demoted(I was only there to help him as the pay was NOT worth the hassle) for all the issues like going over our department budget, and a pile of bad contracts his predecessor signed...

My supervisor stayed in the field 2 more years before getting burned out, and deciding to buy a hotdog cart, and sling hot dogs for a living during the summer which from what I seen he finds more enjoyable, and rewarding then IT work.

Ohh on another note my father who worked as a buyer at the company I currently "work"* at was fired 1 day before his 30th anniversary at the company. This was not even a week after he was told how good of a job he does, and how much he saves for the company... Company started losing $15k-25k a month due to a vendor no longer doing business with them after they heard what they pulled which is more then they paid my father in a month...

*I use "work" as I do as little work as humanely possible(sometimes nothing for weeks), and fly under the radar of the bosses

And US based companies wonder why there is no loyalty anymore.

Here's how police arrested Lauri Love – and what happened next

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Re: Time to stop this

As someone from the US I agree

Our judicial system is pretty broken with what should be misdemeanors, or carry a low penalty end up having higher penalties then rape, or murder in a lot of cases.

US computer-science classes churn out cut-n-paste slackers – and yes, that's a bad thing

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Re: Been that way fror a long time in the US of A

LOL 70?

My buddy who was in CS, and graduated in 2002 had to take 3-4 COBOL classes.

and when I graduated(in electronics) in 2004 the CS students still had to take COBOL, but the problem was the only teacher who taught it retired, and they gave the class to some idiot who didn't know anything so they wasted time taking a worthless class(I only know this as I knew someone in it)

HR botches redundancy so chap scores year-long paid holiday

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Re: I assume that

depends some places are really backwards

One place I worked HR stored their pay spreadsheet in a public directory... just outside IT the rest of the staff were too inept to figure out how to open it as it involved running the program, and manually opening the file as for some odd reason the extension wasn't set in windows.

US Telecom beats up FCC over investment

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"Holland notes that competition is good but the FCC misunderstands what competition actually is in the telco world."

I think they know exactly what telco companies consider competition in the telco world is, and that would be a monopoly for entire areas. Its the same in the broadband world, and cable you have 1 of 2 companies to choose from who both don't compete for customers as they know you are screwed, and have to choose either one.

Banning computers makes students do better on exams – MIT

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Well in college quite a few years ago when I ended up in a room that had PC's at the desk I will say I generally paid way less attention to the class as I was busy looking at the internets, chatting with people I knew through IM's, or even playing games vs others in the same class.

So I can see how this probably is true.

Now classes where there was no internet access, and the desk were too small even for my laptop(were talking over 15 years ago so they were quite large) I paid way more attention in.

BOFH: Thermo-electric funeral

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Re: I need a cooling hammer!

The server mallet line reminds me of the 1st place I worked.

I was looking for something in the IT room, and found a box of mallets asked my boss why we had a box of mallets laying around. His response was THOSE AREN'T MALLETS THEY ARE HIGH PRECISION COMPUTER ALIGNMENT TOOLS!

I was just like WHAT?

He proceeded to grab one walk out to one of the work benches, and proceeded to show me how they aligned the towers that were screwed down to the bench by beating the living hell out of the side of one till it was perfectly straight.

Then he said they were actually multipurpose as they doubled as a tool to increase work output from the workers as he then flung it at a metal cabinet (creating a LOUD bang) near one of my co-workers who was goofing off with his back turned to us, and said NOW GET BACK TO WORK. Guy almost pissed his pants.

Best boss I've ever had I so missed working for him when they replaced him with someone that had an IQ that rivaled the bosses in the BOFH stories :(

IT freely, a true tale: One night a project saved my life

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Re: I recognize SO much of my former life in this article

Yea I almost went to the BOFH side at my last IT job too.

Eventually I hurt myself, and couldn't work at the place anymore so I quit, and honestly don't ever want to go back to IT.

You would think companies would treat the people that keep them able to do business better, and not like some dog shit they stepped in. Which in all honesty probably would get treated better then the entire IT department was at my last IT job. One of the worst parts about that job was the distance between sites one was almost 20 miles away(btw I live in a city that is rated one of the worst traffic wise in the entire US) from the other, and they expected me to basically teleport site to site with some startrek transporter... One day I snapped, and started just punching the server at one location till my hands were bleeding, and I put a pile of damn good dents in it. Boss walked over, and was like uhh man cool down I stayed like a month or 2 after . After I quit he quit 2 days later my boss quit as he couldn't take the way the dept was treated either.

I will say though at my 1st IT job it was where I learned about the BOFH as one of the employees remarked my actions reminded him of what the BOFH did. I actually did go a bit over the BOFH limit there due to stress. Using the bosses coffee mug for paint thinner, cleaning dog crap off my shoes with their eating utensils, booby trapping their PC to emit smoke when they turned it on, etc. I honestly didn't care anymore as I was getting minimum mandatory raises while people who did nothing got the max. Funny thing was after I stopped giving a damn about my job not caring if they would fire me they started treating me better lol.

Swedish publishers plan summer ‘Block Party’ to thwart ad blockers

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Re: How many of the publishers will go bust ?

"With the current state of the internet, ad blocking and javascript blocking and removal of Adobe Flash has become as essential as a good antivirus package."

Actually I'd say ad, and Javascript blocking is 1000X more important then any crap antivirus(which are usually worst then the actual viruses) mainly because if you block those 2, don't download any software from dodgy sites, and use thumb drives in public PC's there is almost no chance to actually get a virus.

Microsoft adds 'non-security updates' to security patches

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Re: @ShelLuser

Yea MS better tread lightly cause if say steam machines pick up, and more companies release Linux versions of their games MS might lose a significant market share which is the gamers.

Pretty much everyone I know who uses Windows would switch to Linux if the games we played would work on it, but MS still has a stranglehold on that for the most part.

Kevin 6

Re: I'll jump in before everybody starts to state the obvious....

Funny you mention this my buddy had to go on a work trip this week left his PC on came back today to find windows 10 installed cause he had auto apply updates enabled. Now he is backing up his data to upgrade back to windows 7.

Science contest to get girls interested in STEM awards first prize to ... a boy

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Re: I wonder

Its only sexist if men are the majority in the role. If its women its perfectly fine.

Its similar to racism(in the US) a white guy does anything at all to a person of African decent they are a racist, if a person of African decent beats the living crap out of a white guy while screaming racial obscenities its not racism.

As for healthcare I work in a Nursing home, and over the years we've went through more then 40 nurses I can only recall 3 nurses being male(2 were gay). Now on the CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant) we have probably went through more then 100, and there were 5-6 males.

I wonder if they ever thought that the reason why women avoid STEM careers is because the average person that goes into them is treated like crap, and get crap pay.

Raspberry Pi 3 to sport Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE – first photos emerge

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Re: Unloved Pi B+

Yea I've had a Pi B2 running as a LAMP server for a few months already for my low traffic website. Replaced my old Intel Atom 800 board with it to cut down power use by almost 100 watts(and 3 case fans needed replacing too).

Only thing I wish they would add is a clock on board as I have a project I started with an original Pi A model, but it was halted due to lack of an onboard clock. I saw those funky clock addons for the pi, but I sorta need the same pins for the device I need it to control :(

When asked 'What's a .CNT file?' there's a polite way to answer

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Think that is bad when I worked helpdesk at a technical college that teaches programming, and repair I was called up by staff that their computer wasn't working.

ME: Did you turn it off, and back on?

Them: Yes its not starting

ME: ARE YOU SURE you hit the power switch?

Them: I'm not an idiot I know how this works!

Go over there the "power button" they were hitting was the picture adjustment knob gateway had on their monitors back then(this was around 2001)... I told them the computer is under the desk, and showed them the real button.

They got mad at me, and filed a complaint with my supervisor that I was treating them like an idiot... Note I didn't say, or do anything inappropriate... well that was till my boss called me in, and I told my boss I treated them with respect, and they were only mad cause they were embarrassed by their stupidity as they were a worthless piece of shit in a flesh suit.

I wish I could say that was the only call that would make me lose all faith with humanity, but it was a more mild one, and one of the early ones which is why I remember it so well... Ever have a networking teacher unable to log in as he forgot his password? Even when he never changed his password from his username, and have to show him how to turn off the caps lock key? I got a lot of complaints on me, but luckily the bosses figured out after awhile it was due to staff trying to cover their embarrassment after awhile.

Norks uses ballistic missile to launch silent 'satellite'

Kevin 6

@ imanidiot Re: The entire concept of the NORKs ...

true they have a massive standing army... but lets face it the US has been developing remote control death machines for a reason. The US's predators, and reapers have done quite a bit of remote control havoc on places the US has fought with just imagine what new toys are making.

I wouldn't be shocked if the military wasn't working on(or have made already) fully remote control tanks that could run for days on end, along with fleets of newer designed drones that could launch bigger missiles more silently then the old ones.

Leak – UN says Assange detention 'unlawful'

Kevin 6

Did want to add this, but my edit time passed by 1 minute...

Now I don't agree with how Manning was treated as Manning seemed to have some severe psychiatric problems, and should have been kicked out of the military years prior based on what I read(and how correct it was). Even Snowden in all honesty I don't think he should be treated with the disdain as he was do to how the news painted him.

Kevin 6

God seriously the US don't care about him cause if the US wanted him out of the picture he would be gone, and possibly the whole embassy from a freak "accident" from natural gas igniting, or something. Or hell they would just snipe him lets face it the US hasn't given a damn about pissing countries off in the past, and wouldn't now to get what they want.

All we have here is a guy trying to wait out the statue of limitations on all his rape charges so he can get off scot-free. That or he is completely insane, and requires a trip to a mental health hospital.

People bringing Manning, and even Snowden up are pushing it. Manning broke military law, and gave out classified documents. Snowden stole confidential documents. I've seen US papers publish documents Snowden leaked, and none of them have been shut down, or imprisoned which is exactly what Asshat did.

Stop the music! Booby-trapped song carjacked vehicles – security prof

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Re: The stupidity is you

@Dave 126

From last section my original post

"I'll admit the booby trapped music is worrying(well not to me as I drive a late 90's vehicle with an aftermarket stereo that only has power ;)), but the OBDII port isn't as much as if they have that much access to the vehicle they can do anything they want."

My comment was more on what sounds like blaming of the standard of the OBDII port as some super insecure attack vector as they said "once you get access to that, the cars network is entirely open to you".

I agree completely on the WMA issue, and in all honesty find it absolutely stupid a radio can talk to the rest of the vehicle in these modern cars.

Kevin 6

Re: Maybe coder drones could learn how to write code...

You just don't understand how else would they introduce these idiotic potentially dangerous security flaws other then poor coding, and stupidly interconnected hardware(that really shouldn't be connected) designs?

Kevin 6

Re: The stupidity is you

I said PHYSICAL access to the server sherlock or don't you know how to read.

This is pretty much the same as to access the OBDII port as you need to have 100% physical access to it (which involves breaking into the vehicle), the software to use it, and if the vehicles I've accessed the OBDII port on are anything to go off you also have to have the car on to use it so that would involve hot wiring it. At this point unless you stole the owners keys you have done some physical damage to the vehicle that would make the person suspect something.

So at this point for your plugging in the laptop to be similar that would also assume you broke into the server room, broke/reset the login passwords via some method, and at that point yes you would have access to the CEO's e-mail. But at that point seeing your entry will be detected why not just take the server, and run like you already will have the car on so just go.

Kevin 6

My god some of the stupidity

"Part of the problem is that late-model cars now have to have a government-mandated OBD-II port (typically under the steering wheel above the pedals) and once you get access to that, the car's network is entirely open to you, Savage said."

You know what else getting physical access to a server in a company means all its data is available to you. OMG STOP THE PRESSES

I'll admit the booby trapped music is worrying(well not to me as I drive a late 90's vehicle with an aftermarket stereo that only has power ;)), but the OBDII port isn't as much as if they have that much access to the vehicle they can do anything they want.

Microsoft’s Get Windows 10 nagware shows signs of sentience

Kevin 6

Re: Oh, Jesus...

How can they win back what they never lost in the 1st place?

Japan unveils net-wielding police drones for air patrol

Kevin 6

Did they just watch the South Park episode titled "The Magic Bush"?

as this idea sounds pretty much exactly what that episode was about.

World needs 252,288,000 seconds to decide fate of leap seconds

Kevin 6

With all the problems plaguing the planet they are wasting time on this?

Ohh wow some clock will be off a minute in almost 200 years I'm sure life will come to a collapse due to that.

Microsoft scares the bejesus out of Skype users with x12 price hike

Kevin 6

Yea I used to use it all the time prior to MS purchasing it out. I tried it for a bit after then my calls were breaking up all the time, and after an upgrade it stopped working completely(I mean the program would crash on launch) so I just gave up.

We're getting kick-ass at seeing through walls using just Wi-Fi – MIT

Kevin 6

Seems like a great tool just imagine now crooks can make sure no one is home before they break into houses.

Shocker: Net anarchist builds sneaky 220v USB stick that fries laptops

Kevin 6

Re: WTF?

I've done it in the past, but then again I keep a machine I don't care what happens to it(as I would throw it away otherwise), and use for experimentation.

Android users left at risk... and it's not even THEIR FAULT this time!

Kevin 6

Samsung is pretty good

at pushing its users under the bus that is concerning updates.

The Samsung phone I got (Samsung Galaxy Centura ) I don't recall getting a single update since I got it. It currently has android 4.0.4 in it...

Sad thing is I do like their hardware I have a LG that I was going to switch to that I found no where near as robust.

Terror in the Chernobyl dead zone: Life - of a wild kind - burgeons

Kevin 6

Re: Hmmm

Its actually pretty simple to remove 1/3rd(or more) the population. All they have to do is remove what should be common sense warning labels off products like for example the do not put on your head one for plastic bags. Then just let Darwinism take over again.

Lies from VW: 'Our staff acted criminally but board didn't know'

Kevin 6

Re: Doesn't pass the smell test

Well I can't talk for the whole US, but at least where I am diesel is very rare in automobiles. Part of the reasoning I'm guessing is for some reason diesel at gas stations in my city is generally $0.75- $1.50 per gallon more expensive then gasoline. So while they might get better mileage that increase is offset by fuel prices, and initial cost(as diesel vehicles costs more to buy).

VW: Just the tip of the pollution iceberg. Who's to blame? Hippies

Kevin 6

Gah I wish they would stop listening to hippies

Its been proven hippies have no idea what they are against many times as science is out of their grasp

For evidence hippies signing a petition to ban water using the vocabulary, and tone hippies love to use to scare people.


The last post: Building your own mail server, part 1

Kevin 6

Re: @ moiety Check for blacklists


Years ago I used to run my own mail server on a 800mhz atom board(was also my personal web, and fileserver) when I had a static IP with my old ISP. When they went bust I ended up on a dynamic IP ISP, and found I could no longer send e-mails from my server as they would all get rejected.

Confession: I was a teenage computer virus writer

Kevin 6

Re: I wrote a password snatcher...

Me, and my buddy did similar in my old programming class in qbasic.

We left an account logged in we found that no one used

made a fake login that passed the username, and pass to the account logged itself out, and actually passed the login arguments the person typed to novell while hiding everything before quitting to the dos prompt like it should have.

We managed to nab the entire classes logins(for our class, and the one after) including the network admins pass cause we logged in on a PC he regularly used right before he came in that day.

college it was way easier to use other peoples accounts as 85% of students(and 98% of teachers...) the username, and password were the same... just had to hit cancel on the novell login on win95, and it would give the prior username.

Kevin 6

Re: Viruses are all very well...

Yea remember that trick a guy I know did it to someone in highschool long ago who claimed to be a master hacker, and claimed he could defeat any kind of threat to his PC. He didn't expect his drive bursting into flames.

Still talk to the guy that pulled it, and its always funny when we reminisce about high school.

I also still remember the disk box that I kept of floppies that were infected with numerous different viruses that I collected, and would give to people that pissed me off :D

Then there was the macrovirus I wrote when I was attending/working in a college that only would infect our PC's, and targeted another macro virus someone I knew wrote, and would over write it. Did it as I got tired of having to go PC to PC to clean it off.

Jeep Cherokee 2.2: Capable, comfortable ... but just not very Jeep

Kevin 6

Re: City car

Dunno man with how low that sucker looks I think it would have problems getting over the speed bumps in my city.

Kevin 6

Re:Re: Hmmm

Well that is pretty true it seems for 99, and up cherokees from what I read. Only read bad things when I was looking for a truck about the 99+'s, but found the pre 99's were generally reliable, and cost more.

Side note agree with the original poster in that it looks like a Kia :(

Twenty years since Windows 95, and we still love our Start buttons

Kevin 6

Re: ".....your product is not a choice, it's a necessity."

Its wasn't a necessity unless you wanted to run 98% of programs which started relying heavily on MS's library files.

It also wasn't a necessity when I was in college... if I planned to fail out as none of the needed software could run on anything else.

Then there is the whole computer game issue with how the extremely vast majority of them will only run on windows.

Gaming is actually the only thing keeping me using windows still on my main PC as I migrated my personal web server from an older windows box to linux(on a raspberry pi 2) a few months back.

Sysadmin ignores 25 THOUSAND patches, among other sins

Kevin 6

Re: Tech Coordinator

Well its a non-profit company which runs a charter schools (should have probably clarified that a little)

Essentially(to quote wikipedia) a charter school is a school that receives public funding but operates independently of the established public school system in which it is located. To show how far they can get in the organization 2 of the schools(which were also the most backwards design wise) were schools which had religious classes as part of the curriculum they were also 100% privately funded. The other 2 were partially funded by the city so they couldn't have any religion classes.

In the UK from what I read on the wiki page the similar version is something called foundation schools.

As for dropping outta IT that was just the end of it. I just fell out of love with it as I've worked for a few companies, and pretty much every one treated the IT guys like crap even though without them there is no way they could do their jobs. Add in competing for jobs with new people in IT whose skill sets only seem to be being able to color with a box of crayons, and it gets quite annoying also due to the low pay. For instance that last job I did the pay was so low I could have made similar cash flipping burgers. The pay would have been a tiny bit lower, but wouldn't have the level of stress that helps cause health issues. The pay, and treatment I will say could just be a regional thing though.

Kevin 6

forgot this

This should be above the final paragraph as to why we quit without warning.

Ohh remember the turd I said signed a contract, and I got the blame? Well he was good friends with the secretary that ordered ludicrously overpriced laptops. She didn't trust me, and my buddy so she gave him access to the network remotely(yes the secratary was required to have the admin passwords by the organization), and let him dig around, and change settings. He screwed some stuff up, made a few backdoor accounts(which we promptly deleted, and banned his ISP) and when we went to complain to the head of the organization he accused me, and my buddy of crap as he trusted his idiotic secretary as she claimed her friend knew more(yup hub in the middle of the room guy).

For the finale we found out like a year later that the organization lost faith with all the backers(their main backer really liked me, and my buddy), and got broken up, and most the idiots lost their jobs that gave me hell :D