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TikTok boom: US Army bans squaddies from using trendy app on govt-issued phones

Chris 211

Re: social media data hoovering is an obvious security risk

Because you don't secure things by banning them. You make government apps secure. No such thing as a work phone anymore, it's a device, any device to access a containered secure app. Banning weed and alcohol really worked well didn't it...... people will always find a way round the rules.

London's Westminster Council wins appeal against phonebooth-cum-massive-digital-advert

Chris 211

Bloody Adverts!

No more bloody Adverts please, we are bombarded with them and adverts are a distraction to drivers. Well done to who ever opposed the advert machines. People have mobile phones they don't need a phone booth with an iPad!


Morrisons tells top court it's not liable for staffer who nicked payroll data of 100,000 employees

Chris 211

Re: Depends if decent efforts at data security made by Morrisons

They certainly didn't. They gave him tools to do tasks he was allowed to do on possibly a change request. What a lot of pumped up armchair security bods fail to understand is that unencrypted USB access is a requirement for engineers for upgrading all sorts of systems or connecting to the console of all sorts of systems. The criminal is the person who decided without a change request or agreed task last to copy the data and upload it.

Hey, those warrantless smartphone searches at the US border? Unconstitutional, yeah? Civil-rights warriors ask court to settle this

Chris 211

I am UK born, I have visited America twice and both times was a difficult experience and I am not a minority. The Good old US of A has turned into a place to avoid. I have had less issues visiting North Korea. They checked I had a phone, they looked at is visually in-front of me and handed it back. They never noted down any numbers, they did not ask me to unlock it. They ask you to log what you are bring into the country, books, money, electronic devices. By contrast America is scared of its own shadow, time and time again over-reacting, shoot first, there is no intelligence on the ground, where you need it most. I shall be avoiding the place and I have not lost out.

Non-US encryption is 'theoretical,' claims CIA chief in backdoor debate

Chris 211

What a fucking retarded moron of epic fuckwittery he is indeed a cockwomble. I am truly amazed how someone could reach his position and have such insane thoughts.

One ad-free day: Three UK to block adverts across network in June

Chris 211

glossy crack

Bring it on, cant wait. I am fedup of being advertised to constantly, I purposely dont use a service advertised to me, if I need something I go and search it out. If I cant get to websites that demand adverts then I'll never visit that website again. Demand 4 etc being a good example of a site i will never visit because of adverts.

.. oh and Leyland Trade can stick that paint pot up its glossy crack! I am fedup of the same bloody advert on TV.

Wi-Fi network named 'mobile detonation device' grounds plane

Chris 211


Storm in a tea cup as they say. Should be been ignored, laughed at like ISIS should be. Otherwise they win.

Phone with Facebook hardware button lobbed out by Nokia

Chris 211


...and the phone is gone...



Take away bad drivers' mobile phones, they still crash their cars

Chris 211

double standards

So your all perfect are you, you never use the radio, phone, turn round to slap the kids, turn to talk to your passengers etc etc. Dont give me that crap. Some people are stupid, some people are unlucky by a split second. You can be a perfect driver and one way your luck will run out, are you suddenly a bad driver?

As the study points out in a clumsy kind of way it doesn't actually matter what is distracting the driver. The driver is at fault not the activity. So dont ban phones, lets have better drivers, longer training is required, maybe even raising the driving age. Aww poor fucking CHILDREN should not be driving, your still a child at 16, 17, most adult activities are limited to 18 so why not driving. If you want a private pilots licence you have to complete a minimum of 45hrs flying, pass 8 exams and be re-tested yearly and fly regular, so you cant go away for 6 months and get back in without a refresher. Driving has been brought down to the lowest level for the masses and so surprise surprise you get idiots driving. Raise the standards, some people really should not have a licence to start with!

WTF is... WiGig

Chris 211

Its all pointless...

Even 802.11n is pointless, does your client support all the features your access point claims, multiple streams?, no, very unlikely if your using a phone or tablet or any other built in wireless. Speeds of 300mb @ 2.4 and 450 @ 5ghz, lies unless your client is physically built like the access point with multiple aerials etc. Check the speed you get on your phone or tablet, 65mbps or 72mbps at best. John.w said it best, wireless is about mobility not replacing a high speed cable. Wireless is about wandering into an area, browsing email, web, semi low bandwidth youtube videos.

2.4ghz is dead, 802.11n / channel bonding is unusable with it being everywhere. Client adapters need to embrace 5ghz and multiple streams faster. 5ghz allows the channels and throughput.

Dont forget that wireless is a shared medium, its still a HUB, with each additional client the speed is cut in half again for every client.

Apple cops $AU2.5m fine for misleading consumers

Chris 211

Crime does indeed pay...

Crime pays..

Samsung S3 finally catches up with the Palm Pre - if modified

Chris 211

Car Kits

I would have thought wireless charging was better aimed at car kits/cradles for phones. Phones in cars are increasingly being used as SAT NAVs, replacing the TomTom etc. Navigating using your phone, keeping that screen on takes a lot of power and the last thing you want when you get to your destination is have an almost flat battery in your phone.

So jump in the car, slide the phone in the slide holder, too me ages to find one, not have to worry about routing usb cables and plugging it in, as a permanent feature in your car you took time to route the charging cable so just the charging point shows. If its magnetic you don't need a holder!

Climate scientists see 'tipping point' ahead

Chris 211


Well if the presented 'facts' at the start are wrong the I smell bull for the rest of it. Mind you in general less humans is always a good thing, maybe we need to put some breaks on the breeding. These dammit women with there 'its my right to have a child' piss me off, costing the nhs, tax payers just because they feel a bit sad, boo hoo. Can we please quit breeding for five minutes! Problem is its not good for the economy, government wants there little future tax payers, it's budgeted for there existence!

Flexible Willow glass displays thin and curvy gadget future

Chris 211

marketing crap

iLet hope there technology is better then there marketing department who are clearly full of crap and manage to say nothing and show nothing in a generic roller video. I don't want a slimmer phone, I want more space for a bigger battery!

Virgin Media mauls UK.gov for pumping millions into BT

Chris 211

Re: Epic Fail

Aww poor you. MOVE! Could anyone or any company care less about you as an individual, no, unless you represent a group were costs make sense to lay new cable.

Chris 211

The point is...

Why should the taxpayers/government favour one private company over another. The money should be for ducting/poles infrastructure only. Not a cheap way BT can profit. Or an infrastructure company (3rd party) which organises (wow what a concept) ducting, road digging. pole installing and either says "come on then stick your fiber in" or "puts its own fibers in" and leases. That would encourage any other competitors. Otherwise it is what it sounds like, a back hander to Lords with BT shares, interests...

Netgear Powerline Nano 500 Ethernet-over-mains adaptor

Chris 211

who uses these?

2.4ghz is a dead technology thanks to every house using it, soon 5ghz will go the same way once 802.11ac is in every house taking up all the channels. So proper cat5 it is unless you physically cant or dont want to run a cable, for one device, its not worth it. These mains plugs are very handy and I can run full HD streaming over them so I am happy.

IPv6 networking: Bad news for small biz

Chris 211


..and what is the problem with small companys remaining on ipv4 connecting to the wider world with ipv6 on the outside interface.

Apple iPad 3 packs LAPTOP battery

Chris 211

Re: "that thing called physics"

.. and fashion for ultra thin, as opposed to practical, really the difference between 5mm and 10mm is, really... Who is driving who here, punters don't ask for 5mm devices the designers do.

Austrian daredevil Baumgartner skydives from 71,581ft

Chris 211


Good to see such activities going on. Relativly cheap way to visit 'space', why cant a relativly normalized version be built to take a few people up who pass basic parachute training with automated systems. People would PAY for that.

Virgin Media snags London Underground Wi-Fi monopoly

Chris 211

Re: Great big fat ARF!

The WiFi provided in the stations will be business level equipment and RF managed via controllers. A HUGE leap from your domestic home user low cost wifi netgear superhub. You need to use inSSIDer to find a free channel, 1, 6 or 11 and manually configure your superhub rather then let it default to channel 1.

Europe exposes its stiff data protection law this week

Chris 211


Of course none of this applies to UK governments or the police who are constantly collecting data including biometric data and regardless will hold onto it.

Vint Cerf: 'The internet is not a human right'

Chris 211

@spilling blood...

Oh please... Dont give us the old died for human rights or died for a flag rubbish... nobody dies for human rights or flags they die at best protecting freedoms which is not the same. Rights, do not exist other then the weak and temporary ones goverments allow you to imagine you have. Too many rights not enough being left alone to get on with our lives.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup easily unlocked by security flaw

Chris 211

Dumb users

Another hole thanks to pandering to dumb users by cheapskate end user crap.

Network kit sales outpace servers in Q3, overall picture looks decent

Chris 211


Oh Yeah Baby, Switching it to the Man....

I have been working flatout installing 'bread & butter' routing and switching kit, wireless seams to be getting more popular, akin to IPT a few years ago. Puzzlingly not a lot of security products going in. Are they seen as luxury items! I hope not.

Looking forward to a busy new year ;)

No winner in Android v iPhone 2011 marathon

Chris 211

@The web doesn't link either

huh, Facebook anyone? has links between youtube, picassa, flickr and other services. You 'link' accounts and facebook 'pulls in the data'. If I 'like' a video on your tube my facebook status is updated, looks kinda linked to me. There are other services which offer to integrate your data online somehow.

The FAT fingers reason why apps exist is very true. I personally would like to see less apps and more clever mobile web sites offering the fat finger linking. It pisses me off that for example; Natwest will pay money to have an iDevice only app made when the same money could make a cross device compatible fat fingered website that would work on Android, iDevice, Nokia, RIM etc etc. Much better for ALL there customers. MORE WEB LESS APPS PLEASE!

2011's Best... Smartphones

Chris 211

what no nokia e6

The Nokia e6, the phone I rate over all android phones.

'Apple's iPhone 4S ate our SIM cards'

Chris 211

if iPhones are so bad ...

come the iPhone leads every Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Survey..

1. Never equate popularity with quality or capability. In the case of the iPhone it simply means a lot of people like shiny objects and a pretty interface, the lowest common denominator.

2. Does it really? Its not market forces at work here to achieve a fixed end result. So they asked people likely to have an iPhone leading questions and got the result they wanted.

3. Market forces are also being applied (annoyingly) to the choice of company's to deploy 'APPS' when really a clever web page template would cover all common smartphone formats.

Each week I read conflicting news that apple have the biggest share, no android, no nokia...

Chris 211

and people mock nokia...

My SYMBIAN Noka e6-00 does everything the iphone does without an idiots interface, has mammoth battery performance and I can use as a mobile phone rather well. Holding it anyway I want to! Why people are still buying iPhones is a mystery to me. I guess its pandering to the lowest capable user.

Microsoft and Samsung uncloak slimmer Surface

Chris 211


saw a toutch surface screen used at the v2 museum LaCapoule (spelling!) in france. Quite fun, little laggy, but very CSI.

Nokia Lumia 800

Chris 211

Bad Nokia...

A poor effort by Nokia. Fail on so many issues. My Nokia e6-00 just knocks spots off this phone in all aspects. A quirky OS I am used to but most would say symbian was always better then windows mobile. A sad step back.

Another hushed HTC blower set for 2012 debut

Chris 211


Poo battery and too thin! Who needs an 8mm thick phone? Please add more battery instead. Thinner means SNAP the phone has broken when sat on!

Router glitch causes widespread net outages

Chris 211


live with it, nothing is bug free. The internet is only a best endevers provider anyway, you want control, build your own.

As iPhone 4S battery suckage spreads, fixes appear

Chris 211

The battery

...and the battery is the most moaned about aspect of smartphones. Something nokia did do very well. I'd pay for a Symbian Nokia rather then get a free iPhone.

The effect of a comms meltdown

Chris 211


its not servers that are the weak link. Most people only have one internet link so when that fails your dead in the water. Cloud computing, silly idea. Dependant on size and importance a local server/service is a must have, its only lazy IT admins who dont want to build and maintain them.

RIM: 'Faulty switch took out faulty-switch-proof network'

Chris 211


Redundant networks are always a compromise between money, physical space, power, ISP connection, time given to test fully, keep drilling down there is always, always a single point of failure. What the likes of Cisco are good at are selling redundant networks based on very reliable kit while unreliable (read untested/unproven) kit is left to fend for itself, some tinpot pc which is the AD/radius/dns/share/etc.

Some company's expect kit to go in and question your confidence if you say a failover test should be conducted. Of course then the sales/account manager kickin and say of course we know what we are doing we dont need to test the failover.

Network DOOMED - Due to over confident pricks in suits.

Cisco accused of tailoring tech to aid Chinese abuses

Chris 211

blame the gun why dont you

This is blame the gun not the shooter mentaility here. The authorities in China are the evil ones, applying filters, blocking freedoms. cisco just provides the capabilites. You dont blame the train builders for what the nazi's did, do you?

Plods to get dot-uk takedown powers - without court order

Chris 211

@Wrong suffix

Because .org.uk, .co.uk mean nothing and who can use what is not means administered. Certainly when I brought the domain nearly 10 years ago I wasn't aware of the implications.

You could assume .co means 'cooperative' or a 'group' of people. Some 'groups' don't want to be labelled organisations because they are not, they are simply a group and not organised with leaders and followers.

So I run a co-operative website/forum for a group that isnt an organisation, I make NO money and I want to keep my personal information safe, why cant I!

Chris 211

Nominet - Law unto themselves

Try running a personal website with a .co.uk which might have a link to a friends online shop. Unless you take down the link they will unleash your personal details on the public internet. To keep your personal details, personal; your not allowed ANY advertising or money making or ANY links to any website that makes money on your website. How harsh! Now the police can shut-down any website they don't like. Regardless of the complaint being withheld or not the damage is done.

Symbian Anna makes her debut

Chris 211


I have been running Anna on my Nokia e6-00 since I brought it a month or so ago. Its far from user friendly and a bit restrictive awkward, tiny touch buttons to hit.

However its the only phone that isnt carrier/network compromised. Many phones, for example blackberry claim to be SIM Free/Unlocked etc giving the impression the carrier hasnt had its fingers in the pie. Then you find for example with blackberry you still require a data connection just to run things over WIFI? Why is this, you need a carrier data connection to connect to blackberry apps even when WIFI is usable and present.

Exam results texted out early in Scotland

Chris 211


...and the problem is? Results a day early which affects..... no-one...provides no advantage and does what it says on the tin which is provide the information quicker. This simply proves they CAN provide the information a day early so why didn't they plan to do that in the first place instead of stressing out a bunch of teens. Really calm down dear, this wasn't, restricted, personal, private information released to the public.

If I was paid a day early would there be a problem... NO.. Get a grip Moaners.

Diary of a not-spot: Vulture hack vows, I will never pay BT again!

Chris 211

@Aimee - Emergency Calls

You do what people did in the old days.

APP OF DEATH plots local fatalities on demand

Chris 211

Bikers gerr

Maybe Bikers should stop hovering around my blind spot, pick one, overtake or stay behind me so I can see you! I keep thinking your trying to open the passenger door behind me...

Nokia's cheapies strategy bombs

Chris 211

Cant find anything I like.

I'm sticking to Noka for now. Noka make good phones with amazing battery life AND the batterys can be replaced without a screwdriver! My next purchase is the e6-00, knocks spots off any blackberry and nokas sync fully with outlook unlike Android. Android does NOT sync with outlook without requiring additional software and lots of fiddling about.

Chinese giant Alibaba offers 'Cloudphone'

Chris 211

Here we go again!

1. of course anything in the cloud, you wont own any more.

2. Off net / No Service / No Coverage.

I have just done a wireless survey which included checking mobile coverage, I can say huge parts of Devon and Cornwall have no mobile coverage and very poor roads, these counties really are backwaters! SO with no network connection, what you gona do now Mr Chinaman! Will the phone sync everything while in coverage allowing you to access all of your data email, PIM, music, video, podcasts, documents while not connected to the network?

Android up, Symbian down

Chris 211

Symbian Anna

I am a die hard Nokia fan, I have had Nokia's from day one with the 101... I have loved my e71 for years but its battered to bits, you cant say its not a business phone it ticks all the boxes and I thought the same would be for the e6 with Symbian Anna... Oh how wrong I was Symbian Anna is clearly trying emulate that children's iPod the iPhone with its rounded edge icons linking to 'apps' and having nothing of any use what so ever on the home screen! The e71 showed you your next appointment, TODO's messages, music player, missed calls, etc etc all on one screen, you didnt even have to unlock it for a quick view! Anna just sucks its kiddy's playtime. Oh well, I guess its the blackberry for me now.

Miracle Aliens-style indoor comms built for firefighters

Chris 211

Money better spent

All the money for this 'accounting' could be better spent on better existing kit and more fire-fighters to replace the burnt ones.

This technology sounds like a managers wet dream and a pain in the ass of the workers....

Waking to check mail? You're not alone

Chris 211

Mobile Workers, Like Me Maybe...

Well not in the excess but I have to be on-call for a week, once or twice a month. I get paid for being on call then overtime the instant I am called and the procedure is a phone call at any time. eMails are for exchanging information or in today's virtual physically distant team members exchanging none urgent messages, an email should never need acting on NOW. We have 2hr SLA's, that includes driving to site, so you can see when I get a phone call sometimes I do have to take it then and there whatever I am doing, because I am paid to and I accept it. However, this is only 1-2 weeks a month.

Nokia gets touchy-feely with two new Symbians

Chris 211

@Android/Outlook sync not bad via google calendar

I have to agree if you just want contacts and calendar and maybe a way to detach from outlook google sync is one way. You do loose notes and tasks and I use notes constantly.

e6 I just wish they made the screen a big bigger, dropped the keyboard down, filled out to the edges, pushed up leaving just a strip for the speaker and front camera.

Chris 211


I have been struggling to find something to upgrade my e71. Android doesn't cut it when it comes to syncing with outlook or battery time. Blackberry is flaky and requires a data plan, my work SIM does not have. iPhone is a straight jacket of restriction just like WM7 is tied into zune. I need a keyboard, I need total and simple and bluetooth sync to outlook, I need the LONG battery times.. Nokia wins... just as it dies..



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