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Paris Airshow kicks off

George 19

That Israel loitering munition thing...

...is going to cost a pretty penny, and I can't see where the bang comes from but hey, it looks cool and that is what matters when it comes to death tech. I have always thought the reaper looks puny!

US extradition could push McKinnon 'towards suicide'

George 19

I agree with Doug Glass

All systems he asked were secured, he knew what he was doing, affected systems and now wants to get off with a variety of excuses:

1) First and rather poorly...just looking for UFOs

2) Second mild learning difficulties such as aspergers

3) Thirdly suicide threat.

If you knowingly did the crime then my friend, you do the time.

And I love everyone sticking up for him because it was US DoD stuff, if he had come in and messed up your servers you too would be persuing legal avenues.


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