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If you think 3D printing is just firing blanks, just you wait

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Title goes here

Now now Alistair, be kind to the Americans. Haven't you noticed that the Good Ole Blighty El Reg has been becoming more and more Americanised in the last couple of years, so you need to be kind to your future bosses or you will be first against the wall when the co.uk is finally dropped for .com

I have seen plenty of 3D printers in my line of work, I'm glad I'm not the only one who currently considers them a bit shit (Permission to use your "Hideous Ornaments section in Poundland" it's a cracking good description) The initial idea of 3D printers has always seemed a bit flawed, it reminds me of someone trying to print on the same piece of slowly fattening A4 paper thousands of times over and over (Does that make sense?) If 3D printing to going to become a device for mass production then the whole idea needs to move away from printing in layers to someone a bit more, well, 3D really.

Yep, something for the weekend, and it's Sunday. Instead of slacking off at work to type this crap I'm slacking off from doing housework, *Sigh* where did it all go wrong...

What the world needs now is... a Bluetooth-enabled baby's dummy

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Also perfect for the offfice environment

Rather than link to a phone it could link to a flashing sign that says "The boss is angry, keep your head down!"

Internet of Things fridges? Pfft. So how does my milk carton know when it's empty?

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The future is soon

"The intelligent fridge, available for delivery via flying car, please inform us if you are out due to you being on holiday on the moon"...

Yet another Brit mobe tower borg: Three and EE ink network-sharing deal

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"step up to the plate"

Ewww, I'm going to get my dinner all over my feet!

Who should play the next Doctor? Nominations needed!

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Re: Robert Carlyle

That's a pretty decent suggestion, how about we take it one step futher and suggest Tim Roth as well.

Tim Roth could play his Doctor Who in a similar style to his part in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead to help culture it up a bit.

Entire Reg readership would fill 205 Olympic-sized swimming pools

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You wouldn't be able to reach any distance because you would be dead, duh.

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Re: If all the fish caught in one year...

I bet it would taste disgusting as well.

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So that explains everything!

It's used to be a select little club of commentards here, now the rest of the world has jumped on the bandwagon. It's gone from quality to quantity.

Anyhow, time to leave before I get my head kicked in by a raging mob...

Amount of CO2 being sucked away by Earth 'has doubled in 50 years'

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Well obviously the CO2 is being sucked into the ground where it then turns into oil.


American search team fails to find women's G-spot

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Love that headline!

I laughed when I saw that headline (Earth moving equipment, etc) well done there!

I wife seems to find something approximating a G Spot whenever she turns on QVC and they are selling Yankee candles at a discount.

Marriage followed by kids, the ultimate contraceptive...

Firm pitches tech trio powered by portable processor

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Looks like an interesting bit of design, it may be something worth keeping an eye on.

However it all does look a bit "Apple-ly" and I'm sure that will have been noticed by other people on here. And before you ask, I'm not going to mention rounded corners as that "Joke" got old a long time ago...

Record flight is step toward HYPERSONIC SPACE AIRSHIP

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El Reg recreation with Playmobil pilot or it never happened!

Flashback trojan targeting OS X shuns virtual machines

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Adobe Flash is becoming a menace and this article shows why.

Currently it seems every other day there is a update to an Adobe product.

It's encourage users to adopt a "Oh yeah, Adobe update again, click, click, click..." behaviour to the point where it's just so easy for someone to sneak something malicious onto your computer using Adobe as a disguise.

Adobe needs to stop these constant updates, it's really unhelpful and is becoming a menace to computer security.

Dubstep ringtone wins Nokia compo

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Well like El Reg, if that's what is considered young and fashionable these days then I'm glad I'm getting old and past it.

This is going to be the default tone on the Nokia phones? Oh dear, well all those people who never change their default tone are going to have to work out how otherwise there are going to be a lot of older people who will be embarrassed every time their phones ring.

Note the icon, thats what they said in the meeting at Nokia to decide the winner.

Anonymous hacktivists turn rapper on YouTube, iTunes

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Why does anything tendy these days have to be a (C)rap tune, gah!

"Oh woe is us, we are so repressed with our expensive baggy jeans and fancy 'pooters. Lets go deface a website and set fire to something peoples!"

Gah! Gah! Gah!

Blue Screen of Death gets makeover for Windows 8

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It looks a lot more complicated than the old BSOD, complicated maybe enough to earn it's own error message if it itself runs into problems.

Yeah what *does* happen when the BSOD crashes?

Comet can't sell anything, including itself

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You would be buggered anyway if a member of staff did talk to you

It's unlikely there is a product description written on the side of the building for them to read outloud if you need to ask them any questions about buying the shop.

MPs blast dole-office-online plans

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Easy way of solving it that *all* dole claimants could use.

Would there be any way of allowing claimants to make online transactions via a giant plasma screen TV connected to the Sky premium channel packages?


Windows 8 to boot in 8 seconds

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Title goes here

Thats nothing, my ZX81 used to boot up even faster than Linux...

Sony turns to augmented reality to sell tellies

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Title goes here

Oh we could have some fun with this!

Place marker in a half full skip, take picture, upload.

Place marker in an alley next to some bins, take picture, upload.

Place marker at a bus stop, take picture, upload.

Place marker in the middle of the road, take picture, upload.

Anyhow, you get the idea. The unwanted Sony telly gallery, ho ho.

Ray of hope for smartphone projectors

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Title goes here

Also useful as spectacle lenses for very very small people!

Oh great, so as well as listening to teenagers on the bus playing very tinny sounding rap music on their phones we will now all get to suffer the group experience of the music video as well.

Projectors on phones, will never take off unless you are an annoying teenager...

H2O water-powered shower radio

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Limescale resistant?

Where I live the water is very hard and I usually have to strip the shower unit down a couple of times a year. I wonder if this radio is going to suffer the same fate?

Is it also protected by the RF electrical interference caused by the water passing through it? I need to know as someone who also gets his information about WIFI and mobile phone safety from the internet.

Maybe someone can help clarify issues on electrical interference caused by water. Maybe this is what happened in the test review...

Telefonica creates NFC District in Madrid

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Title goes here

When I saw the words "Dog food" my brain read "NFC" as "KFC"

Anyone else?

WTF is... 3D printing

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Direction, yes

Well you can have expoxy glue loaded with metal particles, it's expensive glue to make but it's conductive and can be very strong.

There are 3D printers that should be able to work with it without much modification.

Who knows what the future may hold.

Game stocks shops with Tesco 3DS consoles

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Is this even legal?

Forgetting prices for a minute, can you really buy an unopened console and then sell it on as "Pre-owned"? The pre-owned badge suggests that you should be getting a bargain as it's used.

You could even simplify pre-owned down to something as simple as a staff member of Game stands in front of his work mate at the Game till, tells him that he wants to buy 20 3DS, hands a Game store account credit card over, buys the consoles then asks straight away for a refund.

Ta Da! Now the Game store can advertise the item as "Preowned" and make customers think that they may be getting a bargain.

If the customers are buying from Game don't bother to check the price first in Tescos then Game's plan has worked and the customer is an idiot.

Yep, it's not about the price it's getting the "Preowned" badge on the product and I'm sure trading standards will be in touch with them very soon.

Firefox bloke blasts Microsoft IE 9 hardware acceleration claims

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We will need a review

When IE9 comes out can El Reg do a review?

In the same way that I like reading reviews of expensive sportcars I would also like to read a review of IE9.

I.E, Interesting to read about but something I'm never likely to own or use.

XP user.

Connecticut suspect's 'half-ro' haircut wows web

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IT Angle

Title goes here

And they let him work as an IT manager dressed like that? (Insert winking simile here)

Half a million Germans rally in support of 'Baron von Googleberg'

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Baron Von Googleberg

Oh love it!

That name made me laugh so hard and it was also a Friday afternoon laugh just to make it even better.


Sinclair ZX81: 30 years old

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I still have mine!

It still works greats.

Two words to get fellow owners nostalgic:


Gawd bless ya Clive and all who sail in yer.

Italian white van man nudges sound barrier

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Just got back from Italy

I was driven to the airport on Monday by an Italian taxi driver who could certainly have broken the sound barrier all while talking on his mobile phone.

I figured the best course of action was to make sure my seatbelt was tight, sit quietly in the back and allow my wife to gently squeeze the blood out of my hand as she held it.

I have never seen so many cars with dents in them in my life.

All UK drivers you are forgiven!

Japan plans space debris fishing trip

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Title goes here

Pft, shouldn't this be a job for the bloody unemployed?

Daily Mail in pocket.

PARIS launch tomorrow come hell or high water

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Go Paris!

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth

And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings

Sunward I’ve climbed and joined the tumbling mirth

of sun-split clouds, and done a hundred things

You have not dreamed of wheeled and soared and swung

High in the sunlit silence. Hovering there

I’ve chased the shouting wind along and flung

My eager craft through footless halls of air.

Up up the long delirious burning blue

I’ve topped the wind swept heights with easy grace

Where never lark nor even eagle flew

And while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod

The high untrespassed sanctity of space

Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

Good luck for the flight!

Ms. Gates: 'Bill does not use a Mac'

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Title goes here

Well why bother with Apple products when hubby can bring home Microsoft stuff from work for free! Gotta watch those pennies dontchaknow?

Those poor children, they must be the most unfashionable kids in the playground when it comes to gadget ownership.

Marvell intros 1.5GHz tri-core ARM chip

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Title goes here

"The chip also supports 1080p HD playback - for up to ten hours"

So what happens after that, does the chip malfunction or just stop working or something?

NHS trust tags mentally ill offenders

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I like the idea from experience

The road I live in has a mental health charity which has residents living in small rooms, they are free to come and go as they wish.

Mostly they spend their days keeping the local pub in business, I'm kinda ok with that but maybe the money they receive could be put to better use than beer.

However there was an incident a few weeks ago, someone was outside my house at 3am on a Sunday morning having an obvious mental breakdown, they were shouting and screaming at their mother (Who wasn't present) telling her that how much this person hated her. The person was going completely bersek at the top of their voice with awful foul language to match.

I was about to phone the police when other residents started coming out their houses telling this person to shut up and go home.

Now I have no idea if this person was from the mental health charity, but if they were tagged myslef and the charity would have been able to check to see if it was one of their residents.

I still see this person hanging around the street daily, tagging would certainly help the charity keep a check on the ones who may need it.

Oh course this is not NHS run so I don't expect anything to happen soon.

Undead Commodore 64 comes back for Christmas

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Title goes here

But will it feature a genuine SID chip for the ultimate C64 retro experience? Nah, I thought not, no chance at all.

Anyhow nice idea, I hope they get the price right otherwise they are liable to sell very few to only the very hardest of the retro computer geeks.

Satnav leaves family stranded in Outback for three days

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Never trust a GPS

I have one and to be honest I hate it, I always feel like I'm going to some mystery tour.

The best way to use them is to roughly know your route so you have some idea when the GPS is taking you on some odd route and then you can try and steer the thing back on course.

My GPS has two setting, shortest route or fastest route, the first setting translates as brooks and streams and the second setting translates to motorways larger than 17 lanes.

Czechs toast Bud-beating beer win

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Title goes here

I have always suspected that the difference in taste between the Czech beer and the American beer is that the American beer appears to have gone through one additional filtration system prior to bottling, most likely a human being.

Yeah, go go Czech beer, I love ya!

MIT boffins exhibit self-forming 'programmable matter'

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Title goes here

Well it's certainly going to revolutionise the greeting card industry a few years from now.

"Aww, thanks for the birthday card, yeah yeah right now it's folding itself into the shape of a cake. Hey it even has little candles on it that just ignited themselves, oh crap and the curtains..."

self folding jacket, must avoid hitting the fold button before I remove it.

Twitter on a ZX Spectrum

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Oric and store staff

You reminded me of one I did years ago.

The local "Typewriter centre" by me had an Oric connected up to a printer and I set the thing up so about 5 minutes after I walked out the shop a stream of rude words would be coming out the printer.

The machine was in a corner of the shop well away from where the staff at the counter could see what was happening The hope was that the whole roll of paper would get wasted before anyone checked.

I didn't go back to check, never return to the scene of the crime, that's something you learn as a naughty 12 year old.

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SD card expansion

Having a little friendly bet with myself here, the machine with the SD card expansion I think it's an Acorn Atom.

Mr Orlowski sir, how correct am I?

I did go to Bletchley Park a few years ago when they had a similar exhibition and I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, I need to go again.

Giving poor kids computers, internet makes them stupider

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Sounds familiar

Haven't we all used this line before:

"Mom, Dad can I have a computer? Oh yeah they are really educational and I could use it to help me with my homework!"

Ahhh, Manic Miner and neglected homework, those were the days.

Galactic pile-ups feed supermassive energy output

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Title goes here

"10 billion times the Sun's energy"

But could it run a PC powerful enough to play Crysis?

Swindon prepares for pill-popping, ghost-fleeing tournament

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Back back man

So the poor sod in the pacman outfit has to collect the dots off the floor then.

Phew, come the end of the event he's going to really hurt from all that stooping down every few seconds. Yeah he could also bend his legs, but that's also going to hurt after a while.

I wonder if health and safety regulations forced him take a manual handling course beforehand.

Waka waka waka oww! waka waka waka oww, I hurt! waka waka waka oooh is it 4 o'clock yet?...

Chip and PIN security busted

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Busted, yeah right

This story is doing the rounds on the internet at the moment making very dramatic claims that criminals are going to be using it to grab everyones money.

If you look at the PDF it shows that you need the following to make it work:

A stolen card

A card reader

A laptop

A custom made board with a programmed FPGA on it

Finally a fake card that goes into the reader with wires attached to it

The only people possibly with enough knowledge to attempt this feat will be, well, an Academic doing research into banking security from the University of Cambridge.

I suspect this is more to do with an academic trying to secure further grant funding for this current research than declaring that every criminal on every street corner now has an easy way to empty your bank account.

Interesting, but there are easier ways to get at other peoples money.

So look out for lots of dramatic reporting from the non-tech savvy media like the BBC and the Daily Mail.

Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival

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Nice, and the price?

And if they can sell it for less than the iPad they may have a good alternative to Apple.

You could compare those two to my comparison between the Archos player and the Apple iTouch.

I wanted a good portable media player and had a choice between the above mentioned, the iTouch is sleek but the Archos player had a bit more grunt about it. Anyhow bought the Archos in the end.

So yeah, this iTablet appears to have a bit more grunt going for it but not as sleek as the iPad, so people who choose capability over design may pick the iTablet. They could have a winner here.

Two questions, first why the heck does it have to use that damn "i" in it's title, it's unoriginal now.

Second, I still can't see how a tablet can be a good alternative to a laptop, BTW I can't be bothered with a laptop either.

So please sell it at a good price guys, who knows maybe even I might get intrested!

Next from Apple: The Pocket iPad

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Title goes here

So a smaller version of the iPad with a SIM card in it?

Hmm, they could call it something like an, ooh, iPhone, or is that a silly name?

I'm sure I won't be the only person to say that...

Hyundai's i10 goes green

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My wife drives a (Petrol) one!

The i10 is an excellent little car and is a fantastic design.

It's also a great price (Around 7 grand I think for the pertrol one) so an electric one should be a fairly sensible price, well for an electric car anyhow.

Yep, I'm sure the South Koreans can make a good electric version.

I will be watching this development very closely.

El Reg's PARIS programme attracts high-flying sponsor

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Wencesleyne Ong, has right stuff.

What a great name!

She sounds like she has the right stuff, El Reg we need you to do a World Exclusive interview right now with the lady.

Don't forget, we need lots of sexy pictures of her draped over the PARIS spaceship in a spacesuit with the zip undone teasing us with a glimpse of sexy underwear underneath.

While I have this mental image in my head right now I need you to also ask if she is currently single, but don't tell my wife, shhhhh.

Yeah, merchandising is also needed for this important project.

ID card minister forgets ID card

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How not to lose an ID card

Keep it in the back of a drawer at home gathering dust like the rest of the population probably will.

Of course an even better method for no losing them is to scrap the scheme and not issue them in the first place!

And nice one Liverpool, well done for rejecting them!