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Kaspersky defends false detection experiment

David Cameron

A Tit is a tit for awe that!

False positives render a beyond the safety requirement status, whereas, false negatives will really screw up the system. So, better that it thinks a few things are viruses which aren't, than it thinks a few viruses aren't !!

Seems so clear to me that I had to put on dark glasses just to look at it !

UK.gov dismisses Tory claims UK cyberspace is defenceless

David Cameron

Your Choice

Ignoring the facts as some of the poor misguided above seem to do at every opportunity, is to confirm that Mr G Brown (unelected PM) has done a great job since his (un)election and to indicate your delight that it will take until your grandchildren are close to retirement to meet the debts he has created. As for cyber security, the poor sod is a mono-visionary who can't do binary as he has only one eye -- the result of an earlier carelessness!

There is another way and it is not making the poor pay, no matter how often you ply your stupid little ideas. I favour recording the vote of each voter (and making it compulsory to vote) so that we can see who has to pay for the mess made by those they voted for. That would be the fair way!

Put the average idiot in front of a computer screen and you have a problem in the making. Leave the connection live, stay logged on, stay logged in and don't forget to store your passwords and bank details on the machine --- credit card info too please. Don't you just love it? Want security? Then grow up and use the OFF button where your broadband pulgs in. Turn it on to collect email, surf the net, check stockmarket prices, whatever, THEN DISCONNECT !!

You don't need to be online to use Word or Photoshop or to play the illegal MP3s you D/Ld earlier, so why leave it connected when you aren't paying attention?

As for the Great Leader and his failed Labour Government running cyber security, well, they couldn't catch a banker bonus, never mind a cyber criminal or terrorist.

Trust me, we need a change and we need it now!

Airport rethinks strip-scanner for kids

David Cameron

Simples !

I won't be flying !

So my hard earned will not go anywhere near places running such invasive technology. I might allow medical staff to decide to expose me to X-Rays, but some shite at a terminal ? I might also, after being requested and having the reasons explained, allow medical staff to view my naughty bits, but, again, some shite at a terminal ?

I think not !

Simples, we all stay at home until they start to behave like their role in life suggests to be suitable behavior for them. You REALLY want the bus conductor to look at your naughty bits missus ?

Money always pulls the wayward back into some kind of line !

Blue Shield provokes fresh China censorware row

David Cameron

We the people can open the wall !

If we wait for governments to do something, we will wait forever. All governments are in the pockets of the rich and high-tax generators. However, when we feel strongly about something, the solution lies directly in our own hands. If it says, MADE IN CHINA, then simply don't buy it ! Post to on-line sites that you have stopped yourself from buying £x value and that you will buy NOTHING from China until the wall is removed. The wall will come down pretty damned quick --- IF enough of us do that !

Of course, I am dreaming because the vast majority couldn't give a shit. They won't stop buying stuff made in China because its cheap. Their own greed leaves the Chinese out to dry. Just as it always is. They will tell you that there is no point, 'what can one man do?' Well Mr Turniphead, armies are collections of 'one-mans' and it seems to me that if every one of those 'one-mans' said, what can one man do, there wouldn't be any army. Would you, as one man, like to stand against an army, Mr Turniphead? No ? Then you just answered the question for yourself !

If everyone lays just one pebble on the path each time they walk along it, the path will soon be paved !

So basically, if the Chinese elite get away with this, we know who's fault it is, don't we!?

eBay revenue shrivel hits nine month mark

David Cameron

tax are for nailing down carpets

I guess that a lot of the people who sold stuff on ebay regularly, not really running a business, but turning over too much for the tax man to let go, don't do it now. The UK tax authorities came down on ebay and insisted on being given the trading information, so that tax could be charged where appropriate.

I bet that discouraged a lot of people who were probably only selling stuff they didn't want any longer --- and who would NOT have been called upon to pay tax --- from using ebay any more.

Maybe that is why so many of the sellers now turn out to be shops and businesses.

The thing I like least about it is the carriage charges. Say I see an item and know that its worth about £5. I would be a fool to even think of bidding if the carriage charge is £5 or above ! Many times I see things sell for £1 with carriage at £8:95 !! Also, I notice that deliveries seem to come from UNRELATED companies --- is this employees selling on ebay and shipping the stuff out at work !!! and pocketing cash from their theft ?

Others in my family use it sometimes, but I can well live without anything which is on sale on ebay.

Infosys says outlook bad despite profit boost

David Cameron

I don't care !

I have little interest in Indian companies when British companies are right up shit creek without a paddle ! What I want to know is, when will the cowboys come and rescue us?

A practical guide to disaster recovery planning

David Cameron

IT is it?

I have been MD (that's Managing Director) of my company for the past thirty years. We started before IBM launched the first PC. Before email. Before the internet. Telex was still in use and fax was all the rage ! Book-keeping was done on paper. Invoices prepared by hand by people who could add up. We had bouts of flu and other things which got in the way of perfection, but none so time wasting and cash sucking as IT, computers and periferals. The electricity bill for all this computer junk is more than the bill for lighting the offices! We seem to need more people to get the job done by computer and internet than we ever needed before. Information might flow instantly, but it takes ever longer to find it and prepare it in garish multi-coloured charts -- everyone trying to outdo each other with their abilities in Excel or Numbers (the Apple version!) to graph those numbers, sales figures, forecasts for gods sake !!! Backups of this, backups of that. Backups of backups ! Paranoia !!

I am reminded of what I consider to be one of the more sensible comments relating to computers and information technology --- 'Junk in, Junk out' !

Indian outsourcers prepare for US trade war

David Cameron

Remember Dyson

Dyson invented a new type of vacuum cleaner and everyone thought he was very clever. He had a UK factory employing lots people, I for one was quite happy to buy one of his cleaners. Some years later when the cleaner had seen better days, my wife and I went to the shops to buy a new one. But, he had made 1,000 workers redundant in his UK factory and EXPORTED THEIR JOBS to Eastern Europe paying a fraction of his previous labour costs. Great, you think, the price will reflect this. NOT A CHANCE !! The price of a Dyson stayed up there as expensive as before. So, where did the benefit of this move come from? Some foreigners got jobs in Eastern Europe at local rates of pay. Some (1,000) UK workers got the opportunity to seek out new jobs in the UK. And Mr Dyson? Well, he got to pocket the difference, because if you reduce labour costs it goes straight to the bottom line of the company's accounts !! PROFIT !!

Is there a solution which works for everyone? Yes there is ! You subtract outsourced labour cost from previous labour cost and tax the difference at 100% minus some allowance for product price reduction based on per piece. NOW if you want to benefit the locals in the outsourced country, maybe you will pay them closer to UK rates and REALLY BENEFIT THEM AND THEIR COMMUNITIES ! They always claim that to pay too much creates 'distortion' in the local areas. Right, like some UK company chairmen having salaries of over a million pounds? Was that the kind of distortion you had in mind?

Obama's comments were clearly directed at the bosses of the US companies who are PROFITEERING from outsourcing and at the same time creating misery for the US employees whose' jobs they outsource. It is not an attack on India !!

I think there is a huge difference between SOURCING piece parts from anywhere in the world and having YOUR OWN PRODUCT manufactured somewhere else. If you sell a huge amount of product in India, then by all means open a factory there to SUPPLY INDIA and ONLY INDIA! Profits from that factory being taxed by the Indian Government. Maybe a 'license fee' per piece sold might be paid back to the original company to help cover the R&D which brought it about in the first place. This way of bringing your product to the Indian market cuts down on the use of energy which is otherwise wasted in transit -- adds jobs in India and DOES NOT throw out your original workers.

Insurance giant rapped on knuckles over DPA breach

David Cameron


Maybe there should be a massive fine for breaches like this. How about it being a fixed rate with an escalator for subsequent offenses from the same organisation? I would suggest that it works on the number of records, so £100 per record for the first offense. £200 per record for the second offense --- £300 for the third and so on.

Then there is the compensation for the victims of the transgression. Let's say £10,000 each for the first offense --- £20,000 each for the second --- £30,000 for the third and so on.

Of course, to escape other than the first one they would work out something like a 'hive down' so that it is a 'new' organisation. Okay, ANY company which employs a director of a previous offending company will automatically carry the number of previous offenses by any and all comapnies in which any of its directors were employed.

So director one comes from a two time offender and director two comes from a one time offender. That gives you THREE on the card to start with so YOUR first offense will be a FOUR TIMES PAYOUT !!

You want your laws to work, then you need to make them work.

Oh....I almost forgot....what about the employee who was stupid and careless enough to lose the stuff? Automatic dismissal (as a legal requirement) and add a code to his/her NI number making it ILLEGAL to employ (£1,000,000 fine for any breach) them anywhere remotely near sensitive data --- for life !

Japanese lunar orbiter to go out with a bang

David Cameron

When are we going ?

Haven't we sent enough unmanned thingies to the Moon? Shouldn't we be thinking of sending a man, or men? The thing we need to be careful about is the radiation belt between here and the Moon, through which only Americans can pass and survive.

For all the money spent so far, shouldn't we be up Uranus, NASA?

They closed SETI after it found extraterrestrial life in Downing Street in the form of the Loonie Broonie, which has been allowed to breed here on our planet, but which refuses to conform to what we humans consider to be simple etiquette, resisting even the usually adequate 'FUCK OFF YOU MONSTER'. Where will it all end is what I want to know !


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