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More than 5 million people now on DNA database


Police State here we come

Isn't it funny the way a Government can ignore the rule of law and when we do it we are DNA'ed, Fined, Locked up and have our picture circulated as a troublemaker?

This country is going to hell

Plods' 'extremist' sheet included BAE mole



Maybe America will come and save us from our tyrannical oppressors. After all one of the reasons sited for invading Iraq and currently being trundled out in connection with Iran is...

'They deny their citizens the right of peaceful protest'

Well at least we still have the right to a fair trail... oh wait hasn't (The Unelected) Lord Mandy taken that away from us with 'Three Strikes'

Could I have an icon for 'The UK a country run by corporations for corporations'

Home Office: El Reg may be right on vetting figures


What the difference between Jews during WW2 and the UK Population in 2009

they were branded and tagged on religious grounds (illegal now)

We the Brits are branded 'Just in case'

I believe Siemens tendered for both contracts


Welcome to the CRB Zone

Please submit barcode for verification please.

Code Verified please proceed to full body scanner for Body scan.

Full Bodyscan passed

Please submit computer/mobile/telephone Logs for verification

You are now deemed acceptable to work with other peoples children.

Baby 'P' we are sorry but technology cannot/will not/doesn't care enough to protect you.

UK data losses keep growing

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Why bother

You have a choice...

Spend money on people and training to avoid data leaks

Or do nothing and worry about it after it all goes wrong.

I mean what's gonna happen.

No fine , no imprisonment, no penalties at all.

Thanks NuLabour - The rich get richer and we.... we are just a comodity to make even more money from and to spy on

Guardian in hot water over activist face flash


Didn't we go to war in IRAQ

Claiming that its Governemnt didn't allow its citizens the right of peaceful protest.

We seem to have lost the moral highground on this point and most of the reason for the War.

'If you don't vote you can't complain'

Japanese bloke gets arsey over artificial rectum


@ Hermes Conran

Prize for the best pun goes to Hermes Conran

Poor Guy

he really has had his ass handed to him!'

Laughed out loud to that - thank you

Man posed as teen lesbian to snare girl's nude photos


I email these stories to my young daughters......

just to show that everything on the internet isn't what it says it is.

And in reply to a previous poster. You cannot/should not supervise all children's use of the internet. You need to educate youngsters as to the sort of assholes which hang around chatrooms 'getting down with the kids'

And before everybody starts calling me a bad parent and we deserve everything we get. It is estimated 50 Million people are driving PC's full of scam ware/phishing ware. Should we supervise all their web access no. They need to be educated to know what is right and what is wrong.

Maybe a set of Darwin'esk awards for people that do dumb things on the internet and email them around the young/naïve/stoopid.

Forewarned is forearmed. Lesson over

New police crime-mapping system crashes on first outing

Black Helicopters

Try and prevent that crash with a speed camera

I'm sure the Police will have speed camera's all over the site to try and cut down the amount of crashes.

User seen coming in with a 20mb Broadband, obviously a Pirate. 3 Points and a letter from the RIAA/FACT and who ever else we are working for now.

Home sec puts McKinnon extradition on hold


Another Vote Winning Move

Another Vote winning move from the party that brought you.....

War in IRAQ

War in Afghanistan


Tax Avoidance

The ID Card

Oopps I've lost my Database.

Any I may have missed out.

Funny how things start to happen now when they are scrabbling around looking for somebody that likes them. All the opportunities they have had in the past to bury this and failed because they didn't care

End see-saw politics - Vote for the Lib Dems

YouTube to broadcast Channel 4 shows

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Wicked news

Was never able to find out how to get 4OD with giving my credit card details.

Would this exempt you from a TV License? Only joking Not even death will exempt you from a TV License.

El Reg launches 'Skinny Fit' fashion range


Is this Pseudo-porn?

This image looks like it has been posed to be sexual evocative and that girl is certainly not over 18 in years or weigh.

You people are sick sick sick

Judge rebukes copyright enforcer in ringtone case


Humming singing and having that damn song running round and round in my head

I would like to be honest and admit to singing in the shower this morning and consequently huming the song before I got into my car and now having arrived at work and am unable to sing so i just have the song rolling round and round in my head.

Who can I send my cheque to for this...

i was singing 'Oliver! Oliver! Never before has a boy asked for more. Oliver!, Oliver'!.

I believe its is owned by SongBMG. Should I send the money for my momertary lapse directly to BMG, directly to the artist (Harry Secombe) or directly to PRS.

Airport rethinks strip-scanner for kids

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Does this mean...

That all the female operators at Manchester Airport will be still be able to look at my willie.

Thank goodness for that

Ralph Lauren stick insect sacked for being 'too fat'


Looks a some of the pictures I have seen of Kiera Knightley

Another Bobble headed freak

Funny I used to get teased at school for being a Bobble Headed Freak. Wish I was a teen now as i would obviously be at the cutting edge of fashion. Just imagine all the chip butties I could buy if I was at the cutting edge of fashion.

Joost UK goes titsup


never heard of it

Do you think maybe that's what went wrong?

Child porn threat to airport's 'virtual strip search' scanners


All joking aside

the issue here is potential pedo's.

If there is enough to letch then that is enough. If you got caught looking through frosted glass (bathroom window) at a underage would that be classed as a sexual crime.

Damn sure it would but because this is tied to security we are supposed to forgive this invasion.

You just sit in front of this machine all day checking out everybody's bits & tits,

ohh teens. no flabby bits here I'll take and extra close look at these fwoor .... see if I can guess how old they are before they get to Passport control.

Amazing the invasions they will push through on a terrorist ticket.

Why do they need this when they have metal scanners.

Translation outfit seeks Glaswegian speakers


cross reference - region Accents

Newcastle broon gan doown the toon

Torrent crackdown pushing pirates towards file hosting



Everybody that has placed a comment has a different view of how they justify their on-line habits and viewing behaviours. A lot of which is quite articulate and well though out.

except the commenter's that are throwing words about like thief's and crooks and freetards. Isn't it an indictment on our society that one section of the of our little oasis here (el reg) will brand people that don't agree and conform to their idea's with the dregs of society.

In my mind a thief is the guy that kicks some granny to death and steals her pension. A crook is the money lender that charges 5000% interest on their £100 loan which they needed to pay the rent.

But then again this seems to be the way our society is going. When hoods that mug and beat up granny's are given a ASBO (which means nothing to them or anybody else) and sent on their way. Normal law abiding people and criminalised for putting rubbish in the wrong bin there is something seriously wrong.

When the Attorney General is allowed to break her own laws and only has to apologise to be let off and the Home Secretary commits fraud and only has to apologise and not pay the money back.

Vote for change and don't just look at the top two think outside the box and how much better society should be.

Rant over

ID fraud prevention week fights UK's fastest growing crime


ID Prevention Week - Expect a call from your bank selling

Guess we will all be getting calls from our Banks selling their Data Protection Services.

We will protect you against any fraud on your account.

I always use my standard answer....

'If you done your job properly then I wouldn't need to pay somebody else to protect me from your incompetence

West Midlands cops to roll out Mitsubishi EVs

Black Helicopters

100 miles range and 80mph top speed

Donut shop is 5 miles away. A few runs back and forward from there. Ohh and stop off and pick up the film from a few speed cameras

Other crimes. What other crimes?

Are you aware it's illegal to question an Office of the Law? I don't make the law son. I just kick your head in when you break it.

Excuse me Sir is this your camera? Did you just point it at my vehicle?

Large Hadron boffin arrested on terrorism suspicion

Black Helicopters

Power of Nightmares @ Anon Coward

'The source for this is my memory of the Adam Curtis documentary The Power Of Nightmares.'

Excellent documentary!

Would trying to purchase this on DVD expose me to an allegation of subversion.

Be afraid

Tories oppose charges and speed cameras


@ Paul Chapman End See-Saw Politics

I'm not Voting for Tory because my Family need our Tax Credits to continue working to support my family and to contribute towards society.

I don't see why we should be punished because my wife enjoys her job and likes putting something back into the community in which we live. She doesn't get paid much but it will be enough to push us over the 50k limit for losing all our subsidies. Subsidies which go on Childcare.

And where is that money going to go. to pay Bank Bonus AND/OR To try and get the great unwashed and unemployable off their arse to get a job to help drag this country out of the mess the Banks have put us in.

I want a new way and as long as voters only consider 2 parties then see-saw politics will continue and nothing will change.

Thanks for taking part thought. Talking/debate is good

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I'd Vote for this comment! ....

By Chris Redpath Posted Wednesday 7th October 2009 09:11 GMT

I'm all for increased road safety, but cameras have a reputation for being located in prime cash generating spots. I believe this is largely because of the lack of published effectiveness data - if they really are so great then show us all the data and we will maybe start to support them.

Publishing data about effectiveness and encouraging the most effective strategies for road safety sounds eminently sensible, so I'm skeptical that it'll ever happen but let's see.

I support driver education and traffic police personally, you only have to drive ten miles to see numerous examples of bad driving which cameras cannot prevent. Perhaps if drivers thought that a policeman may stop them for a little chat, they might take more care when driving a 2 ton lump of metal through busy streets.

I'm not a saint in the car, but I do try to drive responsibly. A policeman has the opportunity to apply some judgement in any action to be taken, at least in theory this should allow them to encourage good driving habits rather than blind avoidance of cameras.

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Do you believe?

A Government which is going to think before they legislate.

We are doing this for the good of Society. The money doesn't matter to us. We want what is best for Us as a Society.

Next thing they will announce tougher laws on hoodies and more prisons for scum.

And then once they get in they will announce a review which will last 4 years and then conveniently forget all their promises.

I wish I could believe but I don't. But maybe I'll be surprised. But if you don't Vote you can't complain. So get out and Vote for somebody/anybody.

Me I'm Voting Lib Dem. Time for a change

Tories would take an axe to Labour IT policy

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Suddenly I see

12 years out of Government and suddenly we can see how to make the world a happy smiley place again.

We won't waste money, we will make everything right again.

Easier said than done.

I'm Voting for the Lib Dems. Their biggest expense was a packet of Chocolate Hobnobs - Tory expenses? Where would you start to talk about the bending of the rules and once in power these rules can be bend even more.

Chinese media finger Swedish lesbian enclave


I found this place

Its tricky because it only appears between the hours of 12.00 and 06.00 and only when the wife is asleep.

ohh sorry I'm asleep as well.

i'll get my coat.....

CCTV website recruits video vigilantes

Big Brother

Thank God, the only people that will be intrested will be Big Brother retards

Because they will get bored after 5 mins without a swear word or some lovely jubilees and switch off

but it does stink more than a little of Red Dwarf ' Back to Reality'.

Step aside Voter!

Could this be the Tories idea to get everyone off Incapacity Benefit.

Here's a job you can do, just like watching Big Brother.

PunterNet thanks Harriet for massive upswing


Sounds excellent - feedback scores for hookers

Thanks Harriet.

I'll get my dirty Mac

MyConservatives website collapses at launch


'Vote Labour' are you fuckin' mad

Apart from all the obvious epic fails of NuLabour like:

'Peace in our time', War in Iraq

Free Education for all, Student Loans and Tuition Fee's

NHS free at point of service' Rip off Car Parks and Buying hospitals on the very expensive credit

Surveillance State: Big Brother

Curtailment of our Society's Freedom' The Police State.

Anyone that supports Labour must be a *ucking banker and deserves to lose their jobs so they know how the rest of us feel. I don't fancy the Tories much either.

Time for a change: Lib Dem's for me.

BOFH: Weapon of choice



Have you been watching me. I had this conversation last week.

We aren't allowed to use the hammer. We drop a car engine on them. Then we can claim it was an accident

Small biz told to sort TV licences for PCs

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Has TV Licensing been taking lesson from PRS

Of course if you visit the BBC Website which the whole world does you should pay your license fee.

'Its the way we are funded that makes us different'

No it because we produce quality programmes (mostly) and not the crap which ITV produce

Yank slams El Reg 'zio-fruitcake' Playmobil 'crap'


Can I have a zio-fruitcake icon please

That is one that i would really like to post!

I've always wanted to be one of those

Wales adopts mobile average speed cameras


an increase in human interaction

Hmmmmm interesting

are the Police going to wave and tell you to smile for the camera...

or could they mean more traffic cops to catch some of the idiots driving on the roads.

You know who you are! I doubt it

maybe more cops searching you as a potential terrorist. Or maybe on-the-spot fines for laughing too much when you are driving. Driving with a smile on your face.

Nothing for our advantage I'm sure

Game censorship crusader sues Facebook for $120m

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I agree with Jack Thompson

Facebook is shit and If I can come up with a way of scoring $120 big ones from them for nothing. Bonus

And WOW is shit and should be banned!

Who is Jack Thompson anyway? Does he Post here?

SFO kicks BAE corruption charges upstairs


Not In The Public's Intrest'

Repeat after me. 'Not In The Public's Intrest'

Hello Gordo. Just lost your job as PrimeMinister. Well never worry we have a job for you here. What's the job. Director of Off World Affairs', Sorry On-World Affairs is alreay taken by Tony. What do you have to do? Well nothing except pay this large cheque into your bank account on a monthly basis.

Epic fail!

Besa predicts £9.8m drop in schools' ICT spending


We are going to spend our way out of this recession

By cutting everything that the poor people need like.

Education, Childcare for working parents, NHS Car park costs, errr.. ID Database, Trident.

Is it just me of have (help-the-rich) Labour reversed every decision they have wasted money on.

Although I hate to admit it I agree with the current Bun. Labour is lost.

Come on the Lib Dems.

And if you don't vote for somebody: Shame on you. Can I have a icon for get out and Vote!

Swedish parents win right to name sprog 'Q'


I like it


Better than some of the names the clowns that comment on here give to themselves!

iPod nano busted for upskirting

Paris Hilton

funarr funarrr....

oh girls. Hmmm funarr funarr. Nudge-Nudge wink wink.

Some people really need to go meet/talk to somebody from the opposite sex and learn that they don't bite and if they are really lucky they might just get to first base for less that the price of a Nano.

When I was a lad it was £0.50p and a bag of grapes!!!.

Paris obviously. No need to hide the camera with her. Funarr Funarrr

Man on trial over £600k NatWest phishing scam


Amazing - The Bank actually caught somebody stealing....

Suprising to say the least. I though they just blamed customers for being stupid and left them with the bill.

Is this the new caring sharing Banks Ole Gordo BrOOn keeps telling us about.

Maybe I'm dumb but isn't electronic fraud easy to track. The money left account 123 and went to account 234 then off to account 345 then off to account 456.

Fooled you! Of course its not that easy because the banks don't know where their own money is half the time. And if they do know where it is they aint telling. They wouldn't want to upsert their big tax avoiding customers now would they.

Nation's moral guardians snap over 'shag bands'


What colour is the band

For go do your homework?

Or go play football

Or go to bed!

Or that's not music! That's just noise.

When I was young you would get called a sissy for playing with girls!

And as for boys wearing braclets? Well it just wouldn't have happened.

Facebook kills 'Kill Obama' poll

Black Helicopters

Anonymous coward

I bet all the people that voted for him to be killed are $hiting themselves now.

I of course I didn't vote so have nothing to fear........

is that Secret Service helicopters I hear in the distance?

A knock at the door. <gulp>

Nation's parents prepare to be vetted


@ By Shakje - But really, really, is it going to turn into an apocalypse of parents being arrested

The potential danger is of course is the police stopping people in the street with more than one child and asking can I inspect your papers please. You have 3 children there, are they yours, could I inspect your barcode please.

Excuse me sir. Your car was spotted (by a modified speed camera) with more than 1 child in the back.

Are you vetted to carry other peoples children

If the law exists then the police will use it.

Then it will be accept a caution or visit court to argue about stupid laws.

What would you choose?

I once knew somebody that was prosecuted for 'Not locking their car in a public place' The Police will use every law they have. Stupid or not!

Can I have an icon for we are all DOOMED!


Ofsted - As much help as a chocolate teapot

After having a falling out with our registered childminder we contacted Ofsted to make a complaint but were told......

We don't get involved with the Business aspect of your arrangements. We only get involved where there is a child safety issue. So as long as they don't hurt the child they can screw you for as much money as they can, and will.

So they don't care what monies are being handed over or extorted by childminders as long as the law is being upheld.

No moral obligation to the arrangement which they are supposed to oversee. You are told always use an Ofsted approved childminder for your own protection. It should say always use a ofsted approved childminder because they have been vetted!

No protection of parents implied

Hence the comment: Ofsted - As much help as a chocolate teapot

Don't trust Tories on surveillance, say LibDems

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Have the Lib Dem's finally grown a backbone

Because if they have they will have my vote.

After all who else is there to Vote for. Tories, NuBigBrotherLabour or the BNP.

Come one LIb Dems grow a back bone and give us a real alternative.

North Wales Police says the law is what they say it is


I read the Liberity website last night

thanks to the commenter that posted the link on here somewhere: Here it is again: http://www.yourrights.org.uk/ maybe somebody else will read it.

Clear concise explanations of what the Police are allowed and not allowed to do.

I'm sure it must piss the Police off no end people knowing their rights but it is important because a minority of the Police can abuse their powers. 'You look very tall sir'

I do hate speed traps but the argument with the Police is developing into a them and us situation. This isn't how it should be. We pay their wages and our politicians. They should do what WE tell them within the confines of the Law WE set.

And I want a Policeman/women walking up my street occasionally to try and catch the toe-rags that keep breaking into cars and not just a bloody crime number.

Vote for a change. Don't just blindly Vote for who you Voted for last time. Consider their promises and who is likely to deliver on their promises and Vote for them.

Baroness Scotland fined for failing to follow own law


Wish I worked for the government or the civil service or was a LORD

I'd be

downloading exterme porn,

Free movies,

free music,


drinking & driving,

snorting coke,

smoking pot,


running people over in my Range Rover

Avoiding Council Tax

Avoiding Tax


Mortgage Fraud

Money Landering

A Big Prize if anybody can put names to this list of non sackable offence

Highways Agency plans new speed cameras


More big brother...

I wonder how long it will be before this new systems is good enough to be able to work out your mileage, MPH, which roads you used and how much Road Tax we can charge you for driving at stupid times:

like the time you start work,

or the time the kids need to be at school

Or the time you finish work

or the time you pick up the kids from school

Just another way to screw people with jobs and responsibilities out even more of their hard earned money. Of course by the time it comes in we will have all lost our jobs and won't have to worry about it.

DOH!!! Sorry its not for that is its to improve road safety. Ahh I see. Just like the extortionate rates charged at Airports is to combat terrorists.The fact that we make loads of money out of it is just a pleasent side effect.

Home Office stonewalls ID findings

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nothing wrong with the Yoof

This has cheered me up.

Maybe the Yoof do give a shit about what is going around them.

ID Cards are gone. But I guess the downside is we are all gonna be killed in our beds with the sudden on-rush of terrorists that have been cowering/cringing at how much more difficult a little peice of plastic would have made it to wreak murder and mayhem.

I bet Baroness Scotland wished she had checked somebodies ID Card...... or should she have checked her empoyee's CRB... or ensured her employee's were Vetted!........or ensure her empoyee's DNA whas been retained....or her employee against the Travel Database.... or spending database or maybe even her Nectar card.

Bureaucrat behind bars for creating 1,400 fake kids


You can trust us

No we can't.

nough said