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How a Facebook post by blabbermouth daughter cost her parents $80,000

Dave 142


He should have told his daughter he'd made the money making meth in a camper van.

Woman claims she was assaulted in Google Glass 'HATE CRIME'

Dave 142

Hate Crime?

This makes me think of the times Cartman claims something's a hate crime and the other kids sigh loudly.

Just who is Apple's most frustrated fanboi? Surprise – it's GOOGLE

Dave 142


Did they get these names from Youtube commenters or three year olds?

What made us human? Being armed with lethal ranged weapons

Dave 142

Weapon of War???

There isn't actually any solid evidence in this that these weapons were ever used in warfare rather than just for hunting.

Dave 142

Re: Nice troll

Rape was uncommon, even unheard of, in hunter-gatherer tribes because the levels of promiscuity were so high that no one really felt the need. It's only once people started getting agriculture, property & religion that some idiot decided people needed to get all repressed.

Ready to patent that 'new' invention? Google is here to dash your hopes

Dave 142

I presume this is a way for Google to steal patents from people.

Flash Player to vanish from Android store on Wednesday

Dave 142

I will miss Flash for one reason. All the shite "interactive" websites and animated ads will be harder to block in the future. No longer will the 'disable plug-ins' button be so so useful.

Dave 142

Set your browser to pretend it's mobile safari and the BBC will give you the non-flash version.

Snap suggests Apple out to 'screw' hardware hackers

Dave 142

Ford used to try doing this kind of crap all the time, people always got round it.

NASA's $2.5bn Curiosity rover: An Apple PowerBook on wheels

Dave 142

I think that smaller chips are more susceptible to radiation damage as well.

Dave 142

You do realise they had to launch this thing a little while ago right?

Microsoft Surface slate: Acer, resellers predict a riot

Dave 142

Re: Go MS! - Actually customers should come first

"Incorrect. A company such as MS should be looking after the shareholders"

Well theoretically looking after the customers means they want to buy your product and then the shareholders are happy.


Beak explodes at Samsung's evidence leak in Apple patent spat

Dave 142

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the case itself surely that is contempt of court?

Apple patent may foretell an end to iPhone autocorrect Tourette's

Dave 142

The main problem with the iPhone correction is it keeps trying to take out my swearwords.

Retina Display detachment

Dave 142

If it takes you that long to torrent a film you need to get a better internet provider.

Oracle v Google round-up: The show so far

Dave 142

why didn't Google just pay in the first place? It would cost less than all the money they wasted on Motorola.

Gov unveils plans to make tax-funded research freely accessible

Dave 142

You can't patent something that's been published in an academic journal.

Apple's iPad not so shiny once you get it home

Dave 142

Given how many people make impulse buys of new gadgets and leave them sat doing nothing in a few months this isn't surprising. For this to have any real meaning you'd have to compare this survey with other products.

Apple expels serial hacker for publishing iPhone exploit

Dave 142

I think that point was there to try and head off a load of pointless bragging from Fandroids.

Hadoop: A Linux even Microsoft likes

Dave 142

"Linux was a serious threat to Microsoft's operating system business"

When exactly was that?

OMG! Berners-Lee has an iPhone

Dave 142

It is possible to criticise part of a product or company and still use them. Most people who use technology aren't the hardened fundamentalist fanboys of web forums.

Samsung, Google delay next-gen Nexus launch

Dave 142

I doubt Steve Jobs would want Apple to delay a phone release because he died either.

Amazon's Silk looks creepily Phorm-ulaic

Dave 142

Once on an airline questionaire I said I was a housewife on a business trip.

Scientists discover Tatooine-style world 200 lightyears off

Dave 142

What's with the fahrenheit, are we in 1923 or something?

How Apple's Lion won't let you trash documents

Dave 142


rm DocumentRevisions-V100 anyone?

Game denies Steam threat claims

Dave 142


I've avoided Game ever since the manager of the local store treated me like some kind of moron because I wouldn't buy his stupid extended warranty. Even if he was right and the extended warranty wasn't a rip off, treating your customers like crap is a great way to make sure they don't come back.

Googlola's closed source Android temptation

Dave 142


Estate agents use hardware and software too, does that make them a software or hardware company?

My vet uses them too, does that make my vet a software or hardware company?

Sony preps Luke Skywalker-style digital binoculars

Dave 142


Being as it's Sony then you'll need special power convertors that cost more and only work on Sony's stuff. They'll also sue you if you use them to look at non-Sony products and put a rootkit on them for good measure too.

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers

Dave 142

How exactly

If there are more Android users than iPhone users how can using Android be not following the crowd?

Dave 142

How I Met Your Mother

The most damning result of the survey was that Android users generally like 'How I Met Your Mother'.

Explaining the Chocolate Factory's Patent Panic

Dave 142

oracle tablet

I think Oracle will release an Android tablet about the same time as Apple release an Android tablet.

Dave 142

Yes Turtle

I'd have to agree with that. A lot of people seem to find it hard to separate the wonderful, benevolent overlord image they have of Google from the reality that they are another major multinational corporation like Apple & MS. Everyone has a favourite technology company, that doesn't mean they are your friends or your fairy god mother.

Dave 142


I think there's a lot more assumption amongst those patting Google on the back for its genius machiavellian moves.

Apple changed shape of Galaxy Tab in court filing

Dave 142


If Samsung really didn't know about this case how come they filed an opposition the week before the ruling?

Dave 142


another possibility is that it's a publicity image from Samsung

Google's Moto move spells iPhone doom

Dave 142


yes, I'm sure Apple are very sad they haven't taken your advice.

Dave 142


The phones that make up the big chunk of that huge market share Android has are the cheap ones, not the iPhone level ones.

Beware of Macs in enterprise, security consultants say

Dave 142

even more dumb

their point doesn't make much sense to me as employees don't normally get admin rights on their computers anyway.

OS X Lion roars, coughs on appearance in App Store

Dave 142






CERN 'gags' physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment

Dave 142


We are not entering a Maunder Minimum. Lewis Page says so, but the scientists he refers to do not say that. It's wild speculation.

Dave 142

Manufactured Outrage

Of course particle physicists aren't too stupid to understand climate models. However, they won't have the full appreciation of all the details as that takes time and effort, time and effort they'd rather spend on particle physics.

Google: The one trick pony learns a second trick

Dave 142

What a choice

So it's either Google, MS or Facebook in charge of the internet. What a choice.

Microsoft COO: Our greatest enemy is old Windows

Dave 142


Really? He thinks that's a great product? It's the most annoying piece of crap I've ever had the misfortune to use.

Apple users complain over MobileMe 'censorware'

Dave 142

.... up

I'd subscribe to it being a cock up too. Why would Apple care about some emails people send about Frankfurt & Brussels.

Microsoft bags two more Android patent deals

Dave 142


why exactly would they do this?

Google Chrome extension busts Murdoch paywall

Dave 142


"No. However what I will say is that under UK law, if a front door is left open and you walk in, you cannot be charged with breaking and entering. "

If you steal something when you're there you WILL still be charged with theft though.

DRM-free music dream haunts Apple's app-store lock-in

Dave 142

No Sense

This whole thing is basically a personal rant about not wanting to pay again. It's a total red herring. Unless you are in some strange 0.0001% of consumers who's paid hundreds of pounds on apps (if this fictional person even exists) then financially this is irrelevant. If a new phone is more than £50 cheaper than an iPhone you can probably buy all the apps again and have some change left over. If people buy a new iPhone instead of a new Android/RIM/WP phone instead this won't be the reason.

I have a couple of games for PC and now I have an XBox, should I call EA & MS up about giving me another free copy? Or should I stop, think for a minute and not whine like an ass.

Dave 142


Maybe, but then if Apple are happy to let you put an app on up to five devices and the app vendors are happy with that too I don't really see the problem with one copy for a family.

Apple will 'own games industry'

Dave 142


Maybe if Apple spent some of the $70bn it has buying up EA, Activision and Ubisoft it would own the games industry. I can't really see them doing that though.

Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade

Dave 142

No ice age

Frank Hill didn't say we'd be heading into an ice age, in fact he said:

"We have not predicted a 'little ice age', We have predicted something going on with the sun."