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Solar plasma aurora storm to hit Earth tomorrow today!

You aint seen me right?

Attack of the...

Time to lock a sighted person in the nearest basement and keep some handcuffs close to hand just in case...

Met launches net café spy operation

You aint seen me right?

free wifi

1. Buy second hand laptop

2. Goto pub, cafe, bar, next door neighbours free wifi

3. Access dodgy por^H^H^H terrorist material

4. Profit!

Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory

You aint seen me right?

Back off, I know google

118800 is the child of Connectivity ltd in Reading. A little google searching gives their website connectivity.co.uk, now apparently just an alias to 118800, but previously its own entity now preserved in the google cache.

The about us page:

Why not try emailing them if you can't get through on the 0800 number, the format of their emails is thus:

ian.hardacre@connectivityltd.co.uk - Chief Technical Officer

shona.forster@connectivityltd.co.uk - Marketing Director

Or alternatively if they still won't remove you for free, ring, write or turn up out of the blue at head office:

Connectivity Ltd

Tel: 0118 902 6900

Merlin House, Brunel Rd, Theale, Reading, Berkshire RG7 4AB


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