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A crypto-trading hamster is outperforming the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Bitcoin

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Wanted, kind home for enormous savage rodent. Answers to the name of Sybil.

Texas cops sue Tesla claiming 'systematic fraud' in Autopilot after Model X ploughed into two parked police cars

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Re: Drunk driving is illegal and dangerous

It's also odd that they're suing the restaurant. And the drink driver. But then it's odd it's the police officers suing and not the police department suing.

But in summary, it's showing the US legal system as odd. Which I'm fairly sure everyone knew already.

Metrobank techies placed at risk of redundancy, severance terms criticised

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Re: Industry standard redundancy terms?

Because you'll find that historically a lot of blue chip companies offer more than the statutory minimum for redundancy. There's a legal minimum for holidays and salary in this country too, you're not surprised that these companies offer more than that too I assume?

I expect that the historically heavy unionisation of banking employees are part of the reason that they generally offer more generous terms. I suspect a new company like Metro Bank doesn't have much of a strong union though.

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Re: spokesperson?

"What is wrong with "Metro Bank said..."?"

Because it's a company, it can't say anything. Only people working for the company can say something.

One-size-fits-all chargers? What a great idea! Of course Apple would hate it

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Re: Apple don't like it?

There's wireless car play now though?

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Re: you are lucky

"Look at yours (with a magnifying glass if necessary) and you might see black oxidation (or whatever) shorting out pins or other general funkiness."

To be fair, all cables do this - you can just see Apple's. The bigger problem I have is with the crud that collects inside the port (and on the contacts in there), but again, that happens in all USB cables too.

Memory prices to dive in late 2022, says Gartner

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"Let the BOM of the equipment decline while maintaining the existing price to customers and thus increase margins," the memo suggests.

Seems unlikely anyone took that approach when memory prices were going up...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah, it's just Windows suffering from a bit of vertigo

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Rebooting endlessly

Every chance it's been in that state for a few weeks. Does anyone actually use the thing to notice?

Apple tried to patch this security hole in macOS Finder but didn't consider upper and lowercase characters

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Depends what the specification said

Macmillan best-biscuit list unexpectedly promotes breakfast cereal to treat status

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Re: Cherry Jaffa Cakes

You can also get lime ones. And pineapple. They're all abominations.

On a slightly related note, saw you can also get mint & orange flavour After Eights too. Orange ones, I could understand. But mint & orange??

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Biscoff Biscoff Biscoff

You've clearly not seen the new king of biscuits. Biscoff (the little cinnamon/burnt sugar thing you get with a cup of coffee) have launched a custard-cream-style version, with either chocolate, vanilla or even (brace yourself) biscoff flavour cream centres. In my eyes, there are no other biscuits anymore.

I would drive 100 miles and I would drive 100 more just to be the man that drove 200 miles to... hit the enter key

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Re: "So my urgent 200-mile round trip ended, …

You'd be charging the wrong day-rate....

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Re: Just being pedantic...

"the Proclaimers walked 500 miles, and were prepared to walk 500 more"

They did no such thing - they were very Billy-big-balls about it all, but don't actually walk anywhere.

At least Chris bloody well went somewhere. Twice.

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Re: "So my urgent 200-mile round trip ended, …

Na, that's the next guy's problem - Future Chris can deal with that :D

We're all at sea: Navigation Royal Navy style – with plenty of IT but no GPS

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Re: "two main reasons why the Royal Navy no longer uses [paper charts]"

Yeah I've seen similar reasons for not having good backups.

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Re: "two main reasons why the Royal Navy no longer uses [paper charts]"

"And if you do ever lose "everything", you'll still know where you were when that happened and the ship won't instantaneously jump somewhere without you knowing it."

Not entirely true for a couple of reasons - 1, the oceans are constantly moving. 2, the stopping distance for a warship is probably a good couple of miles.

Clegg on its face: Facebook turns to former UK deputy PM to fend off damaging headlines

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"Writing in the company’s blog over the weekend, Clegg, whose job title at Facebook is vice president of Global Affairs, wrote"

I'm willing to put fairly big money behind this statement - my arse did he write it himself. Signed off on it at most.

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Have never really understood the outrage on this. The "Lib Dems" didn't charge for education. The Conservative/LibDem coalition government did (more accurately, they raised the cap). If they'd been elected in with a mandate or majority, and *then* did that, I could understand the outrage. Always find it staggering that the people taking the hit on the coalition government were the minority party in that arrangement, and not the Conservatives...

On the flip side, we have a current government that is raising taxes having promised not to in their manifesto. Although I'm sure someone is already weaseling up a view that National Insurance isn't a tax, so it's technically not a broken promise.

Forget that Loon's balloon burst, we just fired 700TB of laser broadband between two cities, says Alphabet

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Re: Standards of measure

I thought the same, then I thought that maybe it’s the area - 5cm^2 would still be a pretty big quarter though.

The day has a 'y' in it, so Virgin Galactic has announced another delay

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Re: Supplier identified fault

“Biting the hand that feeds IT” since 1994

Italian stuntman flies aeroplane through two motorway tunnels

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Re: Up for a challenge?

No, pretty sure it was a documentary. A Scientology one maybe?

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Re: Up for a challenge?

I think I saw a documentary about a helicopter that flew into the eurotunnel featuring Tom Cruise. Didn't end well for the pilot, but Tom Cruise was ok. I'd say it was his fault really, he shouted something about red and green lights then threw a stick of chewing gum at it.

Oh! A surprise tour of the data centre! You shouldn't have. No, you really shouldn't have

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Guards or not, how long ago was this that temperature alerting wasn't a thing? I'm assuming this was in Telehouse. My run-of-the-mill NAS will email me when it gets a bit toasty...

Perseverance rover drilled a rock on Mars and probably snaffled a core sample

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Re: I'm willing to bet

Perseverance will sidle up to the pick up point, to find a small yellow and red piece of card...

"While you were out, DHL..."

Having trouble getting your mitts on that Raspberry Pi? You aren't alone

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Pipelines stall...


As I said back at the time, great pipelining doesn't solve supply shortages, they just manifest at a later date. If all the oil wells in the world suddenly switched off (and ignoring panic buying etc), it would be weeks before I ran out of fuel in my car.

Remote code execution flaws lurk in countless routers, IoT gear, cameras using Realtek Wi-Fi module SDKs

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Re: Prediction

And manufacturers of this tat won't know their userbase unless they've registered it with them. Did you register your last wireless router with the manufacturer like they often suggest in the manual?

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Re: Quality is job none

Problem in this case is that no-one buys a Realtek product. They buy a Netgear router with a Realtek wireless module. So there's not much more Realtek can do in this instance.

I couldn't have told you what chipset my router uses until I googled it 5 minutes ago. It's Qualcomm. From memory, it's usually going to be 1 of 4 - Realtek, Qualcomm, Broadcom or Intel.

If you haven't updated your ThroughTek DVR since 2018 do so now, warns Mandiant as critical vuln surfaces

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Re: So...

Yeah this is a bit misleading. From the looks of it, the protocol was flawed and patched 3 years ago, but manufacturers of DVRs who use the protocol have been using an old version of it. Why it's been reported now, I can't tell.

Pi calculated to '62.8 trillion digits' with a pair of 32-core AMD Epyc chips, 1TB RAM, 510TB disk space

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Re: "...calculate the circumference of the observable universe to within..."

It's easy - just divide the circumference of the observable universe by pi. Go and get a pencil, I'll wait.

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Re: This all seems.....

i find that's the root of all your negativity.

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Re: Engineering approximation

To the nearest whole number it does though..

0.0118720729 - 0.153633328 i. Close enough to zero for practical purposes.

Microsoft responds to PrintNightmare by making life that little bit harder for admins

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I assumed that "printnightmare" just referred to the nightmare of getting a printer to consistently work on Windows these days. Might just be HP printers that applies to though.

Without a trace: Baroness Dido Harding to step down as chair of NHS Improvement

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Re: Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish...

"You can pretend to do a good job, eventually the mask slips and your on your way out with the cardboard box and pot plant."

Sadly, I've found this to rarely be the case. Far more common for them to move on to a newer and greater role once they've *almost* been found out (as she seems to have done multiple times before). Most people get to retirement before getting found out, and to be fair this isn't the end of the line for her - I suspect she'll just end up in another senior role. Plus she's a life peer - she's already on board the gravy train for life. Maybe the Cabinet Office's Anti-Corruption Champion can ensure she doesn't get another government role, but given she shares a bed with that guy, I doubt it.

Chocolate beer barred from sale after child mistakes it for chocolate milk

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Exactly my view. Wouldn't be surprised if the complainant turned out to be named Helen Lovejoy.

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I did thanks.

"That packaging decision, as explained by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR), led to "a complaint from a concerned parent after their child thought the can of Choc Milk Stout in the fridge was a can of Nestle's chocolate milk product, Milo"."

Doesn't say who's fridge that was. A shop's fridge? Their fridge? Their friend's fridge?

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The child mistook it... in a shop and bought it? Found it at home? Either way, hardly the fault of the manufacturer.

NASA comes up empty on Perseverance rover's first Mars sample drilling attempt

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Or wedged inside the core drill? I'd imagine it's doing a lateral tilt at the end to snap the core free from the bottom of the hole as you suggest, but if it's sticky as is being suggested, it may not slide out of the drill. Also a common problem regardless of how far you're drilling with a core drill..

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Re: I just don't get it.

To be fair, that presumes that without a publicly funded space programme we wouldn't have thought to do anything else. I'd suggest that the development of the microcomputer owes more to the war effort than the space programme - though equally the space programme was driven by war too.

Tesla battery fire finally flamed out after four-day conflagration

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Re: How can we dance when our Earth is turning?

The point of these projects is to get *rid* of oil, midnight or otherwise.

(Terrific reference though - absolutely well done)

The UK is running on empty when it comes to electric vehicle charging points

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I can't, yet, but that's a separate story in the overall energy solution. I can probably show you a nuclear powered one if that helps?

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To be fair, all initiatives won't work at the start. It's the initiative itself that is the stick to forcing progress towards a society that doesn't rely on dead-dinosaur-juice to power their vehicles.

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"How often do you drive 500 miles in a single journey? How often do you think most people do?"

It doesn't matter how often you need to do it - all that matters is I know I'll want to do it a few times within the life of the car, and I won't be able to do that with an EV, therefore it won't work for me yet.

For a true display of wealth, dab printer ink behind your ears instead of Chanel No. 5

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"Consumer advocate Which? has found that ink bought from printer manufactures can be up to 286 per cent more expensive than third-party alternatives."

Film at 11.

Fun fact, I've just weighed a Gilette razor blade - somewhere between 2 and 3g. They would be cheaper if it were made of solid silver.

The old New: Windows veteran explains that menu item

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Re: Always an important consideration

While that's true, it does rather eff up the GUI for windows update when you start tinkering in there (it just greys out all the boxes and puts in red text "some of your settings are controlled by your company's policies" - aka, "I've no idea what this state means, so I'm passing the problem to you".

And I've had a machine that lost the ability to update at all after some modifications in that space, but given the propensity for windows update to crap out and fail for no apparent reason, that may have been a coincidence.

Mountains on neutron stars are not even a millimetre tall due to extreme gravity

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Re: bodies of dense fluid contained in an elastic crust

And both hotter than the Sun

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Had never occurred to me

But by the same token, turns out there are also "mountains" on the sun, miles high. Slightly blown my mind.

Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far

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Re: Bells and broken whistle

Searching for documents is insane too - try and find all documents created or modified in the last week without knowing the text commands to achieve it.

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If they can finally fix the bombsite that is the settings app and the control panel within Windows 10, I'd probably accept their redesign. Doesn't look likely based on this preview though.. particularly with the backup nonsense.

I'm fully expecting them to make it worse and introduce a third way (maybe a "Preferences Widget"), while keeping the Windows 10 Settings App along with Windows 7's Control Panel.

Good news: Jeff Bezos went to space. Bad news: He's back

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“Not what it looks... Not what it looks… It's a twenty foot cock and balls, man. It don't look like nothing else, it's not happening!”

Windows 10 to hang on for five more years with 21H2 update

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Re: Last security update for Windows 10, when?

"So can someone just tell me the bottom line for Windows 10?"

Yes, Windows 10 is/was defined by Microsoft as "evergreen", aka the last OS you'll ever need. Except that now it isn't and will go out of support in October 2025.


Personally, I'll be sticking with the tried and tested approach of skipping alternate Windows editions and wait for Windows 12.


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