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Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices



How all you Linux Fanbois doin' out there today? Certainly are out in force.

Burnt down any M$$$$$$$$$$$$$(EVIL)LOL$$$$$$ buildings recently?

Apple lags MS in security response


@ Jai

It starts....

Metal Gear Solid 4 delayed until 2008?



Snake's lookin' old...

Powerpoint is the big Army bandwidth hog, not YouTube


This isn't new

I work IT for the Army, and these sites have always been filtered, every military network I've been on. It's just official now. Even when I was in Iraq they had these sites in a Websense filter and such.

From an IT standpoint it's a great move, at least on the MySpace part because lots of users are idiots and will just about fall for any scam that's out there. Spyware and malware would become a big problem. Plus noone would ever get work done, believe me most of our users waste time on the internet as it is.

The people crying that it's a stifling of free speech are just idiots. I've always been able to get to email and plenty of other sites on military networks. Hell you can CGI Proxy most times anyways, so if you have the know how, nothings stopping you anyways.

I saw this in the newspaper and my first thought was "They're already banned....and always have been..."

US spy chief wants 'some control' over satellite imagery


To the posters

To the poster of "They've done it before" and Ken Lord:

*Queue sinister music* Dum dum dum dum dummmmmmm

Army tells soldiers they can blog after all



Queue multiple people from multipal nations going "My (or their) army can beat up your army" argument. Lame.