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Rogue knob could ground space shuttle Atlantis


A stuck part? Call a dentist...

... a local dentist would have that out in a jiffy. I'd do it myself but it would be a rather exteme house call.

SCO's lifesaver 'profited from Iraq war'


OpenServer and Unixware are finished.

Although there are legacy users of SCO operating systems they are replacing those systems with OS with a more predictable future. No-one in the right mind would specify SCO software for a new project.

The transition from OpenServer is particularly easy - OpenServer binaries run on FreeBSD. Bye-bye OpenServer/Unixware.

Windows 7 to push up netbook prices


Good luck with that.

By then everybody in the world who wants a 'netbook' will have one. Good luck selling ANY at that price.

This is a HUGE oppertunity for ARM/GNU Linux. Lets hope they get it right this time.

One millionth English 'word' is... Web 2.0


Lazy journos at El Reg get pwned shock...


Next-gen Atom to launch in October, say moles


So, same processor power, same power comsumption...

... I must be missing something. I want my passively cooled, moderately capable PC and I want it now!. Can you hear me Mr. Intel, away with fans on chipsets.